China is coming! For the first time to participate in the service, I will bring four points of attention.

2021 China International Service Trade Fair opened in Beijing on September 2. has participated in the exhibition, which brings a diverse network international communication product system, and exhibits the latest exploration results in innovation in recent years.

The flag orientation of the country, China’s special socialist thinking, China Characteristic Socialism "Chinese and English special website officially launched. The special website is the authoritative official platform of Xi Jinping, Xi Jinping, the system has gathered the party’s 18th National Congress, Xi Jinping’s important foreign affairs activities, speech, discussion and signature articles, Xi Jinping’s diplomatic thinking related document books and research results, The Panorama Exit of General Secretary Diploma with the Panorama of Digital Map.

Foreign 习 习 新 新 新时 China characteristic socialist thinking is always the primary task of China.

Since the top of the special website, the first time reported that the Chinese Communist Party and the World Political Parties Leaders Summit, the Asia-Pacific OECD leaders informal conference, carefully blended diplomatic gold sentences, special discussion, interpretation of Chinese and English original content, showing diplomacy diplomacy in Xi Jinping The diplomatic practice of Chinese characteristic big country under the guidance of ideas has become an important vocal channel that promotes the construction of human fate communities and promoting all the common value of all humanity. To make a strong brand, tell the Chinese story, explain China’s view, and the intersection of various ideological cultural exchanges in the world is increasingly frequent, and the Internet has become the main battlefield for international public opinion struggles. In 2015, China Network founded Chinese and English bilingual commentary micro video column "China 3 minutes".

Each program selected a widespread concern in the international community of China-related issues together leading experts in related fields, in response to concerns expressed point of view, China’s position and the timely dissemination of sound, and strive to see the great small, add up, reflect the true, comprehensive, lively the Chinese look. After six years of hard work, it has grown into a brand programs with strong international influence. As of 2021 the end of July, "China three minutes" column published program 325, overseas social platforms cumulative amount of reading over one hundred million, a video player more than billion and interact more than million times, became Foreign speak good Chinese story, spread the good Chinese voice an important platform. "China three minutes" for the lead, China network began to study set up a "Chinese keywords", "Chinese Fan children" "Hi Chinese people," "The Third Eye China" and many other features multilingual program, and gradually formed a unique characteristics of micro-video external communication work and product matrix.

Honesty and innovation firmly establish cultural self-confidence splendid Chinese culture is a valuable resource to showcase the charm of the country, explain to the world No more with Chinese characteristics, reflecting the Chinese spirit of responsibility hidden wisdom of the Chinese excellent culture, but also the Chinese network. In 2020, China launched a new network of large-scale real cultural class record talk show "似是故人来." Program invited medal of the Republic of Yuan Longping, conservation Top Contributor Fan Jinshi, president of the Society of Chinese characters wide Huang, head of the National Ballet of Feng Ying and other 10 well-known experts, through field visits, on-site dialogue, presenters and other forms of Review, led the audience into different cultural fields, experience the profound Chinese culture. Net program in China, Jiangsu TV, iQIYI broadcast simultaneously, the whole network playback volume exceeded 100 million, while segment TV program ratings average ranked second, ranking the first class cultural variety.

"似是故人来" The second quarter has been filmed, guests included the famous painter Xu, the famous comic Jiang Kun, Wu Weishan sculptor, painter Fan Zeng and other celebrities, covering a number of areas, the outreach program will continue to explore the international spread of Chinese culture .

Technology enabling the road to explore the wisdom of propaganda with the rapid iteration of information technology, the Chinese network will also gradually start production of artificial intelligence research and development aid work. At this meeting the service trade, China Network in the interactive experience area brings the latest results show.

"AI data" is an intelligent data generated news video of auxiliary production tool that can generate a data key short news video, fast production data visualization products. "AR live" is based on the mobile Internet and cloud computing live platform. Users can personalize custom virtual studio, or simulate real-world scenarios, and even real-time interactive 3D presentation model for live giving a broader and more realistic scenarios of application effect. "NameMe" for foreign audiences is a developed Chinese naming service, integrated multi-user portrait data for user-generated unique Chinese name.

The service not only from traditional classics featured more than 3 million name database size, but also for the user to generate a fine Chinese business cards, detailing the name of the Cultural Implications of Chinese writing strokes, pronunciation, and meaning behind to help users understand China’s name culture.

With purpose to create "international spread of the network," China editor in chief Wang Xiaohui introduction, China network was established in 2000, is the leader of the State Council Information Office, China International Publishing Group managed central key news website, with Chinese, English, German , French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Esperanto and other 10 languages 11 text version. In addition to this exhibition project, Chinese net in the webcast, social media aspects of overseas operations, the development of cultural and creative products, also has a strong strength.

Open at present, China Network has Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, VK six major international mainstream social platforms 10 accounts, covering English, French, Russian, German, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Korean and other eight languages, nearly 90 million fans worldwide, ranking first external communication media center camp. But also for the country to provide more social platform offshore account operational support services. Live service is the traditional Chinese characteristics and advantages of the network.

Since its inception, the Chinese network exclusive broadcast the CPC Central Committee and State Council Information Office press conference press conference, and in 2014 to provide bilingual services Record of key sessions. Only in 2020, China network to complete all kinds of live events over 1300 games.

"China network broadcast" brand in each platform account the size of more than 52 million fans. In recent years, China Network planned to enter the cultural and creative products, have gradually Kucha Xinjiang Research Institute, Lama Temple and other institutions design and production of rich category, style of the new series of cultural and creative products, and create a "Chinese auspicious cultural and creative alliance" help domestic and foreign brands, enterprises in-depth exchanges, promote the healthy development of cultural transmission.

Wang Xiaohui pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the Politburo thirtieth collective learning, to strengthen and improve the international spread put forward specific requirements and ardent expectations. As media convergence of Chinese Foreign Office main platform, China Network encouraged, but also feel a great responsibility.

As the authoritative platform for propaganda media of China, China Network will continue to "build international spread of the network" as the goal, efforts to enhance international communication ability, to achieve "a world-class, with a strong comprehensive strength of international media organizations’ goal to strive for. China Network sincerely look forward to in-depth exchanges with the community, to break new ground external communication with partners to jointly create a credible, lovely, respectable image of China.