Outperforming the starting point of a child, ultimately arrive where?

Original title: beat the starting point of a child, ultimately arrive where? Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 1 – Question: to outperform the starting point of a child, ultimately arrive where? Xinhua News Agency "Xinhua Viewpoint" reporter Shu Jing, Zheng Tianhong, Chiang Fang teaching training institutions under remediation storm, known as the "cosmic tuition centers," the Beijing Haidian Huangzhuang changed the old lively hubbub, become scattered depression.

  Once each layer is filled with all kinds of institutions Education and Training Center Building in silver mesh, and now a lot of empty rooms. Many training notice hanging on the door lock hydraulic shears, close to the yellow or pink suspend offline, only a few arts training institutions still operating.

Building one situation café only a few sporadic guest, parents wait in line with the previous bit different. May 21, the Central Committee comprehensively deepen reforms nineteenth meeting examined and adopted "further reduce the burden of student work off-campus training and the burden of compulsory education."

June 1, the State Administration of market regulation, said it had imposed a fine of 15 top grid-school training institutions totaling 36.5 million yuan.

  The industry believes that, behind the training institute strict supervision, the whole society to advance, to reflect excessive education: to outperform the starting point of a child, ultimately arrive where? Comparable to the "arms race" of the "baby chicken" education Recently, a prestigious graduate parents to record a short video in the parents group heat transfer.

See "Oxford Reading Tree", listen to logical explanation, arrange independent reading, even to eat hearken to schedule poetry …… 3-year-old boy’s mother was scheduled full to the brim.

"I want not a magic today, tomorrow he will not become a job ……" The mother declared that "no mercy." Comments district, a lot of "baby chicken" Mom warmly endorse.

  "Time is too not enough.

"Beijing Yue natural parents of third grade children (not his real name) said to 10:00 every day from school late, the child’s schedule is packed extracurricular classes, homework, practicing filled.

  2018 International Student Assessment (PISA2018) test results show that my country’s four provinces, average weekly student campus classroom learning time in hours; PISA2015 data show that my country’s four provinces grow more than 20 hours per week students extracurricular learning. In extracurricular training, long, excess, advance science commonplace. Beijing mother Xiaowei (a pseudonym) in the third grade children, suddenly found their own children "too far behind."

Almost all the students in the "false start": Mathematical Olympiad, school high school curriculum, from small to read English original book.

  Some pupils learning curve, so a lot of highly educated parents are strange powerless.

  Guangzhou, a fifth grader from fourth grade began to rain on both Mathematical Olympiad classes, she said: "The subject is too difficult, my father is a mathematics graduate, and some solution title even he does not come out." Many parents put this education competition compared to "arms race."

  "There is a piece saying ‘4-year-old English vocabulary 1500, in the United States enough, in the Haidian not enough’, originally I thought it was an exaggeration, may be a while before chatted with many parents, scared into a cold sweat, that is true.

"Haidian District, Beijing Ms. Gu some parents panic.

  Even shopping can also bring a wave of anxiety. "I saw two full kindergarten children freely communicate in English, parents talk with them in English, but certainly his family are all Chinese people." Ms. Gu said.

Under anxiety, she flew to the children even report language, math, foreign three extra-curricular classes.

  Shortcut or detour? More study, the more learning sooner, so that the children really okay? In the beginning outperformed the children eventually arrive where? Associate Professor, Tsinghua University Institute of Education Zhang Yuli with nine years of tracking data to study the effects sixth grade elementary school math tutoring after promoted to junior high school extracurricular academic performance.

The results show that the tutoring can improve the results in the short term, but for a long time, there is a negative impact on academic development and "lack of strength".

  Zhang Yu believes that some content of too much or the test is not in line with the child’s cognitive law, and it is not conducive to the child’s thinking.

  "For example, ‘chicken rabbit is the problem. The school usually solves the study, this is the study of primary school students must establish, know the path of things, compare age characteristics; but some extracurricular classes start from the aspective thinking, I will pull very high, The intermediate comment is weak.

"She said, some highly difficult Olympics, also uses a filling teaching method, emphasizing the results rather than process thinking." For education, I want to find shortcuts often bent. Zhang Yu said.

  An industry insiders who have long been concerned about the "small promotion" policy say: "Some children are too embarrassed by primary schools, psychological overdrafts, have been tired of emotions, and then I don’t want to learn mathematics." Multi-secondary teachers observe, long-term counseling Children often "except sleep, homework, other things will not do it.

Will not do housework, can’t find classmates, what is going to arrange, teacher arrangement. Zhang Yu found that many students from excellent high schools, eventually chose to become a rolling moment, like to avoid the "screw" of the risk, and the current change of the world, the uncertainty has increased dramatically, when innovation ability becomes the core competitiveness of talents It is possible to make a disadvantage.

  From a whole, education in the educational volume will also bring waste of human and social resources.

According to the "new alienation" view of German sociologist Rosa, this competitive logic and acceleration logic let more people feel that they stand on "landslides", they must run as fast as possible to stay in place. In the end, this will form a closed system. Acceleration machines do not create more value, personal dreams, goals, and life planning, must also be used to feed accelerator. Mr. Beijing’s parents will worry that the high pressure environment will affect the child’s mental health.

"There are no light in the eyes of children." For a long time, he is concerned about overseas education. It is said that children grow up in the "Chicken" model is busy with various training, competition, and they cannot get enough life skills and growth space, some people will Follow anxiety or even depression. A "90" girl said that before junior high school, the parents’ "chicken" education effect was more significant, but in the early middle, she didn’t do the first grade.

"Parents hope that I have a good high school, I have a big pressure.

"Li Songwei, psychological counselor, provides psychological counseling for college students in the famous colleges and universities. He notes that at least 80% of visitors are" the pressure of success or parents is very wolf. " "People". The data released by the National Health Committee shows that about 30 million children under the age of 17, about 30 million people are plagued by various emotional disorders and behavioral problems, and integrated measures must be intervened.

  "985 waste" "lying flat", becoming a collective expression of some young people "self-departure".

There are many victors in these groups. In Li Songwei, this is also the resistance of a single value. "They don’t really want ‘lying flat’, but express a gesture. Parents also pay more attention to their children’s voice and rights.

When you support your child support and space, they will go faster.

"Education should" cultivate people "rather than" Screening people "Wang Jie, a special deputy researcher of the School of Politics and Public Affairs Management, Sun Yat-sen University, said that the production and professional layering, diploma society, selection examination, reward, cultural Traditionally, prisoners are related to the education policy, it is difficult to change. Zhang Yu believes that behind the educational anxiety is the eagerness of parents on quality education resources. Policy concern should focus on how to increase investment, cultivate more quality schools. Increase in quality resources Under the premise of distribution balance, the quality of education, "I have admitted" will last smoothly.

  At the same time, we must also start from the quantity and quality of teachers, and comprehensively improve teachers’ treatment, build a high level, high-quality teacher team.

  More and more people recognize that the purpose of education is to "cultivate people" rather than "screening people". Mr. Fu organized the activities of "Lightintheeyes" in the community. From April to October, every night he will bring a group of children "crazy", play basketball, play football, jump rope, throwing the sandbag, jumping, the eyes, and will organize "large-scale parent-child activities every Friday ".

Some children have been playing well, stop extracurricular class.

There are also children to play early, they will finish the job first, form a "benign circulation".

  Ms. Feng, the children of the Parents of Beijing, juited to read the fourth grade in a local school. She didn’t have the Olympics, English extracurricular class, did not participate in the cup or took any awards.

"From the dimension of the standardization exam, he does not have a special competitive advantage." Ms. Feng said, "But he is what I am looking forward to – optimistic, kind, true, health, I like to use painting to express myself, good at people, and I know yourself. "Yue will sing songs to complete the job, and will spend more than an hour to make a comic book. "In the face of unknown future, more and more social value evaluation, using yesterday’s method to teach today’s students, actually deprived their tomorrow.

Ms. Feng said. Education experts believe that life is much longer than the marathon, not a hundred meters sprint. Parents don’t be misleaded by the "loss of starting line", don’t always want children to "rush"; pay attention to children’s psychology Health, pay attention to cultivate children’s independent learning, life ability, and prepare for children’s life "long run".

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Reciente Brote de Covid

BEIJING, 13nov (Xinhua) – ElúltimobrotedelaCOVID-19enChinasehaextendidoa21regionesdenivelprovincialhastahoysábado, quehanreportadonuevoscasosdetransmisiónlocaloportadoresasintomáticosenlosúltimosdías, informóúmerodecasosdeCOVID-19quesuperalos250millonesentodoelmundo, elpaísseenfrentaamayoresdesafíosparaprevenirloscasosentrantes, aseguróMiFeng, portavozdelaComisiónNacionaldeSalud (CNS), ístambiénafrontariesgosdeenfermedadesrespiratoriasinfecciosasdebidoalasbajastemperaturas, sealóMi, yagregóóncausadaporelresurgimiento, WuLiangyou, funcionariodelaCNS, dijoenlaconferenciadeprensaquelasituaciónepidémicaengeneralsehaestabilizadoentodoelpaíás, muchasregionesaniveldeprovinciapreviamenteafectadasporlaCOVID-19hanlogradoreducirefectivamentelapropagacióndelvirusycontroladolaepidemia, íaenunaetapacrítica, elrecientebrotedelaCOVID-19enlaciudadcosteradeDalian, enlaprovinciadeLiaoning Norestedelpaís, HaestadocontenidodentrodeLaciudad, IndicóáalobjetiVodeeliminAnderManeraoportunacualQuierinfecciónporelnuevocoronavirusyprev EnirtantocasosimportadAdoscomorebrotesdomésticos, Asegurómi, Quienexigióunadtecccióntemprana, Resp Resparectorápida, ContenónPreciatramientoEfectivoAlospacientesafectAdosporlacovid-19 ..

Taking education and rectification promoting the high quality development of Wenshan political and legal work

Nie Tao works in the grassroots research. Wenshan State Enterprise Commission is awarded by the map: Wenshan State Political and Legal Co., Ltd. as a national political and legal team education to rectify the first batch of units, please introduce how the Wenshan State Political and Legal Organization is doing in this education and rectification, what highlights? Nie Tao: Since the first batch of political and legal team education in the country, Swinshanzhou has conducted in-depth education and rectification. In general, education and rectification gives Wenshan Political and Legal teams experience a "Phoenix Nirvana".

We fully exert the political advantages of Wenshan as the "two districts and one land", regarding political education as a "key trick" that tempered political loyalty, carried out political education, party history education, warning education, English mode education, and the majority of police police sent thoughts Weili, strengthened political quenching, and was shocked by the law and got a spiritual baptism.

We firmly grasp the work and rhythm, carry out policies to publicly talk about, and stimulate the police to check the instructors. The whole of the 784 departments take the initiative to indicate the problem, and 706 self-examination, accounting for the total number of police officers.

We integrate the "seven check" means such as reporting clues, extensive launch, multi-channel verification, play organizational investigation and punishment of 505.

We focus on the "six-lasting troubles" and provincial-selection projects, carry out the "pull network check", and the case of "deep investigation", the case of "reverse investigation", investigate 1795 (Person), most indicators are in the forefront of the province. We have a table, cutting the table, kneaded, the root, based on long-term, establishment, and establish a 315 institutional mechanism, strengthen restrictive supervision, blocking a loophole , Discovery the blocking point. We closely surround the "people-centered" concept, respond to the people’s voice, carry out the theme practice activities of "I am doing practical things for the masses", launch 622 conveniences of civilians, and handle 10,963 services for people.

The masses of the comprehensive education and rectification% satisfaction rate.

People’s Daily: insist on problem-oriented is a major feature of the education and rectification, do you think Wenshan law enforcement authorities discovered what problems in education and rectification? Nie Tao: Through a comprehensive analysis of the outstanding problems found in education and rectification, there are several prominent features: First, the problem of discipline and law enforcement focused on the judicial aspects.

In violation of discipline problems, law enforcement justice issues accounted%% accounted for other problems.

Judicial discipline and law enforcement aspects of the problem, there is the case does not stand, do not press the case investigation, the guilty do not study topped with illegal commutation, parole, temporary probation followed. The second is focused on the issue of discipline and law enforcement judicial powers centralized political and legal units.

From the system distribution, accounting issues in descending order of courts, public security, procuratorate, judicial administration, party politics and law committee system.

From the point of view level, state level than at the county level, comprehensive organ department less than first-line law enforcement. From the period of distribution, after less than eighteen 18th Party Congress.

The third is a political issue, Ji law issues, operational capacity issues exist.

From the nature of the problem of view, both police officers for improper understanding of laws and policies, investigators defects caused by unfamiliar business problems, but also illegal law enforcement officers, to break the law, the issue of favoritism.

From the point of view of the disposition process, the use of a form of accounting%, the use of the second, three, four forms accounted%, reflecting our fully embodies the "lenient in dealing with sanctions in self-examination, checked strict "policy-oriented.

People: You as Wenshan Prefecture Committee of Political and Legal Committee, will be how to consolidate the results of education and rectification, solve the problem you just mentioned, political and legal work to promote the development of high quality from what? Nie Tao: First, we must seriously study and understand Xi Jinping thought the rule of law, strengthen ideological and theoretical arm, enhance the sense of mission and responsibility.

Xi Jinping take the study team thought the rule of law as a long-term political and legal, systematic work, as the judicial ranks in rotation of the main political content, Xi Jinping thought the rule of law to carry out large research study big big training, learning deep thorough understanding of its ideological content, armed with scientific theory all the police officers, the formation of conscious thought and conscious action, enhancing political and legal work of mission and responsibility.

Focus on learning and practice, learning outcomes will apply to political and legal work in practice, deepen learning and understanding in practice.

The second is to strengthen the Party’s absolute leadership over political and legal work, to implement the party’s leadership to the whole process of political and legal work in various fields.

To unequivocally politics, earnestly implement the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the important instructions, determined to do "two maintenance", safeguard the socialist rule of law.

To fully implement the "Communist Party of China Political Science and Law Regulations" and provincial implementation rules, leading the political and legal work with regulations, ensure regulatory authority within the party regulations. To fulfill the Party Politics and Law Committee leadership, co-ordination, management and coordination duties, grasp the political direction to strengthen political leadership and political oversight; strengthen the study of political and legal work regular, firmly grasp the new era, a new phase of political and legal characteristics and laws, adapt to the new requirements of the new era of political and legal work; to strengthen the co-management of cadres of politics and Law, for the party committee, organization department to good relations; political conduct periodic inspections of team building inspectors and political Science unit.

Strengthening of Political Party organization building, give full play to the direction, overall pipe, ensure the implementation of a leadership role; Political Science unit to abide by political discipline and political rules, strict implementation reports for instructions, regular working party committees and party committees to the Politics and Law Committee report, in a timely manner on major issues consult the report. The third is to highlight the political quality and the quality of the rule of law, political and legal departments to strengthen self-construction team.

High-quality political and legal work must have a high quality team of Politics and Law. First, we should pay attention to political quality construction.

This is the fundamental key to team building and of Political Science and Law. Uphold and improve the good practice in the judicial ranks education and rectification of education in learning, good experience, and always maintain political loyalty of the judicial ranks. Second, we should pay attention to the quality of the rule of law. Police officers and men continue to strengthen the rule of law, administration by law, administrative law sense, good at using legal thinking, legal way to analyze and solve problems, the ability to work to improve the rule of law, shall act in accordance with regulations in handling cases.

Third, the study and application of legal knowledge to grasp.

To regular, targeted to organize police officers and men to carry out specific legal knowledge, learning the law, police officers and men to make a complete and accurate understanding and correct application of the law, fairness and justice in every case of judicial enforcement. The fourth is to deepen reform and promote the comprehensive field of politics and law, political and legal work to improve accountability and institutional system. Fields of Political Science and comprehensively deepen reforms is the development of high-quality political and legal work force is the key to comprehensively address the issue of Politics and Law series.

We should pay close attention to the implementation of the arrangements on the promotion of comprehensive deepening the reform of the central field of Political Science and Yunnan, in accordance with the statutory mandate, powers and responsibilities consistent principle, accelerate the construction of politics, investigators, supervision and guidance in all aspects, through investigation, prosecution, trial, execution the links, the chain of responsibility covering all areas of judicial enforcement of criminal, civil, administrative, civil enforcement, public interest litigation; strengthen the political responsibility, the responsibility of handling the refinement, materialized oversight responsibilities, optimization level responsibility. Especially for education and rectification found stubborn chronic illness malaria and loopholes in the system, keep a close eye problems are prone to judicial enforcement of key areas, key links, key positions, deepen chapter established system, improve the system and mechanism, strengthen internal control oversight , the initiative to accept external oversight, and "build the system, strong norms, shovel soil, blocking channels, guarantee fair" effect.

Tongzhou Tongji concentric ad hoc (Party Shijingshan)

The steep mountains, the raging waves, a warship containing several red army warriors, rushing to the wind and waves, rushing to the river, rushing towards the revolution – National Museum, a crystal clear, lifelike ivory Engraving is eye-catching. "This carving work is from the hand of the craft master Yang Shi Hui brothers, and the meaning of" Tongzhou ", which not only vividly reduced the scene of the Red Army, but also recorded a good story in our party." The staff introduced. Time retracted to September 1956, the Eighth National Congress of the Communist Party of China held in Beijing.

This is not only the first party congress since the founding of New China, but also the first party congress to attend the Democratic Parties and the non-party democrats.

At the conference on September 17, Li Ji Shen, chairman of the Chinese Kuomintang Revolutionary Committee, came to the meeting, and celebrated the meeting.

Li Ji-Shenzhen said that the formation and consolidation, use and development of the people’s democratic unified front, is a very valuable experience in the Chinese revolution. "We are willing to continue to strengthen unity and mutual supervision, each other can continue to strengthen unity, mutual supervision, and we will work together to build a great socialist country and maintain world peace." Li Ji-Shenzhen After the speech, the delegates reported warm applause, but he didn’t take the meant.

When the representatives were wondering, Li Ji was said: "Comrades, in order to express the congratulations on the Chinese Communist Party, I have to give a gift to the conference!" He reported to the staff of the conference, solemnly put the democratic parties and no The party democrats represent the invitation of Shen Yi, Huang Yanpei, Guo Moruo, Ma Run, Zhang Bo, Chen Qi, Xu Dehong, Xie Xuehong and other invitation, and then given this sculpture of the Red Army Victory over Dadu River scene to the General Assembly.

"We use this gift to symbolize our democratic parties under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, with the same boat, victory to prosperous and happy socialism and communist society.

Li Ji-Shenzhen said.

At the time of the gift, the atmosphere on the venue was warm, and the representatives were standing, and the applause was long-lasting. Dun Yingchao, an executive chairman of the conference, and Li Fuchun Congress accepted this precious gift. On the eve of the party’s eight major conversations, Mao Zedong scientifically summarizes the relationship between the Communist Party of China and the Democratic Party in "Top Ten Relations".

In the party’s eight political reports, Liu Shaoqi officially announced in the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, "long-term coexistence, mutual supervision" is the policy of the Chinese Communist Party with the relationship between the Democratic Party. This kind of engraving work that symbolizes "Tongzhou Tongji" will continue to witness. At the historical journey of the great revival of the Chinese nation, the road leadership of the Communist Party of China will get more and more wide.

Sichuan created "empty, sky, land" integrated full coverage farm dynamic monitoring mechanism

People’s Network Chengdu June 21st (Zhu Hong) In order to implement the most stringent cultivated land protection system, accelerate the construction of powerful, intensive, supervision, strict cultivated land protection, reception, the Sichuan Natural Resources Office "on the establishment of sound The Implementation Opinions of the Provincial Cultivated Land Dynamic Monitoring Work Mechanism (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions") , The land "integrated full coverage mechanism dynamic monitoring mechanism.

According to the "Opinions", Sichuan will innovate the dynamic monitoring means of cultivated land, and earnestly improve the work results; and fully use advanced technical means and pragmatic management measures, through the satellite remote sensing "Tain", video surveillance "real-time check", Fairki responsible "timely management " . "Opinions" strengthened the application of cultivated land dynamic monitoring results, requiring procedures for the "county-level initial nuclear confirmation, municipal review, provincial supervision and inspection", and verifying the change in cultivated land every two months.

At the same time, the establishment of the results notification mechanism and the multi-sectoral results sharing mechanism, and the monitoring results as an important basis for the assessment of party and government in natural resource management level and cultivated land protection responsibility. (Editor: Li Qiangqiang, Gao Hongxia).