Shaanxi Province held the first plenary meeting of anti-unfair competition

On August 26th, Shaanxi Province held the first plenary meeting of anti-unfair competitors.

The joint meeting convened the people, the Secretary of the Shaanxi Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, Director Zhang Xiaon attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The association of the co-consisted party, the party group of the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, and the deputy director Niu Zimin hosted.

The meeting emphasized that one must promine the legislative lead to improve the competitive legal system. Accelerate the legislation of "Shaanxi Provincial Anti-Unfair Competition Ordinance", improve the relevant collaborative supporting system, providing a more solid and effective rule of law to build a fair competition market environment.

Second, the general publicity and strengthen the awareness of competition rule. Increase publicity, promote self-discipline of industry, guide operators honest and trustworthy, fair competition, and guide companies to strengthen their business secret protection, strengthen corporate property rights protection awareness and ability. Third, it is necessary to highlight supervision, innovate and regulate law enforcement methods. Strengthening the new fields such as platform economy, network economy, digital economy, and unfair to compete in regulatory law enforcement, and vigorously rectify the imitation of people’s livelihood, false propaganda. Strengthen supervision of new consumption in medical beauty industry, prevent industry disorderly development.

Fourth, it is necessary to highlight mechanisms, and focus on forming supervision.

Establish a joint notification, joint law enforcement, major case notification mechanism, and increase the information sharing of departmental information. Establishing the systematic supervision mechanism after the second thing, promoting the effectiveness of policy development and regulatory law enforcement. Five must highlight the division of responsibilities, and strive to do a good job of implementation.

The Provincial Market Supervision Bureau shall play a coordinated role in the joint meeting office, and will report relevant information to the members of each member, and summarize the progress, supervision and progress, and promote beneficial practices and experience. Member units should be combined with their duties to implement the anti-unfair competition task, and jointly promote the new achievements of the province’s anti-unfair competition.

It is necessary to promote the establishment of anti-unfair competition work coordination mechanism to form a stereo work pattern of horizontal synergy and longitudinal linkage.

The conference invited the provincial government agreed to establish approval of the Unfair Competition Hall of Shaanxi Province, reviewed the "Rules of the Rules for the Work Rules for the Unfair Competition in Shaanxi Province" and "Shaanxi Provincial Anti-Unfair Competition Inter-Joint Meeting 2021 In the second half of the year, the provincial public security department, the Provincial Department of Justice, the Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department, the Provincial Culture and Tourism Hall, the Provincial Department of Health, the Provincial Department of Health, etc., the provincial regulatory authorities, the anti-unfair competition work. Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Department of Education, Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Provincial Public Security Department, Provincial Civil Affairs Department, Provincial Department of Justice, Provincial Department of Housing, Provincial Department of Housing, Provincial Agricultural Rural Rural Hall, Provincial Culture and Tourism Hall, Provincial Health and Health Committee , Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, Provincial Radio and Technical Bureau, Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Provincial Food and Drug Administration, Provincial Communications Administration, People’s Bank Xi’an Branch, Shaanxi Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau, Shaanxi Securities Regulatory Bureau and other 18 member units . (Local Contributed Shaanxi Provincial Market Supervision Bureau) (Editor: Sun Ting, Wu Chao) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.