China fight the epidemic highlight the power play

  President Xi Jinping speech at the UN General Assembly general debate of the 75th stated: "There are big powers should look to provide more global public goods, to assume the responsibility of a big country, to show the power play." Currently, humans are still to combat new crown pneumonia epidemic.

To overcome the virus, to deal with the crisis, calling for unity, calling for major powers to play. China uphold the feelings of the world, join hands with other countries to fight the epidemic, and take practical action to bear responsibility for global public health responsibility, highlighting the talk about faith, heavy friendship, Jan justice, observe the moral power play. As an international community, China insists its obligations within the framework of international rules and international order, to practice commitment.

In the fight against the epidemic, the first time China informed the World Health Organization, relevant national and regional organizations epidemic information, the first time released information about the new crown viral gene sequences, etc., first announced in treatment and prevention and control program, with the parties to share prevention and control and treatment experience, will lead to future vaccine successfully developed as a global public goods for the benefit of the world’s commitment to support global cooperation in epidemic prevention.

Sincerely magnanimous, adhere to obligations, abide by its commitments, China’s move to win the faith of the international community widely appreciated. China maintains that countries go hand in hand, shared prosperity, both to make your own well, and let others live better especially hope that the majority of developing countries to accelerate development.

China’s fight against SARS in difficult times, many developing countries to help us.

China also actively helped some developing countries with weak public health systems and build a strong defense and fight the epidemic, called on the international community to give developing countries, especially African countries, more material, technical and human support, and promised to countries affected by the epidemic within two years of special developing countries to provide $ 2 billion in aid to build 30 China-Africa cooperation mechanisms counterparts in hospitals, accelerate the construction of the headquarters of the African Center for Disease Control, and strive to achieve the availability of vaccines in developing countries and responsible sex, with members of the Group of Twenty an implementation of the "suspension of the poorest countries, debt service initiative" a number of major initiatives.

Togetherness, solidarity, friendship between China and developing countries to bring human warmth, strength. Unite against the epidemic in the world, the mainstream cooperation to revive the economy in individual countries but to abandon fairness and justice, to engage in political stigma and epidemic operation, to engage in "decoupling", "building the wall", "de-globalization."

China adheres to concentrate on their own thing, will coordinate development of epidemic prevention and control work and economic and social development, and to give these false statements, hegemony to strong fight back.

In June, the Chinese government officially released the white paper "to fight the epidemic of pneumonia new crown China Action", a detailed review of the whole process of the fight against SARS China, to further clarify the national unity and cooperation, common fight against SARS in the right direction.

China to defend their legitimate rights and interests to just move, take concrete actions to safeguard the international multilateral mechanism coordinating role in efforts to build mutual respect, fairness and justice, cooperation and win-win new international relations.

  Great fight against SARS fight again proved that human destiny is to build the human community to address common challenges and build a more prosperous and better world human right.

The case from the push to build the fate of the human community starting in their own epidemic prevention and control under intense pressure, the Chinese do our best to provide assistance to the international community, the guardian of human life and health; human health advocates to build community and health Silk Road, through multilateral mechanisms to promote unity and cooperation in multi-dimensional international assistance, such as vaccine development and use. China raised with the relevant countries to take joint initiatives, tariff reductions, the abolition of barriers to the smooth flow of trade and economic globalization continue to promote and maintain a stable global industrial chain supply chain flow, injecting impetus to global economic recovery. In the particular moment of human crisis hit, China to "We Are the World," the feelings, moral for the first action further demonstrates the power play, a big country style. (Author: Institute of International Relations, Renmin University of China associate professor).