Pick up the wine glass several times and take a sip,Then pretend to wipe the mouth and then wipe the sweat,But Guo Enting feels like he can’t get enough sweat at the moment,Inexhaustible。

Turning to look at Zhu Zhengkang,The latter has a calm look,It’s like a spectator in a movie theater,Even if the tortured bodyguard in the screen almost cannot help but tells the story behind the scenes,Zhu Zhengkang didn’t have the slightest tension on his face。
Secretly exhaled,Guo Enting wants to force herself to calm down,But several times,All in vain。
Guo Enting walks to his parents,Trying to comfort the parents,To ease my emotions,But just approached my parents,Guo Enting found,Parents who have never experienced this kind of scene are more nervous than themselves。
Comforted a few words softly,Guo Enting is like everyone else,Watching the live cast attentively,But everyone’s mind is different,What to focus on,What are you thinking about,Just don’t know!
No one will stop the delivery for no reason,The Zhu family who doesn’t know how to be a guilty conscience will naturally not。
Zhu Zhengkang watched the live broadcast on the screen with great interest,Slowly shook the wine glass in his hand,Obviously white wine,But I drank the feeling of top red wine。
Frown slightly,Zhu Zhengkang has stopped worrying about how this bodyguard was caught,What he is curious about is why he was beaten up to now,The bodyguard hasn’t reported his name yet,Just give your name,He should be free,Why insist on?
Seems to know the answer,But don’t know the problem solving process,Zhu Zhengkang wants to find out。
“Say your boss’s name!”
Another voice came from the noon live broadcast,Everyone is attentive。
As long as you didn’t say the name,Then the murderer behind this story has a chance to quibble,Even if everyone knows who he is。But when the person in the live broadcast gave a name,After real hammer,Stories will be another development route that cannot be disputed。
“Isn’t my boss you!”
The smile on the bodyguard’s face is slightly miserable,Then what he had to face himself seemed to be expected,The live broadcast came to an end with the bodyguard’s sorrowful laugh and gunfire。

Passersby stopped to look aside,Look lively。

Because this horoscope is quite reasonable,These two have empty hands,Not even a decent piece of equipment,How could it be possible to come from Heishui City?
Hu Lin glared at each other with disgust,Gritted teeth:“Squirting!This is the border wall,According to the Code,Just register into the city,You have no right to ask where we come from。”
“Yo!The little girl in the outer hunting ring is pretty hot!Hong Sange,Can you surrender?If you can’t help it,Change me?”Another brawny, shirtless man next to him sneered。
The talking guy has a big waist,Tattooed two big floral arms,Looks extraordinarily strong,His shoulders are high,Like two forts,At first glance, the body has been genetically modified,No longer belong to the category of normal human race。
The eight-character Hu and Sanye Hong smiled twice,Shook his head:“code?Haha!You savages outside the hunting ring,Actually came to tell me the code?”
“Tell you!Laozi are from the Excellent Hunter Group,Specialize in hunting savages!You two wild birds just entered the city,Have not gone through the identity procedures,Not a chaotic person,Without human rights!Laozi chop up your friend now,Have fun with you little girl,Make sure you know that Grandpa’s big stick is amazing!”
The voice has not fallen,Those few lines claiming to be the brawny of the outstanding hunter group,Have revealed their hideous faces,All put out,Coming soon。
Hu Lin’s face sank,She is not afraid of these garbage characters,But she was very worried,These rubbish will affect the mood of Mr. Wu Hao,Will make him have a bad impression of the chaotic circle,It will be difficult to be convincing in the future。
These strong men,Relying on their bodies being genetically modified,Kong Wu Youli,Some people even put weapons on them,Compared to two unarmed people,It seems that the situation is completely one-sided。
And the passersby,Zefen
As spectators,I didn’t think there was anything wrong with this at all,Or shouldn’t,It’s a mentality of watching a good show。

“If not antique,Who would spend fifty to buy?This kind of folding fan,Even a high-end mall,I can buy it for only ten or twenty yuan,Can be found in two dollar stores。”Hu Yang Dao。

“Fifty is definitely not enough,Higher!”
The stall owner said angrily:“Then you should go!”
Populus Fist:“Farewell!”
Turn around and leave!
The stall owner hurried over:“Hey!Stop ten,It’s also a treasure,Don’t you also have vision,Can you see it?How about five thousand?”
Mutual exchange,Tugged for a while,Finally finalized the price,Two hundred and fifty deal。
The stall owner looked upset,Flowers in my heart,Bought for five dollars,50 times the profit as soon as it changes hands。
Watching Hu Yang cut 20,000 to two hundred and five,The audience in the live broadcast room was quite admired and speechless,The moisture in those antique stalls is too much, right??
Chapter Thirty Eight I made money from buying a car
The people in the live room finally understand,Although Populus is rich,And generous,But it’s not anyone who makes people fool,such as,Will bargain with people for a thousand or hundreds of dollars。
“The anchor has a nice personality,like!”


The owner was stunned,Subconsciously nod:“Yes you can!What do you want?Can you be more specific?I can even get azure mud,I may not have the ability to do too well,But i know people,As long as you can afford it,I’ll help you talk about it,Let him help make one。”
He thought,An order that Populus said,Just a purple clay pot。
He can tell,This young man should be rich。Then,The ordinary purple clay pot is definitely not good,That’s why he said that。
And Wah Tsai、Zhong Wenqiu and others,Even the audience in the live room reacted:Brother Hu is bringing goods again?I have to give the boss an order again,Then give everyone benefits?
Even the teacher is familiar with Hu’s routine,then,The student who kicked himself quickly:“Xiaohu’s order is not small,Think about it yourself。”
What he admires most,It’s Populus euphratica’s support attitude towards traditional handicrafts,Almost encountered this kind of difficulty,Will strongly support,Buy a large number,As a bonus for fans。
For those traditional craftsmen,That’s a big order,You can live a year or two with just one bite。
The owner is still a little confused:“Not small?How old is it?”
Hu Yang smiled:“I don’t need precious raw materials to make it,Just use yours,But the craft must be justified,At least at this level。”
Talking,Hu Yang from his finished product,Pick one out。
The owner has a look,Of this quality,Only two workers can make it here,And it takes a lot of time,The most important thing is the carvings above,Ordinary people can’t do it。
“Such words,May be a bit more expensive,Cost plus labor,Add a little more profit,It takes three hundred and fifty yuan to do,May I?”This is already in the face of my teacher,Try to keep the price down。
Populus nodded:“I can give you five hundred yuan,But you have to do everything for me,Can it be done?if possible,I buy five hundred。”
“can,Ok?How many?Five hundred?”The owner suddenly opened his eyes。
Him here,Annual output,It’s just over a thousand!And it’s still ordinary goods。Hu Yang directly sent him an order for six months,Why not surprised?
and,If he wants the best kind,Gave five hundred yuan,Make a teapot,His profit can be around two hundred,This is a big business。
therefore,The other workers in the workshop all looked over in surprise。
Five hundred,A five hundred yuan,The total price is two hundred and fifty thousand!
have to say,His workshop actually doesn’t make much money,Not as good as other stores。in the past,He deducts all other costs for one year,Can make about 100,000,Even if possible。

Qiangwei was taken aback,I felt relieved immediately,Speak sternly:“Can you stop disturbing me?You are sorry for me,You still harass you again and again,Can you have a little conscience?”

A leopard smoking a cigarette,Swing your head,Sign to say outside。“Say a few words and leave。”
Qiangwei followed out the stairs,Pretending to be impatient:“Have something to say,I really don’t want to tell you anything,Please finish it at once,Don’t bother me again!”
“rose,I’m sorry you,I know you hate me。such,You stab me to relieve my hatred,Bad luck, you stabbed me to death, I deserve it,Good luck picking up the life is crippled and it is worth it,I would never say you stabbed!I apologize to you like this。If you feel that one knife is not enough,Find a place,You cut me off,Chop a few more,So long as you feel relieved!That’s all right?You take revenge on me、I deserve it,But you can’t be so absolutely?My situation is not as good as I said before,If you lose to Wang Shuai this time,,I’m like a poor ghost,That’s worse than killing me!Kill me and leave the money to my parents, right??I really beg you、Kneel down and beg you?You can stab me and chop me,Please help me、Don’t be so heartless!On the last day of the holiday,You broke up with Wang Shuai,I won the day after,Then you can be fine with him。I will never harass you again!After winning the bet,I will give you 200,000 as compensation,Ok?”
Leopard said,Actually knelt down,Kowtowing Qiangwei。
At the end,A Leopard looked at the rose with red eyes,Plead:“I have been a poor ghost for more than ten years,Finally got rich,I really can’t be a poor ghost anymore!rose,I beg you,Please help me!If 200,000 is not enough,I divide you 300,000!”
Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Nine I begged,Not help yet?
Abao knelt and begged,That’s what he wanted to go,The only thing you can count on、There is no other way。
He thought,The Qiangwei in front of him hates him again,I should always be willing to rescue him this time?
“Leopard,I didn’t want to avenge you。I didn’t like people like Wang Shuai before,Don’t feel sincere。But because of you,I found that the previous ideas were biased。Wang Shuai said he likes me,I also like his sunshine and handsome,I think,I have met someone like you,I’m still afraid that Wang Shuai will lie to me?He looks,Your character should be much better than you?So I’m not taking revenge on you,I really want to be with Wang Shuai!I don’t know how long he will stay with me,But as long as it is,I like him,I like it more and more now,I’m really passionate,It’s not something you can play with!When we are together,I will do it for money,To help others,Break up with you and reconcile?I would treat my boyfriend like this?Do you think i am such a person?How are you、Why do you always only think about yourself,Never thought about others?Are you so selfish?Even treat me like a person who was hurt so deeply by you,You didn’t even think about it for me?I really have nothing to say to you!”
Qiangwei looked disappointed,Looked at Abao and said:“You kneel,I take it as your sincere apology for hurting me。The man has gold under his knees,Kneel to the sky, kneel to the parents,You are willing to apologize,I don’t want the past,Forget it,We cleaned up,I don’t hate you anymore,Don’t bother me。”
Abao is not for forgiveness,He did it for the money!I beg forgive him for reluctance to do this!
Abao called her quickly,Keep begging:“Qiangwei, I beg you,I beg you like this!I beg you on my knees,I’m begging you!Do you really bear the heart to watch me die??”
Qiangwei wiped away tears,Suddenly knelt down,Then he kowtowed at Abao,At the end,Looked at him and said:“I also beg you to let me go,it’s OK?I just hope to get a sincere and long-lasting love,Hand in hand to old。All you give is hurt,I hope to take the relationship seriously,I’ve tried my best so I won’t regret it!I’m different from you,All you need is emotional embellishment,And i’m the one who can’t do without love。Please let me go!You are a male,Knees are more expensive,I can just knock one more head?”
Qiangwei said,Knocked down again,There are two green grass sticking to the forehead,She looked at Abao with tearful eyes and said:“Is it enough?Can you let me go?”

Just verbal benefits,This group of people can last for two or three days at most,Will lose the passion at the beginning,It will become more and more difficult to achieve in the next few days,And if you want to maintain steady progress,Work and rest are the most important。

After all they are not like angels,There is no such innate will,Ten days,I want to insist on that kind of noisy and strong training every day,Most people can’t hold on。
“whatever。”Heard what Wu Xing said,Lena stopped talking,Anyway, there are nine days left to the other party。
And she also wanted Wu Xing to fail the bet against herself,That way, she can just be harassed,wrong,Did you tease each other??
Pick up a bunch of lamb skewers,Lena took a bite,Then I glanced at Qiangwei and asked curiously“correct,If Ge Xiaolun completes ten days of training,,You can really let Qiangwei accompany him on a date?”
“I don’t do it。”Qiangwei just listened to Rena’s words,I have already said it first。
“Haha。”Lena heard what Qiangwei said,Suddenly smiled。
It seems this guy,There are also times when they are flat,Qiangwei is not so easy to fool。
“Hey,Anyway, I also teach you such advanced wormhole technology,You just don’t give any face?”Wu Xing said silently。
“These are two different things。”Rose is unmoved,Besides, this technique was exchanged with her hands,Although it’s a little bit out of proportion,But how can I pay?。
Just take this matter now,No doors,Who told him not to mention。
“Hey,You are not so heartless, are you?I have said everything。”See the decisive appearance of Rose,Wu Xing is depressed。
“Said these are two different things,And i don’t call hello,My name is Du Qiangwei!”Qiangwei’s face turned black,Said heavily。
This guy must have tricked her on purpose,I can’t call others,Only don’t call her name。
“Ok,Since you don’t want,Then I told Ge Xiaolun directly,Anyway, lose a meat shield,It doesn’t matter to me。”See rose like this,Wu Xing spread his hands,Look indifferent。
“……。”Seeing Wu Xing’s appearance,Qiangwei wanted to pour the drink in his hand on his face。
“You are not only scum,Shameless!”After a while,Qiangwei gritted his teeth fiercely。
“Hey,Look at what you said,My teeth are good,When did you lose your teeth?”Wu Xing finished,A row of neat and white teeth。
“Hee hee,Wu Xing,When did you talk so funny?”Qilin saw Wu Xing’s funny side,Can’t help but laugh。
Before that, she always thought that the other party was a casual person,Just found out now,The other party is not only casual,Also funny。

But Widow Liu has no requirements,As if it was such selfless dedication,This is what makes people more puzzled。

of course,Qin Feng ignored that much,Anyway, if something happens,Widow Liu will speak up too。
It’s just that the peaceful years are over in one afternoon。
The vegetables in the village suddenly failed。
of course,For Qin Feng,This kind of thing has little effect,Because their vegetable supply has been suspended for a while。
After all, there are only a few fields left,It doesn’t work at all。
How many people are there,And it will cause trouble。
Qin Feng just let his people do the construction,There was nothing like this at the time,But when everyone’s vegetables are all ineffective,Everyone looked directly at Qin Feng。
“Qin Feng,What is the situation,Why do our vegetables have problems?”
“Do you have no good intentions for us to live a good life,This is what caused the vegetable problem?”
“Qin Feng,We always thought you were a good person,In the end, did you fucking cheat us folks like this??”
A group of people pointed at Qin Feng angrily and said,Qin Feng is a little speechless,What did you do wrong,Was accused of such groundless accusations。
at this moment,Qin Feng also said with a sigh:“I still want to ask you a word,Did i do something?You said to terminate the contract,Then I don’t have any trouble for you,Just follow the contract。”
Later, you said you want to leave the company,I have no card for you,Not even your liquidated damages,Are you too much at this moment??
Qin Feng’s words silenced many people,But more people suddenly reacted to a situation。
They seem to be really too much。

This kind of life is not necessarily in the books,But in Xiang Chen’s imagination,Already very satisfied,If I can not be disturbed,Of course the best。

“I want a plain life,Even if there is no way to do it yet,But I think from retirement to now,I have worked hard in this direction!I don’t want to die,I want to live。”
Xiang Chen looked at Shan You,There is no guilt on his face for not being able to help,It’s like stating a matter of course,Like:We are going to eat western food tonight!
Looking at Xiang Chen,Shan’s hanging heart suddenly calmed down。
“it is good!Boss waits for me to come back,I’ll steal the best wine for you,Best smoke!”
Shan then smiled and said to Xiang Chen,Then I really don’t mean to face Xiang Chen again。
Xiang Chen smiled,See you again,Some words,I can save it until the next time I meet,Forget it this time!
“Is it really going to happen??”
Led by Xiang Chen,Although Bai Lu liked the ending,But for the process,She is still a little worried。
“What can be!They are already adults,How could it be impossible to bear this?”Xiang Chen said indifferently。
Bai Lu can’t laugh or cry,I don’t know how to evaluate Xiang Chen, who is hiding in debt by his side now。
“Let’s go!He refuses to help,Let’s not disturb him!”
Looking at the backs of Xiang Chen and Bai Lu,Shan and helplessly smiled,When I turned my head and saw Dragon Five and Dragon Six,I couldn’t help but said with a straight face:“Anyway, you two are also staring at the name of the People’s Guard,How embarrassed he did it to the people?”
After free and easy,Shan started complaining mode again,Thinking if it wasn’t for Long Wu and Long Liu to shoot against Xiang Chen’s woman,Maybe he won’t be so angry。
“I just want to see his resilience,The enemy on the battlefield won’t tell us the rules!”
Long Wu responded,But it attracted a single and more fierce attack,“Then why don’t you do it in the downtown area??Make another explosion,Isn’t it more exciting?”
“Xiang Chen can’t get through here,Should we try other people?”
Long Liu wants to change the subject,But Shanyou’s reaction was even more intense,“The others are Xiang Chen’s subordinates,Xiang Chen can’t figure it out,Don’t even think about those few!”
Shan You’s expression is a bit depressed,Kick on the stone,Then gritted his teeth and pretended nothing。

I’ll wipe it!

What kind of shit logic is this?!
“Is not,Mr. Rothschild,We have to be reasonable.”
Qiao Tianyu was about to argue with dissatisfaction,In the end, he was poked by Geo Dahua,Let him not talk nonsense,Qiao Tianyu then closed his mouth angrily。
“reason?Reason with you gold thieves?”Who knows that the boy saw that Qiao Tianyu stopped talking,I thought Qiao Tianyu was afraid of him,Even more unscrupulous,“it is good,Today I will tell you what is truth?!”
After speaking, the boy suddenly looked at Cui Laosan on the side,“bring here!”
Cui Laosan dare not neglect,Hurriedly handed a swollen white woven bag to the boy’s hand。
When they came in just now,Qiao Tianyu was a little curious about the white woven bag Cui Laosan carried,Don’t know what’s in it,But it doesn’t seem to be heavy。
But Qiao Tianyu’s curiosity will soon have the answer,After the boy took the woven bag,Pour out everything inside。
Everyone take a closer look,what the hell,Since there are dozens of colorful flowers、All kinds of embroidered three-inch golden lotus shoes!
of course,Everyone is no stranger to embroidered cloth shoes,They are all the cloth shoes worn by Chinese women in previous dynasties with their feet,But everyone doesn’t understand why the boy took out so many embroidered cloth shoes today?
“Are you Qiao Tianyu??You have to reason with me,This is my truth!”The boy jumped up from his chair,Use your right thumb and index finger to pick up an embroidered cloth shoe from the floor,Said with disgust。
“These cloth shoes were made during the Opium War 150 years ago,The spoils captured by our East India Company from your China,of course,You Chinese women captured with these shoes back then!”
“You inferior nations,I don’t even have the qualifications to lift us shoes,Also worthy of reasoning with us?Rubbish!waste!Bastard!Lao Tzu said you stole the gold,You stole it!You are not qualified to bargain in front of me!”
“2100One hundred million U.S. dollars!If you can’t take it out this time,2100One hundred million U.S. dollars,We are like killing your ancestors 150 years ago,Killed you all!Slaughtered!This is my truth!Hahaha.”After saying that the young man looked up and laughed.
Hearing that young man abused us Chinese people so much,Qiao Tianyu is about to break out。

When He Er heard Xia Chenglong say that,The blood that had calmed down in my heart surged at the same time,At this moment I saw him spit out a bit of blood from his mouth。

After spraying out a bit of blood,At this moment, He Er fell to the ground all at once,Fell to the ground。
At this time, all the deserted people looked into the sky I found Xia Chenglong was hugging his chest with both hands,Staring at yourself,There is a hint of fear in everyone’s hearts,At this time, everyone heard him say:
“I now give you a chance,If this time you return to this seat,I will leave you a way out,If you insist on resisting,That this seat will not forgive。”
All the wild people heard Xia Chenglong say this,There is also a sudden tightness in my heart,A hint of panic suddenly flashed in his expression。
There was a flash in their eyes at this moment,Struggling,But then all the shortage,People fell on their knees,Then he kneeled and said to Xia Chenglong in a very religious tone and attitude:
“The villain knew it was wrong,I also hope that the adults will forgive me,I hope you can forgive me and let me go,A way out。”
Xia Chenglong heard these ridiculous people say that,I nodded in satisfaction at the time:“In that case,I don’t think you guys know what to do next,I don’t need to say anything more!”
All the people knelt down one after another,There is a little respect in the eyes。
When Xia Chenglong solved the deserted man,Just a thought,Came to the military account again,Everyone fell on one knee when they saw him coming,The tone is naturally very religious。
Chapter one thousand and seventy-two go away
Because the situation on the battlefield is changing rapidly,So this time Xia Chenglong solved it again,He Er didn’t dare to delay even a moment,Just turned directly,Next battlefield
“Welcome to the triumphant victory under the Dragon Throne。”
Xia Chenglong waved at them gently,Then he knocked them lightly,I spit out a few words gently from my mouth:“No need to courteous,Everyone, please don’t give up and flat your body!”
“Xie Longwang!”
When Xia Chenglong took the situation here gradually,After explaining to them a little bit,Didn’t stay here any more,Just turned around and left without saying a word。