certainly,No matter how flying in Yang Suqing,He is in front of Gao Biyi,That is to obey the words.,This is not just because Gao Baoyi is the most powerful person in Qi.,Substant highest rulers。

Also because Gao Bo Yi this person,Parent,And insight,It is uncomfortable people。
Yang Su is do not feel that he can stand higher than height than Gao Bo Yi.,Since I know Gao Baoyi,He knows that this man’s terrible。
“Leader,I thought so。We feel that it is difficult to attack the country this year.,I am afraid that Yu Yu and even Wei Xiaoxuan are also thinking.。
There is a saying that it is not intended to attract it.。The more people think that we can’t get soldiers.,We must be from troops.。”
This idea is normal,Gao Biyi faces disappointing expression。
The truth is of course this reason that Yang Su said.,But,Is it a fool??They will even have basic preparations.?
With its gambling and everyone without preparation,It’s better to prepare yourself this year.,Then next year,Even afterwards,After the preparation is complete,Multi-course army,Attack!
Thunderstandings sweep!
It seems to be aware of the disappointment of Gao Baoyi,Yang Su smiled and said:“Lord is an urgent,If you haven’t finished it?。”
He taught him.,Continue to say:“Leader,No one said that the army,Just siege。Nothing said that after the soldier,Be sure to fight against the enemy。
Virtuality,When Wei Xia width thinks we will attack the city,We don’t do anything.。Can even take this opportunity,Observe how the other army will support Yurong。
Then we will take it away.,It is only to take a big army to take a few steps.。
When we come next time,Wei Xia woever will not think,This time is a bluffing moment.?The soldiers of him,Will you think so??Sitting in Chang’an,Will not sleep nervous, don’t sleep??
Even in winter this year, we can come,Time to spring next year,We can also come.,More less impact on Zhou Guo。
The country is big,I still worry that people can’t find a wheat.?”
Yang Su is brought about。
After listening to this,Gao Baoyi eyes bright!
Yang Su’s idea is also very simple,Summary is:I will squat,I just don’t go in.!
Take the army near Yushu City,Even the big army。but,It is a surrounding!
Do you think I will attack the city?,but,I am too guilty.。
Wei Xiaoxuan may calmly,But Yu Yu does not necessarily。What will happen?,Worth looking forward to。
Next year,Can be made,Spring to pick flowers,Summer to mower,Autumn go camping,Winter to pile up blood,I just sway at your door.,From time to time。
But I just don’t shoot.!
So,When did I shoot??
hehe,Don’t tell you!
Gao Boyi can imagine,The nerve has always been very sensitive,I am afraid that I have to be killed by Qi Jun.!And when Zhou people have become accustomed to Qi Jun sway out outside Yubi City,Thunder,I don’t get it.!
This is exactly“Imaginary,Essential”,Taoist of secret law。certainly,Light against this,Perhaps it is still unable to attack Yushu City,but,At least weakenly weaken the resistance will and response speed。
This is worth playing.。
“You stay in Jinyang for a while,It’s quite a long time.,Shizhi three days。”
Gao Bao is pleased to shoot Yang Su’s shoulder,Did not say Yang Su’s hope,For example:Mobilize him back to Yucheng,Back to the gods。
At this moment,Today’s siege simulation and complete end,The weeks of the attacking are once again defeated。This is still analoged Yushu City,If you really fight,It must be dealt with。
Look,Still you have to use the same thing.!
Gao Bao is dark。
NS1285chapter It’s disadvantageous people from time to time.
Ten years ago,Gao Yang established Qi,It is also this year,He is chaotic because of Hou Jing,Liang Guo is not self-reliant,Take the land of two Huai,And promulgated ten years of tax-free policies。
It is this policy,Ensuring Qi State has been in this decade,Basic face of two Huai,Yes“stability”Instead of“Confused”。
However,When these ten years have passed,Time starting again,Someone uses“Two tax reform”“Species”Exudation,Incitement。
Although Wang Lin and him“Fixed sea”exist,But still affecting the spring farming。