First1438chapter Dew

Wang Youcai was originally a gangster,But he became a big boy,Mixed into a gangster。Naturally, he doesn’t like these little bastards in Baishui Town。
Just hear a click,The beer in Wang Youcai’s hand has become a bottomless glass bottle。Beer spilled over the table,Flow down the table。
Li Weimeng’s surprise,People are also sober。He retracted the hand reaching Yao Chunni,As the saying goes, ghosts are also afraid of evil people。Looking at the beer bottle with glass ballast in Wang Youcai’s hand,Li Wei is somewhat timid。In case Wang Youcai really stabs this beer bottle into his stomach,It will poke a few holes。
“Yo!Kind of cowhide!Few people in Baishui Town dared to challenge Wei Ge,You fat fat man has eaten the bear heart and leopard courage?”A chunky guy squeezed a step forward,Pointing at Wang Youcai and said。
Wang Youcai swept the corner of his eye,The beer bottle in his hand suddenly rises,Just listen to the snap,The beer bottle turned into pieces。I saw the blood on the forehead of the guy who just spoke,Looks scary。
Wang Youcai’s move,Made these people dumbfounded。They are rampant in Baishui Town,Bluffing。Bloody incidents like this rarely happen,So Wang Youcai really scared them a bit。
Just when these people were in a daze,Suddenly, Wang Youcai took out several hundred dollars from his pocket and patted it on the table.:“Take it and bandage it。Don’t be too crazy in the future,I can’t take care of you,And the police”
Wang Youcai finished,Pulled up the scared Yao Chunni and walked away。The fried noodles seem to be out of order,It would be great if you can retreat。Wang Youcai is walking,While listening,Lest these people catch up。
This is the so-called paper tiger,Dragon tattooed on the arm,Talking big words,But once you meet someone more fierce than them,They can only admit it。
“Wei Ge!Forget it?”Who was beaten by Wang Youcai and asked Li Wei unwillingly。
Li Wei said with a sigh:“We can’t afford this guy,He seems to have come from the city,You see how fierce he shot,And the way you deal with it,This is a mess in the city”
Li Wei said so,The other two can only follow the guy who was beaten to persuade,In the end, he obediently went to the town hospital to dress up。
There is a saying called Yuanjia Luzhai,Actually, this is not true for Wang Youcai。Because the whole town has one health center,So those who were beaten by him just now had to go to the hospital to bandage,Other small drug stores can’t handle such wounds。
Wang Youcai just came out of the toilet in the hospital,I ran into Li Wei head on,He couldn’t help being surprised,I thought this guy was here to hit him。Unexpectedly, Li Wei was also startled,Then said with a smile:“Brother, leave a name!Just drank more wine,Make a fool of yourself”
“Who did you mix with?”Wang Youcai took a deep breath,Then avoid Li Wei’s topic,Asked him such a sentence。
Li Weiyi listen,He hurriedly moved to Wang Youcai’s side and said quietly:“I used to mix with Brother Wu in the city,unfortunately…”
“You mean Wu Wu?”Wang Youcai asked silently。