Contributing greater rule of law with first-class work performance

On December 9, Zhang Hongxing, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Political and Legal Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, survived the administrative work of the provincial and judicial administration, requiring the province’s judicial administration system to implement the party’s 19th China Plenary Session and the provincial fifteenth The spirit of the party context, focus on "demonstration, death" target positioning, continue to work hard, boldly innovate, struggle, strive to work with first-class work performance, to write a comprehensive construction of socialist modern Jiangxi, greater rule of law strength.

Zhang Hongxing came to the Provincial Committee of the Provincial Committee to the Secretariat of the Provincial Office of the Provincial Office, and the Administrative Law Enforcement and Monitoring Department, learned about the "Double Random, One Public" Administrative Law Enforcement Platform, "Smart Rule of Law", and in the Command Center The video inspected the province’s prison, drug rehabilitation, and listened to the full report of the rule of law province and judicial administration.

Zhang Hongxing fully affirmed the judicial administration system to give full advantage of the important contributions to the stability of Jiangxi provincial and judicial administrative functions. He emphasized that further strengthening political construction, in adhering to the party’s absolute leadership, stand firm, self-confidence, and consciously defending "two maintenance", resolutely do "two maintenance", standard and requirements for model political agencies The lead is strictly complied with political discipline and political rules to ensure that the party’s major decision-making deployment and the provincial party committee of the provincial government have been implemented in the province’s judicial administrative system.

It is necessary to further strengthen the act of "demonstration, death" in the mission of faithfully fulfilling the judicial administrative responsibilities, to help build a national government service satisfaction first-class provinces, and promote the comprehensive management of the rule of law, vigorously promote the modernization of social governance, and ensure regulatory places Safe stability has new as.

It is necessary to further strengthen the self-revolution, to build a high-quality professional judicial administrative team, continue to force, and deepen the education of political and legal teams, continue to be trick, practice, and inspire the team’s vitality, constantly improve the team. Occupational literacy and professionalism. (Reporter Yang Jing) (Editor: Mao Siyuan, Rona) Sharing more people see.