Beijing Municipal Property Management Bill 2 Increased Increased Emergency Management Responsibility

Draft two reviews of 8 chapters, divided into general rules, property management areas, pre-property, owners, ownership organizations and property management committees, property services, properties, legal responsibility, and jects.

Wang Rongmei, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress, made a report, suggesting that there is currently in response to new coronary pneumonia epidemic work, and it is necessary to take prevention and control measures in a targeted manner. In this regard, the second judgment increases the responsibility of the implementation of the property management to the property management. Specifically, the emergency, the street office, the township people’s government is responsible for implementing the various emergency measures identified by the Municipal People’s Government to guide the property service people to carry out response. Property service people should follow the government unified command, actively cooperate with relevant units, implement emergency plans, and various emergency measures.

At the same time, the owner should comply with the shared part of the property management area, the use of common facilities and equipment, the maintenance of public order, and environmental sanitation, the system requirements of emergencies. In order to improve the relevant system of property management, the two reviews of the draft also proposed that the subjects of the relevant parties to the property management can entrust professional assessment agencies to the property contract and inspection, property service standards and cost measuring, residential special maintenance fund usage program, property service quality, etc. evaluate. In addition, the draft conventional provisions, the competent department of housing and urban and rural construction should establish a classification supervision of property service enterprises according to the implementation of property service contracts, complaints and daily inspections, and establish an incentive and disciplinary system.

Wang Rongmei said that according to the upper method, the "property manager" is revised as "property service person".

The research of the draft two review is called the property management, refers to the owner’s management or jointly decides to entrust the property service provider, professional units and other property service providers, buildings, structures and their supporting facilities and related facilities and related Events for maintenance, maintenance, management, maintenance of environmental hygiene and related order.

(Editor: Pi Denui, Gao Xing).

Beijing Daxing International Airport Comprehensive Bonded Zone Phase I intend to achieve seal operation this year

People’s Network Beijing December 1st (Dong Zairui) Recently, "Beijing Municipal People’s Government’s Implementation Opinions on High Quality Development of Comprehensive Bonded Areas" (hereinafter referred to as "Implementation Opinions") issued.

The reporter learned from the news ventilation meeting that the first phase of Beijing Daxing International Airport Comprehensive Bonded Zone has passed the joint pre-acceptance of the customs and other departments on November 25, and it is expected to complete the sealing inspection before the end of the year, and the investment in the investment work will be promoted. Operation.

Hu Qizhi, director of Beijing Daxing International Airport, Ending Economic Zone Management Committee, said that in "Implementation Opinions", it is clear that the support of the comprehensive bonded area combines its own actual development characteristics, forming a complementary, misplaced development. Among them, Beijing Daxing International Airport Comprehensive Bonded Zone explores offshore services, promoting new models, new formats, new scenarios, new systems, and creates new models that become the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei.

In terms of cultivating development new states, focusing on strengthening ports and trade functions, raising the level of customs clearance of R & D, small batch products, services technology innovation; promoting bonded, tax-free, cross-border e-commerce, etc., service consumption Hub; construction cross-border trade information service platform, explore the development of offshore trade, service digital economy and "two districts"; cultivate development cross-border e-commerce export B2B platform enterprises, biomedical trading centers, etc. In promoting new models of supervision, play the advantages of "region harbor", explore the new model of regional supervision of port direct and industrial development zones; Falling; optimizing the drug sampling process, promoting the Beijing-Hei Customs, and the supervision of drug supervision agencies.

In expanding the application new scene, high standard construction of international first-class digital facilities, expand the characteristic industry digital economy and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei industrial chain ecological application scenarios, and improve the convenience of services in the comprehensive zone. Form a mechanism for new technologies in a comprehensive application of stream.

Conducongs are built into a smart-carbon, green, digital, and smart operation.

In the exploration of the construction of new institutions, construct a management system of the "Management Committee + Platform Company", forming an efficient operation mechanism that facilitates promoting new economic development. Formation of a comprehensive main zone management committee, strengthens the comprehensive main function of regional development, investment financing, industrial promotion, resource integration, urban operation, and promoting government purchase service models to operate operation management. Hu Qizhi also revealed that while accelerating the promotion of sealing acceptance, the Empty Zone Daxing, the Langfang two district management committees jointly prepared "Beijing Daxing International Airport Comprehensive Bonded Zone Construction and Development Three-year Action Plan (2021-2023)", in three In the same year, the key industrial system in the park is basically formed. The results of investment promotion is initially exposed. The level of customs clearance is continuously improved. The rotation development and operational investment and management system and operation mechanism of cross-provincial sectors in the first phase of the comprehensive main zone.

The national first-class level of the comprehensive bonded area of ??the standard has been sealed, and the international first-class maintenance zone of customs clearance efficiency is created. By 2023, the total import and export value is not less than 2 billion yuan, and the number of registered companies is not less than 30, and the area development rate of the first period is not less than 50%. (Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.

2021 Qianhai Merchants Conference brings new kinetic energy for high quality development

  In 2021, the Queen’s Merchants Conference was held in Synchronized in Shenzhen Hong Kong on November 19th, and 40 key projects were selected. Participants believe that these projects will inject new kinetic energy for high quality development of Qianhai. According to reports, this is the first time I have held an investment chamber after the introduction of "Qianhai Program". The General Assembly is based on "China Qianhai Gold Ten Years" as the theme, focusing on finance, technology services, artificial intelligence, network security, professional services and other industrial sector, dozens A focus representative project for centralized display. There are approximately 350 people in Shenzhen, and nearly 100 people at the Hong Kong branch are involved. In the key project selected by the General Assembly, there are 16 projects established by the World’s five hundred enterprises invested in the project, and there are 4 projects established by domestic and foreign listed companies.

There are 2 investment in a single project invested more than 10 billion yuan, 16 of more than 1 billion yuan, 32,000 yuan.

  Zhong Weiqiang, the Innovation of the Hong Kong SAR Government and the Secretary of the Science and Technology Bureau, said that the central government issued the "Qianhai Program", the Government of Shenzhen, the Government of Shenzhen, also launched the joint policy package of the cooperation area, providing convenient flow and support measures such as scientific research resources, funds and people. And promote the unique advantages of the two places in Basaki, jointly talents in Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

I believe that in the future, the Great Wan District develops opportunities in the superimposed advantage and the Government of Shenzhen.

  Shenzhen Qianhai Authority’s chief contact official Hong Kong said that "Qianhai Program" covers a wide range of content, especially in cross-border occupations, Hong Kong professionals can employ in Qianhai by filing.

He emphasized that the future, the Quality Sea Authority will also actively cooperate with all parties to grasp the new opportunities, and make great advantageous industries in Hong Kong, bring greater development space for Hong Kong citizens and youth. It is reported that the China Merchants Conference is jointly hosted by the Shenzhen Qianhai Authority in Shenzhen Nanshan District Government, Shenzhen Baoan District Government, and Shenzhen Special Cooperation District Management Committee.

China @ 四川 | shock! Samsung Pile of archaeological enters climax: cultural relics layer superimposed sacrifice

  One of the characteristics of "sacrificial pit" on the 7th and No. 8 is that there are 180 ivory, the ivory of "sacrifices", "sacrificial pit" is 202, which is not buried. It has not been exposed below.

  "Especially in the center of the pit, there are several layers of teeth, almost unsuitable, what is not seen below." "Responsible for the" Sacrifice Pit "Excavation of Sichuan University, Li Haichao, said.

  In the introduction of Li Hai, there is still a feature of "sacrificial pit" on the 7th, including jade, jade chisel, jade ax, jade, etc., dazzling, beautiful.

"The full layer is almost jade, the quantity is shocked." No. 8 "Sacrifice" is the only thick ashes layer, and archaeologists spend more than four months to clean, from ash. Clean about more than 3,000 bronze pieces, more than 280 jade, more than 360 gold foil, etc. In the viewer, the fragment of the surface seems to be a bit unfortunate, the value is not high.

However, experts believe that these debriss have high value for the study of the sacrificial culture, and the number is large, and it can be stunned by repair.

  The strange weird surpassed the acknowledgment, "Qiqi Wei" is also hung by archaeors. "It’s too rare, we don’t know how to name them.

"Responsible for the 8th" sacrificial pit "excavation Zhao Wei, Associate Professor Zhao Wei, said. No. 3, No. 8" sacrificial pit "found a bronze altar, No. 8" sacrificial pit "in the altar Bronze people with different sizes, slightly ribbon clothing, dancing, some calf clothing, shoulders, there is a "collar" beast, "complexity Never before. Why is it important? It is not just a separate utensil. More importantly, it depicts a ritual scene that represents Samsung Pile in the world’s understanding. Zhao Wei said.

  There is also a biggest "God of Beast" next to this altar, which is equivalent to the adult Kuki dog size, big eyes wide mouth, thin waist and thick hips, it looks very cute. The unicure on the beast head is also on a platform, and a bronze person stands on the platform. No. 3 "Sacrifice Pit" altar is totally different from the top 8 "sacrifice pit" altar, and there is an avatar, dragon, and say that the name is "four unlike" animal image.

  There is also a few unprecedented jade, one of which is not completely unearthed, the green "jade board" is very characteristic, it seems that it is inlaid in a hollow bronze grid. Bronze is "Jijin", and Li Hai Chao is joked: "This is the first to discover the final form of the final form.

"" It’s odd, never seen such something ‘离谱’.

The process, form, and content of these cultural relics are very complicated, and the historical information contained is very rich, ‘refreshing’ is a new understanding, bringing great challenges to research. "Responsible for the excavation of" Sacrifice Pit ", Shanghai University Lecturer Xu Fei, said that the amazing movement is the most popular Samsung Golden Mask at No. 3" Sacrifice Pit "and amazing, it is considered to be attached to bronze portraits, ratio Normal face is slightly large.

Compared with modern people, it is more exaggerated by ancient craftsman, and the big tricks, the big rhombus, the high nose, the big mouth, the whole style is majestic.

  "This is a sacrifice, the god of Samsung Pile.

"Sichuan Provincial Cultural Relics Archaeological Research Institute Samsung Stack Archaeological Research" said that "modern sense" is also the most vocabulary mentioned by archaeors, with Altman, Zhuge Liang and other image "hit the face", there are also colors Beautiful, size, shape with modern "Western food knife", there is no two jade knife, jade knife surface color is bright, the knife is hooked, the blade is very sharp, you can easily pull the human finger. "Even if you put this jade knife It is not unfertile to the modern Western table. "Li Hai Chao said. Samsung" Luxi "of" Sacrifice Pit "is also very attractive." This portrait expression is serious, and the muscles of the calf muscles are very developed. It can be seen that the bronze sculpture skills are high.

"Sichuan Provincial Cultural Relics Archaeological Institute of Sichuan Provincial Cultural Relics Archaeological Institute of Sichuan Provincial Cultural Relics, Danyang, excavated by" sacrificial pit ".

  More importantly, the cultural relics "heavy instrument" that witnessed the early communication fusion of civilization in all regions in my country.

A styling strange cinnabola painted the shape of the Central Plains civilization and the integration of the ancient civilization, and the other portrait of the ancient god tree grain reflects the "handshake" of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and the downstream civilization of the Yangtze River. The newly discovered 6 "sacrificial pits" also found the remains of many silk fabrics.

Ji Honglin believes that this is consistent with the legend of Southwest China is one of the silk origins. It is confirmed that the mature silk weaving technology is confirmed to promote the ancient silk technology system, the research of Silk Road in the South Silk Road. Tang Fei, Dean of Sichuan Provincial Cultural Relics Archaeological Research Institute, believes that the latest cultural relics once again proved the imagination of Chinese ancients, creativity and innovative spirit to be imagined.

The current excavation has just entered the stage, more surprises are still behind, may have more cultural relics that are more than a cognitive cultural relics have been found, and the mystery of the Samsung Pile has to be announced.

  It is understood that while discovering, the Sichuan Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau also organizes the top team to protect the cultural relics, study interpretation, believe that in the near future, the public can see these amazing artifacts in the museum. Feel the charm of Samsungan culture.

  (Participate in the writing reporter: Li Qianwei, Zhang Chaoqun) [Editor: Jiang Yan].

Congo (jin) Noordoostelijke militaire basis was gewapend

Xinhua News Agency Braville 8 november (Reporter Shi) Jinshason Nieuws: Congo (Jin) Military Say, zei dat veel militaire bases in Noord-Nikiwu, het land, gewapend waren voor gewapende organisaties op de 7e M23 Sports "Aanval.

Congolese (goud) strijdkrachten Algemene verkoop, Selistan MBARA, op een verklaring, ongeveer 22 uur op de 7e van de lokale tijd, "M23 Sports" gewapende personeel viel verschillende van de overheidsroepen in North Kiwu-provincie militaire bases, het kruisvuur van Beide partijen blijven nog steeds verder.

De verklaring heeft de slachtoffers veroorzaakt door de aanval niet verklaard.

MBLA zei dat het doel van gewapende aanval is om vrede en stabiliteit in Noord-Kiwu te vernietigen, en het leger zal de organisatie vernietigen om de veiligheid van de mensen te waarborgen. "M23 Sport" is begonnen aan de oostelijke Congolese (Jin) Eastern April 2012, die zich bezighoudt met rebellie-activiteiten, wat leidde tot een groot aantal civiele slachtoffers, tienduizenden bewoners werden verplaatst. In december 2013 ondertekenden de Congo (goud) overheid en "M23-beweging" een vredesakkoord in Nairobi, Kenia. De veiligheidssituatie van de Congo (goud) is ernstig, veel lokale gewapende en buitenlandse anti-regering gewapend voor lokale activiteiten. De regering van Congo (Gold) heeft sinds 30 april een krijgskunde ge?mplementeerd in Iutili en Noord-Kabi dit jaar. (Editor: Liu Ye Ting, Cui Yue) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

4 days 3 times, 430 million people

On October 23, the nucleic acid detection point of Nanjing Road Community, Huichuan District, Zunyi City, and the citizens queued for nucleic acid detection sampling. Guizhou Daily Heavenly Eye Journalist Li Sen Photo "Please queue up in order, keep 1 meter or more." At 12:00 on October 23, at the entrance of Taoxi Huating Community, Zunyi City, Honghuagang District, on-site staff explained the speaker Nucleic acid detection related matters, the "full deputy armed" of medical staff, began to make nucleic acid detection for community residents. Residents consciously arrange two teams, orderly. "All nucleic acid testing is also for everyone’s health, we fully support.

"The residents of the community said that they have added nucleic acid testing and quickly join the volunteer service, hoping to help the neighbors quickly complete the test.

On October 23, the nucleic acid detection of all employees in the city center of Zunyi. According to the requirements of "4 days and 3 times", 3 rounds of nucleic acid detection were carried out against 4 urban districts of Honghuagang District, Huichuan District, DVZ, and Xinpufu District.

2.3 million people, to "check it out" in 4 days, each link is challenge.

After receiving the notice, Zunyi Medical University is receiving the notice.

"I hope that through our efforts, let the epidemic will end as soon as possible, so that the masses will return to normal life and work as soon as possible.

"Director of the Shademian Hospital of Zunyi Medical University, Chief Physician Fu Xiao Yun said, crisis current, fighting against epidemic," Yes, the more volunteers, the better. "

The phone of Li Changlin, deputy director of the DVD CD, has not stopped. After receiving the nucleic acid testing instruction, they quickly formed 247 sampling teams, and organized a large number of party members, volunteers and community staff. For nucleic acid detection to ensure a good job. At the local nucleic acid test point of Nanjing Road, Shanghai Road Street, the people of the long team are angry: "Not afraid of trouble, not afraid to queue. In front of the epidemic, our Zunren will never retreat. "As the largest centralized collection point in Huichuan District, there will be 10,000 people here to conduct nucleic acid detection, and the scene is in order." Everyone has worked hard, eat hot. "Lunch time, a dining train stopped at the entrance of Nanjing Road community, and 200" love meals "were prepared in the trunk.

Guest accommodation, Ji Dan, said that they will send "love meals" to the first-line community worker every day from afternoon, and the volunteers will make everyone a safe, delicious, and satisfactory meals.

At the same time, the power of the four sides is set to Zunyi. The three levels of provinces and cities, the province’s unified adjustment of testing, and the soldiers will fully support the city center of Zunyi, including 1,700 provincial, urban counties, 3,196.

Guizhou Medical University and Affiliated Hospital form a medical team of more than 800 people, Guizhou Provincial People’s Hospital from Respiratory Medicine, Nephrology, Gynecology, Oncology, Hepatobiliary Department and other departments, 100 medical staff, Guizhou Provincial Staff Hospital aided medical team 67 medical staff, Zunyi counties and cities have also dispatched medical staff … Reverse, Zhong Zhicheng City, resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic.

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Beijing Huairou District "stay white ghost" recovery 70.4 acres

People’s Network Beijing December 2, according to Huairou District, this year, Huairou District took on the "leaving white green" recovery mission mu, currently implemented an area of ??acres,% of the total annual number of years, and the quality of the citizens has been further improved. "Whole Broaden Green" is a great job in the remediation of Huairou District. Huairou District implemented acre "lean green" recovery project, including new area acres, Natan has built an area of ??acres. Among them, the new green plots have all been incorporated into Huairou District, 2021, a million-acre afforestive greening construction project, involving Yang Song, Temple Town, and North Building. Temple towns undertake the "leaning green" recovery this year, and it has been overshader in advance.

Focus on this work, Temple Town is suitable along the street road, the front house, the river cross-strait, the edge of the road, the roses idle, etc. Engineering, systematic ecological remodeling in the town, forming a natural environment that cultures rich biodiversity. City Forest Park (Phase I) Landscape is one of the key remediation plots of temple towns. The landscape belt is the origin of the breeding community, the private line, the sand and the wasteland, and the farming community has built many years, bringing many troubles to the production and life of the surrounding villagers.

Combined with "leaving white green" work, temple towns tending the farming community, and designed a park. The overall design of the new park is educed by the Huairibin River Forest Park in the north side. It is divided into three hierarchical design. The outermost depth of the park is close to the natural forest ecosystem. The shrub, North China Pearl Mei, Japanese Sakura, form a tree array square with green landscape characteristics; rounded gravel small squares, built-in micro terrain, for villagers and tourists. "The living environment of everyone is very different from before. Wait until the flowers are full, we can push the window to see the flowers, open the door to see green.

"Gao Linghe Villagers Liu Dongjuan said.

"White Green" not only allows the public’s living environment, but also improved the overall environmental quality of temple towns. In October this year, the Temple Town cumulative decreased%, TSP cumulative decreased%. The relevant staff of the Huairou District Landscaping Bureau introduced that "leaving white green" is a continuing project that Huairou is advised.

Next, Huairou District Landscaping Bureau will play an overall coordinated role. According to a batch of greening conditions, a batch of principles, implement a batch of principles, and form the construction model of "pressure arrangement, rolling development", and ensure the progress and quality of construction. (Zheng Qiuying Ginger) (Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Share more people see.

Rise the spiritual learning of the plenary session promotes the improvement of the performance

Original title: Rising plenary spiritual learning boom promotes the improvement of United Front Work, January 15th, Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, the Ministry of Decisions, the Ministry of Trustees and the theoretical learning center groups, and convey the spirit of the Extraordinary Plenary Session of the Party. Yang Yulin, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and the Ministry of the Provincial Party Committee, presided over the meeting. Yang Yulin emphasized that learning to implement the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China is a major political task in the province’s unified front and future time. To effectively enhance political consciousness, thinking, consciousness, and quickly rise to learn from learning, and deeply understand the plenary session. The significance, in-depth study of the rich connotation and core essentials of the spirit of the meeting, and practically unify thoughts and actions to the spirit of the plenary session.

It is necessary to learn to implement the spirit of the plenary session, and the "Regulations on the Work Ordinance of the Communist Party of China" and the "Implementation Opinions" of the Provincial Party Committee "will be effectively prepared, and the anniversary of the 70th anniversary of the missionary of the National Unity and the Oath of the Memorial." Work, promote the effectiveness of the province’s committees. (Editor: Xu Qian, Zhu Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.

People’s Network Review: Sky for more children

Recently, 14 departments of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Central Committee, National Development and Reform Commission, jointly issued the "Opinions on Further Promoting the Optimization of Child Welfare Institutions" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"), clearly proposed, province Child welfare institutions established by the civil affairs department of the grade and the city-level, in principle, should be reserved for children with long-term supervision of the civil affairs department, and the county-level children’s welfare institutions are in principle to minor rescue protection agencies. This work will involve more than 800 county-level children’s welfare agencies across the country, it can be seen, there will be more children to get better guardians. Children are the flowers of the motherland, the hopes of the nation, and strive to make all children to have a beautiful and bright tomorrow, and the common expectations of the whole society.

Children are fragile and should be gentle, but in reality, some children have lost their relatives because of all kinds of changes, they need social attention and care.

Let the child who are in trouble, get a relief in a timely child, to support a child in the need for help, this is the responsibility of the whole society must be responsible, and it is also an important part of the willing social security network. The Party Central Committee, the State Council has always attached great importance to children’s welfare work. In 2019, the Ministry of Civil Affairs established a Child Welfare Department, more conducive to overall the design of the children’s welfare system; "Orphan Medical Rehabilitation Tomorrow Plan" will extend the subject from the benefit institution to the society to scatter orphan; Children’s welfare sector system blanks … a policy measures have effectively guarantee multi-level needs such as life, education, medical rehabilitation, etc., providing children with more stereo care for children. Caring for children, always on the road, achievement is obvious. At present, there are 1217 children’s welfare institutions in my country. The total number of orphans fell from 570,000 in 2012 to the current 190,000 people, down 66%. The infrastructure of welfare institutions has gradually improved, and the rescue funds of poverty alleviation rescue population gradually increase, from "survival" to "guarantee development", consolidated to cultivate home-style, foster, etc., children’s welfare institutions are increasingly enhanced And the cultivation method has also changed.

However, it is also to be seen that as the number of children in the institution continues to decline, the proportion of sick orphans is constantly rising.

From demand, children have more urgent need for medical care, rehabilitation, and special education compared to eating warm survival problems. From the view, nearly 70% of the country-level children’s welfare institutions raise children less than 10 people.

On the side of the large number of children’s welfare institutions, it is not sufficient to develop unbalanced, and it is difficult to concentrate high quality resources to improve professionalism. How to make up the short board in children’s welfare, how to continue to increase the effective supply of child welfare? Accelerate the pace of children’s welfare institutions to optimize the improvement and innovation transformation, it is imperative. What is more expected is that the "opinions" have made a clear optimization and transformation of children’s welfare agencies established by the child welfare institutions and county-level civil affairs departments established by the provincial and prefecture-level civil affairs departments. At the same time, focusing on children’s medical care. , Rehabilitation, education, social work development, etc., there are both policy-level reform ideas and goals, and clear and clear timetables and roadmaps, which provide security to effectively protect the rights and interests of children, injecting power.

Everything for children, for the sake of everything, for everything. The issuance of the "Opinions" is the first step. Next, take every step in real initiatives, which is more secure for children’s happiness, more warm security, will make more children’s healthy life, happiness In the sun, it is like a flower bloom. (Editor: Dong Xiaowei, Fu Long) Sharing let more people see.