Forensic Pioneer 4 started broadcasting, Michelle Xie Xian guest troupe murder

“Forensic Pioneer 4” started broadcasting, Michelle Xie Xian guest troupe murder
On February 17, the TVB criminal investigation penetrating drama “Forensic Pioneer 4” was broadcast simultaneously on Youku TV and Youku.As a sequel to the “Forensic Pioneer” series after nine years, “Forensic Pioneer 4” also experienced a major change in the lead role, but it did not affect the enthusiasm of the audience at all.The heat is as high as 8300.It is reported that Mi Xue, Xie Xian and other heavy guest actors no longer appear in the plot of the first episode of “Forensic Pioneer 4”. At the same time, “3D scanner”, blood testing equipment connected to mobile phones and other increasingly advanced forensic machinesIt also makes the play full of science and technology.Some viewers commented that although the lead actor changed blood, the standard did not decrease.”Forensic Pioneer 4″ Mi Xue cameo.The picture comes from the first episode of “Forensic Pioneer 4” on the Internet, and it came to an immediate conclusion. It is said that the suspected murder of the troupe.The troupe Chou Shengliang Shaobao suddenly vomited blood, and the art director Long Yaozhong was assassinated. The death was suspected of simulating the “sacrifice to the white tiger” in the traditional ceremony of Cantonese opera.Senior Chemist Gao An (Huang Haoran), Senior Forensic Wen Jiajia (Li Shihua), Senior Inspector Guo Huihuang (Tan Junyan), Forensic Science Director Shui Huiming (Chen Wei) Tampering Forensics, Forensic and ImportantThe investigation team conducted an investigation . “Forensic Pioneer 4” was starred by Huang Haoran, Tan Junyan, Huang Xinying, Chen Wei, Zheng Junhong, Yang Liuqing and others, and Huang Xinying was replaced because of the scandal that was exposed, so Tang Luowen was ordered to remake Huang Xinying ‘s drama.In the play as the network news agency reporter Xu Yi.It is reported that the last episode of Forensic Pioneer 3 came to an abrupt end at the scene of “The Clown Killed”, and the case will follow up in “Forensic Pioneer 4”.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Tong Na