This holy magician faintly emits a light green light,Disappeared in the tavern,Left a few gold coins。And everyone in the tavern was unaware of it。

“how about it,William!”This is the third time the Cromwell Saint Magister has asked,There was a trace of anger on his face,Obviously squeezing an ant-like ghost to death cannot release his anger!
At the moment in the imperial palace,Wright is lying on a big bed,The William Saint Magister who practices life magic wipes his sweat,Treating Wright。
Life magic is the unique inheritance magic of the Magnolia Empire Life Temple,Lack of strong aggression,But has the most powerful healing power。Light magic can only heal physical injuries and diseases,And life magic can heal even the soul。
“Nothing serious。”Wright checked carefully,And released several corresponding life magic。“After the soul is injured, the mental power may decrease slightly,But the consequences will not be too serious,After all, it is the spiritual power of a seventh-level magician。”
“But may be in a coma for a while,The soul attack he received was accompanied by some undead power,Although I have been cured with life magic,But it still hurts。Ok,He should not be in a coma for more than a month。”
“Then thank you William Saint Magister。”Cromwell was quite polite to William,Not just for the other person’s background,Because he treated his disciples。
“what I should do,Master Cromwell,I’ll go first!”William Saint Magister did not dare to entrust him,After all, the opponent’s strength is far beyond his own。Neither of them talked about payment,After all, the favor of Cromwell Saint Magic is already extremely expensive。
Now that I know my disciple won’t be in serious trouble,The Cromwell Saint Magister also breathed a sigh of relief。
As for the mental power is slightly damaged?Mediocre magicians only look at mental power,And my disciple has touched the law,The Law of Perception has a much faster increase in mental power than meditation,No matter how bad it is, it will be a ten-year postponement of becoming the Holy Magic Guild.!
Talk about my disciple,Maybe you will become a sanctuary fighter first。
Since my disciple is fine,Then you need someone to settle the account!
Ten minutes ago,In a low-key side hall of the Imperial Palace,The first emperor who was respected and worshipped by countless people of the empire,Juggernaut Bill·Sistanda has a melancholy face。Thought for a while,Recruit his most gifted descendants,It is also the second sanctuary powerhouse of the royal family Sistanda,Gave a few words,I disappeared into the palace like a breeze。
ten minutes later,The Cromwell Saint Magister appeared in this side temple,The power of the soul swept past,With three-point anger on his face。
“Charlie Boy,Get me out!”Soon,Charlie, the second sanctuary warrior of the Sistenda family·Sistendar appeared in front of the Cromwell Saint Magister,Cheeky。
“Charlie Boy,I ask you,Where did your ancestor go?。”
“Master Cromwell,The clan ancestor just went out to visit friends!”