Lu Haokai glanced at her eyes.,Her ambition is so big,Will you want to swallow his company later。

Lu Haokai suddenly felt this idea is a bit unfortunately,How does Gu Anan have dare??
“it is good!but,Talk about your plan。”
Lu Haokai is actually interested in this matter.。
Gu Anan looked at him.,She is very familiar with this man before his eyes.,I will tell this thing.。
“I know Gu’s shares,Equity dispersion50about,As long as we hold a girlfriend50Contract,You can get support for other shareholders,We can hold and acquire Gu’s。”
During this time, he has been studying excessive books.。
Lu Haokai looked at Gu An’an’s gaze,Suddenly become deep,Looking at the radiant light in Gu An’an,He suddenly found,I suddenly didn’t know this Gu An’an in front of him.。
Gu Anan at this moment,Self-confident eyes have a few proud,She is like a brilliant treasure knife,alone,I can also break out a world.。
“hehe”He suddenly laughed,“Gu Anan,Although you are very true of this idea,But not there is no possibility,Then you tell me,Now you are in your hands,How many shares are。”
Gu Anan slightly smile,road:“I have three percent in my hand.,I am married to you,There will be a percent,so,Far away from my goals,But next,I will think other ways to buy a group’s shares.。”
“it is good!”
Lu Haokai immediately agreed,Two major people merged,It will be alarmed。
Lu Haokai launched a car,Opening in the villa area in the Jinpu District。
Gu An An side glanced at the excitement Lu Haokai,The bottom is full of rays of calculations。
She loves,Unable,She wants,Also from her,so,She loves,She is not,She is now not getting something。
Gu’s Group,I raised her.,Finally, it is also in her hands.,Gu An’an mouth, the evil smile,Becoming more fear。
The next morning,Blue Xin woke up at seven o’clock。
An open eyes,A magnified Jun Yan appeared in her eyes。
Blue Xin pupil is sharp,Quickly climb up,One foot is going to Lu Haoqing。
Lu Haocheng has turned over a body.,Evue the foot of Blue Xin,Turn around,The thin lips are gently evoked.。
“Lu Hao Cheng,You gave me。”
Blue Xin Xiaoshi is rushing to look at Lu Haozheng。
How did he come to his room??
When she slept last night,I only have her own,How to wake up,Lu Hao is lying next to her.。
Lu Haocheng looked at her,“Blue,What’s wrong with you?
I am so angry in the morning.。”
Lu Haocheng said,Looked around,He is slightly eyebrow,Imblede:“How can I be in your room??”
Blue Xin:“?