Chapter Fifty Seven:Murong is critically ill,Want to kill

Fuming told the dean again about the general situation inside,The dean directly let Fuming leave the small yard,One hand is stuck on the table and lost in thought。
“Over there,Just refuse the past,still is。。。”The elder looks at the dean。
The dean rubbed his eyebrows“Just reject him directly,In addition,Let him tell the so-called Wang family,If you dare to play small moves behind your back,Let them weigh the consequences!”
The elder nodded,Got up and saluted and went out。
“call。。。I can only help you here,Hope you can survive!”The dean walked to the little lotus pond and sat down,Picked up the fishing rod and continued to catch the fish,The air is quiet。
“Bastard!It doesn’t give me face so much,Isn’t it just a little student?,This guy has such a tough attitude!”Sun Qin, the dean of Confluence College, smashed the communicator in his hand to the ground and shattered it.。
“Dean,Next to the Wang family。。。”Yin Kong and Fengxi are also with the dean,But this matter has not been told to the Wang family,Otherwise, it’s not their dean going to negotiate with the dean of Bailian Academy。
Sun Qin sat on the chair and forced himself to calm down“The top priority now is to calm down the Wang family,If it annoys them,I just cut off my own money!”
“Go and take the few people who survived to Wang’s house,Explain clearly the ins and outs of the matter,remember,Must not let us have anything to do with this matter!”
Yin Kong squeezed his hands tight,I feel very humiliated in my heart,Directly affiliated colleges under the dignified Holy Spirit Alliance,Actually have to bow down to explain to a fifth-level family,What a shame!
“Comply with”Yin Kong took a deep breath,Turn around and leave。

After morning tea, Chen Xiu took a group of people to a Uniqlo,Jing Fawu asked dissatisfied。

Chen Xiu pointed to Victoria,I took another look at the otaku in the shop who were picking clothes from time to time and secretly looked at Victoria.:“Don’t you get a mask and hat for her,It is estimated that our itinerary will be posted online in less than ten minutes。Those mercenaries haven’t found us easily!”
Who said there are blond foreigners all over the street now,Is no longer a rarity,Arouse the onlookers of ordinary people,But I can’t bear Victoria’s 1.8-meter supermodel figure,And a face of an angel,There are many pedestrians looking sideways along the way,Even more
301 Smash the car!
“To shut up!”
That account manager is not as short-sighted as Xu Yan,He remembers that he saw this black card when he followed the shop owner to visit a local boss。
This is a limited black card of Swiss Bank,Universal in the world under the quota of one billion。of course,You can’t get this card if you have money,UBS also has to verify your overall assets in your home country,Many people on the Forbes rich list are not eligible for this kind of black card。
But when the local boss took out this card, he said that there were not enough people in Xia Guo to have this kind of black card.!
Now the manager knows that he has really hit the iron plate,Those who hold this kind of black card don’t call themselves a small account manager,Just they are old
302 angry!
Father Chen is now briefly talking about his situation,It turned out that he and Liu Guijiang went to southeast Guangxi together because of the high territory there——An important raw material for firing Yuanqinghua,Local evil forces are selling this rare earth to foreign countries。Liu Guijiang found out that he wanted to expose them。
The evil forces took the opportunity to imprison the two of them,But it is estimated that Liu Guijiang’s identity still dare not kill people.。Father Chen used his hidden cell phone to call for help。
“it is good,dad。Send me your coordinates immediately,I’ll go over and rescue you!”
“Ok,We are right now……”
Father Chen didn’t have time to finish,Suddenly there was a loud noise on the other side of the phone,It was accompanied by a burst of abuse in the local dialect。
303 Gather in Huadu

suddenly,Wright’s face changed,Because in his divine consciousness,Seven figures were found flying up from the canyon。The speed of these seven figures is far beyond the ordinary upper gods,And there is an old acquaintance。

“Patriarch Bard?!”
“Humph!”Wright’s body burst out suddenly,then。。。The speed of metal life is three times faster,He is not a fool,There are two people flying side by side with Patriarch Bard,Those are the three powerhouse masters,He is not stupid。If Cecilia is safe,He doesn’t mind a fight back。
Since the fusion of the three different laws,He has been feeling【Power esoteric】And blend into it,A lot of strength,Especially in terms of defense。
It’s the three Bard chiefs jointly attacking,He can easily resist。
But nature Cecilia is also in metal life,He didn’t bother to talk to these people,Want to deal with him,Catch up first。
“what,Sudden increase in speed,He found us?”
“So chance?do not care,Let’s catch up!”
In an instant,The speed of the three major palace masters has surged by a level,
The main body of Youchang Mansion forms a breeze,Wrap the bloody elves and Paton directly,Turned into a phantom cyan bird,It’s a few percent faster!
The speed of the blue bird phantom is extremely fast,Easily caught up with metal life,But when close to the metal life 300 meters,A powerful repulsive force acts on the Bluebird Phantom,The Bluebird Phantom suddenly paused。
“Damn,This repulsion is too strong!”Palace Master Youchang whispered,At the same time, control the blue bird phantom to follow the metal life firmly!
Chapter 42 The Main Sacred Tool and the Power of the Main God
Over a gorge less than 100,000 miles from Yuhua Mountain, the teleport point of the Life God Realm。
The golden metal life is flying fast in the air,The golden light forms a misty ellipsoidal space,And behind the metal life,A phantom blue bird followed closely,And there are four figures chasing after you,But the speed is slower。
Wright looks dignified in the metal life,Relying on the space alone can slow down the opponent,But the distance between them is no more than 100 meters,The opponent’s material attack can be hit。
And in the bluebird phantom,Bloody Elf shakes his hand,A dagger slammed。
Yes,Just smash。

“What are you doing!”

“……What else,Of course it’s in the car!”
“Too crowded,You take the back car!”
Chen Xiu pouted,Millions of luxury cars are still crowded alone,
605 The Legend of Immortals
“The Qing Dynasty was a thousand years away from the Jin Dynasty,This Chinese medicine doctor may be better than Gong Changchun,But there is still a gap between the annotated things and the original!”
Chen Xiu put the ancient book back,And I pulled out a modern printed book from the shelf,I saw the title of the book above is《Ge Hongchuan》,Just look it up,Modern people based on some wild history、A story organized by folklore。
Chen Xiu suddenly lost interest and put the book back,I took a few more books and flipped through it,Are all books about Ge Hong。
“Yes。Ou Jianhua met Ge Hong 30 years ago,I will study it。”
“No wonder you think this stone statue is so familiar,Ge Hong should be the sculpture
606 Hong Kong Island
“of course!”
Ou Sheng said without a doubt:“From now on, he will let you cut the chief executive,You have to execute it unconditionally,Have no choice!”
Everyone responded in unison,The voice is very loud,Chen Xiu’s heart trembled:“Ou Jianhua’s business on Hong Kong Island is indeed not a legitimate business。”
“Ou Sheng said he agreed without hesitation to let them cut the capital,These people are really not good people!
Ou Sheng nodded in satisfaction,Super uncle looking aside,The latter knows how to send a stack of portraits to everyone,The figure on the portrait is really Wei Kaizheng。

Xu Tianci saw that this scene was not angry.。

“Xiao Li is below,Don’t you call him?,Please come out?”
really,Hehru, I heard this,Body is not bound。
She can say that she is sorry for her opponent with Li Hui’s entanglement.,Now in this case, she feels that she has no face to see each other.。
Although she didn’t know what Li Hui Feng was for her.,However, she always feels that Li’s heart should not be on her.,Otherwise, she didn’t have a phone call.。
“you dare!”
Zhao Feilong’s exit,Xu Tianci took directly to the other side.。
Sun Yaru is also running out quickly.。
Seeing Sun Yaru came out,Xu Tianci directly let Tang Can take the other party to find Li Hui。
“Boy,You know who Laozi is not?
Today, I can’t walk this.。”
Xu Tianci is the discourse of these 挟 对,I didn’t go to my heart。
Laughing directly:“You casually,Let’s go first.。”
Say,He also pulled Tang Can and Sun Yaru.。
See Xu Tianci’s back,Zhao Fei Dragon directly faces and gloomy can drip water。
This matter tonight, he does not solve it.,Then he will really put it in Rao Shang City.。
When you go back to pick up your phone, you start to contact your younger brother.。
Xu Tiancai, I don’t know why Zhao Feilong is.,But Tang Can is clearly known.。
“Gave,That person is somewhat uncomfortable,I feel that I have to give my dad.,Otherwise, we will be dangerous tonight.。”
“Hey-hey,Need not,this late,Have Li’s brother,More people are not good。”
I heard Xu Tianci,Tang Cair is also the scene that I think about Li Anti-style in the day.。
It is also silently nod that she is also silently.。
Row,Let’s hurry back。
Just Li Hui Lisheng listened to He Dashan to explain why Rao Shang City has so many rivers and lake rules.,The door is also suddenly opened.。
Tang Chan came in and was happy to ran to the side。
Laugh:“Hurry and brush your eyes,Let you see what the real beauty is like。”
Voice is just,Xu Tianfei took Sun Yuru to come in.。
Sun Yuru has just appeared in an instant,Li Hui is stunned.。
See the beautiful face,The first time in his mind has emerged in Qin Su Yaya’s beautiful face.。
Think of Qin Su Ya,His heart is painful,Sun Yaru’s emergence makes his heart more difficult than ever.。
Chapter 1,19. Find the door
See Li Hui,Sun Yaru is also stunned.。
Li Anti-style is still as if there is no change,Even the temperament has changed, she has a feeling of self-evident.。
Look again, Li Hui is looking at her eyes.,No joy or happiness。
Very calm,Calm, let her heart like a knife。
She has always been proud of her appearance,But her appearance is nothing to do in Li Hui’s wind.。
Xu Tianci saw that there is some kind of Li Hui,It is also a laugh:“Lee brother,Look,I will save you people.,You have to owe me a person.。”
“Hey-hey,Row,Owe you a person。”

At this moment,Wang Teng is seeing here,Smiled faintly。

“Nothing,Anyway you continue,Because next,You don’t have much time!”
When Wang Teng looked at him,at this time,Wang Teng is very simple,Don’t forget to say here。
And as Wang Teng finished,Now,Shang Tianyi in front of us,It feels very tricky to come。
slowly,When Shang Tianyi looked at him,The more so,In fact, don’t worry about other things too much for now。
But then,What do you need to do。
Actually just these things,It’s definitely not easy。
While watching this scene,Now,Shang Tianyi frowned slightly。
“Humph,Wang Teng,Your tone is not small。”
“Since you have said so,Then I want to see,Do you really have this ability!”
Looking at Wang Teng in front of you,Shang Tianyi said directly here。
slowly,When Shang Tianyi said these words,For Wang Teng,Actually Wang Teng himself,I don’t feel any problems with these。
slowly,Watching all this。
Wang Teng at this time,Reaching out to Shang Tianyi。
“Nothing,Just say it,Anyway it looks like,Your life,The countdown can already start。”
Wang Teng finished,By Shang Tianyi,Others look at Wang Teng,Even more angry。
“Damn bastard,We fight with him。”
“That’s right,Is this still necessary?,right now,Let’s go together!”

Xia Jian smiled and said:“People think they have a good relationship with you and tell the truth,look at you,Talking,The temper comes up,I think it’s too late。I can tell you,If it wasn’t for you to be a woman,I beat you all over the floor“Xia Jian was talking,Started talking nonsense。

Lu Wanting didn’t do it,She pounced,Put your mouth in front of Xia Jian and shouted:“You hit!If you have the ability, hit me and let me see“Lu Wanting got excited,Also shed two tears。Xia Jian has a look,I realized that when I was talking,No attention to words。
This won’t work,If the devil is annoyed,Can do anything,He doesn’t want to make some unhappy things this year。Think here,Xia Jian raised his hand,Gently stroked Lu Wanting’s playful face。I didn’t expect this one to make Lu Wanting crazy。
She pounced,Hugged Xia Jian’s neck,Then I closed my eyes,Sexy and gentle lips are attached,Xia Jian didn’t lie down for a while,Lu Wanting’s little mouth was pouted。
Woman launches Weilai,This is more powerful than men。Lu Wanting’s fragrant tongue is like a poisonous tongue,Two or three times, he opened Xia Jian’s closed teeth,And sucked his tongue violently。At this time,Xia Jiancai realized,What is a woman among women。Xia Jian was very passively kissed by Lu Wanting。
But he thinks it feels very good,Both hands slowly relax,Can’t help but hug Lu Wanting’s waist,The woman took the opportunity to jump into his arms,Sitting on her lap and kissed wildly。
Just when the two kissed like glue like knees,Suddenly someone outside the door knocked on the door and shouted:“Serve!“
Lu Wanting hurriedly sat back,At this moment the door opened,The waiter brought a few dishes on the table,Only then retired。Lu Wanting’s pink face has a slight blush,She whispered:“Eat more food!You will get drunk easily“Lu Wanting instantly became much gentler。
Xia Jian smiled slightly,Took the napkin and wiped his mouth,said laughingly:“I don’t want to eat your lipstick“
“cut!People don’t need this at all, it looks good“Lu Wanting’s voice is much lower,Coquettish and charming,This made Xia Jian look a little stunned for a while。
This meal for two people took a long time,They didn’t leave the restaurant together until nine o’clock。Xia Jian wanted to go back to Beishan,But Lu Wanting quit,I have to take him to the disco。Thinking of this place, he hasn’t been there for some days,Xia Jian agreed。So two people hit a di,To the rolling stone。
According to Lu Wanting,The owner of this disco is from the south,Spent a lot of money to renovate this place,Xia Jianyi went in,I realized that it was really unusual。
May be the reason for the new year,There are so many men and women inside。Can hardly find an empty seat to sit down and eat two glasses。Lu Wanting is simply,Pulled Xia Jian directly onto the dance floor,Jumped frantically with everyone。
Gradually Xia Jian was integrated into it,I closed my eyes,Twisting,Looks so intoxicated。I don’t know that two women have squeezed over behind him,But Xia Jian didn’t know。

Just at this time,Heiwa has brought more than a dozen fully armed security personnel to come up to support,This makes everyone very encouraged。Xiao Hei is under everyone’s nervous concern,Suddenly ran towards a small hill on the left。

Fang Fang and Heiwa and other young people,Let go of the pace and catch up,Behind the hill,It is a relatively hidden and abandoned tile kiln,Wayao’s door,Also installed a small wooden door,Xiao Hei stopped here,The front paws crawl on the wooden door,Call in。
Heiwa takes the lead,Lift a foot,The wooden door snapped,Fell to the ground,He rushed in first,Fang Fang second,Move equally fast。
Wayao,Near the corner,There is a black bag on his head,Tied hands behind,My feet are tied up,He kept twisting on the ground,But the rope is too tight,He can’t get up。
Fang Fang uses the faint light,Took a look,And said to Heiwa:“It’s President Xia,Hurry up“The two rushed over,Several security guards coming in behind,Then scattered into a circle,Slowly searched backward。
The bag on Xia Jian’s head,Was torn off by Fang Fang,Xia Jian with eyes open,Got used to it slowly,It’s Fang Fang and Heiwa,So loudly:“Quickly untie the rope in my hand“
Fang Fang was a little scared,Only then came back,Hurry up,And Heiwa,Untie the rope on Xia Jian together,Looking at the blood in both hands,Xia Jian scolded:“Wang Ba Lao Zi,It’s pretty heavy!“
Just at this time,Lao Xiao and Wang Lin ran in panting。
“Are you alright!“When Lao Xiao saw Xia Jian,Asked eagerly。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Nothing,Just frayed the hand,Piece of cake“
“President Xia,Should I carry you on my back“Zhang Sangui grabbed the front of everyone,Bent over and said。
Xia Jian pushed him,said laughingly:“Everyone go!I am not injured“Everyone saw Xia Jian smiling still so happy,So I let go of my heart,A few people returned to the path together,Fang Fang quickly took out the small medicine box from the car,Gave Xia Jian a simple treatment,In fact, it just broke a few pieces of skin。
“Manager Xiao,This is a bit deceptive,Are we calling the police,If not for Xiaohei today,This problem is big”Wang Lin said angrily to Old Xiao。
Old Xiao shook his head and said:“No need to,Don’t talk about this today,They do,I just want Xia Jian not to participate in today’s interactive activities as scheduled.,To make trouble on the scene,Stinks our reputation,We don’t fall for them”
Xia Jian raised his hand and glanced at his watch and said:“There is still time,Everyone is gone!This is not a place for discussion”Xia Jian finished,Got in Fang Fang’s car first。
Wang Lin glanced at Heiwa and said:“From today,President Xia’s car,There must be two people in the car,This time,You leave the things on your hands to the people below to do,Your task is to protect President Xia’s personal safety,Understand?”

at last,Five headsSSLevel monster you chase me,It’s very close to the base city of Kyoto。

at last,Jia Yi’s feet are already on the edge of the base city。
Dr. Chen, already sweating profusely, gave the order very calmly。
An incredibly strong light rushed into the sky。
This light seems to have driven away the dark clouds above the base city of Kyoto,Like a ray of dawn that splits the darkness。
Fell on the huge monster headed by。
Lavender,Rough scale armor that is harder than any elemental metal,The head resembles the head of a dragon in human mythology,The king-level monster that occupies the Gutons Forest“Purple Scale Dragon Snake”Concentrated by this beam。
moment,The endless light and heat instantly vaporized the hard and unmatched scales,Then the light and heat passed along the flesh and blood of the dragon and snake,The flesh of this monster is burned,Body curl。
When the light dissipates,Li Ming and other three human powers,And only the remaining fourSSMonster。
“Wailing!”Of the four king monsters“Nine Tailed Fox”Make a sound of panic,Body swing,Back quickly。
“Really cunning!”Thor chuckled,“This fox is lucky”。
At the same time, Li Ming has controlled the heavy mountain shield to protect Jia Yi,Back at the same time:“The fox is already cunning,This nine-tailed fox is even more cunning,Will avoid it if it is slightly dangerous。Hong wanted to kill it last time,As a result, it’s hidden tightly and can’t be discovered at all。”
Two people talking room,Another laser hit the three heads who were still sillySSOne of the monsters。
“expensive!”King Flying Monster,Fire Pterodactyl Falcon,Escaped his life from Li Ming several times。no way,Even Li Ming’s flying speed with the Tissot is not as fast as this monster who is born to be good at flying.。
But even if it’s a mountain drill,Its speed is actually dozens of times the speed of sound.,The speed of the laser cannon is the real speed of light。
The strong light pierced through this king-level monster,Its defense is weaker than the purple scale dragon snake,Even more unable to withstand this shot、

Two words from Wang Lan,Hearing that Wang Youcai was immediately excited。He laughed and said:“Don’t just sit,I’ll serve all the dishes I ordered,Let’s drink two glasses,I think there are fewer people eating at noon“

“Thanks to Mr. Wang,I will serve you“Wang Lan got up and left。
In a while,She brought up two waiters,Everyone is holding food,It’s like all at once。Just two people,Can this be done??Wang Youcai suddenly felt a pity。
He was busy taking out his phone,Called Tian Wa,Let Tianwa take away the two dishes again。Wang Lan poured wine to Wang Youcai,Said with a smile:“Unexpectedly, Boss Wang is still a good man“
“Can’t finish eating,It’s better to let him eat and everyone is happy“Wang Youcai said,So he caught the wine in Wang Lan’s hand。
Wang Lan smiled slightly,Two people drank one。Wang Youcai is not stupid,This is the second time he and Wang Lan have met,In fact, the relationship is only known to everyone,Wang Lan is so passionate about him,He couldn’t help but whisper in his heart。He doesn’t look good after all,Such a coquettish woman would never take his look。
This is Wang Youcai’s brilliance,It’s because you know it。
Wang Lan kept persuading Wang Youcai to drink,She actually drinks a lot。Three rounds of wine,The dishes on the table are almost the same,Wang Youcai uses Jiujin,So he slowly put his fat big hand on Wang Lan’s thigh that exposed the cheongsam。This woman has no resistance,It’s just that Chong Wang Youcai smiles more charmingly。
“ Boss lady!Are you asking me to do something?If there is any, don’t tell me,I like to go straight“Wang Youcai said,The big hand touched it all the way。
suddenly,Wang Lan grabbed Wang Youcai’s hand,Smiled slightly:“Boss Wang!Almost done,Isn’t it too courageous in the daytime?!“
“Hahahaha!Your husband is not here anyway?What’s so scary“Wang Youcai lowered his voice,Laughed presumptuously。
Wang Lan said with a small mouth:“Don’t say anything about her husband from now on。I divorced two years ago,Now single,So when I hear the word husband“
“what!You are still single!Why didn’t you say it earlier,What you said earlier I won’t go back last night“Wang Youcai laughed and said。
Wang Lan lightly hit Wang Youcai’s arm and said:“You can do it!I’m an old lady, don’t let it go,Let’s talk about business!“
“I think,This is what we are talking about,Don’t you say it??But I can remind you,Apart from spending a little money on women,I really can’t do other things,This is my question of principle“Wang Youcai is really a thief,While trying to take advantage of Wang Lan,I’m afraid that Wang Lan has any purpose,So he simply pointed out。
Wang Lan gave a light push, Wang Youcai said:“See how stingy you are,People haven’t spoken yet,You started to shut up,You told me to say or not“