Core value of hundreds of forums

Shen Zhuanghai was born in November 1971. He is currently a primary expert from the Secretary of the Party Committee of Wuhan University, Professor Marxist College, a doctoral tutor, a key textbook for the focus of the central Marxist theory and construction project. For a long time, mainly engaged in research on socialist cultural construction in Chinese characteristics, the basic theory of ideological and political education, has maintained a number of major social science fund major projects, and the Ministry of Education’s philosophical and social science major research projects; in "China Social Science" Ask "Marxism", "People’s Daily", "People’s Daily", published more than 100 papers, alone, editor, "Theory of cultural self-confidence", "Cultural soft strength and its value of the shaft" Ideological and Political Education Effectiveness "The Soul of Xingguo – Socialist Core Value System" "The Research on the Construction of Academic Discourse -" The Study of "China Logic Construction of Cultural Strong Country" is more than ten; The three national spiritual civilization construction "five one project" award, the first prize of the excellent results of Hubei Province, etc., etc. Professor Award Program (2012), etc.

China Niet-Public Medical Institutions Association wordt uitgenodigd om Chengdu Jinxin Group te bezoeken

De voorzitter van de Symposium-ventilator Yulan, introduceerde de ontwikkeling van Jinxin Group. In 1951 is de Jinxin Group in Chengdu tweede district Maternal en Child Health Station hervormingen in 2004, slechts meer dan 90 werknemers, jaarlijks inkomen meer dan 200.000 yuan, na Meer dan 10 jaar ontwikkeling, de groep heeft 11 ziekenhuizen, gedistribueerd in Chengdu, Zhangzhou, Shenzhen, VS Los Angeles en andere plaatsen; op hetzelfde moment, in Chengdu, Shenzhen, Verenigde Staten hebben drie onderzoeksinstituten opgezet; opgezet twee beroepsopleiding en Technische trainingsscholen en 1 Early Education Center, en 25 professionele medische managementbedrijven en 1 beleggingsmaatschappij hebben motivatie verstrekt voor de ontwikkeling van de industrialisatie van de groep. Op dit moment, bijna 4.500 groepsmedewerkers, bijna 3.200 daadwerkelijke open bedden, bijna 1.000 ouderdom, de totale poliklinische hoeveelheid van bijna 4 miljoen / jaar, een jaarinkomen van bijna 4 miljard yuan, een uitgebreide medische groep.

De groep is voornamelijk bezig met de specialiteitenzorg voor moederlijke en kindgezondheid, geest en traditionele Chinese geneeskunde, evenals de investering en werking van reproductieve geneeskunde, gemeenschapsgezondheidsdiensten, gezondheidscontrole, onderzoek en onderwijs, beroepsopleiding, pensioen en gehandicapt . Op dit moment staat Jinxin Group in de nieuwe hoogte, gevestigd in Chengdu, kijkt naar het land en versnelt de voetstappen van het internationaliseringsproces en naar het hogere ontwikkelingsplatform. De voorzitter van de voorzitter introduceerde de ontwikkeling van de ontwikkelingsresultaten van de Groep, sinds 2003, aangezien de transformatie van openbare medische instellingen tot niet-gevestigde medische instellingen, waaronder de kansen en moeilijkheden tegengekomen, tegelijkertijd de huidige binnenlandse sociale kantoor de chaos In de dokter stemde ook overeen met een sterke bereidheid voor de intentie om de provinciale associatie te vestigen onder de bevordering van de vereniging, bijdraagt ??aan het standaardisatiebeheer van niet-openbare medische instellingen.

95:50 Xinjiang women’s basketball team is divided into Tianjin

Core Tip: November 14, 2021-2022 season WCBA (Chinese Women’s Basketball League) started in the Chengdu Wenjiang Division.

On the 15th, Xinjiang women’s basketball team defeated Tianjin women’s basketball team at 95:50.

Xinjiang Net News (Reporter Chen Yanzhen) November 14th, 2021-2022 season WCBA (China Women’s Basketball League) started in the Chengdu Wenjiang Division. On the 15th, Xinjiang women’s basketball team defeated Tianjin women’s basketball team at 95:50.

The whole game was carried out in the control of the Xinjiang team. At the beginning of the game, the Xinjiang team played a small climax of 8:0.

After that, the Tianjin women’s basketball team up, but the overall strength is relatively weak, ending the first competition at 16 points.

In the second section, Tianjin women’s basketball team does not give up any offensive opportunity, but because of defensive, rebound strength is too weak, and cannot continue to shrink, and finally lose the game.

As requested by the frontal coach show, the women’s basketball girl, with the captain Wang Lili as the core, driving the internal line to carry out effective attacks. It can be seen that although only more than a month, the new member of Xinjiang women’s basketball team and the team’s fusion is very good. Last season, Xinjiang women’s basketball team won the runner-up. This season, the Sichuan women’s basketball team with six major experts leaps to win the big popularity, and the Xinjiang women’s basketball girl said that no matter whether it will win, it will be full of every game.

At 20 o’clock on November 17, the Xinjiang women’s basketball team will fight the women’s basketball team.

Beijing will have "Shunde Cuisine Map"!

"Food in Guangzhou, kitchen, Fengcheng", Shunde dishes with its "fresh, live, cool and tender" flavor, in the Cantonese Cuisine and even the national eight-cuisine, it has a pivotal position.

As early as the medium term in the Qing Dynasty, the Daguani people across the country did not hesitate to make thousands of gold. When I hired a palm chef, I was still recognized by many food homes: Mr. Cai Wei, a famous food, Cai Wei, said: "Saving Guangdong Cuisine, naturally a Shunde dish. "

The Shunde Chef in the stunt with the inheritance and understanding of the hometown, to the branches at home and abroad, some of which have come to Beijing 20 years ago and root down. "Spicy": The price of a soup is comparable to a table of Sichuan cuisine! After more than 20 years ago, Beijing has opened the first Shunde Request House. As of now, the Shunde Restaurant has nearly 20 sizes in Beijing, as a sub-dish, such as the Cantonese, which is not small. The synthetic use of the soul, pay attention to steaming, simmering, 焯, fried, stewing, frying, 煸, etc., while requiring ingredients, knife, and fake elegance, so I just entered the Shunde Restaurant, walking to Beijing They are all high-end consumption routes. For example, at the time, the most famous Shunde Restaurant in Beijing, the hotel and the Hong Kong Food City, the big three yuan and other Cantonese restaurants, the price of one person drinking a soup is more expensive than the Sichuan cuisine called a full table, but still stop I don’t live in the old Yue to the Cantonese restaurant, the Shunde restaurant run, and taste "fresh". Workday evening time, Beijing restaurant halls are basically full of logistics industry development, food transportation costs decline, and everyone’s general living standards have improved, and Shunde will gradually walk into Beijing’s ordinary people living.

"Bitter": epidemic attack, Beijing catering suffers from a new crown pneumonia epidemic in this year, so that all industries have suffered huge impact, due to the prevention and control of the epidemic, Beijing’s catering industry will resume the foreign business, and the loss can imagine Know.

Liang Yarong, president of the Beijing Shunde Business Chamber of Commerce, operated a Shunde Restaurant in 4 years ago – the name of Ya Shunde, the epidemic, and the food in the city time is full, and the diners often queue. This year’s epidemic reasons, after restoring, the dining room of the Liang President is only about 70% in the same period in previous years.

The Beijing Shunde Business Chamber of Commerce, another Beijing Shunde Retrocessure Pavilion – Fengcheng Tangfu’s situation is also similar. Boss Liang Jianzhong said that most of the restaurant is currently a hidden guest, expecting the epidemic situation in Beijing in late June or early July. After the control situation is more stable, the restaurant passenger flow is expected to return to the same period in the year.

Beijing Fengcheng Tangfu Board Liang Jianzhong missed the business income in nearly half a year, which faces a living crisis, but the two bosses do not have the employee, turn through the price of dishes, let the benefits, etc., enhance customer consumption confidence. To drive more passenger flow as much as possible, it is difficult to share.

For example, the restaurant, the dining room of the Shunde, the universal price of seafood dishes in Shunde, and even half price, and the loyal restaurant also launched a variety of coupons, cash coupons, and promotes customers back to consumption. "Sweet": Create a gourmet map, there will be a Shunde Restaurant within 5 km! The Shunde Vessel has stable, and the Shunde people have a love, pragmatic business style, accumulated a better reputation and customer foundation in Beijing.

The third brother is the old Beijing people, and it is a frequent visit to the dining room of Liang. He said that the Shunde is clear, fresh, and the taste is very balanced. For the past, he is used to the Northern Vegetables and other heavy taste. He is, More "see the true taste", and the elderly children are not stimulated, suitable for a family dinner. In the Shunde Restaurant in Liang, there are several 90 employees, and they only went to Beijing to sway.

The front desk staff A Jun is Shunde Chencun, last year, I graduated from my hometown to Beijing from my hometown last year. He saw a lot of Beijing diners on the Shunde dishes in Beijing. Very big development potential, I hope to stay in Beijing to accumulate experience.

Burst, the restaurant, the chef, the chef of this year, the 25-year-old restaurant, the chef Ah is a Guangxi, studying in Beijing for 3 years, his taking the food is a Shunde frying cake, before the restaurant is suspended during the duty He watched a lot of books about the ancient law skills of the Shunde, I hope to have the opportunity to go to Shunde’s birthplace, which is Foshan, learn more authentic, spoken cooking skills, spread this attractive Lingnan Cuisine to more place.

Auntie (left) led the apprentice to do the Shunde Fish Pie Liang, the Beijing Shunde Business Chamber of Commerce, will also plan to join other Shunde Restaurant in Beijing this year, build Beijing’s "Shunde Food Map", and fight for two or three years, will Beijing The Shunde Restaurant expanded to 50, meaning that the Shunde Restaurant can be found in Beijing, which can find a Shunde Restaurant, convenient for Beijing consumers and tourists to understand, taste the Shunde food, Foshan people can easily find home dishes.

Source: Pearl River Business Daily.

App Annie China Non-Game Company oktober Oktober Inkomstenlijst: Long Video Leader Iqiyi Naam Eerste Tien

Sinds 2021 voegt Appannie China’s non-game-fabrikanten en de toepassing van de Sea List toe om China te helpen meer mobiele inzichten in China te verkrijgen.

Volgens de nieuwste aankondiging van de niet-gamefabrikant van China, is China’s Non-game-fabrikant weergegeven, China’s Long Video Leader Iqiyi heeft in de top tien in de lijst, waarbij het enige streamingstation in de lijst wordt.

In de loop der jaren zijn Chinese bedrijven een trend in de zee geworden en de doorbraak in het grootschalige verticale veld uit de klasse van de vroege single tool. Kijk naar de non-game-business, in oktober-China’s non-tour, de byte beat, samenkomen, Tencent houdt nog steeds de kop drie stoel.

Four Net Network Company is ANKER, Lees Wetenschap en Technologie en is beroemd in de Hiread-lijst.

Focus op het gebied van vrouwelijke gebruikers, Grani-technologie, ging ook de eerste dertig binnen.

Onder hen is de lange video-leider IQIYI als eerste gerangschikt, die de hoogwaardige contentservicemogelijkheden van China’s streamingmedia vertegenwoordigt, die wereldwijd is erkend.

Vanaf het einde van het tweede kwartaal van 2021 hebben IQIYI overzeese leden miljoenen overschreden. Het cre?ren van Aziatische originele inhoud is een wereldwijd streaming van de markt geworden.

In oktober kondigde III de zes nieuwe Aziatische originele inhoud aan, waaronder "SayGoodbye" "Hallo, Heart" Twee Iqiyi Filippijnen, Lokale Originele Set, en "Crazylove" "op het moment" "Mijn Europa Het is een Love Bean" "Moon Water Fire Wood "Four Aiqiyi Original Korean Drama, die momenteel wordt gelanceerd, zal naar verwachting Aiqiyi International Edition in 2021 en 2022 uitzenden.

Chen Wei, een senior vice-president van IQiyi, zei dat in elke regio, hoogwaardige inhoud altijd door gebruikers kan worden ondersteund en de kwaliteit is de enige standaard en onveranderlijke kernconcurrentievermogen. Sinds dit jaar is Iqiyi een wereldwijde markt, gezamenlijk gevestigde lokale makers, waaronder hoge score, Koreaanse drama "Gold Secretary," succesvol gelanceerd ", mijn kamergenoot is een negenstaartvos" "Zhishan" "Reverse Bureau" "het niets van God "," The Soul Soul, Nanyang Legend "en andere hoogwaardige Aziatische originele episodes.

Volgens openbare informatie voegde Iqiyi zes Aziatische originele inhoud toe en werkte ook samen met de Filippijnse media-entertainmentkraan ABS-CBN, de Hot Development Korean Drama Production Company Gtist, Zuid-Korea’s grootste online Comic Public Publoduction Company Company Studion en andere Aziatische lokale top de Productiebedrijf cre?ert samen om een ??hogere kwaliteit en multiculturele entertainmentervaringen met wereldwijde gebruikers te brengen.

Editor die de leiding heeft: KJ005.

2035 "CITY" zal bedragen dan 110 miljoen

  Op 20 december bracht de offici?le website van de provinciale overheid het "Guangdong New Urbanization Plan (2021-2035) uit (hierna" planning "genoemd), in 2035, zal Guangdong in principe nieuwe urbanisatie bereiken, de inwoner van de provincie bereikte 82 %, en de stedelijke inwonende bevolking 100 miljoen. "Planning" is het gewicht van de "landbouwpopulatie in de stad" als het gewicht: uitgebreide afgifte van afrekening van schikkingsbeperkingen, verpleegkundige personeel, sanitaire werknemers, technische werknemers, enz. De index van de nederzetting-indicatoren wordt verwacht Dynamisch aangepast; Werkgelegenheid, kinderopleiding, de gezondheidszorg, de sociale verzekering, woningveiligheid is scherpstellen en de basisbevestiging van stedelijke basis openbare diensten is allemaal overschreven. "Versnel de hervorming van het huishoudelijke registratiesysteem, bevordering van de vrijheidsstroom tussen de elementen in stedelijke en plattelandsgebieden, met name de financi?le overdrachtsbetaling en de absorptie van het aantal haakmechanismen, verhogen redelijk het gebruik van het gebruik van buitenlandse bewoners en ontmoet elkaar de ontwikkelingsrichting van nieuwe urbanisatie. Major.

"Deng Zhi Group, het onderzoeksbureau van het Instituut voor Stedelijke en bevolkingsontwikkeling, Social Sciences van Shanghai, zei:" Planning "heeft veel heldere plekken in het nieuwe bevolkingsbeheersingssysteem, het optimaliseren van verstedelijkingsontwikkeling en het bouwen van nieuwe steden, enz. Explore-waarde. Laat de nederzetting meer kans hebben op een verblijfsbewijs, enz. Continu en verbeterd, in 2020, de uitgebreide migrantenwerkers van de provincie waren goed voor meer dan één percentage van het totale aantal mensen, het totale aantal mensen dat in de provincie woonde,. , en het totale aantal kaarttarieven in de provincie, de totale getallenresultaten in het land.

  "Planning" wees er ook op dat de kwaliteit van de landbouwpopulatie van Guangdong en burgerschap nog verder moet worden verbeterd.

Dit wordt benadrukt dat het mechanisme van de gemeentelijke kosten niet perfect is en de inwoner bevolking nog steeds niet in staat is om te genieten van elementaire openbare diensten met de lokale bevolking van het huishoudelijke registratie. Hiertoe stelt "Plan" een aantal hoogtepunten voor.

Voor extra grote steden en centrale steden is er ook een significant verschil in infrastructuur, openbare diensten, industri?le structuur, enz. Zelfs in verschillende regio’s binnen een stad.

Het "plan" wordt voorgesteld om de centrale stad en het nieuwe district van de voorsteden aan te moedigen een differenti?le afwikkelingsbeleid aan te nemen.

  "Bij de implementatie van het beleid wordt het niet alleen onderscheid gemaakt in grote steden en kleine en middelgrote steden, en de centrale stad en de nieuwe wijk in het buitenwijk hebben ook gedistineerd, wat een meer verfijning van het management is en een referentiewaarde voor het land heeft .

"Deng Zhi Group zei.

  Een ander voorbeeld is bijvoorbeeld in termen van volledig vrijgegeven en ontspannen schikkingsbeperkingen, het jaarlijkse groeipermechanisme zal worden opgericht door het jaar-op-jaar groeipermechanisme, en tijdige aanpassing van verpleegkundige personeel, sanitaire voorzieningen, technische werknemers, enz. Van de gemeenschap. Het bevorderen van het burgerschap zijn de basisrijke diensten van urbanisatie de sleutel. De verblijfsvergunning en ID-kaart zijn nog een ander hoogtepunt geworden van "planning": uitbreiding de reikwijdte van de dienst van stedelijke verplichte onderwijs, huisvestingsbeveiliging, enz., En verbeter de servicenormen en bereik geleidelijk de verblijfplaats van de residentie in het openbaar Service met dezelfde behandeling met lokale stedelijke bewoners, waarbij geleidelijk de identiteitskaart realiseert om de verblijfsvergunning te dragen.

  In termen van het behuizing van de medische onderwijs, luidde het ook meerdere voordelen: de openbare school wordt voornamelijk opgenomen in het toepassingsgebied van de verplichtingen van invloedrijke onderwijsbeveiliging; bevordering van de bevolking van de bevolking van de landbouwoverdracht in het basisverzekeringssysteem;

  Het cultiveren van de vijf belangrijkste stedelijke cirkels om een ??hoogwaardige ontwikkelingsvermogenssysteem-verslaggever te cre?ren merkte op dat in de "planning" de circulatie van de Pearl-rivier bevordert in het "plan" om een ??belangrijke focus te worden: het bevorderen van de bevordering van elementenbronnen om redelijkerwijs te bevorderen Flow en optimaliseer de geallieerden aan beide zijden van de Pearl River East, promoten de Zhujiang-rivier, vervalt innovatie en ontwikkeling; begeleidende bevolking, industrie?n, fondsen, technologie en andere hulpbronnenelementen om naar de westkust te stromen, de aggregatiecapaciteit van de Westelijke Jordaanoever naar de westkust te stromen Elementen in Pearl River Estate, en doen de toonaangevende industrie?n zoals een sterke productie van geavanceerde apparatuur.

  In termen van stedelijke cirkels, zullen we Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhujiangou, de Westkust, Shandia en de vijf modernisaties van Zhan Mao cultiveren.

Grensoverschrijdende, cross-regionale samenwerking is het hoofdpunt geworden. Onder hen versnelt de Country Circle van Guangzhou de promotie van Guangfo met de stad, sterk gezamenlijk en bouwen een internationaliseringsgebied en bevordert en bevordert Guangqing-integratie, koppeling Zhaoqing, Qingyuan, Yunfu, Shaoguan "Intern Field", om een ??wereldwijde invloed modern stedelijk te cre?ren Cirkel bouwmodel.

  In de centrale stad stelt "Plan" voor om Shenzhen Construction Demonstration Zone en Global Benchmark City te ondersteunen om de Guangzhou National Center City en uitgebreide ontwikkelingscapaciteit van Portal City te verbeteren.

  De verslaggever bleek dat de provinciale overheid van Guangdong een uitgebreid ontwikkelingsplan (2017-2030) "heeft uitgegeven, er is een verklaring," Guangzhou, Shenzhen als het belangrijkste centrum, Zhuhai, Shantou, Zhanjiang als de plaatsvervangend centrum ", de" Plan "verduidelijkt dat Zhuhai heeft vermeld als een provinciale subcentrumstad.

  "Planning" Wissen: Teelt van Zhuhai, Shantou, Zhanjiang Drie provincie Subcentrum City, ondersteuning Zhuhai gekoppelde Macao om de bouw van Hengqin Guangdong, Australi? diepe samenwerking zone te versnellen, gericht op huishoudelijke apparaten, ge?ntegreerde schakelingen en andere ontwikkelingsontwikkeling met sleutel Kerntechnologie voor doorbraak industri?le clusters, het bouwen van nieuwe tijdperk Chinese karakteristieke socialisme-modernisering Internationale economie.

Ondersteuning van Foshan, Dongguan om een ??provinciale economische centrumstad te cre?ren, ondersteunt twee steden om Guangdong en Hong Kong te bouwen, Macai District Manufacturing Hoogwaardige Demonstratiedemonstratiezone, en bereiken high-end, intelligente, groene exploratie-ervaring in de Pearl River Delta en de nationale productie-industrie.

(Reporter Wang Yu Intern Yang Bi).

China @ 四 川 | Chengdu strengthens housing gifts and management, optimized the purchase of house qualifications

  Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, on August 6 (Reporter Li Qianwei) reporter learned from the Chengdu Housing and Construction Bureau to implement the "house and live" decision-making deployment, and focus on solving the people’s reflection requirements "to prevent housing registration, social security acquisition And through the presence of the purchase of houses, Chengdu officially introduced the "Notice on Strengthening the Revision and Management and Optimized Buying Housing Qualifications".

  The notice is clear, Chengdu will strictly determine the purchase restriction standard for giving a housing behavior. First, if the gift is qualified, the gift is a transaction. It is considered to have a housing transfer, the gifted housing is included in the total number of household housing. Second, if the gifter does not have the qualification of the purchase, it is still given to the total number of household housing in the number of household housing in 5 years. The notice has been implemented on August 5, and August 5th and before, it has been accepted or has been registered.

  The notice is also clear that Chengdu will optimize the purchase of house qualifications.

In accordance with commercial housing projects of the number of applicants, it is in line with the requirements of urban housing purchase restriction policy, but social security, household registration is less than 12 months where the project is located, and will no longer be included in the first time to purchase the house qualification review.

The condition of the first step is adjusted to have two conditions at the same time, one is to stabilize employment in the area where the project is located and continuously pays social security for 12 months (including 12 months), and the other is to settled in the area where the project is located for 12 months (including 12 months).


Cai Qi video dispatched rain and snow, strong wind, cool weather response work

  Original title: Cai Qi video dispatched rain and snow, heavy wind, strong cooling weather, stressing the public to keep the public in the heart and warm and warm the city safe and smooth operation Chen Jining Zhang Yankun dispatched by the cold wave, this weekend, the city will appear significantly rain and snow and strong cooling The weather will usher in the first snow since winter. Yesterday (5th) afternoon, the secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Cai Qi video dispatched the rain and snow wind and strength and cooling weather response. He emphasized that this weather process rain and snow phase conversion, high wind cooling superimposed, with a certain extreme, and will affect urban operation and citizens’ production life. We must put the public and warm and warm and warm and warm, and our best responded to ensure that the public is safe and warm into the winter, ensuring urban safety and smooth operation. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Chen Jining, and Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee dispatched together.

  Cai Qi emphasizes that he will do a good job of heating, and transfer to formally heating to ensure that the temperature is on time.

Strengthen the heating and protection of key places such as schools, nursing homes, welfare cations, do a good job in old communities, heating in remote mountainous areas, solving low-protection households, disabled people and other special difficult groups. Use the 12345 citizen service hotline, the problem of heating reflected in the masses, to complaint, let the masses will be warm and warm. Adhere to the safety of the first place, the emergency protection team strengthened the value, and encountered the first time of the burst.

  Cai Qi emphasizes to strengthen urban operation guarantee.

In time, weather warning and travel prompts such as rain, wind, wind, and travel prompts will guide the public to reduce travel. Do a good job in sweeping ice, protect the safety of the public.

Do a good job in the preparation of wind, strengthen the inspection of outdoor advertising, light box plaques, traffic logo, air conditioner, and tower cranes, eliminate safety hazards. Increase rail transit, bus capacity reserves, take steps to extend operational time and increase shifts as needed. Strengthening the coordination with railways, civil aviation, focusing on the monitoring of passenger traffic volumes around the "five stations", increases the intensity of the connection, and strengthen the connection capacity protection.

Do a good job in transportation safety management in mountainous passenger lines. Cai Qi emphasizes that winter is the high-risk season of pollution, and continues to make good pollution prevention and control, strengthen normalization, refine supervision law enforcement, deepen "one micro" action and regional defense association, and do a good job of heavy pollution weather response.

To do a good job in life, it is necessary to protect the stability. Strengthen market scheduling and source of supply, strengthen the supply channels of origin, smooth freight channels, and ensure the supplies of life necessities.

  Cai Qi demanded that all units at all levels were committed to the responsibility, and one handed personally, and decided to prevent counterfeit measures. Strictly enforce the system, and the important situation is reported in time. The emergency team is in place.

The current epidemic prevention and control task is still very important. We must care about the prevention and control of the first-line staff to strengthen the service guarantee of residents in the sealing community. The city leaders Cui Yanqiang, Zhang Jiaming, Yang Bin, Yang Jinbai, the Secretary General of the Municipal Government Dai Binbin, the main responsible comrades of all districts, respectively participate in the main venue and branch field.

(Reporter Yan Mengzhu Fan Junsheng).

10,000 tons! Tarim oil field achieves "14th Five-Year Plan"

  Xinhua News Agency, Urumqi, December 12 (Reporter Gu Wei) Reporter learned from China Petroleum Tarim Oilfield, as of now, China Petroleum Tarim Oilfield, located in the south of Xinjiang, has produced tens of oil liquids, natural gas billion cubic meters, oil and gas equivalent 30 million tons, an increase of 92 million tons from the same period last year, realizing the "14th Five-Year Plan" high starting point, high quality opening. According to Tarim Oilfield, 2020, oil and gas production is 30.8 million tons, and an annual output of 30 million ton grades is built in the western part. In 2021, oil and gas production in oilfield has reached 30 million tons in advance, further consolidating Xinjiang as the status of my country’s large oil and gas production and processing reserves and landing oil and gas strategy channels, played an important strategy of oil and gas. Role.

  The Tarim Basin is the largest oil and gas basin in my country, and the amount of over-deep oil and gas resources in the basin accounts for more than 60% of my country’s over-deep oil and gas resources.

In the face of ultra-deep, ultra-high temperature, ultra-high pressure and other ultimate challenges, more than 30 years, the basin has accumulated 32 large and medium-sized oil and gas fields, and has created huge economic benefits and social benefits for the state.

  In recent years, Tarim Oilfield has vigorously enhances exploration and development efforts, breaking through three "death lines" of traditional petroleum geological oil and gas, three "death line", to the deep part of the earth, and forming 8,000 meters to have a deep top ten drill completion technology, achieving super deep Complex noodle "wants to get, see, enough to get, can be produced"

  In addition, as one of the main West-East gas source, the Tarim Oilfield is currently 538 single well growing at 95 million cubic meters of gas per day to the downstream gas supply, this year to a total of west-east gas pipeline network in southern Xinjiang and five ground The state is transported by more than 28.3 billion cubic meters, in order to promote local economic and social development, to ensure the active contribution of national energy security.

  According to the plan, Tarim Oilfield will strive to exceed 40 million tons of oil gas production in 2025, reaching 50 million tons in 2035, building a world-class modern big oil gas field.

Chengdu: Miles of Du Fu, entering a Jinchang City

Original title: Chengdu: Miles of Du Fu, entering a Jinshi City to open the Chinese topographic map, we will find that Chengdu is located in the Sichuan Basin in Southwest my country, geographically closed: the north is the bus, the east is Wushan Mountains The west is the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and the south is the Yungui Plateau. Since ancient times, transportation is very unfavorable.

Li Bai’s "难 难", "噫 噫 嚱, crisis high! 道 道, difficult to go to the sky", have left a deep impression on the future generation. Take back, the rise of Chengdu City is from the construction of Dujiangyan Project.

Dujiangyan project, presided over, is a comprehensive hub project with a variety of functions such as flood control, irrigation, water supply, shipping.

Its completion makes Chengdu a veritable "national country".

"Huayang Guo Zhi · Yu Zhi" records, "Water and drought from people, I don’t know hunger.

When there is no wreath, the world is also the world.

Chengdu, not only Dujiangyan.

Standing at the Wanli Bridge, I saw that many friends of Dongwu ship in Du Fu were familiar with the poem of Du Fu: "Two Huang Yuming Cui willows, a line of egrets on the sky.

The window contains the Qili Qiao Queen, Mesy Dongwu Wanli. "At that time (Tang Suzongyuan two years, 759), Du Fu’s avenm of Avoidance came to Chengdu. With the help of friends, with the laminate of the lacycles on the shore of the East of Chengdu Wanli Bridge.

The spring, the hut is completed, called "Chengdu Caotang". This poem is created in the pasture, and the first spring season is warm and cold. Du Fu is the grass, you can see the wanli bridge behind the not far, the sailor is moored, there are many ships from or will be sent to Wanli.

In the Tang Dynasty, Chengdu can directly with Dongwu outside the Tang Dynasty, the Jianyu (now Nanjing). In fact, after the completion of Dujiangyan Project, Chengdu became the water transport center in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. The name of the Wanli Bridge can explain this. According to the "Three Kingdoms", the Three Kingdoms later, Guan Yu wanted to lose Jingzhou and killed by Wu Guo.

Liu Bei received the army to attack Wu and defeated, and the relationship between the two countries drops to the ice point.

Zhuge Liang believes that although he is known as the Tianfu, it is very rich, but it is not enough to compete with Cao Wei in the Yellow River Basin. In order to do a good relationship with Dongwu, 225 years, Zhuge Liang sent a fee to the government to make Wu Guo.

Zhuge Liang personally delivered the fees, Fei Yi also knows Zhuge Liang’s mind.

At the time of the boat, he stood in the bridge, holding Zhuge Liang’s hand, "Wanli Road, begins with this bridge" (Li Ji "Yuanhe County County"). Fishan starts from Chengdu, entering the Minjiang River, and then enter the Yangtze River along the Minjiang River.

After seeing Sun Quan, the fees were deeply analyzed, and the necessity of Wu Yi was jointly anti-Cao, got the identity of Dongwu. Since then, the two sides restore friendly relations, along the Yangtze River, and Zhuge Liang is named Wanliang’s bridge. In the Tang Dynasty, Wanli Bridge, the hotel Lin Li, tourists are like a bustling city space, is the scene seen in Du Fu.濯 濯 濯 一 成 成 成 一 一 一 "" "" 雨 雨 节 雨 节 节 节 节 节 节 节 节 节 节 节 节 节 节 节 节 节 节 节 节 节 节 节 节 节 节 节 节 节 节 节 节 节

The wildness is dark and the river boat is a clear. Xiaoyang see the red and wettation, Hua Guan Guancheng. "Why is it called Jin Guancheng? The Chengdu Plain is rich in silkworms, and the development of weaving is very early.

In the Han Dynasty, there was a Jinshi City in the south bank of Chengdu, and is a place where the government is responsible for the woven business, and is a place in Chengdu’s industrial zone.

There is an important procedure in the craft process of the squad, that is, in the river water flowing through the city, it is rinsing the semi-finished product. The colorful color of the rinse rinse is bright and bright, very beautiful.

Therefore, Chengdu people simply referred to a "Jinjiang", referred to as "Jinjiang".

Later, Chengdu was also known as Jincheng, Jin Guan City.

The kink is a silk fabric with color patterns, woven with stained cooked wire, is a boutique in silk fabric.

During the Tang Dynasty, there was another climax of the development of the development, and became a tribute to the court.

According to the "Middle Guang Guangji" Volume 67, Tang Zhongzong specially pets the princess of the e-mail, the princess is married, Zhongzong gives her a lot of precious biary, including a single silk skirt "single silk Broo Skirt" specially customized. This skirt is woven into a flower and bird, the eye, nose, mouth and feathers are vivid.

Since the 1970s, archaeologists have been excavated in the archaeological excavation of Turpan in Xinjiang, and a large number of garments are unearthed.

After identification, these weaving ages belong to the north and south towards the Tang Dynasty, and most of them are 锦, this has become an important evidence of a lot of circulation on the land of the Silk Road.

Moreover, 锦 also passed through the maritime Silk Road, and the Japanese museum is saved in the Tang Dynasty.

The Jun of the Dead Country has created the history of Spring Festival and Guanzhi. Chengdu has become ancient country, the three-generation period, the first day of the five generations, and the treasure of the Dynasty, and the Tang Dynasty is also a Tang Dynasty.

During this process, Chengdu has contributed very much for the development of Chinese civilization. In addition to Dujiangyan Engineering, outside of China, the other, my country’s local religious religion – Taoism, my country’s earliest banknotes – hand, Chinese cultural heritage Sign – Sun Godbird, etc., all from Chengdu. Even the histori is asked as the king of the death of the country, the country, Mon Meng, also left two treasures to the later generation: the same is the Spring Festival, and the other is the official. The earliest Spring Festival couplets in my country may come from the hands of Meng Yu. "Song History" records, after the period, every New Year’s Eve, Meng Wei let Hanlin learn to write some auspicious welcome writing in the peach, the day begins on the New Year, hung the peach in the door of the Hall. At the end of the previous year (964), the Northern Song Dynasty, the Northern Song Dynasty, the Northern Song Dynasty, will be open, but in order to stabilize the military heart, Meng Yu is still as usual, let Hanlin inspected the peach to welcome the New Year.

Hanlin Bachelor’s luck is like a bird of shocking bow, and the words of the people who think of brain juice have been denied by Meng Yu.

Finally, Meng Yuandu took a pen ink, slightly thoughts, wrote such a spring in the peach: New Year, Yuqing, Jiaku Changchun. Pingyun rhyme, pair of work, using the words, full of Jiqing, fully showing Meng Yu’s talent, and is very similar to our Spring Festival couplets today.

This association has also been seen as the first Spring Festival couplet in the first pair of history. Let’s say the official. In today, Kaifeng House, Kaifeng, Henan, is where the Bao Zheng’s office is in the office. There is a conspicuous big stone, engraved 16 words: Erluto, people fatty cream; the people are easy to abuse, it is difficult to deceive. This is the "official 箴" from the Song Dynasty, standing in the national government, state, county Tuen Mun, always warned the local officials to be a heart, gotting the sky, the emperor, and got a Limin people. Because engraved on the stone, it is also called "石 铭".

Who is the 16-word inscription? Still Meng Wei.

Meng Wei believes that the rule of control is fundamental, and it has greatly rectified to rectify the rule in the early stage.

In order to guard the local official, Meng Wei deliberately wrote a special "official 箴" scripture, and the country will warn local officials.

This "Guanli" script has a total of 24 sentences, including "Erlutu, people fatty grease; people are easy to abuse, it is difficult to bully." After the death of the Northern Song Dynasty, some documents were also collected by the Northern Song Dubei Kaifeng.

When the second emperor Song Taizong in the Song Dynasty, I was very touched when I was in this "Guanli" editor of Meng, and I also felt very good. Therefore, I specially took out these four words as the "official of the Song Dynasty." The national government, state, and county Tuen Mun were issued, and became the "石 铭" in the Song Dynasty.

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