Beijing Huairou District "stay white ghost" recovery 70.4 acres

People’s Network Beijing December 2, according to Huairou District, this year, Huairou District took on the "leaving white green" recovery mission mu, currently implemented an area of ??acres,% of the total annual number of years, and the quality of the citizens has been further improved. "Whole Broaden Green" is a great job in the remediation of Huairou District. Huairou District implemented acre "lean green" recovery project, including new area acres, Natan has built an area of ??acres. Among them, the new green plots have all been incorporated into Huairou District, 2021, a million-acre afforestive greening construction project, involving Yang Song, Temple Town, and North Building. Temple towns undertake the "leaning green" recovery this year, and it has been overshader in advance.

Focus on this work, Temple Town is suitable along the street road, the front house, the river cross-strait, the edge of the road, the roses idle, etc. Engineering, systematic ecological remodeling in the town, forming a natural environment that cultures rich biodiversity. City Forest Park (Phase I) Landscape is one of the key remediation plots of temple towns. The landscape belt is the origin of the breeding community, the private line, the sand and the wasteland, and the farming community has built many years, bringing many troubles to the production and life of the surrounding villagers.

Combined with "leaving white green" work, temple towns tending the farming community, and designed a park. The overall design of the new park is educed by the Huairibin River Forest Park in the north side. It is divided into three hierarchical design. The outermost depth of the park is close to the natural forest ecosystem. The shrub, North China Pearl Mei, Japanese Sakura, form a tree array square with green landscape characteristics; rounded gravel small squares, built-in micro terrain, for villagers and tourists. "The living environment of everyone is very different from before. Wait until the flowers are full, we can push the window to see the flowers, open the door to see green.

"Gao Linghe Villagers Liu Dongjuan said.

"White Green" not only allows the public’s living environment, but also improved the overall environmental quality of temple towns. In October this year, the Temple Town cumulative decreased%, TSP cumulative decreased%. The relevant staff of the Huairou District Landscaping Bureau introduced that "leaving white green" is a continuing project that Huairou is advised.

Next, Huairou District Landscaping Bureau will play an overall coordinated role. According to a batch of greening conditions, a batch of principles, implement a batch of principles, and form the construction model of "pressure arrangement, rolling development", and ensure the progress and quality of construction. (Zheng Qiuying Ginger) (Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Share more people see.