Baise enhances fire rescue team practical ability

The reporter learned from the relevant departments, November 4th, the first national emergency management system advanced model and fire-fighting loyalty guards came in Beijing, and the Baise River District Hongcheng Fire Rescue Station received advanced collective title, Ling Yunxian Emergency Administration Director Wang Qian Advanced individual title, the city’s emergency rescue team construction is fruitful. On November 9, Baise City held a press conference to introduce the results of the city’s fire rescue team reform for 3 years. Since the turn, the Baise fire rescue team system mechanism has gradually stunned, and the strength of the team is growing, the rescue capacity is significantly improved, and the disaster prevention and mitigation system is getting more and more perfect, effectively safeguarding the "two stability of the" two stability "of the Baise fire safety situation and the team. Statistics show that the "four indicators" in Baise City in 3 years have declined year by year. After the turn, Baise accumulates 75 million yuan, purchases 10,000 fire trucks, fire extinguishing robots and various equipment equipment, allowing the number of fire rescue teams and quality to achieve double enhancement.

The fire rescue team focuses on the actual combat, and the actual strength is continuously improved.

In the past three years, there have been more than 100 of the Baise Fire Rescue System that the war is professionally qualified, and it has been classified as a professional rescue team of disaster accidents such as earthquake, tunnel, petrochemical, waters, mountains, high-rise buildings, and forming full coverage and specializing.

According to statistics, after the transformation, the Baise Fire Rescue team dispatched a police force in all kinds of rescue disasters, and rescued 5,300 people, rescue and protecting the property of more than 500 million yuan.

The Baise City Fire Rescue Detach has been rated as "the" National District Fire Rescue Team Advanced Detachment Party Committee "" All District Fire Rescue Team Advanced Detachment ", all of the detailed teams have a group of two-class work, 1 person is awesome, 4 People are honored to work, 26 people are honored. (Reporter / Wei Pengyan) (Editor: Chen Li Bing, Li Minjun) Sharing let more people see.