Party history learning education into the cultural life of the people

During the National Day, Zhuofu Town, Wanshan District, Tongren City ushered in a large number of tourists. Only on October 2, the Zhuofu Town Scenic Area received 21,768 visitors. In the scenic spot, the patriotic education base, Zhen Saugu Town "The Age" One street, mercury mine museum, etc. are attractions that visitors are highly concerned. Among them, in the patriotic education base, historical cultural relics, pictures and imaging materials show the development of Wanshan from the rise to decline, Nirvana rebirth, and the rise of the rise, so that many tourists are born. The prototype of Zhuofu Town is a Wanshan Mercury Mining Industrial Zone, which has created a history of new Chinese history.

It is understood that Since the development of the Party history, Wanshan District has used Zhuofu Town Advantageous resources, it is fully demonstrated as a party history to learn education, fully demonstrating the development of "two transformations" development strategy in Wanshan District, and seriously practice five major development. The achievements made by the idea.

On the eve of the National Day holiday, the "Red Historical Imprint" "Red Historical Printing", the Historical Reprint of Wenchuan Research Museum has kicked off. The exhibition was provided by the provincial Wenchi Museum, Mr. Xu Pingsheng, providing exhibits, exhibiting 81 "Red Archives" of 40 years of collection, including the party history pictures, the early Chinese Communist Party members’ application, etc.

Let the audience feel the strong ideals and fist sorrows of the ancestors of the revolutionary age for the hard work of the communist.

During the National Day, the visitors of the Guizhou Art Museum have also been integrated.

"The Wonderful Chapter of China’s Miracle in China – Guizhou Defioves Focus", many tourists stationed in front of a photo and one image.

Mr. Chen, who came to the exhibition, told reporters, "Deep the poverty is the great feat of the history of the development of the Chinese nation, the history of socialist development, the history of human socialism. Although often read the touch of perseverance of Guizhou to Guizhou, There are also friends who have been invested in the first line of poverty alleviation, but in this exhibition, through the concentrated display of photos and images, it is more intuitively to see the Chinese Communists behind the Millennium Millennium, and the inner is more shocking. " It is understood that "the wonderful chapter of China’s poverty reduction – Guizhou offensive" has been widely received since the launch of all walks of life, has become a must-have exhibition in many units, enterprises, schools, etc. As of October 3, there have been more than 10,000 visitors.

(Guizhou Daily Tianyue Journalist Peng Fangrong) (Editor: Pan Jiaqian (internship), Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.

SMART’s first SUV is the fastest in May, the fourth quarter is about to be unveiled.

  In September this year, the Smart brand issued the first pure electric SUV concept car, named Elf # 1, according to the planned new car will be unveiled in the fourth quarter, and listed next year.

Recently, from SMART official, the first batch of agents will be opened in May 2022, which means that the first SUV model Elf # 1 will be the fastest delivery of listed in May.

At present, SMART Elf # 1 mass production version of the spy photos have been exposed, the new car is highly reduced, the concept car is designed, simple and stylish.

  Elf # 1 car head is equipped with a through lamp belt, the lower side is a closed grille, the new car side outer rearview mirror is a circular design, the door is also changed from the concept car to the traditional open design, the car is still through the light Group, echo with the head.

From the concept car, the elf # 1 interior design is close to the Mercedes-Benz, the new car canceled the traditional instrument, but the mass production will be equipped with a small size LCD screen, the main drive is a three-wire multi-function steering wheel, central large-scale floating The middle control screen is also equipped with a beats audio.

The new car is based on the SEA architecture of Geely, which is equipped with high performance, high integrated force architecture, which will provide smart human-computer interactive systems, auxiliary driving systems, and the like.

  As the largest model in Smart history, reference elf # 1 concept car, long wide high size is 4290x1910x1698mm, the wheelbase is 2750mm, which is beneficial to the advantages of pure tram type long-width, the new car uses five layouts of 2 + 3, and Has a relatively comfortable space. There is no news in power and life, and there is a message saying that the battery will be over 500km under the NEDC operating conditions.

They protect Qinghai Lake Squid (young people in the protected area (23))

  Figure 1: The staff of Qinghai Lake Naked Ambulance Center is chiseling. Figure 2: Qinghai Lake in winter. Figure 3: Li Chaowei observed the situation on the ice. Our reporter Liu Yurui’s core reading Qinghai Lake naked, is an important species of ecological security in Qinghai Lake.

Emoegen yield, they will collectively travel, find a suitable environment and prosperity.

  In Qinghai Lake National Nature Reserve, there is a group of young people. They combat illegal fishing, build a tour channel for Qinghai Lake naked, and conduct manual proliferation, effectively accelerate the recovery speed of its population.

  Qinghai Lake naked, common famous fish, is an important species for the ecological safety of Qinghai Lake.

  Every year, the Spring and Summer of Spring, Qinghai Lake has to collectively travel, rushed to the Buha River, Shaowei River, Quanji River, etc. mainly flowing into the upper reaches of Qinghai Lake River. In the early years, Qinghai Lake is sharply reduced due to human killing. After decades of continuing protection, by 2020, the amount of naked resource in Qinghai Lake has exceeded 100,000 tons, which was nearly 40 times higher than the beginning of this century.

  Anti-stealing, in the riverside, Jiangxi Township is located in the south of Qinghai Lake, which is a comprehensive criminal investigation law enforcement brigade of the Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.

  One day in January, the reporter drove from now on. After ten minutes, they drove the national road, and they entered a mud that was frozen. In short, it went to the Qinghai Lake, and the law enforcement team played on the ice, and they called "on the ice point". I haven’t waited for the reporter from bumps, and Li Chaofei, the law enforcement brigade of the same car, has jumped off the bus, his neck hangs a telescope, ready to elapse. At the National Nature Reserve of Qinghai Lake, Li Chaofei and other three colleagues were responsible for the patrol mission of 186 kilometers of lake on the south bank of Qinghai Lake. One of their main work is to combat illegal behavior against the naked peaks of Qinghai Lake. Li Chauling is 41 years old this year, and the words are very dark.

Long-term plateau work, let him have some vicissitudes.

  "Generally, the criminals are mainly cutting the ice, the number of ice is uncertain from the lake, and the number of ice is uncertain. At least once, the patrol lake players in the South Bank have discovered 12 kinds of ice, the most time It is 180. "Li Chaofei said," Every ice is usually put 1 to 2 plates, and the naked snakes will be difficult to escape.

Because there are more equipment, it is not easy to overlook the iron fenceside of the lake, so the criminals will basically walk the same route as us.

"The 186-kilometer patrol lake line, the east is from the Husong Yangchang, the west to the Buha River, there are 8" Ice Point ", Li Chaowei and the team members are at least 4 at least every day.

  "The first thing to go on ice is to find footprints and ruts.

"Li Chaowei said around," Changxiao is often snowing in the winter night, and the criminals are generally dispatched at night, and it is easy to leave clues. "Walking by the lake, the more like walking into the white desert, turn around, it seems to be far away from the lake.

Li Chaofei said: "Take a few kilometers, the mountains of the lake can’t see it, but don’t be afraid, we have passed in the evening.

"Once, I won the people, the players were dispatched at night, and they were 5 hours behind the cold lake.

"Frozen is not your own.

Li Chaofei smiled. "Summer is not easy. "Li Chaowei told reporters," At that time, a lot of plentiful fish gathered in the estuary area to prepare for the tour, and it was easy to be sturdy, and we lived on the river, not sleeping all night.

"Multiple trials, the construction of the Tour Channel reporter rushed to the stepped fish passage of the Shaowei River, the water has been frozen. Ten levels of steps run through the river, flowing into ice, so that the stairs seem to be smooth and smooth. 6, July, July This is common here that Qinghai Lake naked into a group of prosperous teams traced trace, and is described by locals as "half-river water half-river fish".

  "Qinghai Lake naked a peculiar, and the water quality of Qinghai Lake has a distinctive relationship.

"The Winter Sale of the Technician of the Environmental Protection and Forestry Water Conservancy Bureau of the County," the lake is high, the suppressive gland is mature, even if the ovulation, the infiltration pressure is affected, and the fertilized egg cannot be carried out. Naked in naked drops urged their gonads, in addition, the upper river water is low, and it is also suitable for fertilized egg development. "From the 1960s, the river, the Buha River, Shaowei River, and the Harcum River, etc., the river is mainly infused into the river, which is used for farmland irrigation around the river, but this also blocks the green sea lake. Tour channel, becoming an important reason for the decline in nakedi resources. In 2008, the winter songs and colleagues were in the help of experts, designed the full metal overfish channel.

This kind of fish passage is more than ten meters long, 1 meter wide, 60 cm deep, and put it on the baking dam, put it in the water under the dam, tilting, far from the "riding" on the dam. After the passage is completed, the winter songs and colleagues are guarded by the river all night, and observe the pass rate of the nakedi of Qinghai Lake. After countless test, the appropriate slope was found, but due to narrow channels, the effect of the fish is not ideal.

They immediately started the construction of the second generation of fish channel – stepped fish passage. "Taking the Shaowei River as an example, the original dam is two meters, according to the slope test results, the river dam is decomposed into a taller, the length of more than one meter, the step is designed as a groove, and the naked You can get a break, "Winter Song said," Now, 95% of Qinghai Lake naked can pass.

"" The construction of the stepped fish passage is effectively protected the natural reproductiveness of the green lake in Qinghai Lake. "Winter Song said," This is an important way to solve the problem of decline in naked tract resources in Qinghai Lake.

"Take care of care, strengthen artificial proliferation in winter, 9 o’clock in the morning, the staff of Qinghai Lake Naked Ambulance Center will take the eucalyptus hammer head, and cut a hole in diameter about 3 meters on the frozen outdoor breeding tank. Feeding feed for the dried tens of thousands of lakes.

  Qinghai Lake Naked Ambulance Center is mainly responsible for the monitoring of Qinghai Lake fishery ecological environments and the ambulance of fish germplasm resources in Qinghai Lake. The important part of the work is the proliferation and disclosure of Qinghai Lake.

  "The proliferation and disclusion of Qinghai Lake is selected. It is selected to grow to 10 cm in the ambulance center. It is investing in the Lake River." Saifan Technician Yan Hongfang said, "In order to speed up the recovery speed of Qinghai Lake naked, artificially breed , The work of proliferation is very necessary.

"Mid-April, the peaks around Qinghai Lake melting, the water volume of the lake, the water volume of the lake, gathered to the estuary, starting to trace the tour, the artificial proliferation work begins. The skilled person stands in the water of the ice After selecting a good maturity, after the relevant operation procedure, after hatching the fry, the rescue center is transported to the outdoor pond in the rescue center. "Generally, the newly hatched fish can only eat some small floating plants.

"Yan Hongfang introduced that before and after the outdoor pond, as the fry continued to grow up, the fisher seedlings in the pond rose, and the staff will choose about 70% of the fry transportation to the factory cultivation in the park. .

The supporting machine is opened 24 hours in the circulating water, and the same water area can withstand higher breeding density than the outdoor pond.

In June of the second year, the fry is about 10 cm long and can work.

  According to statistics, since 2002, Qinghai Lake Naked Ambulance Center accumulated more than 100 million tails of artificially breeding naked cargo, and the contribution rate for resource recovery reached 23%. (Editor: Yang Qihong, Chen Mingju).

Shaanxi Province held the first plenary meeting of anti-unfair competition

On August 26th, Shaanxi Province held the first plenary meeting of anti-unfair competitors.

The joint meeting convened the people, the Secretary of the Shaanxi Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, Director Zhang Xiaon attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The association of the co-consisted party, the party group of the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, and the deputy director Niu Zimin hosted.

The meeting emphasized that one must promine the legislative lead to improve the competitive legal system. Accelerate the legislation of "Shaanxi Provincial Anti-Unfair Competition Ordinance", improve the relevant collaborative supporting system, providing a more solid and effective rule of law to build a fair competition market environment.

Second, the general publicity and strengthen the awareness of competition rule. Increase publicity, promote self-discipline of industry, guide operators honest and trustworthy, fair competition, and guide companies to strengthen their business secret protection, strengthen corporate property rights protection awareness and ability. Third, it is necessary to highlight supervision, innovate and regulate law enforcement methods. Strengthening the new fields such as platform economy, network economy, digital economy, and unfair to compete in regulatory law enforcement, and vigorously rectify the imitation of people’s livelihood, false propaganda. Strengthen supervision of new consumption in medical beauty industry, prevent industry disorderly development.

Fourth, it is necessary to highlight mechanisms, and focus on forming supervision.

Establish a joint notification, joint law enforcement, major case notification mechanism, and increase the information sharing of departmental information. Establishing the systematic supervision mechanism after the second thing, promoting the effectiveness of policy development and regulatory law enforcement. Five must highlight the division of responsibilities, and strive to do a good job of implementation.

The Provincial Market Supervision Bureau shall play a coordinated role in the joint meeting office, and will report relevant information to the members of each member, and summarize the progress, supervision and progress, and promote beneficial practices and experience. Member units should be combined with their duties to implement the anti-unfair competition task, and jointly promote the new achievements of the province’s anti-unfair competition.

It is necessary to promote the establishment of anti-unfair competition work coordination mechanism to form a stereo work pattern of horizontal synergy and longitudinal linkage.

The conference invited the provincial government agreed to establish approval of the Unfair Competition Hall of Shaanxi Province, reviewed the "Rules of the Rules for the Work Rules for the Unfair Competition in Shaanxi Province" and "Shaanxi Provincial Anti-Unfair Competition Inter-Joint Meeting 2021 In the second half of the year, the provincial public security department, the Provincial Department of Justice, the Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department, the Provincial Culture and Tourism Hall, the Provincial Department of Health, the Provincial Department of Health, etc., the provincial regulatory authorities, the anti-unfair competition work. Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Department of Education, Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Provincial Public Security Department, Provincial Civil Affairs Department, Provincial Department of Justice, Provincial Department of Housing, Provincial Department of Housing, Provincial Agricultural Rural Rural Hall, Provincial Culture and Tourism Hall, Provincial Health and Health Committee , Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, Provincial Radio and Technical Bureau, Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Provincial Food and Drug Administration, Provincial Communications Administration, People’s Bank Xi’an Branch, Shaanxi Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau, Shaanxi Securities Regulatory Bureau and other 18 member units . (Local Contributed Shaanxi Provincial Market Supervision Bureau) (Editor: Sun Ting, Wu Chao) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

The Marxist Academy went to Hechi City, Donglan County, carrying out the on-site teaching and party history learning education theme party day activities

In order to further inherit the red "gene", strive to build the "red card" teaching course in our hospital, improve the teaching ability of the teacher’s team, recently, the Marxist College went to the Donglan County of Hechi City to carry out on-site teaching and "continued red blood to promote revolutionary tradition" Theme Party Day. This event is from the School of Education, the Marxist College, the Secretary of the Party Branch of the Continuing Education Institute, the Secretary of the Party Branch of the Marxist College, Yang Wenqi, the Vice President Yang Wenqi, a total of 17 Party members and teachers.

On the morning, all teachers first came to the Martyrs Cemetery in Donglan County.

Before the Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Tower, everyone revisit into the party’s oath.

From Yang Wen, the party members comrades hooked at the right hand, facing the party flag, solemn swearing.

The mood of the swear, shocked every party member.

Revision into the party’s oath, party members comrades accepted the baptism of the Eath of the Eath, and more firmly and believe. Subsequently, everyone visited the Exhibition of Wei Dun Memorial under the guidance of the instructor.

Wei Bun Square is mainly composed of two parts: Pulling Square and Memorial Hall. Introduce Wei Dunches, leading the peasant movement, participating in the leaders of Baise Uprising, and countless revolutionary martyrs after the sacrifice of the Martyr of the revolution. Party members’ comrades listen carefully to explain, watch the pictures, revolutionary cultural relics, paintings and sculptures of the memorial hall, review the party leaders Guangxi people to carry out the land revolution, the anti-Japanese war, the War of the War, and coincide with the revolutionary martyrs who sacrificed for the revolutionary cause .

Through visiting learning, all teachers have a deeper understanding of the renewal of the Chinese nation to the people. Subsequently, all teachers came to Lenin Rock, Quexing Building, and Wei Shunxun.

On the afternoon of the same day, all teachers received patriotism education to the Hero Cultural Park and Zhuang Township Hero Memorial Hall.

The red site is located in Wei Gui, and the great contribution of Comrade Wei Guoqing, Sanshi Town, Donglan County.

Inside the park, there is a Memorial Memorial Hall, the Red Cultural Square, Wei Guoqing former residence, red corridor, statue, embossed, general pavilion and other commemorative buildings. After investigation, all teachers deeply felt the ideal beliefs of the revolutionary predecessors, for the party, the country, the country, the people who didn’t care, and struggled. Hechi Donglan County Revolutionary Old Area is the birthplace of Guangxi farmers’ movement, the heart of the River River Revolutionary Base, is also the source of Baise Uprising. As the famous revolutionary old area in the country, Donglan has walked from this red land to the first generation of the first generation of 5 Republics, such as Wei Guoqing, Wei Jie, Yan Jian, Wei Zhen, and Yan Shi. There are many revolutionary sites in the county, the historical significance is heavy, and is known as "Revolutionary Museum without the Wall." Through the on-site visit, further enrich the teaching content of the college, open up everyone’s ideas, improve the teaching ability of teachers, and also have a more deep feelings for the great struggle for revolutionary ace. In the future, we must carry out the revolutionary martyrs, carry forward the revolutionary spirit, inherit the red gene, determine the ideal beliefs, learn from the history of revolutionary history, and use the party history to learn education results to promote the high quality development of the college education.

Qihuangcun Town, Shihuang County

All of the 11 administrative villages of 4,300 rural labor information have all been completed. All online collection and online entry work, accounting for 83% of the total number of labor in the town, according to the introduction, the Town of Luocun Town, Shilou County, held a work meeting, requested The town staff passed the WeChat group, the circle of friends, and the policies, methods, and important significance of the labor building document card work, all-round propaganda, so that the masses of the cadres fully realize that the labor force "one card" is precise help The basic work of Scientific Best Cere.

In order to do a good job in the work of labor, the three levels of the county counties in Shilou County have established the organization of labor, the organization, the county government established the work leading group and the labor employment service of the township work, township Established a labor employment service station with township deputy director, with the village established a labor employment service working group. The County People’s Social Security Bureau took the lead, focusing the dispersed power, screwing into a fist, three-level up and down linkage, layers compact responsibility, a set of horses are responsible, one channel delivery.

The Village Labor Employment Service Working Group will be the mainstay of the village branch, the first secretary, the founding of the county poverty alleviation and development system, based on the poverty labor data, accounting, registered by people, then register, then to the non-built-in document workforce Radiation, carpet investigation, work has achieved the front of the door, strive to do not fall, do not fall one, comprehensively master the basic information of labor, understand the training will, find out the employment needs, and strive to make data information accurate.

At the same time, the Daily report and the general system of Zhouhui are implemented. The Village Labor Employment Working Group reported once to the town employment service station, in accordance with the completion of the task, carry out the assessment, the town will work together with the labor employment service project this week, and timely summary report county labor employment Service leadership group.

Discover problems in timely study, discovering difficulties to discuss each other, up and down, screwing into a rope, overtime, plus, work.

According to reports, the labor force has set up the card, which laid a solid foundation for the next precision training, employment services and poverty alleviation in Shi Tuan County.

(Editor: Zhang Tingting, Zhang Linshan).

Shi Tower County: Let "Party Flag Red" lead "urban management blue"

On June 22, in Longma Park in Shilou County, the county county party history learning education preliminary Ma Jianmin Tongxian City Management Law Enforcement Brigade is sitting on the lawn, from firm ideal beliefs, always do not forget the party history Complete the calcium of the spirit, always don’t forget the party; practice the initial mission, and join the party three aspects.

Ma Jianmin used a simple language to explain the hardships of the party’s hardships to the new era for the people to make a happiness, a fresh party history story, let the audience present, the ideal light and struggle. "As a urban construction person in the new era, the study of the study of the party is to learn the intelligence and strength, we must use the party’s innovation theory to arm the mind, improve the ability to address the risk, resolve various difficulties, and face the difficulties in the work. And problems, more from subjective findings, less from objective reasons, change the ‘touch’ to ‘action’, create practical things in the creation of civilized counties, and expand new bureaus in the "five new" stone building construction " In the middle, Ma Jianmin encouraged everyone to draw strength, consenscing consensus from party history education, transforming learning results into the driving force of promoting the upgrade of posts, truly learning the party history, understanding ideas, do practical things, and opening a new bureau. "A generation of people have a generation of people, as a new era of urban management law enforcement players, we must keep in mind the initial mission, integrate urban management refined levels into party history education, and effectively solve the urban management hotspot, pain points of the people concerned. Difficult problem. "Zhang Xiaoping said.

(Editor: Zhang Tingting, Zhang Linshan).