Old man Pan puts his hands together right now,Smiled,“Brother Lang,Remember me?”

Lang Ke’s eye catching a little narrowed,After the old man nodded, he stared at Li Tianchou and looked up and down,Make no secret of guarding。Lao Pan quickly introduced,“This is my companion,Very decent guy,Go to Myitkyina together。”
Li Tianchou smiled at each other friendly,My heart frowned secretly,I feel that their words and deeds are very wrong,This meeting seems to have been agreed in advance,But from Old Pan’s words, there is a sense of sudden visit,What is this subtle contradiction trying to hide?
At this moment Lang Ke suddenly grinned at Li Tianchou,Then turned around and closed the wooden door with a bang and went back to the house。
“This?”Li Tianchou can’t figure it out,I thought you offended Lang somehow。
“what,It doesn’t matter,He went to prepare。We just wait here。”
really,In just three or two minutes,The broken wooden door was opened again,Lang Ke came out with a small cloth pocket on his back,He changed into a grass-green military uniform,Wearing Jiefang rubber shoes commonly known in China,A green army hat on the head,At first glance, it looks like a soldier in the 60s and 70s in China,It just doesn’t have any badges or marks。
This dress seems to be very popular in northern Myanmar,Like a soldier,Nondescript,May be the cause of the perennial war,It may also be due to lack of local materials,Anyway, it feels weird。
Lang walked ahead without a word,Old Man Pan winked at Li Tianchou and hurriedly followed,that’s it,The three of them marched silently in the small streets of the early morning town,Like a ghost,Soon disappeared into the darkness。
And the CDC in Mangshi,Xu Wen and others are on the second floor of a secret restricted area like seeing the sun again,Greedily looking at the morning light outside the window。After being quarantined for a day and a half,In addition to Wu Fang,Everyone was released,The preliminary conclusion of not being infected with an unknown biological virus made everyone a lot easier,Another half an hour,After the final result comes out,Everyone can leave this terrible place。
This time everyone seems to be shocked,Really lucky,Wu Fang was indeed infected with some biological virus,Although the symptoms are not severe,But the difficulty is that the virus sample is brand new,A new variant between sarin and mustard,Invade the human body with mature spores through the air,Cause infection,The incubation period will be onset in two or three days。
The only good thing is that there is no evidence that people can spread each other,Otherwise, Xu Wen and others will not be so lucky。But the emergence of biological viruses heralds a very serious problem,The opponent does not seem to be conspiring one or two terrorist attacks,But a bigger conspiracy。
Thus,The trend of the entire case and the tone of the investigation have to change,Before the superior has no further instructions,The Provincial Public Security Department and the local national security have moved quickly,Close and thoroughly investigate the woodware factory at the first time,At the same time, the local national security staff will be deployed to cooperate with the newly arrived field team to move in.。
On the one hand, it combines the case itself and seeks to find Yuan Hua as a breakthrough direction,Make a careful investigation of the town;on the other hand,Is to sort out the reconnaissance tracks Wu Fang has traveled,Focus on the investigation of the outskirts of the town and the Pampa port,And the small hotel where Wu Fang once lived has been ordered to close,After the CDC people left,The task force will plunge in again。
This series is fast、The decisive action seems calm on the surface,But it is dull and solemn everywhere,Especially when the woodworks factory was suddenly seized by the police, so sensitive people smelled the smell of danger,The town was overcast for a while,Mountain rain is coming。