Mysterious health: drink soup, moxibustion, but also post autumn?

Mysterious health: drink soup, moxibustion, but also post autumn?

The weather really started to cool down, and no coat will not be able to withstand the heat in the morning and evening.

In the fall, health has become a hot topic, to dry soup, moxibustion, and autumn.

Xiaosu sometimes thinks about whether these behaviors are useful or not. Let’s talk about these myths about autumn health.

Myth 1 goes to autumn dry to drink soup? Autumn climate is relatively dry, most people will recommend to drink more nourishing lung soup (Guangdong friends must agree), but why go to autumn dry is to drink soup, drinkWater is not good?

In fact, no matter whether you drink water, drink soup or drink tea, they are all hydrating, including eating fruits and vegetables.

The easiest way is of course to drink water directly from the cup. After all, it takes time to get a soup.

Since it is not the best in terms of convenience, is it better than nutrition?

Drinking soup is indeed nutritious, but the nutrients are not so exaggerated.

Moreover, whether it is broth chicken soup or sweet soup like white fungus, it is recommended to eat together with soup.

Although the soup contains some protein, vitamins and trace elements, the amount is not rich in raw materials. For example, the protein in the broth is not meaty.

In addition to paying attention to oil, less salt, less sugar, some people can not drink soup.

For example, people with high uric acid or gout should not drink broth because of the high content of chopped water.

It seems that drinking soup has its limitations.

Myth 2 Moxibustion is very god. In the fall, many people will choose moxibustion to maintain health.

Simply put, it is to heat the AI products with special Chinese herbal ingredients and apply them to specific parts.

The main principle is to promote the blood circulation through the trace amount produced by the combustion, to achieve the effect of relaxing the muscles and promoting the cold.

The effect of moxibustion is very large, because there are not many documents available in the academic library, and further research in modern medicine is needed.

However, in the academic experiments of Zhejiang University and Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it was found that when wormwood burns, it will produce substances including formaldehyde, TVOC, soot particles, and carcinogenic tar.

Burning a moxa strip produces smoke equivalent to 20-40 medium tar cigarettes.

Of course, it is irresponsible to remove the dose and talk about toxicity.

Generally, the time of moxibustion does not exceed one hour, and it is unlikely that the disease will occur due to short-term inhalation of smoke.

However, the burns that may be caused by moxibustion are worthy of your attention.

Myths are going to be soaked in 3 days. Many friends say that sticking to the feet from the fall can solve the problem of cold hands and feet, but also cause sleep.

The increase in the temperature of the foot when soaking the foot promotes the blood flow to the skin, thereby increasing the body temperature, repelling the cold and promoting metabolism.

Hands and feet are naturally warm.

For healthy people, the maximum temperature, short-term foot bath can help sleep, but for the elderly and sleep itself is poor, in fact, the effect is not great.

In addition, varicose veins, patients with diabetes and thrombosis, patients with skin diseases such as the feet and children, doctors are not recommended for foot bathing.

In the end, the myth 4 should not stick to the age of autumn stagnation, and it is very understandable. After all, autumn is the season of harvest, summer is hot, and those who have no appetite are always to come back in autumn.

But now people are not eating, but also to affix autumn?

The positive solution is: According to the nutritional needs of autumn, it is reasonable to post the autumn.

Autumn is prone to lack of vitamin A and B vitamins, because the vegetables eaten in summer are often dominated by melons and fruits, which are often the content of two vitamins.

In the absence of two kinds of nutrients in the body, it is prone to dark vision loss, dry eyes, respiratory infections and other problems in the winter and spring.

Therefore, you can eat more foods with high vitamin A and B vitamins in the fall.

In summer, the appetite is usually weak, eating more cold drinks, and digestive and digestive functions are weaker.

When you enter the fall and eat more meat, you can eat more foods that help digestion.

Autumn can be posted, but it is not an excuse to eat and drink. It is the way to health if you need to properly supplement the nutrients you need.

The method of health in autumn, if you just follow the trend, is not necessarily right.

It is the ultimate kingdom to follow the science and try to find the right one for you.