Old Xiao finished,Take Xiao Hei and walk away,How does this look like an 80-something old man,That’s nothing but the lad。

Xia Jian squatted in front of Xiao Xiao,Girl a little embarrassed,Hesitated,Finally climbed up,Man’s generous shoulders,Let Xiao Xiao on his back be very practical。
Once over the ridge,All downhill,So everyone walks fast,Although very tired,But there is a sense of escape from danger,When Xia Jian finds out,Xiao Xiao on the back,Already asleep,And the sleep is so sweet。
When I get to the side of the car,Xia Jian just crawled out of the pond,Sweat mixed with dirt,He’s not human。Old Xiao opened the car door,Until Xia Jian put Xiao Xiao in the car,Xiao Xiao just woke up with drooling,Girl blushing,She didn’t expect,I would sleep like this。
Relax,Tired and hungry suddenly came to my heart,Large backpack that can hold food,When did you lose it,Xia Jian didn’t know either,Where is tourism,It’s a jungle adventure。
“All right,Nothing more,Let’s go back quickly!Xiao Xiao hurt his foot,This car must not let her drive again,Xia Jian, let’s open it!”Old Xiao suddenly spoke,Shocked Xia Jian,Let him drive?Just take this car,He Xia Jian hasn’t sat a few times。Xia Jian shook his head embarrassedly。
Old Xiao glanced at Xiao Xiao and said:“After going back,Teach Xia Jian when you have time,The car must be able to drive”
Is this old Xiao a man or a god?,He adjusted the seat position skillfully,Just hear a whine,The car rushed out like an arrow,Mountain path,Bumpy,But what he drives is handy,Xia Jian sitting in the back row,So shocked。
Just now in the woods,There are not many people in Ergou,I wonder if Wang Qiang has caught up?That Wang Qiang’s skill,He Xia Jian has learned,Can retreat,And unharmed,How did this old Xiao do it?,Xia Jian wanted to break his head,Didn’t figure it out。
Bed in the First People’s Hospital of Bucheon,Xiao Xiao’s face of happiness,On the chair beside him,Xia Jian is peeling an apple for her,This is Lao Xiao’s order,Xia Jian, a senior nurse,He dare not listen。
“Hi!juvenile,I didn’t say i want to eat apple,You go wash the grapes!”Xiao Xiao blinked mischievously,She was deliberately making things difficult for Xia Jian。
Unexpectedly,Xia Jian is not angry at all,Smiled and put down the apple in his hand and said:“OK!I’m going to wash”
Xiao Xiao didn’t expect,Xia Jian was so obedient,She feels not fun anymore,Immediately said:“no need,I still eat apples!”
Xia Jian is still unusually well-behaved,Didn’t say a word,Sent the peeled apple directly to Xiao Xiao’s hand。When Old Xiao left,Called Xia Jian aside,Special account,Xiao Xiao’s foot doctor said it was a comminuted fracture,It won’t be better in a while,Probably,Xiao Xiao loses his temper,Let Xia Jian take care of it patiently,Don’t make Xiao Xiao angry。