Cai Qi video dispatched rain and snow, strong wind, cool weather response work

  Original title: Cai Qi video dispatched rain and snow, heavy wind, strong cooling weather, stressing the public to keep the public in the heart and warm and warm the city safe and smooth operation Chen Jining Zhang Yankun dispatched by the cold wave, this weekend, the city will appear significantly rain and snow and strong cooling The weather will usher in the first snow since winter. Yesterday (5th) afternoon, the secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Cai Qi video dispatched the rain and snow wind and strength and cooling weather response. He emphasized that this weather process rain and snow phase conversion, high wind cooling superimposed, with a certain extreme, and will affect urban operation and citizens’ production life. We must put the public and warm and warm and warm and warm, and our best responded to ensure that the public is safe and warm into the winter, ensuring urban safety and smooth operation. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Chen Jining, and Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee dispatched together.

  Cai Qi emphasizes that he will do a good job of heating, and transfer to formally heating to ensure that the temperature is on time.

Strengthen the heating and protection of key places such as schools, nursing homes, welfare cations, do a good job in old communities, heating in remote mountainous areas, solving low-protection households, disabled people and other special difficult groups. Use the 12345 citizen service hotline, the problem of heating reflected in the masses, to complaint, let the masses will be warm and warm. Adhere to the safety of the first place, the emergency protection team strengthened the value, and encountered the first time of the burst.

  Cai Qi emphasizes to strengthen urban operation guarantee.

In time, weather warning and travel prompts such as rain, wind, wind, and travel prompts will guide the public to reduce travel. Do a good job in sweeping ice, protect the safety of the public.

Do a good job in the preparation of wind, strengthen the inspection of outdoor advertising, light box plaques, traffic logo, air conditioner, and tower cranes, eliminate safety hazards. Increase rail transit, bus capacity reserves, take steps to extend operational time and increase shifts as needed. Strengthening the coordination with railways, civil aviation, focusing on the monitoring of passenger traffic volumes around the "five stations", increases the intensity of the connection, and strengthen the connection capacity protection.

Do a good job in transportation safety management in mountainous passenger lines. Cai Qi emphasizes that winter is the high-risk season of pollution, and continues to make good pollution prevention and control, strengthen normalization, refine supervision law enforcement, deepen "one micro" action and regional defense association, and do a good job of heavy pollution weather response.

To do a good job in life, it is necessary to protect the stability. Strengthen market scheduling and source of supply, strengthen the supply channels of origin, smooth freight channels, and ensure the supplies of life necessities.

  Cai Qi demanded that all units at all levels were committed to the responsibility, and one handed personally, and decided to prevent counterfeit measures. Strictly enforce the system, and the important situation is reported in time. The emergency team is in place.

The current epidemic prevention and control task is still very important. We must care about the prevention and control of the first-line staff to strengthen the service guarantee of residents in the sealing community. The city leaders Cui Yanqiang, Zhang Jiaming, Yang Bin, Yang Jinbai, the Secretary General of the Municipal Government Dai Binbin, the main responsible comrades of all districts, respectively participate in the main venue and branch field.

(Reporter Yan Mengzhu Fan Junsheng).