Dingxi: Epidemic prevention is not easy to develop

Original title: Dingxi: Incision of anti-epidemic and non-stop, since the epidemic situation Catch the anti-epidemic, and promote the development.

Scientific epidemic prevention literature helps epidemic prevention and control, popular science is the key. Dingxi City news media, related units, etc. through newspapers, TV, public account, poster, small video, slogan, etc., to promote epidemic prevention knowledge, and guide the masses to properly treat the epidemic, scientifically prevent virus spread.

Antining District Rong Media Center enhances the prevention and control publicity of the epidemic situation, dissemination of the epidemic prevention and control of authority information, interviews the first-line prevention and control personnel, and open an anterior epidemic prevention column. Yi Siyu, director of the Indeng District Rongsia Media Center, said: "The new media highlights the shortage of press posters, short video and other forms, agglomerate positive energy, and forms war ‘epidel.

"Dingxi City also fully exerts the cultural advantages of local characteristics, actively launching cultural workers and folk artists, through original songs, small songs, books, paintings, clay plastic cultivation, and cultivation of the social atmosphere of the epidemic.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Dingxi Municipal Committee, as of November 5, all kinds of media published in the city’s various types of information on the prevention and control news, literary works and other types of information (strips), using more than 7,450 "big speakers" to circulate publicity, Implementation of epidemic prevention and control publicity "three-dimensional" "no dead angle".

"Party Flag Red" "Volunteer Red" Warm Boys "Community Volunteers should take a few hours a day, very tired, I am a party member, I actively registered." Dingxi City Anti District Boyuan · Dijing Community Volunteers Cheng Xiu said. In the epidemic prevention and control, Dingxi City adheres to the party building leader. In the first time, 375 temporary party branches were established in the first line of the epidemic prevention and control, giving full play to the political leading and fighting fortress of party organizations in epidemic prevention and control.

The first secretary of the city and 2165 in the village to help the team team members fully adhere to the epidemic prevention and control first line, "Party Flag Red" "Volunteer Red" has become the warmer color in the middle of the earth.

Dingxi City is unhealthy, and the solid Great Wall of the epidemic prevention and control is jointly. Accelerate the development of November 5, a message allowed the people of the people to see the people – Dingxi City won the province’s "State Progress Awards in the Sanzhou City, 2021". While doing a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, Dingxi City is tightening the key work "Walk in the province", the key indicator "Stable in the middle of the province", adhere to the road of high quality development. The stable area continues to be strong potato, grass, vegetables and other specialty industries, establish the original type, 440,000 mu of development, and forming the quality detoxification seed potato breeding capabilities of hundreds of millions of grains, and the brand awareness of the plateau summer vegetables. And the market share is increasing.

Tongyu County is identified as the province’s distributed photovoltaic county to promote pilot counties. In the first half of the year, the county’s new energy field has completed investment of about 2 billion yuan, and new energy has become one of the pillar industries in the county.

A piece of light converts solar energy into electrical energy, and has become a new kinetic energy promoting high quality development.

According to data, the first three quarters of this year, the increase in industrial added value above the Dingxi City increased, and the per capita income of urban residents was 22,182 yuan. (Editor: Job, Zhou Yuting) Sharing let more people see client download.