Flying wolf wants to stop,But the subconscious tells him that this is indeed the only feasible way at the moment。

“That’s it,But you must come back alive,It doesn’t matter whether death can solve it,Just come back alive。”
Flying wolf patted Qin Hao hard on the shoulder,In the eyes of Flying Wolf,The life and death of a god of death is not as important as the life of any comrade in arms。
“understand,”Qin Hao once finished,One step left everyone’s sight。
Flying wolf saw Qin Hao leave,Hurriedly made a gesture to everyone,And searched for the stinger mercenary nearby。
The Stinger mercenary escorted the powder,Just find them,Is equivalent to finding that batch of powder。
Now what they can do for Qin Hao is make a noise,To attract death or sting mercenaries。
Attract death,Then it can give Qin Hao a chance to kill God。
Attract Stinger Mercenaries,Then they just need to resolve the battle as soon as possible,Then Qin Hao can take this opportunity to leave。
The investigators are still at the forefront to check the situation,Any changes will be reported immediately。
“Puff,”Flying wolf said quickly,“hidden,hidden……”
At this moment,The two closest to Thor were hit directly,There is a big hole on the forehead。
One hit kills again!
“Have a sniper,All hidden,”Thor quickly hid in the jungle。
“what should I do now?We have been targeted,”Huang Xiaoding squatted beside the flying wolf。
“What do you mean?Hide first,Pinpoint the location of the sniper,”Although Flying Wolf is a little flustered,But immediately calm down。
He is the one who directs the battle,Anyone can panic,But he can’t。