“Just find it,Her mother didn’t notify us。”Ye Boping breathed a sigh of relief,Squat on the ground softly,Great,Finally found the daughter。

221 Goodbye uncle
The police said to Liu Shuqin,“Aunt,We are also from110Information obtained by the platform,Just go home safely,Just let the trafficker run away,We will try to catch people early,Your old man must remember,Don’t trust anyone in the future。”
Liu Shuqin excitedly held the policeman’s hand,“You said our child found it?thank you all!”
“If the trafficker caught,We will contact you,I’m leaving。”The two policemen turned and left。
The stone in my heart fell to the ground,Ye Boping felt his strength slowly regained,He stood up and started calling Zhang Siwei,Called countless times,Every call is connected to the prompt that no one answered。
Liu Shuqin stood by,ask,“Zhang Siwei won’t answer your call?”
Ye Boping nodded,“Ok,No one answered。”
“not answer the phone,Let’s go to her villa now,I want to see my granddaughter。”Liu Shuqin was ready to go outside the community。
Ye Boping stopped Liu Shuqin,“enough,She doesn’t want to see us now,Don’t mess up。”
Liu Shuqin cried instantly,“Ah,What are your days?Even if you are divorced,It’s not that Zhang Siwei won’t let me see her granddaughter?That’s the blood of our Ye family。”
Ye Boping sighed,“mom,Can you stop making trouble,We were wrong this time,If you didn’t give the child to the trafficker,Can Ye Jia lose it??Will Zhang Siwei not answer the phone??”
“I am your mother,I do everything for you,Am i on purpose?You blame me too?”Liu Shuqin feels a little guilty,But still feel wronged。
“okay,okay,Very tired during this time,Jiajia is with her mother,Nothing,You can also take a good rest.。”Ye Boping pushed and pulled Liu Shuqin home。
Liu Shuqin cried for a while,Fell asleep,Ye Boping can’t sleep,I feel so upset。
These two months,Life has changed drastically,I thought that Ye Jia was still involved,Zhang Siwei may change his mind。
But that day Zhang Siwei asked if Zhang Qingzhou’s death was related to him,Ye Boping knew he and Zhang Siwei were finished,Now let’s add the fact that my mother lost her child,I’m afraid Zhang Siwei will never give him a chance for the rest of his life。
Upset him,Just get up,Go out to drink again,Be the boss for a few years,I don’t even have a job now,He doesn’t want to go out to find a job,The talent market will definitely meet acquaintances,How can I live well?。

Thus,They met no fewer than eight teams in ten days。

of course,They all won without a doubt,And none of the team members were eliminated。
This is a victory for Qin Hao,This proves that their team is getting stronger,Teamwork ability has also been improved。
And this melee survival drill,Its purpose is this。
“Wait,There is a problem ahead,”Qin Hao saw Li Chao’s gesture,Speak directly。
And then divided into left and right sides to stay aside,Use the surrounding woods to hide。
Qin Hao’s team is here,In fact, it was targeted by Thor’s women’s special team。
But they did not say anything,Instead, I want Qin Hao and his party to enter their range to annihilate them in one fell swoop。
Seeing Qin Hao, they suddenly noticed something,When hiding through obstacles,Thor blinked。
He has taken the team he sent to his door as his prey。
“Report captain,There is a situation ahead,I noticed breathing in the jungle on both sides,And there are no birds calling around。”
“Must ambush the enemy,You see what we should do?”
“Can you tell how many people there are?”Qin Hao asked back。
I saw Li Chao shaking his head,“Can only hear faint breathing,Nothing else。”

Sun Yuejuan,Slapped the chopsticks in his hand on the table,She lowered her voice and said:“You immortal,You also said nonsense about your son”“Xia Shu,I really can’t tell about Xia Jian,If this is known to the villagers,Will cause a lot of trouble”Zhao Hong whispered。

Xia Zecheng realized that he was happy for a while,Said the wrong thing。Hurry up and finish breakfast,And went to the ground with a hoe,Xia Jian just smiled secretly。
Sun Yuejuan glared at Xia Jian and said:“Are all used to you,Now spend money lavishly,Always bragging in the village,I hate it”
“Oops mom!Dad has been poor all his life,Always honest people in the village。Now our family’s life is okay,Do whatever he likes!Don’t keep talking about him“Xia Jian said to his mother Sun Yuejuan。
Zhao Hong on the side also said something to Xia Jian,The two got up and went to the village committee。Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu,And Mo Yan,And the three newly elected young people are already sitting in the office waiting for them。
Xia Jian held a brief meeting for everyone,Clarify their respective tasks,Then he gave the topic to Zhao Hong。Zhao Hong is naturally very familiar with the work in Xiping Village,She immediately assigned the three newcomers to Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu,I also assigned one to Mo Yan。
Thus,Work with the old and the new。Naturally, Xia Jian can only follow Zhao Hong to understand the work in Xiping Village。Adjourned,Everyone split up,Do it all。
Xia Jian asked Zhao Hong to take him to the construction site of the vegetable greenhouse,Zhao Hong naturally cannot refuse,Led Xia Jian out of the village。At this moment,Wang Youcai just came out of home,He pulled the brim of his head down,I’m afraid other people in Xiping Village will recognize him。Lost yesterday,Made him lose face。
Think of it,There was a fire in his heart。A deputy village chief didn’t get it,And cost him thousands more。Came home last night,When Wang Degui knew about it,He almost killed Wang Youcai。
But this matter of paying for votes,Chen Gui came up with it。This guy is really clever,You can count,But Song Fang is not included。But the way she looks,She also came prepared,Zhao Hong has to work ahead of time for this。Thought of here,Wang Youcai’s tooth roots itchy with hatred。
He just watched Xia Jian and Zhao Hong walk out of the village side by side,It’s really not in his heart。However, Xia Jian suddenly became the boss of the venture group,Still made him happy。
Xiping Village is so big after all,No matter how great his Xia Jian is,I can’t find anything famous。But if he works in a startup group, the situation is different。
Wang Youcai walked to the parking place at the entrance of the village,I wanted to get in the car and leave,But he changed his mind,at this time,Students go to school,Village people go to work,It should be a good opportunity for him to meet Chen Gui’s wife Meizi。Chen Gui went back to Xiping Village with him at noon yesterday,Said to take the shuttle bus this morning,Should be at work now。
When Wang Youcai remembered this,,I feel better。He glanced around,Found no pedestrian in the village,So he hurried to Chen Gui’s house。
Chen Gui’s door is hidden,Wang Youcai was secretly happy when he saw it,This lazy woman knows she won’t go to the field,I’m either sleeping late or watching TV。For this,She was not less affected by her mother-in-law’s arrangement in front of the villagers。Orchestration,She would rather be laughed at by the villagers,She just won’t work on the ground。
Wang Youcai gently opened the door,When I turned around and just closed the door,Suddenly a man’s voice came from behind:“How did you come?“
Wang Youcai was shocked,Look back,He almost screamed in surprise。It turned out that it was Chen Gui standing behind him。
But Wang Youcai’s reaction was quick,He said coldly:“What do you mean?I can’t find you!“
“Oh!Find me!Okay!But how do you know that I haven’t left yet?“Chen Gui asked suspiciously。

The investigation of this van should not be too strict on the surface,In fact, you must not miss any link,Especially when I found Xia Jian in the car,Everyone must pretend not to know the celebrity Xia Jian。

as expected,The investigating police sent Xia Jian’s ID card to Wu Qiang’s hand,Wu Qiang glanced at Xia Jian’s ID,He asked with a trembling voice:“What is Xia Jian’s situation now??”
“Did not say a word,Including his ID card, the woman next to him paid him。Hands are not tied。But I don’t feel he has much freedom,The problem lies with which woman behind,She should be threatening Xia Jian with something”
The investigating police whispered to Wu Qiang。
Wu Qiang took a deep breath and said:“Ok,I understand,Give Xia Jian the ID card,Just say there is no problem,Can be released。But you pay attention,Xia Jian’s legs or feet,Is it tied up”
Which policeman who was investigating responded,Walking to the window with Xia Jian’s ID,He deliberately didn’t reach inside,But speak loudly:“Xia Jian!Your ID has been checked and there is no problem,Sorry,Delay your journey”
Xia Jian has a clever mind,He chuckled,Don’t wait for the woman next to reach out,He rushed to borrow his ID card。The policeman standing outside the window swept across Xia Jian’s body like a knife。
Which woman surprised,The things in his hands are pressed against Xia Jian’s waist,Xia Jian took the ID card and sat down honestly。
“All right!You can go now”
The police just waved,The van started,Drove forward slowly。
Which policeman who was investigating quickly walked to Wu Qiang’s side,He said excitedly:“team leader!I just found out,Xia Jian’s right foot seems to be tied to the front seat,And the woman next to him should be holding a gun。This is my instinct”
At this moment,Wu Qiang’s phone rang,As soon as he answered the call,Said anxiously:“not good!The director called to say which family’s child had been found by the Pingyang Town Police Station,But which family lost a family heirloom,Is a very precious big vase。In addition, Xia Jian’s Bao Shijie and mobile phone were also found,On the side of the road not far from the highway”
“Analyze like this,Then this group took Xia Jian as their hostage。We have to hurry up,Otherwise, once they leave our sight,Xia Jian will be in danger”Which police officer said to Wu Qiang anxiously。
Wu Qiang shook his head,Immediately picked up the phone and dialed the phone,Just listen to him speak loudly:“Director Jiang,There is a van,The license plate is******。Make sure Xia Jian was robbed in this car,Xia Jian’s right foot was tied to the front seat,If you guess right,I should be handcuffed with my thumb。Besides, this group should carry guns”

but,Things unearthed on this battlefield have always

480 Small museum
“Dead without regret,Is dead without regret!”
Tang Ren looked at the five famous Northern Song kilns in front of him,I can’t stop mumbling to myself。
Tang Yuanyuan is really worried that he can’t hold back the stimulation、Overexcited,Hurry, let Uncle De turn on all the lights。
Tang Ren can’t put it down again, picking up the kiln sky celadon-glazed sunflower-shaped pen to wash and play,Even sighed:“Things are good things,Unfortunately it’s not mine,The desire to integrate the five famous kilns is still short-lived after all!”
Chen Xiu saw that the old man Tang Ren was so obsessed with an object,It’s not forbearance,Not to mention that I have a special ability to repair antiques,As long as I have enough mysterious aura to support,It’s not impossible to repair a few more Ru kilns。

He just sensed Karp’s thoughts,That’s because Karp didn’t guard him at all,Otherwise it’s okay。

No privacy。
Like that murloc queen,Feel free to find out,Did the Murloc King find Mistress?,Can you still play happily?。
and,Insight into the heart can only be used by one person,Unable to face a wide range of situations。
It’s better to fight one-on-one than to predict the future,But overall it’s not as good as predicting the future。
“But you have the opportunity to listen to the sound of everything!”Karp continues to pick his nose。
Insight is the third level,This place was divided into two branches。
And knowing people’s hearts and foreseeing the future is called a class,But Roger told others,There is also the level of listening to the sound of everything。
Leo waved his hand indifferently,He just touched the level of insight,That insight into people’s hearts is just an accident,What do you want to listen to the sound of everything,Want to fart。
“Now that you have felt the color of insight,Then go ahead!See how many times you can block me,Wait until you can block it every time, even if your insight is qualified!”
Just qualified,After all, Karp is useless。
But Karp’s knowledge is too strong,Once Karp used the color,Leo has no chance。
Leo closed his eyes helplessly,Although it has no relationship with foreseeing the future,But seeing and hearing color still needs to continue to improve。
Karp attacks again,And Leo can no longer hear Karp’s thoughts,Just rely on seeing and hearing to predict。
From day to night,From night to day。

“You crazy woman,How to change your face is easier than taking off pants”Xia Zecheng listened,He quit。

Sun Yuejuan grabbed his ear,Put the mouth up,Whisper:“Zhao Hong has no fertility,She showed me the inspection report”
“This is real?Don’t make a mistake”Xia Zecheng still doesn’t believe it。
Sun Yuejuan sighed and said:“Can’t be wrong,I don’t know much,But I still know which words,The report of the City No. 1 Hospital must not be wrong,Let’s accept our fate!”
Xia Zecheng turned off the TV angrily,He sat quietly for a while,Suddenly said to Sun Yuejuan:“Old woman,Everyone in our village said Mayor Ouyang was interesting to Xia Jian,How about you go to town tomorrow,Ask from the side,if it is ture,I think this will happen,Ouyang Hong, this kid is also good”
“Ok!For your old Xia family,I just put this old face aside,Go to town tomorrow”Sun Yuejuan said,His face showed the confidence of winning。
The new office building of the town government of Pingyang Town is very inspiring,This caused a lot of commotion in the towns and towns of the same level in Pingdu,But this is built for free by other entrepreneurs,So jealous people can only complain。
Ouyang Hong’s office is on the third floor,It can be said to be very spacious and bright,She finally separated office and accommodation。All thanks to Xia Jian,If it wasn’t for the number one person in Xiping Village,,I don’t know when the office building in Pingyang Town will be completed。
Thinking of Xia Jian,Ouyang Hong has an unspeakable taste in her heart。The pictures of them being together in the past often came to her mind,Really lingering。She often dreams of Xia Jian even when she dreams at night,slowly,Ouyang Hong found out that she had pretended this man in her heart。
When there is nothing to do,She also thinks about her future,But she always felt that Xia Jian didn’t have her in her heart,Just treat her as a good friend,She knows too,There are women around Xia Jian,And they are all very good women,So she is probably not what Xia Jian thinks of her。
What bothers Ouyang Hong the most is,Because Pingyang Town’s leisure agriculture is doing well,And the cooperative in Xiping Village has attracted the attention of the province,So her Ouyang Hong’s name is also known by more people。
This is not,She just finished reading letters from a few suitors,And he knew some of them,All of them have very good conditions,But she really couldn’t let go of this Xia Jian。
“Is Mayor Ouyang here??”A woman’s voice came in,Then there was a knock on the door。
Ouyang Hong hurriedly put these letters into the drawer,Then shouted loudly:“Please come in”

but,Fang Yu can save the patient,Really great。

but,The person behind the scenes has not yet appeared,Makes Fang Yu a little depressed。Until now,The other party took away 20 million,And there is no way to take the other party。
“This is the antidote,You won’t wait to see……”
Jiang Wan’er holding a box,Slowly。
“Not in a hurry……Since it is the antidote,Definitely not simple!”
Fang Yu smiled。
Not in a hurry。
Half an hour later,Fang Yu ate so much nothing left on the table。
“Have a drink!”
Jiang Waner said enthusiastically。
“Not in a hurry……I am a little tired!”
Fang Yu luck,And quickly digested the food in the stomach,Into energy。
A few minutes later,Fang Yu regained his spirit!
“Give me the antidote!”
Fang Yu pondered。
Jiang Wan’er handed the antidote to Fang Yu,Waiting aside。
Fang Yu carefully observed,Shook his head,“This antidote is indeed effective……But even if I eat,It can only ease the pain for a while!”
“That means……The other party didn’t plan to let my father survive?Really vicious!”

Li Tianzhen hurriedly searched in his mind,But the strange thing is that the thought that popped up just now suddenly disappeared,There is no time to study these additional weird phenomena,The forward of Blood River finally stopped advancing,The rush of viscous blood began to gather in the depression in the center of the ruins,Gradually formed a big pool of blood。

Calculated the speed of Kuchimo,Li Tianzhu’s body also quietly followed,And then the whole body is blurred,Attached to the remains of a star beast on the outermost periphery of the ruins。
Just attached to the surface of the remains,Li Tianzhen felt a surging power,Although he is very powerful now,Also surprised by this power,The power remaining from the remains that have been dead for an unknown number of years,So powerful,The horror of the star beast surpasses what the legend describes。
This should be the head of an adult star beast,Terrible as a mountain,Although the outlines of the facial features are very blurred,But still able to distinguish its surprisingly large eyes,Star beast’s eyes are tightly closed,Eyelids are as rough as rocks,In the void,The body of the star beast does not rot or weather,But the strange thing is,There seems to be a black substance covering the surface of the skin。
at first,Li Tianzhen tried to connect this layer of black matter with the elements of the Dark Land,Found somewhat arbitrary,The two black substances have nothing in common,Although this kind of thing in front of you can also cut off the breath,But not obviously aggressive,Not to mention the swallowing properties of those black particles。
Perhaps uncovering this black material can reveal something unexpected,But Li Tianzhen did not immediately put it into practice,Because Kuchimo is here too,The bloody river material like a dead fish is standing upright in the center of the blood pool,Seems to be in awe of the tall shadow in front。
Kuchimo stood beside the blood river material,The two monsters actually bow down to the tall shadow together,This surprised Li Tianzhen,Not to mention the blood river,Kuchimo at any rate also represents the will of the last universe,Not only is supernatural power, but also honored,How can you succumb to a barren mountain in the ruins of the ancient battlefield?
Indeed a barren mountain,Not only steep,And the shape and irregular,Standing very abruptly on the ancient battlefield,More special is,This barren mountain is wrapped in a smog-like substance,From the outside to the inside are black holes,Nothing brilliant,Li Tianzhen suddenly became alert to him。
The mist suddenly melted away,Roll over and fade away quickly,Revealing the true face of the barren mountain,It turned out to be a huge star beast head,Li Tianzhen is shocked,This head is actually more than a thousand times bigger than the one he just possessed,My eyes are open,Eyes are like two bright stars,Dazzling cold light,Extremely fierce,The hideous head looks down on this ancient battlefield,Unspeakable arrogance and sadness。
Li Tianzhen searched all the fragments of memory in his mind,But couldn’t find more descriptions about the star beast,There are no traces of ancient battlefields in the records of the central star cluster in the northern part of the universe.,Uncontrollable anger from my heart。
Chapter one thousand and eighty three The real strong
The violent fluctuations of Li Tianzhen’s mood quickly triggered fluctuations in the energy field of the entire ancient battlefield,This fluctuation is very subtle,Ordinary life forms are hard to detect,However, both Kuchimo and the incarnation of the blood river, who are powerful ones, clearly feel a certain difference。

“Your bird is special!”Leo took a second look at Ganfor’s bird。

Ganfor looking at Leo,I suspect you are driving,But i have no evidence。
“Your Excellency should be on business!”Ganfor bluntly。
Leo looked to the side of the Sandia:“Who are the people of Sandia??”
quickly,An old man about the same age as Ganfor came out。
“Below are the elders of the Sandia,I don’t know your purpose this time?”
Leo nodded:“My purpose this time is to be a peacemaker!Half of the land,No need to dispute!”
Both sides just prepared to refuse,And Leo has already exploded with all his aura at this moment。
The principals on both sides couldn’t help but back off,Look at Leo in horror。
“This,This,How could it be so strong!”
“Aini Road,Optimistic!”
Leo slowly draws the knife,The power of the whole body is concentrated on the knife。
The moon song at this moment is already shining with golden light,Bright head numb。
And the power from the Moon Song Blade is even more shocking。
Hold up the moon song,Leo hacked。
The huge vertical slash hits the island ahead。
Boom boom boom!
Rumbling noise,The island ahead is full of dust,Blocking everyone’s sight。