“What is the imperial empire??”Burke pouted,“My name is Burke,From the Far East Prairie。”

“My name is wright,Northlanders,It’s barely from the Puang Empire, right?。”Wright also said with a smile。
Roommates living together,I will get along for a long time in the future。A top-level magic academy like Puang No.1 Magic Academy,But all have sixth grade,Only to be a Level 6 Magician can you graduate。Even if the students are all geniuses,I’m afraid to become a level six magician,At least 20 years,The future relationship is also very close。
Maui looks very familiar:“My name is maui,My home is at Qingquan Fort in the South Island Province。Haha,It took me almost a year to rush over from home,I learned magic on the way,Now they are all first-class magicians,Haha”
“We all heard it outside。”Burke pouted,“I was on the road for almost a year,By the way, buddy Karl,where are you from?”
The boy named Carl is of medium build,Looks average,But yet another very special temperament、Wright’s mind suddenly appeared“Warm as jade,Gentleman”These few words,But I don’t know the meaning of these words,Carl smiled,Replied:“My name is carl·mark,Are you a native of the Imperial Capital?。We will all be brothers in a dormitory from now on,I will live together for decades,Shall we go out for a meal today?I treat。”
“Yeah,Burke’s eyes widened,Walk around!”
“Greedy。”Maui rolled his eyes,Then said:“Wait,I heard that the college arranged staff and servants for us,Wait for them to come and arrange things before leaving。”
The four waited a while,Pu’ang First Magic Academy arranged for staff to arrive,This staff is actually a student of the college,With four servants arranged by the college for freshmen。The staff arranges some things,Let a few servants stay17No. apartment building cleaning,Ask Wright to find him if they have something to do,Then bid farewell to the four。
Thereafter,Carl took his three roommates to a very quiet restaurant for dinner.。
“Carl,It seems that you are very familiar with the lady boss of this hotel。”Burke quipped,Carl was sending away the hotel boss just now,Wright has to admit,That’s a very beautiful big sister,Very hot body。
“Generally cooked。”Carl shakes his head,“Eat dinner,Haha,None of you are local,Come and taste the delicacies of the Imperial Capital”。
The dining table is probably the place that draws the most distance between people,Even the four teenagers in the dormitory drank juice instead of alcohol,But whether it is Wright,Or Carl,Although more mature than his peers,But there is still a child’s mind in my heart。Get acquainted in a while。Wright also learned about the four brothers in the dormitory。Maui is the youngest,this year8year old,Although I just said that I live in Qingquan Fort in the South Island Province,But soon everyone knew,He himself is the son of the lord family of Qingquan Fort,The South Island and Northland Provinces are a bit similar,Relatively independent,That’s why Maui said he“Barely from Puang Empire”。
Wright is the third oldest,just9year old,And Burke and Carl are both11year old,Berkeley a few months old,And Wright naturally became what they said‘Youngest’。
Where Burke is as he himself said,It’s the Great East Prairie,And he should be the son of a big tribe leader,As for Carl,Very serious,Everyone knows that they are from local nobles。
Of the four brothers,Carl should be the most peaceful and calm one,Maui is one of the most childish—Was originally the youngest,Burke……Probably the most reckless,Cough,Is the most simple and honest,As for Wright,It should be the most inconspicuous among the four。
Chatting,Everyone talked about the entrance test of the Magic Academy from their hometown。
Carl shook his head and said“I checked when I was enrolled just now,100 students enrolled this time,Mental strength、Elemental affinity is at least first class。I even discovered that among the students this year,Have a lot of mental power、Elemental affinity is super perverted character。”Carl’s message seems very well-informed。


874 Empty handed bullet
An Nan、River City、old Town。
French-style small buildings are not high,Or two layers、Or three layers,It looks a bit like the flavor of Xia Guang Shisanxing。
This made Chen Xiu and Ou Sheng, two foreigners who came to An Nan, finally felt a bit of exotic flavor.。
After all, An Nan turned out to be a subsidiary of Xia for thousands of years,Xia font is also used,Only later the people from Fa country came,To force An Nan to use their words。
If it weren’t for the unique small buildings in the old town,Chen Tao and Ou Sheng just feel that An Nan is like a small southern town in Xia。
There are not many pedestrians in the old town,Occasionally, I met foreigners like Chen Xiu and O Sheng。
And most of the foreigners are summer people。
Because Chen Xiu and Ou Sheng met a few waves of people asking for directions, they all spoke very bad English,Last word,Everyone uses Chinese。
The old town is not big,Which is two or three streets。
Ou Sheng is taking pictures everywhere along the way,It seems to travel abroad without taking photos and checking in,Just like never been to this country。
Suddenly a dazzling light flashed in the distance,Very glaring。

soon,There is a different kind of sound in the room.。

Just when the sound is getting bigger and bigger in the house.,The door is ringing。
Nie Yang heard the sound of the knockout,It’s also a tremble.,Then frowned immediately。
I am somewhat disappointing to open the door.。
The same, the two will retreat after packing it.。
I saw the younger brother of the door.,He can’t help but anger.。
“Not telling you,Don’t bother me during the day??
What is going on?,Do not you know?”
“Boss,Someone wants to give us a battle,So I came here.。”
Nie Yang heard the words of the battle,Also coming。
What A cat, dog is also coming to the battle.?
“People are still being blocked at the door.!”
“Um,well done,Let him come in。”
soon,The scorpion is also gone.。
Entered the door,That special smell,Coupled with Nie Yang, only wearing a pants,The muscles on the body are in a list of exemptions.,He also understands that there is no serious thing that has not been done.。
Especially the big beds from not far,There are also a variety of women’s clothing,It is also proved his guess.。
“Just come to the battle?
Do you know that it is not in this world??”
Nie Yang said,It is also a little despised look at the scorpion.。
Diazi like this,He can fight one person。
I really don’t know where the other party comes.。
“Hey-hey,I really don’t know this.,However, this is all our boss let me come to the battle.,Our boss said that you will make your wind and snow moon tonight.,He wants you personally,There are not many other words.。”
“Oh!correct,Our boss said that if you continue to open, you are not afraid of being shalated.。”
One heard this,Nie Yang’s face is also difficult to look。
At the same time, people called the woman in the door.。
“Young,You look at this person,do you know it?”
The woman called Xiaoqing looked at the scorpion,Listen to the horse。
“knowledge,He is a small head of the person coming in the county.。”

Wang Lin sighed and said:“I heard that Beiwei has started legal proceedings,But we have not received any summons from the court。Which small construction company,Annoying every day,Noisy because of liquidation“

“You listen,Let Wang Xin have a one size fits all,Should not pass,Deduct as much as you need。And tell these people,Refund time is only one day,Expired。If they want to sue,Let them sue。Blacklist these people,From now on, no one step into the venture group,Let Dragon Ball take care of this“Xia Jian thought,While making arrangements for Wang Lin。
Wang Lin seems to be writing with a pen,After a while, I asked again:“Is there anything else that needs to be arranged??“
“Oh!The establishment of a mining team,You have to arrange Guo Meili to do it,And let her speed up the relevant procedures,If she can’t take it down,Let her find Ouyang Hong。If there is a problem with the group’s funds,You may find Zhao Hong,Let her lend you three to five million”Xia Jian said,Took a breath。
Wang Lin:“Ok”With a,Then asked:“If Zhao Hong asks about you,What should i say?Borrow so much money from her,She will definitely call you”
“You said I went to study abroad,I’ll be back in more than half a month”Xia Jian finished,Don’t wait for Wang Lin to speak,So I hung up the phone here。
Long Lu took out the money,Two people walked out of the post office one after another。Xia Jian is still a bit unwilling,He wants to find Zhou Li,He just wanted to ask,Why she did this?
Long Lu glanced at Xia Jian who was a little unhappy,Smiled slightly:“Look at your listless look,Let’s not stop shopping,Still go back”
Xia Jian did not speak,Just nodded。They went back to the small restaurant,Long Halo puts her salute on her back,The two went to the shuttle stop。Said to stand,Actually nothing。But a group of people have been around,Xia Jian took a look,I can’t help but get hairy,One shuttle bus can hold so many people?
Coincidentally at this time,A Santana parked beside these people,A man in his thirties stuck his head out of the car window and shouted:“Go to the market,Can bring two people,One hundred and five per person,Who goes?”
This person shouted loudly,But no one speaks。Xia Jianyi listen,Took a handful of Long Lu and said:“Let’s go!The shuttle bus is too crowded”
“Too expensive!The monitor fee is only a few dozen yuan”Long Lu said with a smile。
Xia Jian said with a smile:“Nothing”Long Lu still wants to talk,So Xia Jian ran towards this Santana。
The driver of the car saw someone coming,Got out of the car happily,Opened the trunk for them。The salute of installing Longlu,Xia Jianbian and Long Lu sat there。The co-pilot sat a woman,Feel like the driver’s wife。
“Two give me the money,We will leave soon”The male driver said with a smile。
Long Lu paid for it,While saying:“Hurry up!We can save you money。I went to the family building of the city hospital,Must be delivered to the place”Long Lu said,So he handed over three hundred yuan。

“The Holy Spirit did not say clearly,But vaguely mentioned that the Five Elements Palace will have major changes in the future。”

hiss,Huo Tianzun thoughtful,I remember that this is the first time the Holy Spirit’s evaluation of someone has been in the entire Five Elements Palace.,I don’t know if it is a blessing or a curse?
“and also。”Companions hesitate,But after thinking about it, I still whispered,“The Holy Spirit was wounded this time,Need time to recover,There will be no manifestation again for a long time。”
Huo Tianzun is shocked,Never thought that hostility from afar would be so fierce,Actually hurt the Holy Spirit,How sacred is this young boy’s past life?How could you provoke such a terrible opponent?
“Let’s go。”Huo Tianzun shook his head,I don’t want to think about it,Leaning over and lifting the young man to leave the hall first,My companion stopped and looked at the mottled wall on the left,Sighed,Also slowly disappeared。
A howl like an ancient wild beast actually awakened Li Tianzhen who was sleeping,Through the light blue barrier,He saw a distorted face,Very pale skin,The exquisite facial features are distorted and exaggeratedly deformed,Do not,no no,It’s Qiguan,Because the other party has four eyes,One of them was punctured,Blood rushes,Terrible。
Slow down for a long time,Li Tianzhen only remembered the owner of this face,It’s that handsome boy,The two extra eyes on the facial features are the big ones‘destroy’of,Such a distorted appearance is really hard to shine,But why do you want to make such a terrible painful state??
Li Tianzhen’s thinking is not very clear,The mind has been in a groggy state,In the long sleepy dream before,He always feels very hard,It’s not just the reason for the extreme physical exertion,There is still a hard way to be an outsider,It’s just that I can’t recall the details for a while。
But one thing still makes Li Tianzhen happy,Since these five senses are still four eyes,At least it shows that the big guys have been trying hard to contend,The boy can’t help it for now,Then it reveals that the boy is also the end of the fight,Don’t talk about breaking this blue barrier。
Chapter one hundred and twenty one Then consume

Blue Xin’s three children,Is it yours??”

Lu Haokai asked,It is Qin Ning that did not tell him this matter.,He is also the one that is blounded。
“then,Tao Mengyi did give me the child.,But I am going to the bathroom.,We said。”
The sound is gradually leaving,Lin Ziwen ran a few steps forward,Looking at the man walking with Lu Haokai,Very fat,Nothing is not high,Rate,Blue Xin’s child is his。
If Blue Xin once and like this man,How can Lu Haozheng have been。
She has always wondered,Lu Hao Cheng Why do you want a broken??
Lin Ziwei’s eye is transformed into gloom and terrible,That one is fascinating,At this time, there are many。
This is really interesting,if,Blue Xin’s child,Really the fat,Lu Haocheng is only afraid that it will feel disgusting.。
Lin Zikai depressed one night,After hearing this message,All depressed instantly disappear。
Lu Haocheng arrived at the hospital,Just like Mu Wei Yan and Xu Feng also hurriedly felt in the hospital。
Just hitting Lu Hao Cheng。
Xu Feng urgently asked:“Ah Cheng,Sub-heng it?
Is the heavy injury??
The scene is not clear in the phone.。”
Lu Haocheng looked at them two old,road:“Mu Shu,Xu Wei,I just came over,The child will still be in the operating room,Let’s go outside the operating room waiting.。”
One listening to surgery,Xu Feng body is a soft,Almost sit on the ground 。
Lu Haoheng and Mu Wei Yan quickly held her。
Mu Weiyan is heartache looked at her:“Small phoenix,cheer up,Acta saw you like this,Will be more sad。”
Xu Feng face nodded with pale,She doesn’t understand,My son has just come out from the hospital.,How did you have something??
Lu Hao Cheng took them,Come to the operating outdoor。
Relling,Constis,Lan Xin and Le Yu are still sitting on the stool waiting for Mu Zi.。
Lu Siyi saw Lu Hao Cheng,Excitedly:“Lu Hao Cheng,What are you doing here??
Go to find evidence,Be sure to find evidence,In this way, A excsucks will not be injured.,The operation has been carried out for two hours.,Not yet out,Don’t use your tube here,You go to find evidence,Be sure to take the red woman who is not faceless.。”
Lu Haocheng watched,The first time I saw my sister so wolf.。
Seeing Rayling sitting around her,He nodded at him.。
I also saw a blue and happy,The two are very tired。
He went to his sister,“sister,Do not worry,The scenery is already being processed.。”
Lu Si,Look at him,“Evidence?”
Lu Haozheng shook his head:“All the monitoring facilities in the fifth floor were destroyed。”
Lu Si is roaring。
Xu Feng pace some illusions,Looking at Lu Si:“Think,You tell aunt,What happened??
Boiler,How is he now??”
Xu Feng said with a crying chamber。
Lu Si looked at her,Looking at her sad,The bottom of my heart hurts,“Xu Wei,Actu is underwater,Drag to the Room,When I rushed to the past,He just woke up,What know,Several bodyguards rushed in,result,The child is hurt.。”
How to say,Also let Xu Wei knows that Lu Siwei is a person?。
Lu Siyuan likes Mu Ziqi’s heart,Passerby know。
Xu Feng eyes have been full of coolness,That land,How could this be,How can I have the same year as her mother,She is looking at the Si Yen likes Ap.,But she doesn’t like her work style.。

How about kids easy to coax,A child’s face changes faster than a woman’s face changes than a book。

Watching Weibull eat happily,Leo just smiled calmly,Although he also admitted that he used Weibull’s mind,But as long as he doesn’t use Weibull as a tool。
He is willing to feed Weibull,I sincerely call Weibull, brother。
“Finally completed my two goals!”Looking at Weibull,Leo smiled relievedly。
Because his two goals for coming to Chambord are all completed at this moment,One is to get Moshang Yuege,Comprehend your own kendo。
two is,Address Weibull’s threat to Zefa,Let Zefa not be so desolate in his later years。
“You can return to the navy headquarters in three days,No worries now,I should join the navy too!”
He had always been a student before,The navy can’t say anything,But those high-level navy must have opinions,Not bad for a short time,Over time, those people are afraid that he doesn’t care about the navy.。
This won’t work,He has to rely on the navy to continue to grow stronger。
When Leo accompanied Weibull,The trangote on the side trot over。
“Leo boss,Listen to reports,There is a ship escorting slaves passing by our port。”
Leo looked at Trangot,Although he didn’t want to do slave business,But he can’t stop others from doing it。

Lu Haokai glanced at her eyes.,Her ambition is so big,Will you want to swallow his company later。

Lu Haokai suddenly felt this idea is a bit unfortunately,How does Gu Anan have dare??
“it is good!but,Talk about your plan。”
Lu Haokai is actually interested in this matter.。
Gu Anan looked at him.,She is very familiar with this man before his eyes.,I will tell this thing.。
“I know Gu’s shares,Equity dispersion50about,As long as we hold a girlfriend50Contract,You can get support for other shareholders,We can hold and acquire Gu’s。”
During this time, he has been studying excessive books.。
Lu Haokai looked at Gu An’an’s gaze,Suddenly become deep,Looking at the radiant light in Gu An’an,He suddenly found,I suddenly didn’t know this Gu An’an in front of him.。
Gu Anan at this moment,Self-confident eyes have a few proud,She is like a brilliant treasure knife,alone,I can also break out a world.。
“hehe”He suddenly laughed,“Gu Anan,Although you are very true of this idea,But not there is no possibility,Then you tell me,Now you are in your hands,How many shares are。”
Gu Anan slightly smile,road:“I have three percent in my hand.,I am married to you,There will be a percent,so,Far away from my goals,But next,I will think other ways to buy a group’s shares.。”
“it is good!”
Lu Haokai immediately agreed,Two major people merged,It will be alarmed。
Lu Haokai launched a car,Opening in the villa area in the Jinpu District。
Gu An An side glanced at the excitement Lu Haokai,The bottom is full of rays of calculations。
She loves,Unable,She wants,Also from her,so,She loves,She is not,She is now not getting something。
Gu’s Group,I raised her.,Finally, it is also in her hands.,Gu An’an mouth, the evil smile,Becoming more fear。
The next morning,Blue Xin woke up at seven o’clock。
An open eyes,A magnified Jun Yan appeared in her eyes。
Blue Xin pupil is sharp,Quickly climb up,One foot is going to Lu Haoqing。
Lu Haocheng has turned over a body.,Evue the foot of Blue Xin,Turn around,The thin lips are gently evoked.。
“Lu Hao Cheng,You gave me。”
Blue Xin Xiaoshi is rushing to look at Lu Haozheng。
How did he come to his room??
When she slept last night,I only have her own,How to wake up,Lu Hao is lying next to her.。
Lu Haocheng looked at her,“Blue,What’s wrong with you?
I am so angry in the morning.。”
Lu Haocheng said,Looked around,He is slightly eyebrow,Imblede:“How can I be in your room??”
Blue Xin:“?


First234chapter Head of the Black Saika
After sitting down,Those female princesses、Female hou、The female city masters have sharp eyes at this moment,As if I saw a peerless stunner。
They stared at Zhu Minglang,Then discussed,When Zhu Minglang accidentally glanced at them,Suddenly there is a feeling that they are going to take themselves away!
But okay,There is Nanling yarn protector。
Those female dignitaries obviously realize,The first woman to climb the mountain is not easy。
A strong man,It’s the best foil to women’s status,Even if she doesn’t do anything,No gold or silver jewelry。
“So swordsmanship exchange,Can start now?”Wu Feng said at this moment。
Business still needs to be done,Wu Feng、Hao Ye、Yunzhonghe, even though they are still sitting on the futon,But Yaoshan Jianzong also practiced in this manner on weekdays,They don’t bother to care about,Besides, Zhu Minglang has already helped them out。
“natural,Next, can Hall Master Wu Feng show us your sword fighting genre?。”The head of the black hat said。
For Lin Min’s failure,She doesn’t care。
I just think she already knows that Lin Min is not a good opponent。
“Wait。”Zhu Minglang suddenly interrupted。
“I wish son, don’t be too presumptuous,After all, Lin Min’s strength is not the best in our Mianshan Sword Sect。”An elder said。

He is a man,Walking among a group of big beauties,I really envy dead passers-by。When was Xia Jian,Also very proud。In fact, Xia Jian knew,He is also vain,It’s just that he loves it a little bit shallowly。

The northwest wind is blowing wildly,Make the pedestrians on the road quicken their pace。Xia Jian wanted to go to Cai Li Noodle House,But if you think about it, forget it!He drove for a day,Find a place to eat bowl noodles,He should rest early。
Once I have this idea,Xia Jian casually entered the noodle restaurant on the side of the road。This place in the west,The most noodle restaurant should be this noodle restaurant,You can find it on almost every street。
Adequate,But the taste is not as good as Cai Li’s。Don’t know why,Many people come here to eat noodles。Xia Jian ate at the same table with others,Otherwise he can only wait。
Such cold weather,He is not so stupid。Finished in a few mouthfuls,I went back to the staff apartment as soon as I paid。When he goes back,Two security guards are washing his car in rain boots。
The two security guards saw that Xia Jian was back,So I greeted him。Xia Jian found,They change shift,These two are the two he knows。
“If it’s too cold,Just wash it and it’s done”Xia Jian stopped,Said with a smile。
“It’s okay Mr. Xia!It’s done in a while。You should hurry back to the room!The wind is too strong tonight,Like a knife”Which of the older security guards said with a smile。
Xia Jianying asked:“Is it too cold at night??Do you want to add something to you?”Xia Jian said,Take a look at the guard room。
Suddenly a rush of heat came,Turns out there is heating in this room,I seem to be passionate。Not waiting for two security guards to speak,Xia Jian shrank and ran upstairs。
Xia Jian couldn’t wait to open the door,He got in,So he opened the quilt on the bed。Full,He feels that his task now is to sleep。
No way,It’s less than eight o’clock,If you sleep until 8 o’clock tomorrow morning,Doesn’t he have to sleep for twelve hours,Can he sleep?The answer is definitely not。So he took out his laptop from his backpack。
Now that I have completed the task assigned to him by Hu Huiru,,He has to return an email to Hu Huiru。Xia Jian opened the laptop phone,He sat at the computer and thought for a while,Then he took out the little book he wrote down today。
He spent more than ten minutes,And wrote an inspection report to Hu Huiru。Wait for him to send the mail,There was a knock on the door。
Xia Jian was taken aback,Make sure someone is knocking on his door,He just stood up,Walked over and opened the door。The door opens,I saw Lu Xiuli squeezed in in a flash。