One Man’s Band appeared in See the Word 4, the members are all organ donors

“One Man’s Band” appeared in “See the Word 4”, the members are all organ donors
A few days ago, in the fourth quarter of the letter reading cultural variety show “Seeing the Words”, the public welfare pilot film was launched in the fourth quarter. The musician Xiao Ke read a letter written by the father of Philip, a foreign teacher at Southwest University, warming countless netizens.Organ donors in China.It is reported that the fourth season of the film “See the Word” will soon be broadcast on Tencent Video. Gui Yalei, Tranquility, Li Guangjie, Wang Luodan, Lin Yongjian, Re Yizha, Niu Junfeng and other actors may join.How to prove that a person is alive?Philip ‘s father ‘s letter to his son, “Your departure is a wound that your parents will never heal,” made the audience feel the touch of life.Philip, who likes to play guitar and sing, because he deeply loves the land of China, he went to China after graduating from university and became a foreign teacher at Chongqing Southwest University.However, on May 9, 2018, 27-year-old Philip died because of ineffective treatment.According to Philip ‘s will, his parents donated many of his organs, which saved the lives of three Chinese people, and the eyes of two Chinese people regained their light.Portrait of Philip’s father raising his son in his hands.The picture comes from the Internet. Philip was very passionate about music during his lifetime. In order to realize his dream, the five recipients formed the “one-man band” in the video.The members of this special band came to the scene of “Seeing Words as Faces”. They wore team uniforms with the name Philip printed on them. It made people realize that Philip’s life was still alive, and was continued on five Chinese people.Alone band.The picture comes from the Internet. After 18 months of all this, when the five implant recipients who admitted to accept the son ‘s organ donation to complete Philip ‘s musical dream, they formed a “one-man band”, Philip ‘s 63-year-old father Peter HankowKe couldn’t resist his excitement, and wrote a family letter to Yin and Yang’s love son overnight.The father said in the letter: “You are gone. The most precious gift left to this world is hope. It is five long-awaited lives. Because of your rebirth, your mother and I know that you are still alive and never left.There is still your breath in the air, you are still experiencing this wonderful world, you are them, they are just like you, we lost one Philip, but got five Philips . “Sauna, night net Zhang He editor Tong NaProofreading Liu Jun