Beware of poisoning in household metal utensils

Beware of poisoning in household metal utensils

Household metalware is made of iron, tantalum, aluminum, and in the past zinc, copper and so on.

People use it to store, store, and cook food. If it is not applied properly, it will have adverse effects on the human body and may even cause poisoning.

Therefore, we must understand the performance knowledge of metal utensils and use them reasonably so as not to affect our health.

  The enamel utensils commonly used in tanning utensils are utensils containing enamel.

Such as the placement of acidic foods, such as acidic fruit juice or vinegar, etc., too long, causing the cockroaches in the utensils to dissolve in the food, too much diet, can cause sputum poisoning.

锑 has a stimulating effect on the mucosa of the sacral passage, such as the intake of poisoning.

Can cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms.

  Ironware Iron pan is a widely used iron utensil in the family. For example, the acidic fruit is cooked in a wok. The fruit acid in the fruit dissolves the iron in the iron to form a low-iron compound. After long-term consumption, the tongue and gums will appear.Purple-black, there will be urinary tract irritation such as nausea and vomiting.

  Lead ware Some old people like to use tin-lead alloy to make wine bottles such as hip flasks or teapots, hot tea.

After heating, the lead in the pot will dissolve into the foodstuff, such as lead 72.

8% of the jug of hot wine for 15 minutes, can be dissolved into lead 1 per 100 ml of wine.

55 mg.

Therefore, the symptoms of lead poisoning that may occur during long-term use, such as dry mouth, dryness, fever, pain, metallic odor, oral mucosa become white, a lot of sputum; nausea and vomiting, vomit is milky; stool is black; abdominal pain,Cold sweat, even shock.

  Zinc vessels, such as galvanized vessels, hold or store acidic foods and beverages, where zinc becomes food.

Long-term consumption can cause adverse reactions, such as vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, numbness of the tongue, dizziness and headache, but the condition is mild and the course of disease is short.

  If the copper utensils are born with patina, then place or cook the food. After eating, the patina will be on the oral cavity, the esophagus, and the mucosa injected into the mucosa can cause smashing and damaging the blood vessels, nerves, liver and kidneys.

  The aluminum ware steel pan is the most widely used aluminum cookware in modern times and has strong resonance.

It is best to cook rice.

However, the raw aluminum pan is mixed with impurities, and the cooking can produce a trace amount of aluminum poison. The long-term use is not good for health; the aluminum pan discharges too much water, which is easy to damage and corrode, and of course, it is not suitable to place food.

  If the metalware is used unreasonably and the food is consumed for a long time, it will have adverse effects on health and may also cause poisoning.

The precautionary principle is as follows: 1.

Analyze the source of the symptoms that appear.

Find out if it is eating food that has been stored in metalware.


Early vomiting, gastric lavage, catharsis.

If the iron utensils are poisoned, the stomach can be washed with water or 2% sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) solution, and the magnesium sulfate can be taken orally. The lead poisoning is detoxification with 1%-2% magnesium sulfate.

Can be sent to a nearby hospital for treatment.


Oral egg white, rice soup, batter or milk to protect the gastric mucosa (not for clothing or oil).


Have vomiting, severe symptoms of abdominal pain, emergency delivery to hospital infusion and other symptomatic treatment.


Note: Do not put the pots (not in the pot), do not put acidic foods, not to cook acidic foods; iron utensils (iron pots) do not cook oysters, mountain red and other acidic fruits, lead pots (do not doPot), do not use it as hot wine or cook acidic food; galvanized utensils should not be used for heating or holding food, and should not be placed with sour foods and fruits; raw copper-green copper utensils can no longer hide food, aluminumThe utensils (raw aluminum pan) should not be used for cooking.