Self-massage Tongluo impotence method

Self-massage Tongluo impotence method

Massage therapy can dredge the meridians and nourish the kidney and help the sun.

The purpose of treating impotence can be achieved by massaging specific parts of the human body.

Massage aphrodisiac is simple and easy to learn, similar to the patient or spouse.

Now introduced as follows: 1.

Rubbing the lower abdomen Before going to bed, place one hand on the lower abdomen of the pubic bone below the umbilical, and the other hand on the waist, and then hold the waist while rubbing it slowly from right to left with your hand to consciouslyAbdominal warmth is in degrees.


Inguinal massage Before going to bed, place your hands on the double groin (thigh root).

Gently massage the palm along the diagonal direction 36 times, you can massage several times a week.

It has a certain effect on enhancing sexual desire and energy consumption.


Momo top pills rub your hands, first hold the two whip pills with your right hand so that the right testicle is on the palm of your hand, and then place it on the ribs of your thumb, index finger and middle finger, and then gently rub, right to leftTurn 30?
50 times, with a degree of soreness without pain.

Then gently rub with your left hand as above.


When rubbing your ears in the morning, use your fingertips or ribbed surface to gently rub on the ears and other ears on both sides, or press and knead, to the degree of local pain and heat.

This method has the effect of reconciling yin and yang, dredging qi and blood, and strengthening kidney and essence.

Advocated by health care dynasties.


Rub the palms of the kidneys on the same side of the waist, and shift the friction from the top to the bottom for about 2 minutes, taking the deep heat as the degree, or fist with both hands, and hit the waist with the back of the hands alternately.

The intensity is moderate, about 100 hits on each side are appropriate.

The kidney is the waist, and the kidney is rubbed.

It has the effects of strengthening kidney, strengthening waist, replenishing essence, and dredge meridians.