4 days 3 times, 430 million people

On October 23, the nucleic acid detection point of Nanjing Road Community, Huichuan District, Zunyi City, and the citizens queued for nucleic acid detection sampling. Guizhou Daily Heavenly Eye Journalist Li Sen Photo "Please queue up in order, keep 1 meter or more." At 12:00 on October 23, at the entrance of Taoxi Huating Community, Zunyi City, Honghuagang District, on-site staff explained the speaker Nucleic acid detection related matters, the "full deputy armed" of medical staff, began to make nucleic acid detection for community residents. Residents consciously arrange two teams, orderly. "All nucleic acid testing is also for everyone’s health, we fully support.

"The residents of the community said that they have added nucleic acid testing and quickly join the volunteer service, hoping to help the neighbors quickly complete the test.

On October 23, the nucleic acid detection of all employees in the city center of Zunyi. According to the requirements of "4 days and 3 times", 3 rounds of nucleic acid detection were carried out against 4 urban districts of Honghuagang District, Huichuan District, DVZ, and Xinpufu District.

2.3 million people, to "check it out" in 4 days, each link is challenge.

After receiving the notice, Zunyi Medical University is receiving the notice.

"I hope that through our efforts, let the epidemic will end as soon as possible, so that the masses will return to normal life and work as soon as possible.

"Director of the Shademian Hospital of Zunyi Medical University, Chief Physician Fu Xiao Yun said, crisis current, fighting against epidemic," Yes, the more volunteers, the better. "

The phone of Li Changlin, deputy director of the DVD CD, has not stopped. After receiving the nucleic acid testing instruction, they quickly formed 247 sampling teams, and organized a large number of party members, volunteers and community staff. For nucleic acid detection to ensure a good job. At the local nucleic acid test point of Nanjing Road, Shanghai Road Street, the people of the long team are angry: "Not afraid of trouble, not afraid to queue. In front of the epidemic, our Zunren will never retreat. "As the largest centralized collection point in Huichuan District, there will be 10,000 people here to conduct nucleic acid detection, and the scene is in order." Everyone has worked hard, eat hot. "Lunch time, a dining train stopped at the entrance of Nanjing Road community, and 200" love meals "were prepared in the trunk.

Guest accommodation, Ji Dan, said that they will send "love meals" to the first-line community worker every day from afternoon, and the volunteers will make everyone a safe, delicious, and satisfactory meals.

At the same time, the power of the four sides is set to Zunyi. The three levels of provinces and cities, the province’s unified adjustment of testing, and the soldiers will fully support the city center of Zunyi, including 1,700 provincial, urban counties, 3,196.

Guizhou Medical University and Affiliated Hospital form a medical team of more than 800 people, Guizhou Provincial People’s Hospital from Respiratory Medicine, Nephrology, Gynecology, Oncology, Hepatobiliary Department and other departments, 100 medical staff, Guizhou Provincial Staff Hospital aided medical team 67 medical staff, Zunyi counties and cities have also dispatched medical staff … Reverse, Zhong Zhicheng City, resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic.

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