Finish the second arrow,Jump off the branch immediately,Arrow on the crossbow,While running to the distance。

If the man in black is in good condition,Wang Hong will definitely not escape his pursuit,But now it’s not only poisoned,I still hurt my thigh,Hard to perform,I can only watch Wang Hong run farther and farther。
The man in black screamed,Chased for a while,The suffocation gets worse,Knowing that it is impossible to catch up,Had no choice but to retreat,Kill the man holding the epee。
This young man seems to be an iron man,The man in black obviously wants to drag him to death,He still fights the opponent hard to the end regardless。
“Brother,You go,Don’t fight him!”
Woman shouting again and again,The man turned a deaf ear,Still swinging the heavy sword to the man in black。
Half a minute later,Wang Hong’s third arrow hit the man in black!
This powerful warrior,Finally can’t hold on,Long knife slipped,Fell to the ground,Was hit in the head by the heavy sword that followed,Die forever。
Seeing the man in black completely dead,The man with the heavy sword also fell to the ground。
In fact, he suffered more than ten knives from the man in black,I can’t hold it long ago,If it’s not for the younger sister,See another chance to kill the enemy,I’m afraid I’ve been injured and died before。
I can kill the enemy myself at this moment,The strong breath also dissipated,I didn’t even leave a last word in the end,Died with a smile。
The woman’s cry was full of grief,Staggered rushing over,Crying with a corpse,I turned a blind eye to Wang Hong who came by。
And Wang Hong is also not interested in comforting each other,Put on a pair of rubber gloves,Began to make a fortune by touching the corpse。
Although it’s the first time to touch a corpse,But Wang Hong is not only not afraid,On the contrary, it is full of excitement and anticipation。
The head of the man in black has been smashed by the heavy sword,A piece of blood,Wang Hong didn’t bother to untie the black cloth on his face,Groping directly on him。