“Afterwards,Xie Fujun did not give up the loan shark business,But to intensify,Participated and organized a large-scale underground bank with the support of criminal forces,Later arrested for illegal fund-raising and suspected financial fraud。But due to insufficient evidence at the time,The amount involved is not high,Xie Fujun was sentenced to five years,Actually he came out in less than three years。

“But what is surprising is,Shortly after being released,This person became a director and deputy general manager of a startup investment company,And after two years,Which is ninety-nine years,Became the third natural person shareholder of Yinhai Company。”
Speaking of which,Su Yanjun took a few sips of water,He cleared his throat again and continued:“Let’s take a look at Xinchuangzhiguang Investment Property Co., Ltd.,It is a large-scale private joint-stock enterprise in our city,The legal representative is Liang Shiyou,Main real estate and venture capital。due to many reasons,The investigation of the company is still in the undisclosed stage。
“So far,The company’s operations have not found any obvious illegality,The only coincidence was half a year ago,Xie Fujun suddenly resigned from all positions in the company,The reason is that it is not suitable to be an executive in two companies at the same time。Since then, start-up companies have begun to substantially purchase shares of Phoenix Real Estate Group in the secondary market,Became its ninth largest shareholder。
“There are three doubts here,First, Xie Fujun has served as executives of Yinhai and Xinchuang for two and a half years.,The reason for leaving suddenly is far-fetched;two is,After his resignation,Startups began to acquire shares of Phoenix Real Estate,What is the inevitable causality in it?
“The third is the composition of newly created shareholders and the extremely complicated shareholding relationship related to it.。for example,The new major shareholder Fuhua International is owned by Phoenix Group、HKYihua Investment、SZTripartite joint venture established by the city for cultural media,And now Xinchuang is the ninth largest shareholder of Phoenix,What is sensitive is that Phoenix is preparing for the second listing,There are too many coincidences……”
Everyone is listening quietly,Gradually different expressions,Obviously different understandings of the survey results。Liu Ming continued on a cigarette and interjected:“There is a problem that is easy to ignore,Just imagine,If there is no Xie Fujun,Yinhai and the company mentioned earlier、It doesn’t matter to shareholders,Seems to be very clean。
“But Yinhai’s illegal behavior is not a month or two,But as long as two years,This period happened to be the time when Xie Fujun served as both executives at the same time,Even if Xie Fujun himself has a split personality,Is it true that the new creation has nothing to do with it??This is very abnormal。
“And two years ago,Yinhai’s sudden large-scale capital increase,And change the business scope,This is inseparable from Xie Fujun,and so,Finding this person is the key and breakthrough point。
“I recommend,The next step:One is to arrest Xie Fujun,The second is to investigate the two murders,Not let go of any suspicious factors,For example, the guards on duty at the time of the incident, etc.;The economic investigation aspect strengthens the investigation of the fund exchange of start-up companies,of course,Pay attention to the way……”
It’s a sunny day,April in the South,Too hot。Worked all morning,Li Tianchou is already sweating,He grew up in the western mountains,Very unsuitable for the hot and humid coastal weather,My hometown is still early spring,Cold wind。
It’s finally lunch time,Can rest,Disperse sweat。What surprised Li Tianchou was,After the lunch,Everyone actually has a cold drink to cool off the heat,This made him involuntarily admire the meticulousness and thoughtfulness of Miss Song。
Luo Jun’s car wash shop is almost ready,It is expected to officially open in one week,Obviously he can no longer hide from the car dealer,Although Uncle Geng never showed up,But tell Xiao Song the same。
Come back after talking,Luo Jun looked relieved,“Ha ha,I have to work hard day and night。”Although it sounds helpless,But his tone of voice all reveals his vision of the future。Li Tianchou is very happy to congratulate him。
Luo Jun smiled,“Hey,It’s a mule or a horse, I’m going out for a walk,I’m just a little sorry Uncle Geng。”Li Tianchou understands Luo Jun’s free and easy and decisive,But his feelings for the car dealer and Uncle Geng still touched Li Tianchou。
“brothers,Come see me when you have time,Good job in the future,If you are interested in,Welcome to buy shares anytime。”Luo Jun splits his mouth,Smile very happy。This is a really good friend,Li Tianchou naturally did not refuse。
More sultry in the afternoon,Move slightly,I feel like sweating like rain。