“The Holy Spirit did not say clearly,But vaguely mentioned that the Five Elements Palace will have major changes in the future。”

hiss,Huo Tianzun thoughtful,I remember that this is the first time the Holy Spirit’s evaluation of someone has been in the entire Five Elements Palace.,I don’t know if it is a blessing or a curse?
“and also。”Companions hesitate,But after thinking about it, I still whispered,“The Holy Spirit was wounded this time,Need time to recover,There will be no manifestation again for a long time。”
Huo Tianzun is shocked,Never thought that hostility from afar would be so fierce,Actually hurt the Holy Spirit,How sacred is this young boy’s past life?How could you provoke such a terrible opponent?
“Let’s go。”Huo Tianzun shook his head,I don’t want to think about it,Leaning over and lifting the young man to leave the hall first,My companion stopped and looked at the mottled wall on the left,Sighed,Also slowly disappeared。
A howl like an ancient wild beast actually awakened Li Tianzhen who was sleeping,Through the light blue barrier,He saw a distorted face,Very pale skin,The exquisite facial features are distorted and exaggeratedly deformed,Do not,no no,It’s Qiguan,Because the other party has four eyes,One of them was punctured,Blood rushes,Terrible。
Slow down for a long time,Li Tianzhen only remembered the owner of this face,It’s that handsome boy,The two extra eyes on the facial features are the big ones‘destroy’of,Such a distorted appearance is really hard to shine,But why do you want to make such a terrible painful state??
Li Tianzhen’s thinking is not very clear,The mind has been in a groggy state,In the long sleepy dream before,He always feels very hard,It’s not just the reason for the extreme physical exertion,There is still a hard way to be an outsider,It’s just that I can’t recall the details for a while。
But one thing still makes Li Tianzhen happy,Since these five senses are still four eyes,At least it shows that the big guys have been trying hard to contend,The boy can’t help it for now,Then it reveals that the boy is also the end of the fight,Don’t talk about breaking this blue barrier。
Chapter one hundred and twenty one Then consume