“Ok,The old man with green skin who often stays in the killing fields?”Li Ming recalled,There is such a character,It seems to be an immortal of the virtual universe company in the original work of Devouring the stars。

“What old man,He is the head of the Killing Fields of the Black Dragon Mountain Branch of the Virtual Universe Company!”Babata stared:“Respect others!Is the immortal under your teacher,Few are better than him!”
“There are not many immortality under the teacher, right??!”
“OK,He is a high-level figure in the virtual universe anyway,Although the status is not too high in immortality,I dare not say that it can directly get you into the core layer,But the power to recommend you is definitely there。”
“I also found some relationships,Show you【Space cutting】Sent him the scene video directly。。。Then he gave me a message。”Babata laughs:“It seems,Your strength scared him。”
“He invited you for three hours(Earth time)I went to the killing fields to see him!”
“What are you waiting for?”Li Ming’s eyes lit up:“Babata,Is there any special etiquette for such an immortal strong before the official?”
“Don’t be polite,People value your potential,You have to keep in good shape now,I’ll get chained later。”
“I am a cosmic powerhouse!”Li Ming’s eyes widened:“Will drop the chain?!”
Three hours later,Virtual universe,The third floor of the Killing Fields on Heilongshan Island。
“This killing field has a third floor!”Li Ming and Babata are a little surprised。In their impression,The killing fields are on two floors。
The first floor is the lobby, killing space and decisive battle space,The second layer is the maze and meditation chamber。
“This third layer,Is the private space of the virtual universe company,But all the senior executives of the virtual universe company will observe here。If there is a truly talented genius,I would recommend entering the headquarters of the virtual universe company,Even the core layer!”