I can no longer cook, I can no longer pit

I don’t i don’t i can’t
The great god walks too fast like a tornado
I can’t educate me and I have nowhere to hide
I don’t want to cook anymore
I don’t, I don’t, I don’t want to cheat you anymore
Unknowingly you have taught me
Before I knew it, I recognized this master
Later I realized I gave another head
In hindsight, I should kowtow
Vigorously and infinitely
On the verge of collapsebaby
There are too few great gods in my world
WuWorship comes too fast like a tornado
I can’t do without you
I can’t eat anymore
I can’t pit anymore
I don’t i don’t i can’t
Unknowingly you forgave me
Before I knew it, I recognized this master

First1438chapter Dew

Wang Youcai was originally a gangster,But he became a big boy,Mixed into a gangster。Naturally, he doesn’t like these little bastards in Baishui Town。
Just hear a click,The beer in Wang Youcai’s hand has become a bottomless glass bottle。Beer spilled over the table,Flow down the table。
Li Weimeng’s surprise,People are also sober。He retracted the hand reaching Yao Chunni,As the saying goes, ghosts are also afraid of evil people。Looking at the beer bottle with glass ballast in Wang Youcai’s hand,Li Wei is somewhat timid。In case Wang Youcai really stabs this beer bottle into his stomach,It will poke a few holes。
“Yo!Kind of cowhide!Few people in Baishui Town dared to challenge Wei Ge,You fat fat man has eaten the bear heart and leopard courage?”A chunky guy squeezed a step forward,Pointing at Wang Youcai and said。
Wang Youcai swept the corner of his eye,The beer bottle in his hand suddenly rises,Just listen to the snap,The beer bottle turned into pieces。I saw the blood on the forehead of the guy who just spoke,Looks scary。
Wang Youcai’s move,Made these people dumbfounded。They are rampant in Baishui Town,Bluffing。Bloody incidents like this rarely happen,So Wang Youcai really scared them a bit。
Just when these people were in a daze,Suddenly, Wang Youcai took out several hundred dollars from his pocket and patted it on the table.:“Take it and bandage it。Don’t be too crazy in the future,I can’t take care of you,And the police”
Wang Youcai finished,Pulled up the scared Yao Chunni and walked away。The fried noodles seem to be out of order,It would be great if you can retreat。Wang Youcai is walking,While listening,Lest these people catch up。
This is the so-called paper tiger,Dragon tattooed on the arm,Talking big words,But once you meet someone more fierce than them,They can only admit it。
“Wei Ge!Forget it?”Who was beaten by Wang Youcai and asked Li Wei unwillingly。
Li Wei said with a sigh:“We can’t afford this guy,He seems to have come from the city,You see how fierce he shot,And the way you deal with it,This is a mess in the city”
Li Wei said so,The other two can only follow the guy who was beaten to persuade,In the end, he obediently went to the town hospital to dress up。
There is a saying called Yuanjia Luzhai,Actually, this is not true for Wang Youcai。Because the whole town has one health center,So those who were beaten by him just now had to go to the hospital to bandage,Other small drug stores can’t handle such wounds。
Wang Youcai just came out of the toilet in the hospital,I ran into Li Wei head on,He couldn’t help being surprised,I thought this guy was here to hit him。Unexpectedly, Li Wei was also startled,Then said with a smile:“Brother, leave a name!Just drank more wine,Make a fool of yourself”
“Who did you mix with?”Wang Youcai took a deep breath,Then avoid Li Wei’s topic,Asked him such a sentence。
Li Weiyi listen,He hurriedly moved to Wang Youcai’s side and said quietly:“I used to mix with Brother Wu in the city,unfortunately…”
“You mean Wu Wu?”Wang Youcai asked silently。

“Afterwards,Xie Fujun did not give up the loan shark business,But to intensify,Participated and organized a large-scale underground bank with the support of criminal forces,Later arrested for illegal fund-raising and suspected financial fraud。But due to insufficient evidence at the time,The amount involved is not high,Xie Fujun was sentenced to five years,Actually he came out in less than three years。

“But what is surprising is,Shortly after being released,This person became a director and deputy general manager of a startup investment company,And after two years,Which is ninety-nine years,Became the third natural person shareholder of Yinhai Company。”
Speaking of which,Su Yanjun took a few sips of water,He cleared his throat again and continued:“Let’s take a look at Xinchuangzhiguang Investment Property Co., Ltd.,It is a large-scale private joint-stock enterprise in our city,The legal representative is Liang Shiyou,Main real estate and venture capital。due to many reasons,The investigation of the company is still in the undisclosed stage。
“So far,The company’s operations have not found any obvious illegality,The only coincidence was half a year ago,Xie Fujun suddenly resigned from all positions in the company,The reason is that it is not suitable to be an executive in two companies at the same time。Since then, start-up companies have begun to substantially purchase shares of Phoenix Real Estate Group in the secondary market,Became its ninth largest shareholder。
“There are three doubts here,First, Xie Fujun has served as executives of Yinhai and Xinchuang for two and a half years.,The reason for leaving suddenly is far-fetched;two is,After his resignation,Startups began to acquire shares of Phoenix Real Estate,What is the inevitable causality in it?
“The third is the composition of newly created shareholders and the extremely complicated shareholding relationship related to it.。for example,The new major shareholder Fuhua International is owned by Phoenix Group、HKYihua Investment、SZTripartite joint venture established by the city for cultural media,And now Xinchuang is the ninth largest shareholder of Phoenix,What is sensitive is that Phoenix is preparing for the second listing,There are too many coincidences……”
Everyone is listening quietly,Gradually different expressions,Obviously different understandings of the survey results。Liu Ming continued on a cigarette and interjected:“There is a problem that is easy to ignore,Just imagine,If there is no Xie Fujun,Yinhai and the company mentioned earlier、It doesn’t matter to shareholders,Seems to be very clean。
“But Yinhai’s illegal behavior is not a month or two,But as long as two years,This period happened to be the time when Xie Fujun served as both executives at the same time,Even if Xie Fujun himself has a split personality,Is it true that the new creation has nothing to do with it??This is very abnormal。
“And two years ago,Yinhai’s sudden large-scale capital increase,And change the business scope,This is inseparable from Xie Fujun,and so,Finding this person is the key and breakthrough point。
“I recommend,The next step:One is to arrest Xie Fujun,The second is to investigate the two murders,Not let go of any suspicious factors,For example, the guards on duty at the time of the incident, etc.;The economic investigation aspect strengthens the investigation of the fund exchange of start-up companies,of course,Pay attention to the way……”
It’s a sunny day,April in the South,Too hot。Worked all morning,Li Tianchou is already sweating,He grew up in the western mountains,Very unsuitable for the hot and humid coastal weather,My hometown is still early spring,Cold wind。
It’s finally lunch time,Can rest,Disperse sweat。What surprised Li Tianchou was,After the lunch,Everyone actually has a cold drink to cool off the heat,This made him involuntarily admire the meticulousness and thoughtfulness of Miss Song。
Luo Jun’s car wash shop is almost ready,It is expected to officially open in one week,Obviously he can no longer hide from the car dealer,Although Uncle Geng never showed up,But tell Xiao Song the same。
Come back after talking,Luo Jun looked relieved,“Ha ha,I have to work hard day and night。”Although it sounds helpless,But his tone of voice all reveals his vision of the future。Li Tianchou is very happy to congratulate him。
Luo Jun smiled,“Hey,It’s a mule or a horse, I’m going out for a walk,I’m just a little sorry Uncle Geng。”Li Tianchou understands Luo Jun’s free and easy and decisive,But his feelings for the car dealer and Uncle Geng still touched Li Tianchou。
“brothers,Come see me when you have time,Good job in the future,If you are interested in,Welcome to buy shares anytime。”Luo Jun splits his mouth,Smile very happy。This is a really good friend,Li Tianchou naturally did not refuse。
More sultry in the afternoon,Move slightly,I feel like sweating like rain。

certainly,No matter how flying in Yang Suqing,He is in front of Gao Biyi,That is to obey the words.,This is not just because Gao Baoyi is the most powerful person in Qi.,Substant highest rulers。

Also because Gao Bo Yi this person,Parent,And insight,It is uncomfortable people。
Yang Su is do not feel that he can stand higher than height than Gao Bo Yi.,Since I know Gao Baoyi,He knows that this man’s terrible。
“Leader,I thought so。We feel that it is difficult to attack the country this year.,I am afraid that Yu Yu and even Wei Xiaoxuan are also thinking.。
There is a saying that it is not intended to attract it.。The more people think that we can’t get soldiers.,We must be from troops.。”
This idea is normal,Gao Biyi faces disappointing expression。
The truth is of course this reason that Yang Su said.,But,Is it a fool??They will even have basic preparations.?
With its gambling and everyone without preparation,It’s better to prepare yourself this year.,Then next year,Even afterwards,After the preparation is complete,Multi-course army,Attack!
Thunderstandings sweep!
It seems to be aware of the disappointment of Gao Baoyi,Yang Su smiled and said:“Lord is an urgent,If you haven’t finished it?。”
He taught him.,Continue to say:“Leader,No one said that the army,Just siege。Nothing said that after the soldier,Be sure to fight against the enemy。
Virtuality,When Wei Xia width thinks we will attack the city,We don’t do anything.。Can even take this opportunity,Observe how the other army will support Yurong。
Then we will take it away.,It is only to take a big army to take a few steps.。
When we come next time,Wei Xia woever will not think,This time is a bluffing moment.?The soldiers of him,Will you think so??Sitting in Chang’an,Will not sleep nervous, don’t sleep??
Even in winter this year, we can come,Time to spring next year,We can also come.,More less impact on Zhou Guo。
The country is big,I still worry that people can’t find a wheat.?”
Yang Su is brought about。
After listening to this,Gao Baoyi eyes bright!
Yang Su’s idea is also very simple,Summary is:I will squat,I just don’t go in.!
Take the army near Yushu City,Even the big army。but,It is a surrounding!
Do you think I will attack the city?,but,I am too guilty.。
Wei Xiaoxuan may calmly,But Yu Yu does not necessarily。What will happen?,Worth looking forward to。
Next year,Can be made,Spring to pick flowers,Summer to mower,Autumn go camping,Winter to pile up blood,I just sway at your door.,From time to time。
But I just don’t shoot.!
So,When did I shoot??
hehe,Don’t tell you!
Gao Boyi can imagine,The nerve has always been very sensitive,I am afraid that I have to be killed by Qi Jun.!And when Zhou people have become accustomed to Qi Jun sway out outside Yubi City,Thunder,I don’t get it.!
This is exactly“Imaginary,Essential”,Taoist of secret law。certainly,Light against this,Perhaps it is still unable to attack Yushu City,but,At least weakenly weaken the resistance will and response speed。
This is worth playing.。
“You stay in Jinyang for a while,It’s quite a long time.,Shizhi three days。”
Gao Bao is pleased to shoot Yang Su’s shoulder,Did not say Yang Su’s hope,For example:Mobilize him back to Yucheng,Back to the gods。
At this moment,Today’s siege simulation and complete end,The weeks of the attacking are once again defeated。This is still analoged Yushu City,If you really fight,It must be dealt with。
Look,Still you have to use the same thing.!
Gao Bao is dark。
NS1285chapter It’s disadvantageous people from time to time.
Ten years ago,Gao Yang established Qi,It is also this year,He is chaotic because of Hou Jing,Liang Guo is not self-reliant,Take the land of two Huai,And promulgated ten years of tax-free policies。
It is this policy,Ensuring Qi State has been in this decade,Basic face of two Huai,Yes“stability”Instead of“Confused”。
However,When these ten years have passed,Time starting again,Someone uses“Two tax reform”“Species”Exudation,Incitement。
Although Wang Lin and him“Fixed sea”exist,But still affecting the spring farming。

Two people stop talking,Thinking of each。After a long time,Jia Lina just asked:“where are you going?I want to sell the supermarket and follow you“

Xia Jian heard Jia Lina say this,He is both moved,Sad again。He sat up,He took Jia Lina’s bare body into his arms again,The two sat in silence for a long time。
“You said Dong Xuanxuan took the police to find you?What’s the specific situation?“Xia Jian broke this silence,He suddenly asked。
Jia Lina thought for a moment and said:“She asked me what day of the fight,Finished asking me if I know where you are now?I said you ran away,She also asked about Qin Dongsheng’s family situation,I feel like this old guy is also doing something”
“Lina,Because my current identity is fake,So I can’t stand the police’s interrogation,So i have to leave here as soon as possible。People’s Supermarket is finally ready,No one can compare to you in a few years。In case you can’t hang on anymore one day,You can go to Bucheon Venture Group to find a woman named Wang Lin”That’s it for Xia Jian,Can’t help but take a long breath。
Jia Lina drilled her body vigorously into Xia Jian’s arms and said:“I might die in Wuying Town in my life,Thank you for the happiness you brought me all these days。If there is a destiny in this life,I believe we still have a chance to meet”Jia Lina’s words made Xia Jian sour。
The two are just hugging,Said many, many things,Until dawn,Xia Jiancai fell asleep in a daze,When he opens his eyes,Jia Lina is gone。
On the bedside table,With a thick stack of banknotes,A note is pressed under the banknote。See it says“Xia Jian,This is 20,000 yuan,Not much money,You use it first,Inconvenient to go out with too much。I will keep the phone number forever,You are okay,You can call me”
Maybe Jia Lina left in a hurry,She only wrote these two sentences。20,000 yuan,This is not a small amount of money in the income of the people in Wuying Town,Although he stayed in Jialina for a few months,Even if it’s paid to him by salary,Not so much。This is what Jia Lina feels for him。
Suddenly there was another knock on the door,Xia Jian hurriedly hid the money in the quilt。Could it be Jia Lina running back again?!This broad day,Once discovered,He’s over。
Xia Jian ran over,Opened the door。A woman rushed in,And closed the door smoothly,This action is done in one go。
Woman takes off the big sunglasses on her face,Xia Jian has a look,Can’t help but shout:“Dong Xuanxuan!How do you know i live here?”
“Don’t forget what i do”Dong Xuanxuan said,Wrinkled his nose and walked around the room。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“What do you smell?There is no perfume in my room”Xia Jian deliberately joked。
Dong Xuanxuan smiled and said:“The smell of woman permeates the whole house,The remaining warmth on this bed,What a Jia Lina dare to say she doesn’t know where you are?”
“She is gone,Did you follow her to find me?“Xia Jian still asked Dong Xuanxuan a little bit disbelievingly。
Dong Xuanxuan sat on the sofa,A little domineering:“Who do you want me to follow if you don’t follow her,Luckily she only came to see you last night,If one or two days earlier,You can’t sleep in a hotel“
“What do you mean?“Xia Jian couldn’t help asking。
Dong Xuanxuan smiled and said:“Zhao Shisan’s case,Yellow calf being beaten incident,The bureau requested to consolidate the case,It can be said that the whole county is arresting you everywhere“
“You came here today to catch me“Xia Jian inevitably asked nervously。

This holy magician faintly emits a light green light,Disappeared in the tavern,Left a few gold coins。And everyone in the tavern was unaware of it。

“how about it,William!”This is the third time the Cromwell Saint Magister has asked,There was a trace of anger on his face,Obviously squeezing an ant-like ghost to death cannot release his anger!
At the moment in the imperial palace,Wright is lying on a big bed,The William Saint Magister who practices life magic wipes his sweat,Treating Wright。
Life magic is the unique inheritance magic of the Magnolia Empire Life Temple,Lack of strong aggression,But has the most powerful healing power。Light magic can only heal physical injuries and diseases,And life magic can heal even the soul。
“Nothing serious。”Wright checked carefully,And released several corresponding life magic。“After the soul is injured, the mental power may decrease slightly,But the consequences will not be too serious,After all, it is the spiritual power of a seventh-level magician。”
“But may be in a coma for a while,The soul attack he received was accompanied by some undead power,Although I have been cured with life magic,But it still hurts。Ok,He should not be in a coma for more than a month。”
“Then thank you William Saint Magister。”Cromwell was quite polite to William,Not just for the other person’s background,Because he treated his disciples。
“what I should do,Master Cromwell,I’ll go first!”William Saint Magister did not dare to entrust him,After all, the opponent’s strength is far beyond his own。Neither of them talked about payment,After all, the favor of Cromwell Saint Magic is already extremely expensive。
Now that I know my disciple won’t be in serious trouble,The Cromwell Saint Magister also breathed a sigh of relief。
As for the mental power is slightly damaged?Mediocre magicians only look at mental power,And my disciple has touched the law,The Law of Perception has a much faster increase in mental power than meditation,No matter how bad it is, it will be a ten-year postponement of becoming the Holy Magic Guild.!
Talk about my disciple,Maybe you will become a sanctuary fighter first。
Since my disciple is fine,Then you need someone to settle the account!
Ten minutes ago,In a low-key side hall of the Imperial Palace,The first emperor who was respected and worshipped by countless people of the empire,Juggernaut Bill·Sistanda has a melancholy face。Thought for a while,Recruit his most gifted descendants,It is also the second sanctuary powerhouse of the royal family Sistanda,Gave a few words,I disappeared into the palace like a breeze。
ten minutes later,The Cromwell Saint Magister appeared in this side temple,The power of the soul swept past,With three-point anger on his face。
“Charlie Boy,Get me out!”Soon,Charlie, the second sanctuary warrior of the Sistenda family·Sistendar appeared in front of the Cromwell Saint Magister,Cheeky。
“Charlie Boy,I ask you,Where did your ancestor go?。”
“Master Cromwell,The clan ancestor just went out to visit friends!”

Finish the second arrow,Jump off the branch immediately,Arrow on the crossbow,While running to the distance。

If the man in black is in good condition,Wang Hong will definitely not escape his pursuit,But now it’s not only poisoned,I still hurt my thigh,Hard to perform,I can only watch Wang Hong run farther and farther。
The man in black screamed,Chased for a while,The suffocation gets worse,Knowing that it is impossible to catch up,Had no choice but to retreat,Kill the man holding the epee。
This young man seems to be an iron man,The man in black obviously wants to drag him to death,He still fights the opponent hard to the end regardless。
“Brother,You go,Don’t fight him!”
Woman shouting again and again,The man turned a deaf ear,Still swinging the heavy sword to the man in black。
Half a minute later,Wang Hong’s third arrow hit the man in black!
This powerful warrior,Finally can’t hold on,Long knife slipped,Fell to the ground,Was hit in the head by the heavy sword that followed,Die forever。
Seeing the man in black completely dead,The man with the heavy sword also fell to the ground。
In fact, he suffered more than ten knives from the man in black,I can’t hold it long ago,If it’s not for the younger sister,See another chance to kill the enemy,I’m afraid I’ve been injured and died before。
I can kill the enemy myself at this moment,The strong breath also dissipated,I didn’t even leave a last word in the end,Died with a smile。
The woman’s cry was full of grief,Staggered rushing over,Crying with a corpse,I turned a blind eye to Wang Hong who came by。
And Wang Hong is also not interested in comforting each other,Put on a pair of rubber gloves,Began to make a fortune by touching the corpse。
Although it’s the first time to touch a corpse,But Wang Hong is not only not afraid,On the contrary, it is full of excitement and anticipation。
The head of the man in black has been smashed by the heavy sword,A piece of blood,Wang Hong didn’t bother to untie the black cloth on his face,Groping directly on him。

At that time,Don’t see it.!

Walk to the lake,Liao Wenjie discovered that the girl’s ghosts were beautiful,More attractive than Xiaoqing。
Not saying that Xiaoqing is not beautiful,The two have thousands of autumn,Single looks on,It is difficult to divide a high。Can be in front of this female outside pure,In fact, Mei Tiancheng,Self-taking the soulbuff,Old Master is bundry,Xiaoqing is not coming。
This look and temperament,Liao Wenjie gambling five hair,Be sure to send the head of Xiao Qian.。
Liao Wenjie time when Xiao Qian,Xiao Qian is also changing him,Dark road book、Lip red tooth white,A good skin。
No wonder Xiaoyan has not given an audio,The feelings are not born,But I don’t have a good person.。
Xiao Qian is thinking,Stop the piano,Hand pressing on the strings:“Scholar,Late night, private forest garden,Still staring at the strange woman, no hair,Is your holy sage reading??”
Xiaoqing is still return for two consecutive nights.,Have such excellent signs,Xiaoqian decided to explore the bottom,Find Liao Wenjie’s character,Select the appropriate Raiders to take them。
Just meet,Her people set up the lady of rich people.,Sex,Don’t talk。
“excuse me,Licheng Cui Hua,Seeing Miss, one person in the lake,Thoughts,Time Shen piano sound,I also hope that Miss is forgive me.。”
Liao Wenjie said:“Mile,I don’t know if Miss is informing the name.?”
“Nie Xiaoqian。”
“Xiao Qian……Good name。”
Liao Wenjie nodded,Just guess,Confirm is Xiaoqian,The shadow of the human famous tree,Then look,Suddenly even more beautiful。
“Cui Gongzi,If,I will leave first.。”
Xiao Qian got up and put away the truth,Simple two dialogue,She confirmed that the scholar is a color embryo.。
Xiaoqing has no hand,It’s really a ghost.。
She dares to guarantee the ghost head,She just walked in front of her.,Liao Wenjie will definitely follow the same,Said some three more nights,A woman walks the night road insecurity,Then I intimately send her home。
“Miss slowly,Not sent。”
Xiao Qian leaves the figure,Down the place,Send a passion of trembling。
“what,Miss,What’s wrong with you?”
Liao Wenjie probe,Sudden face black line,Just swim from the wooden platform because of a snake,Drilling into the lake。
Nima score,Take a man with you, you have a script.!
“Cui Gongzi,I have a pain in my feet.,may be……Vicious snake bites。”
Xiaoqian bite his teeth,Looking back to Liao Wenjie,Face with three points of shame and dodge:“Can you help me?,Help me see where the snake runs.,Is there a poison??”
“No need to watch,poisonous。”
Liao Wenjie lifted Nie Xiaoqian,Let her sit on the table。
“Cui Gongzi,This night is half,The lake center,Some journes from my family,Really to the snake,I am not a life.?”
Xiaoqian’s face is pale,Slowly pick your skirt,Display a pair of jade white long legs:“You help me see,Don’t be a poisonous snake bit broken wound。”

Flying wolf wants to stop,But the subconscious tells him that this is indeed the only feasible way at the moment。

“That’s it,But you must come back alive,It doesn’t matter whether death can solve it,Just come back alive。”
Flying wolf patted Qin Hao hard on the shoulder,In the eyes of Flying Wolf,The life and death of a god of death is not as important as the life of any comrade in arms。
“understand,”Qin Hao once finished,One step left everyone’s sight。
Flying wolf saw Qin Hao leave,Hurriedly made a gesture to everyone,And searched for the stinger mercenary nearby。
The Stinger mercenary escorted the powder,Just find them,Is equivalent to finding that batch of powder。
Now what they can do for Qin Hao is make a noise,To attract death or sting mercenaries。
Attract death,Then it can give Qin Hao a chance to kill God。
Attract Stinger Mercenaries,Then they just need to resolve the battle as soon as possible,Then Qin Hao can take this opportunity to leave。
The investigators are still at the forefront to check the situation,Any changes will be reported immediately。
“Puff,”Flying wolf said quickly,“hidden,hidden……”
At this moment,The two closest to Thor were hit directly,There is a big hole on the forehead。
One hit kills again!
“Have a sniper,All hidden,”Thor quickly hid in the jungle。
“what should I do now?We have been targeted,”Huang Xiaoding squatted beside the flying wolf。
“What do you mean?Hide first,Pinpoint the location of the sniper,”Although Flying Wolf is a little flustered,But immediately calm down。
He is the one who directs the battle,Anyone can panic,But he can’t。