Baoshan exploring "first investment" to speed up research results

  From now on, the 2nd China-US Economic and Trade Forum of Europe and America is held in Baoshan District.

Shanghai is focusing on promoting the construction of international financial centers, and the new progress of the establishment of economic and trade open innovation has achieved new progress. Take the Baoshan District as an example, actively integrate the integrated development strategy of the Yangtze River Triangulation, and strive to create the "Shanghai Science Center for the main position", and force resources such as high-end talents, advanced technology and quality projects at home and abroad.

From the laboratory to the production line, the new link to the transformation of scientific research results is gradually formed; from exploring the new mechanism of "first investment" to cultivate "technical brokers", "seed project" accelerate landing.

  After the layer selection, the Baoshan District "Transformation of Science and Technology Achievements in the First Pioneering Mode" project, recently successfully revealed the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2021.

This is the only innovation reform task selected by the city as the main body.

  Aiming at the research results from the laboratory to the production line stage "some scientific research results have lost their vitality.

"Many innovative subjects feel that when scientific research results are developed to the middle stage, support policies and funds are often easily" missing ".

  When the scientific research project is in a germination state, the college laboratory has a rear shield for scientific research funds.

Entering the "Industrial Sample" phase, the investment institution will see the expectations will come.

In the middle stage of the two, it is the most important funds and resources to help "support", but no one is concerned. The pilot aiming of "first investment" is the scientific research results from the laboratory to the middle stage of the production line.

  The scientific research is transformed, the source is at the university. But most university teachers and students are not familiar with commercial logic, and even registered companies are unclear.

As a result, the University Science Park is given a "catalyst" role of production. Since this year, Baoshan District has attracted a large number of university science parks.

"Every university science and technology park has expertise and is adapted to the industry.

Zhao Jiang, deputy director of the Baoshan District Science and Technology Commission, said that the research and development of biomedical research is taken as an example, the scientific research team of the university can facilitate the "middle test and venture ground", so that the research results accelerate out of the laboratory. "Technical Broker" acts as a business and college There are two programs in the translation of scientific research results. One is to have research results, then search for industrial projects, the other is to have industrial demand, and then inverted the research and development. Usually, the latter is time consuming This is equivalent to "production after ordering".

However, when the market entity is looking at colleges and universities in a list of demand, the results are often unreasonable. "There is a ‘translator’ between them.

Liu Zehua, Director of Technical Transfer Director of the University of China, said.

Another identity of Liu Zehua is "technical broker", in practice, he encounters a lot of cases that cannot communicate. For example, a car company wants to find a part, the keyword is "brake feeling is good". But the response of the scientist is: "I have developed a graphene coating with good heat dissipation.

"The two are not in the same discourse system." They need a communication bridge, the ‘technology broker’ is this role. "In Baoshan District, University School, University Science Park, etc. It is consciously cultivated" technical brokers ".

"This job is high, such as a cross-discipline background, etc.

"Liu Zehua told reporters that they are actively striving for related colleges and universities to cultivate more" technical brokers ". (Reporter Wang Jiayu).