The National Grand Theater Spring Online concert series starts on the evening of April 11

The National Grand Theater “Spring Online” concert series starts on the evening of April 11
At 19:30 on April 11, the National Grand Theater will launch the “Spring Online” concert series for the first time.Every week thereafter until the National Grand Theatre resumes official performances, the National Grand Theatre’s “Spring Online” series of concerts will meet with the audience on the National Grand Theatre’s classical music channel and integrated network platform.The first four concerts of the “Spring Online” concert series will be presented in collaboration with the artists of the National Grand Theater Orchestra.As the iconic resident performing group of the National Grand Theater, the orchestra also just celebrated its tenth birthday during the epidemic.Ren Xiaolong, general manager of the National Grand Theater Orchestra, said: “Despite the need for epidemic prevention and control, everyone still needs to maintain a social distance, but music and life, music and soul are never far away.”Since the audience is still unable to come to the scene to listen to the music, we invite the musicians to put the music next to the audience.”The first concert on April 11 will perform two works of Beethoven in the form of woodwind quintet and string quartet, and also express the commemoration of Beethoven’s 250th birthday.On April 18th, the artists will continue to perform Mahler’s Piano Quartet in Minor, Tchaikovsky’s String Quartet No. 1 in Major, and Percussion Duo “Face to Face”.On April 25th, eight cellos will perform Bruch’s “Cornidelai”, and will be replaced by Brahms’ “E-Flat Horn Trio” to speak of tenderness under the title “Blessings of Love”.On May 2nd, Lu Jia, the music director of the National Grand Theater, will perform the orchestra, starting with Barber’s “Flexible Strings”, and playing Mozart’s “E-flat major melody” and “G major serenade”,Feel the “Spring Hug” with the audience.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Wu Longzhen proofreading Lu Qian