10,000 tons! Tarim oil field achieves "14th Five-Year Plan"

  Xinhua News Agency, Urumqi, December 12 (Reporter Gu Wei) Reporter learned from China Petroleum Tarim Oilfield, as of now, China Petroleum Tarim Oilfield, located in the south of Xinjiang, has produced tens of oil liquids, natural gas billion cubic meters, oil and gas equivalent 30 million tons, an increase of 92 million tons from the same period last year, realizing the "14th Five-Year Plan" high starting point, high quality opening. According to Tarim Oilfield, 2020, oil and gas production is 30.8 million tons, and an annual output of 30 million ton grades is built in the western part. In 2021, oil and gas production in oilfield has reached 30 million tons in advance, further consolidating Xinjiang as the status of my country’s large oil and gas production and processing reserves and landing oil and gas strategy channels, played an important strategy of oil and gas. Role.

  The Tarim Basin is the largest oil and gas basin in my country, and the amount of over-deep oil and gas resources in the basin accounts for more than 60% of my country’s over-deep oil and gas resources.

In the face of ultra-deep, ultra-high temperature, ultra-high pressure and other ultimate challenges, more than 30 years, the basin has accumulated 32 large and medium-sized oil and gas fields, and has created huge economic benefits and social benefits for the state.

  In recent years, Tarim Oilfield has vigorously enhances exploration and development efforts, breaking through three "death lines" of traditional petroleum geological oil and gas, three "death line", to the deep part of the earth, and forming 8,000 meters to have a deep top ten drill completion technology, achieving super deep Complex noodle "wants to get, see, enough to get, can be produced"

  In addition, as one of the main West-East gas source, the Tarim Oilfield is currently 538 single well growing at 95 million cubic meters of gas per day to the downstream gas supply, this year to a total of west-east gas pipeline network in southern Xinjiang and five ground The state is transported by more than 28.3 billion cubic meters, in order to promote local economic and social development, to ensure the active contribution of national energy security.

  According to the plan, Tarim Oilfield will strive to exceed 40 million tons of oil gas production in 2025, reaching 50 million tons in 2035, building a world-class modern big oil gas field.