Beijing Municipal Property Management Bill 2 Increased Increased Emergency Management Responsibility

Draft two reviews of 8 chapters, divided into general rules, property management areas, pre-property, owners, ownership organizations and property management committees, property services, properties, legal responsibility, and jects.

Wang Rongmei, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress, made a report, suggesting that there is currently in response to new coronary pneumonia epidemic work, and it is necessary to take prevention and control measures in a targeted manner. In this regard, the second judgment increases the responsibility of the implementation of the property management to the property management. Specifically, the emergency, the street office, the township people’s government is responsible for implementing the various emergency measures identified by the Municipal People’s Government to guide the property service people to carry out response. Property service people should follow the government unified command, actively cooperate with relevant units, implement emergency plans, and various emergency measures.

At the same time, the owner should comply with the shared part of the property management area, the use of common facilities and equipment, the maintenance of public order, and environmental sanitation, the system requirements of emergencies. In order to improve the relevant system of property management, the two reviews of the draft also proposed that the subjects of the relevant parties to the property management can entrust professional assessment agencies to the property contract and inspection, property service standards and cost measuring, residential special maintenance fund usage program, property service quality, etc. evaluate. In addition, the draft conventional provisions, the competent department of housing and urban and rural construction should establish a classification supervision of property service enterprises according to the implementation of property service contracts, complaints and daily inspections, and establish an incentive and disciplinary system.

Wang Rongmei said that according to the upper method, the "property manager" is revised as "property service person".

The research of the draft two review is called the property management, refers to the owner’s management or jointly decides to entrust the property service provider, professional units and other property service providers, buildings, structures and their supporting facilities and related facilities and related Events for maintenance, maintenance, management, maintenance of environmental hygiene and related order.

(Editor: Pi Denui, Gao Xing).