“What is the imperial empire??”Burke pouted,“My name is Burke,From the Far East Prairie。”

“My name is wright,Northlanders,It’s barely from the Puang Empire, right?。”Wright also said with a smile。
Roommates living together,I will get along for a long time in the future。A top-level magic academy like Puang No.1 Magic Academy,But all have sixth grade,Only to be a Level 6 Magician can you graduate。Even if the students are all geniuses,I’m afraid to become a level six magician,At least 20 years,The future relationship is also very close。
Maui looks very familiar:“My name is maui,My home is at Qingquan Fort in the South Island Province。Haha,It took me almost a year to rush over from home,I learned magic on the way,Now they are all first-class magicians,Haha”
“We all heard it outside。”Burke pouted,“I was on the road for almost a year,By the way, buddy Karl,where are you from?”
The boy named Carl is of medium build,Looks average,But yet another very special temperament、Wright’s mind suddenly appeared“Warm as jade,Gentleman”These few words,But I don’t know the meaning of these words,Carl smiled,Replied:“My name is carl·mark,Are you a native of the Imperial Capital?。We will all be brothers in a dormitory from now on,I will live together for decades,Shall we go out for a meal today?I treat。”
“Yeah,Burke’s eyes widened,Walk around!”
“Greedy。”Maui rolled his eyes,Then said:“Wait,I heard that the college arranged staff and servants for us,Wait for them to come and arrange things before leaving。”
The four waited a while,Pu’ang First Magic Academy arranged for staff to arrive,This staff is actually a student of the college,With four servants arranged by the college for freshmen。The staff arranges some things,Let a few servants stay17No. apartment building cleaning,Ask Wright to find him if they have something to do,Then bid farewell to the four。
Thereafter,Carl took his three roommates to a very quiet restaurant for dinner.。
“Carl,It seems that you are very familiar with the lady boss of this hotel。”Burke quipped,Carl was sending away the hotel boss just now,Wright has to admit,That’s a very beautiful big sister,Very hot body。
“Generally cooked。”Carl shakes his head,“Eat dinner,Haha,None of you are local,Come and taste the delicacies of the Imperial Capital”。
The dining table is probably the place that draws the most distance between people,Even the four teenagers in the dormitory drank juice instead of alcohol,But whether it is Wright,Or Carl,Although more mature than his peers,But there is still a child’s mind in my heart。Get acquainted in a while。Wright also learned about the four brothers in the dormitory。Maui is the youngest,this year8year old,Although I just said that I live in Qingquan Fort in the South Island Province,But soon everyone knew,He himself is the son of the lord family of Qingquan Fort,The South Island and Northland Provinces are a bit similar,Relatively independent,That’s why Maui said he“Barely from Puang Empire”。
Wright is the third oldest,just9year old,And Burke and Carl are both11year old,Berkeley a few months old,And Wright naturally became what they said‘Youngest’。
Where Burke is as he himself said,It’s the Great East Prairie,And he should be the son of a big tribe leader,As for Carl,Very serious,Everyone knows that they are from local nobles。
Of the four brothers,Carl should be the most peaceful and calm one,Maui is one of the most childish—Was originally the youngest,Burke……Probably the most reckless,Cough,Is the most simple and honest,As for Wright,It should be the most inconspicuous among the four。
Chatting,Everyone talked about the entrance test of the Magic Academy from their hometown。
Carl shook his head and said“I checked when I was enrolled just now,100 students enrolled this time,Mental strength、Elemental affinity is at least first class。I even discovered that among the students this year,Have a lot of mental power、Elemental affinity is super perverted character。”Carl’s message seems very well-informed。