China @ 四 川 | Chengdu strengthens housing gifts and management, optimized the purchase of house qualifications

  Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, on August 6 (Reporter Li Qianwei) reporter learned from the Chengdu Housing and Construction Bureau to implement the "house and live" decision-making deployment, and focus on solving the people’s reflection requirements "to prevent housing registration, social security acquisition And through the presence of the purchase of houses, Chengdu officially introduced the "Notice on Strengthening the Revision and Management and Optimized Buying Housing Qualifications".

  The notice is clear, Chengdu will strictly determine the purchase restriction standard for giving a housing behavior. First, if the gift is qualified, the gift is a transaction. It is considered to have a housing transfer, the gifted housing is included in the total number of household housing. Second, if the gifter does not have the qualification of the purchase, it is still given to the total number of household housing in the number of household housing in 5 years. The notice has been implemented on August 5, and August 5th and before, it has been accepted or has been registered.

  The notice is also clear that Chengdu will optimize the purchase of house qualifications.

In accordance with commercial housing projects of the number of applicants, it is in line with the requirements of urban housing purchase restriction policy, but social security, household registration is less than 12 months where the project is located, and will no longer be included in the first time to purchase the house qualification review.

The condition of the first step is adjusted to have two conditions at the same time, one is to stabilize employment in the area where the project is located and continuously pays social security for 12 months (including 12 months), and the other is to settled in the area where the project is located for 12 months (including 12 months).