Liu Dunyue was the first to react,Excited to say:“Old Xie,I really depend on you to get Chen Xiu out!”

Everyone is unknown so,Waiting for Liu Dunyue’s following,Just listen to him:“Old Xie,As far as i know,You have a puzzle——Exploring Dafa,After use,One plant and one tree in a radius of a hundred miles、Even the ants can’t escape your perception when singing。
Chen Xiu can’t escape now,I haven’t used your magic!”
“No way!”
Liu Dunyue just finished,Xie Tianhua shouted excitedly:“Once my magic trick is used, it will be weak for three days,Even ordinary people are not opponents。
I don’t think it’s easy to use!”
Niu Hang, the ancestor of the Niu family, persuaded:“Old Xie,It’s just three days of weakness,What are you afraid of。
We can definitely keep you safe!”
Xie Tianhua thought to himself:“Special,Just because you are,I dare not use。
You guys don’t take advantage of my weakness to do me and Chen Xiu together!”
No matter how the other seven people persuade,Xie Tianhua just doesn’t follow,I was said to be anxious, even more angry:“How about I teach you the art of listening to heaven and earth,Who of you go to learn!”
Everyone is embarrassed now,Who wants to learn this unlucky world-sounding technique,You know that the eight great families are an alliance outside,In the past, there was constant friction between each other in order to compete for cultivation resources.。
Liu Dunyue can’t persuade me,Have to use the lure:“Old Xie,How about this。
I use personality guarantee,After you find out Chen Xiu using the world detective technique,I’m by your side to keep you safe。
and……After killing Chen Xiu,The Reiki Pill awarded by the Envoy of the Secret Realm,I……I give you half more,how is it!”
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998 Forbidden land