2 billion funds fell to stop the white horse stepping up by 40 times

2 billion funds fell to stop the white horse stepping up by 40 times

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  Sudden Black Swan!

2 billion funds were hit and stopped, a white horse surged 40 times on a mine, social security QFII was shot, Wenzhou helped to get in, and the institution fled. Source: DataBao’s original Lin Lifeng QFII stepped on the mine.

4.8 billion yuan.

  Before the noon closing today, the medical white horse stock East China Medicine suddenly collapsed. From 11 o’clock, it was moving towards a fast kill from a flat market. At about 11:20, the sell-off accelerated, and the limit was approached before the noon.

At the beginning of the afternoon, the daily limit was directly closed and the closing was terminated. More than 3,500 hands closed the daily limit, and the market value per day was 4.3 billion.

The turnover of East China Pharmaceuticals exceeded 2 billion today, and the single-day transaction created historical volume.

  After-hours data shows that among the top 5南宁桑拿 buys, Galaxy Securities Wenzhou Danan Road Securities Business Department bought 1.

83 trillion, Shenzhen Stock Connect bought 45.69 million, and another institution bought 33.56 million; while the top 5 sells, the two seats sold a total of 1.

4.8 billion yuan, Shenzhen Stock Exchange sold 46.92 million yuan.

  East China Medicine’s flash collapse today also quickly attracted social attention.

In the afternoon, “East China Medicine” was on the hot search list as a keyword.

  Unexpectedly, the East China Pharmaceuticals core product collection bureau for the sudden collapse of East China Pharmaceuticals today is mainly due to the subsidiary of East China Pharmaceuticals, China, the United States and East China, out of the bid for acarbose.

  Before the market closed at noon this morning, media reports said that in the second round of centralized drug procurement, the bidding companies for Acarbose included Sino-American East China Pharmaceutical, Luye Pharmaceutical and Bayer. The three quotes were respectively.

96 yuan, 9.

6 yuan and 5.

42 yuan, the specifications are 50mg / 30 tablets.

Bayer converts the price of a single piece to 0.

1807 yuan, which is more than the prescribed maximum effective declaration price of 0.

8353 is also nearly 80% lower.

  As an oral hypoglycemic agent, acarbose can internally and competitively inhibit glucoside converting enzyme, inhibit the breakdown of starches into glucose, and reduce the absorption of glucose in the body, thereby reducing postprandial hyperglycemia and reducing blood glucose.

  Sino-US East China Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of East-China Pharmaceuticals. Acarbose is also the core product of Sino-US East China.

At present, domestic manufacturers only have original research Bayer, East China Medicine and Sichuan Luye. East China Medicine covers the second largest market share, accounting for 30%.

  According to a recent announcement issued by East China Pharmaceuticals, Acarbose Tablets is currently the company’s largest pharmaceutical drug product by revenue.

In 2015, East China Pharmaceutical’s acarbose sales revenue exceeded 10 billion, in 2016 sales exceeded 1.5 billion, and in 2017 revenue exceeded 20 billion.

The 2018 annual report shows that the two major products of acarbose and Bailing Capsule have revenues of more than 2.5 billion; acarbose has increased by about 30%, mainly due to sinking channels and promotion of strengthening rapid volume of grassroots hospitals and import substitution.

  As a core product of East China Medicine, acarbose has attracted the attention of investors.

Data Bao’s review of the company’s investor survey activity record last year found that almost every study of acarbose was cited by investors, and the focus was on whether it would be replaced by centralized mining.

  From the company’s response, it is relatively optimistic to separate mining.

In the survey record form on August 30 last year, the company stated that “from the point of view of products, the most likely current distribution is acarbose”, and the survey record on September 27 also stated “currentlyThe company still has a comparative advantage in the sugar product market competition pattern. At the same time, the company also stated that “Acarbose is a strategic core product of the company, which is important to the company, but not the entire product of the company.”

  The historical increase is over 40 times. Social Security QFII stepped on Lei Huadong Medicine as a medical white horse stock. The historical growth rate is amazing. Securities Times · Databao statistics show that the company has been in a long-term bull trend since 2005.From the low point, to the highest price in 2018, the company 13 rose more than 40 times more than expected.

  The company’s performance is also rising, and its revenue has increased from less than 9 billion in 2010 to more than 30 billion US dollars in 2018, and its net profit has increased from more than 300 million to more than 2.2 billion.

It is precisely because of its good performance that the big names in the shareholder list gathered. Last three quarterly reports showed that including social security funds, Shenzhen Stock Connect, QFII, insurance institutions, etc. are among the top ten shareholders of the company’s circulating shares.

Among them, the social security fund holds 23.34 million shares, the securities company holds more than 22 million shares, and the QFII Macau Monetary Authority holds more than 10 million shares.

  However, since the company’s sustainable record high in 2018, the number of shareholders of East China Pharmaceutical has also grown rapidly.

From 2 at the end of February 2018.

0.6 million households, and the number of shareholders has reached 5 by the end of 2018.

740,000 households, and the latest three quarterly report last year, the company has more than 100,000 shareholders, the number of shareholders has increased by 4 times in less than 2 years.  Collecting and collecting will be normalized, and the purchase of high-value consumables will be the highlight of 2020. The results of this national unified drug procurement will be released 3 days after the public announcement. It is reported that patients from all over the country can use this batch of selected drugs in April.

In this batch of drugs, 33 varieties were selected to cover the treatment areas of diabetes, hypertension, anti-tumor and rare diseases. More than 100 pharmaceutical manufacturers were involved in the bidding for procurement with a large number of listed companies.There are Hengrui Medicine and CSPC, both of which have won 3 bids.

Stimulated by this news, Hengrui Medicine continued to develop.

88%, CSPC rose 5.


  Reviewing the first batch of centralized procurement led by the National Medical Insurance Bureau, that is, the national unified organization of centralized procurement and use of drugs, no longer selected parts of the region to implement the pilot, a procurement alliance composed of all parts of the country.

The first batch of national collective mining started bidding on September 24 last year. Compared with the 2018 minimum purchase price index, the average price of the products selected to be selected decreased by about 59%.

From the previous performance point of view, the successful bidders and the unsuccessful bidders have severely differentiated their trends. Since Xinlitai, Jingxin Pharmaceutical, and Enhua Pharmaceutical failed to win the bid, Xinlitai gradually approached the daily limit on the same day. Jingxin Pharmaceutical and EnhuaThe pharmaceutical industry dropped the limit on the same day in advance and terminated the latest. The extension of the three shares decreased by 20 each.

23%, 17.

62, 7.

At 05%, the winning bids of Huahai Pharmaceutical and Hong Kong-listed CSPC have performed a series of good performances, and the latest progress is continuous, which is expected to make progress separately.

3%, 18.


  The state budget centralized bidding will gradually be normalized, and the spot of interest in the market in 2020 is the procurement of medical consumables.

On December 5, 2019, the “National Medical Security Administration’s Reply to the No. 1209 of the Second Session of the Thirteenth National People’s Congress” issued by the National Medical Insurance Bureau showed that the pilot work of high-value consumables tape volume procurement will be implemented internally.

The National Medical Insurance Bureau stated that it would select key varieties to carry out pilot work with “quantity procurement” to reduce the price of high-value medical consumables.

  In addition, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei medical consumables procurement platform has stated earlier this month that the nine provinces will jointly carry out the procurement of medical consumables, and the public medical institutions in the nine provinces will all participate. This cross-provincial large-scale joint belt procurement will be officially pulledOpen the curtain of “3 + 6” for consumable tape purchase.

  Today, the person in charge of Jinan Medical Insurance Bureau introduced the situation of “the first joint procurement of medicines and consumables in medical institutions in Ji’an”, which is expected to save medical expenses.

600 million yuan.

Among them, the average decline of drugs reached 31%, with a maximum decrease of 73.

26%; the average price of consumables fell 58%, the highest drop 87.


  Great Wall Securities believes that in the context of the continued decline in the prices of existing varieties, the market value of innovative varieties has increased, benefiting innovative companies and the industry chain, and has a strong focus on research and development, and enterprises with advanced varieties will continue to be favored by the market.

  CITIC Construction Investment Securities believes that it is expected that the future volume procurement will be normalized and the procurement cycle may be shortened. Centralized procurement bidding will be conducted quarterly and half-yearly. The overall procurement frequency should be evaluated by CDE.Solidification, the main uncertainty factor this year is local centralized mining.