Qiao Zhentian probably didn’t even feel it,What a guilty conscience I asked this sentence。

Qiao Zhentian is really afraid that Xiao Fan will temporarily change one of his ideas?
Who knows that Xiao Fan smiled and said to Qiao Zhentian:
“It’s nothing,I just want to tell you,If you want Qiaoshan to recover,Bring Qiaoshan to Yun City to find me in three days。”
If you say before,Qiao Zhentian just kept a polite smile to Xiao Fan。
So just after the words Xiao Fan said to him just now,Qiao Zhentian was stunned.。
Finally, he grabbed Xiao Fan’s arm excitedly,Asked:
“Mr. Xiao,Are you true?Can my son Qiao Shan’s legs really recover??”
To know,Since Qiao Shan kidnapped Lin Yoona last time,Later, Xiao Fan broke his legs。
Qiao Zhentian has hired famous doctors,Whether it’s domestic or foreign,Anything Qiao Zhentian can find。
But Qiao Zhentian took Qiao Shan to try it。
but,No matter how many hospitals Qiao Zhentian went to with Qiaoshan,How many famous doctors have I seen,But the answer is always only one。
Chapter One Hundred Sixty Five relax
That is a comminuted fracture,Want to return to normal,That’s just idiotic dreams。
and so,Later,Qiao Zhentian is good too,Qiaoshan is also good,Even if I don’t want to,I have to accept this reality。
but,right now,Xiao Fan actually said that he could bring Qiao Shan back to normal。
This is how Qiao Zhentian can not get excited。
“thump!”Bang,Qiao Zhentian directly knelt in front of Xiao Fan like this。

Xia Chenglong is no different in everyone’s eyes now,So a madman,An out-and-out madman,Because he is doing it for some unrelated people,And sacrificed the chance to break through the concentrating state。

But people like that are never able to understand the thoughts in the minds of people like Xia Chenglong。
MThe supernatural person of the country saw people in his country being slaughtered by Xia Chenglong on this battlefield.,I couldn’t sit still,So he flew into the air,Standing on the void,Looking at him coldly。
Some of them were talking to Xia Chenglong in a very bad Chinese:“You bastard,Dare to slaughter usmPeople,I think you really don’t want to live anymore,wemThe country’s anger is not something you can afford!”
Xia Chenglong thought for a while,If I want to fight these three powers,Unless you can kill one first,And in fact,Xia Chenglong used to practice a technique called Shadow Kill。
Take the enemy’s first level in an instant,Although this trick looks very abnormal,But in fact the consumption is also very huge。
And not only that,This trick actually has side effects on the body,A person can only use it once a day at most,If you use more,Will cause indelible damage to your body。
But now this situation can’t take care of so much,Xia Chenglong thought for a moment,Made a choice,Because the person who just spoke called him really annoying,So he was going to use him first。
The breath of Xia Chenglong is gathering secretly,At this time, a small awl condensed from spiritual energy suddenly appeared in the hands of Xia Chenglong。
The aura of the Emperor of Heaven carried on this awl is very pure,Looks dull,It’s like a jewelry。
But in fact,actually not,The heaven and earth aura carried on this little awl is enough to break the self-defense of anyone who asks the gods。
And more mysterious is,When this little awl enters the inside of those who ask the gods,It will burst into countless small pieces of spiritual power in an instant。
Just make an analogy like this,Is equivalent to an ordinary person swallowing one,The fuse has been opened**Same in the belly,The result is naturally predictable。
Chapter one thousand and thirty-three Shadow Kill
When this Shadow Killing Needle was condensed in Xia Chenglong’s hands,His face suddenly paled。
However, this Shadow Killing Needle was finally condensed in Xia Chenglong’s hands.,Xia Chenglong held the one in his hand,Shadow Killer,The corners of the mouth rise slightly,Evokes a playful smile。
And thatmThe supernatural player in the country does not know what he will face,Still talking to my companions in my own mind,Some things Xia Chenglong can’t understand。
When Xia Chenglong arrived in front of that person,That person’s face suddenly tightened。

Speaking of which,Director Feng handed Huang Zhaoluan one“you know!”’S eyes。

Huang Zhaoluan does understand!
Based on the sensitivity of a political creature,He is keenly aware,Chen Geng really pays attention to it,And the kind of attention beyond imagination,Who dare to stumble in this matter,Who will wait for the next endless shoes?……
Is it because of the computer monitor?!
Huang Zhaoluan heard Geng Shaojie’s report at the meeting,I know that the above seems to be very interested in Chen Geng’s cooperation proposal,think carefully,It seems that besides this reason,There is no other reason for senior management to do this,But if this is the case……is this necessary?
Yes,Huang Zhaoluan thinks that the senior management has made a big fuss。
That display,Even if Chen Geng has enough energy to purchase,But the personal computer market in the United States is so big,How many picture tubes can he buy from Huaxia even if Chen Geng uses the strength to eat milk??30,000 or 50,000?It’s the cooperation project between Chen Geng and FAW Hongqi Car,That’s the face of the Republic!
This is the so-called departmental interest at work,And Huang Zhaoluan also selectively ignored one point,That is:In the view of superiors,A project that, even the most conservative estimate, can bring China over one billion U.S. dollars in foreign exchange reserves in the next ten years,But it’s more important than the revitalization of Hongqi cars:The Hongqi car brand is there,Two years early and two years late is okay,I can’t run anyway,But this large and large foreign exchange earning project is uncertain,Once there is no way to give Chen Geng a positive answer in the shortest time,People won’t wait for themselves、I must go outside to find a partner,And once Chen Geng chose an outside partner,He will also cooperate on a large-scale China CRT industry?
You still have a chance when you say?It’s more cost-effective than struggling to fight for it in the future.,I still think of a way to keep Chen Geng a good deal now?This is obvious。
So the sadly reminded FAW still doesn’t know,Used to being“Republic’s eldest son”、Used to the country“delicious”Always hold yourself tight,At the high-level meeting two days ago“Out of favor”Up,At the meeting, the leader clearly proposed:“FAW must be highly politically conscious,Carry forward the style”。
FAW wants to cry:When is the turn of FAW“Develop style”Up?!
FAW does not want to promote style,Don’t want to,But at this time, they can’t help but think about it,Because the people who came to FAW to pick up Chen Geng were not only comrades from the foreign affairs department,And the comrades from Office One。
PS:Brothers sorry,I owe this these two days4000word,Make up in the next two days。
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This is the most powerful way for the management to deal with the union,It seems that Chen Geng is also preparing to deal with the union,But the problem is if the union is large enough,For example, in a family1000There are800Union members,Then it’s difficult for the management to work,Because it’s not easy to replace all workers。

And the auto industry is the union“Hardest hit area”,There are close to150Million,And the peak period has actually been reduced a lot,in1979Year,Union membership in the automotive industry has reached its peak,exceed151Ten thousand,Think about it everyone,How many employees are there in the entire U.S. automotive industry?
“Brother,I roughly understand what you mean,You are going to find some workers from our North American Chinese community to temporarily replace those who went on strike?”Zhang Zongping asked。
“Not a temporary replacement,”Chen Geng corrected him:“I am not going to agree to any conditions from the union,This negotiation,I just rushed to talk about the collapse,I plan to use this opportunity to reduce the proportion of union members to20%the following。”
Put union members inAMCRatio of employees20%a bit?Zhang Zongping was shocked,He didn’t expect Chen Geng to be so ambitious!
Not so fresh,Zhang Zongping was also a little scared,He couldn’t help but think about if he、And even the entire North American Chinese Chamber of Commerce standing behind Chen Geng。
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First151chapter Money is hard to buy I am happy
Chen Geng was a little disappointed。
When Zhang Zongping said this,,Chen Geng knew,It’s impossible to ask my compatriots for help,Oppressed by white people for hundreds of years,Let the North American Chinese always adopt a wise attitude to protect themselves when encountering similar things:The white man is not easy to mess with,Can’t afford,Let’s stay away。
“to make!”But even though I think so,But Chen Geng would not tear Zhang Zongping because Zhang Zongping didn’t help himself.,He answered,Said:“In this case,I wait for your news。”
Zhang Zongping breathed a sigh of relief,I just think that Chen Geng has treated himself、Support to Chamber of Commerce,He couldn’t help feeling guilty:“Brother,This one……It’s not brother, I won’t help……”

Lu Guanqiu who stood up suddenly and shouted,Not only surprised Chen Geng,It scared all the factory directors present、Secretaries,Where did this guy come out?

Chen Geng was even more taken aback:This guy looks familiar,Do gimbal……
Lao Lu?!
What surprised Chen Geng was,How could Lao Lu appear in this venue??In his capacity、status,It seems that you are not qualified to appear in this venue, right?
But Zhang Changmou is not happy,He frowned and said:“This comrade,Please pay attention to the venue discipline。”
Although Lu Guanqiu’s face made him feel strange,But Zhang Changmou didn’t care much,As the deputy director of the Automobile Bureau of the First Ministry of Machinery Industry,He has an impression of the main comrades in the system,But today there are comrades from the agricultural machinery system participating in this meeting,This comrade that I feel like the face should belong to the agricultural machinery system, right??
I have a bit of contempt for the agricultural machinery system:As expected of mud legs,There is almost no organization and discipline,If everyone is like you,Isn’t that all messed up?Can’t do the work?
“It’s ok,”Since I am an old acquaintance,Of course there is some face,Chen Geng waved to Zhang Changmou,Signal to oneself not to care。Then he looked at his old acquaintance with a smile:“This gentleman,You said your unit is a gimbal, right??”
“Yes。”Lu Guanqiu bit his head and nodded。
“If your product quality can meet our requirements,Of course, no problem,”Chen Geng nodded,immediately,He has a heart attack:“correct,This gentleman,Which company do you belong to?Which company did you mainly supply to in the past?”
Lu Guanqiu is dumbfounded,He blinked a few times,Just said:“I……I’m from Xiaoshan Ningwei Commune,Our unit is called Ningwei Commune Agricultural Machinery Repair Factory……”
I didn’t wait for Lu Guanqiu to finish,Suddenly burst into laughter in the huge conference room!

Xia Chenglong is now an absolute celebrity in the North Sea,Who doesn’t want to get a glimpse of his face。

“Thank you for your help,Thank you for your help!”Dazhu quickly bowed。
Others quickly thanked after knowing the identity of Xia Chenglong,Xia Chenglong at this moment is a god descending to the earth for them。
“stand up!”
The leader led everyone to get up,But still bends down slightly。
“Why are you here?”
“Small dissatisfied adults,I just want to pick up a leak,This is also forced by life!”
to be frank,Xia Chenglong didn’t want to control,But was moved by the other’s feelings,This will make a move。
“If you don’t mind,Can go to Bencheng,Just say that I introduced it。”
Dazhu and others quickly deducted thanks,It’s not easy to go to Ben Thanh now,They already have this idea,But there has been no way。
“Thank you for your love,I will swear to the death to protect the safety of Bincheng,To repay your life-saving grace。”
Xia Chenglong nodded:“Ok,It’s dangerous here,You should leave as soon as possible!”
Finished,The whole person disappeared again,Leaving everyone with big eyes and small eyes,They seem to be still in a dream,I can’t believe what happened just now。
Big post raises his head:“I just said,I just saw Master Xia,Don’t you believe,I’ll believe it!”
“All the way,You are good,You have the ability to be like others!”

Yao Yao is skeptical,Mo Mo on the side also thinks like this。

“They are busy now,There shouldn’t be any time for us to take revenge?And wanted by so many countries,There is no chance for us to show our talents。”
The strategic policy expressed by Xiang Chen is very simple,Just stick to it,Never proactively cause trouble。
But Mo Mo and Yao Yao agreed,If Xiang Chen can really implement this strategic policy to the end,It won’t be mixed up like this,It should be a monthly salary of several thousand yuan a month,Paddling with peace of mind。
Throw the computer aside,Ivincent’s business is over,But there are other things to deal with。
Xiang Chen and Yao Yao also looked at Mo Mo attentively,This moment,Especially when Mo Mo doesn’t look good yet,Must not be distracted。
“Ding Sheng called,Said there was a celebration,In the country,Want to ask if we have time,I can walk with Ye gently。”
Mo Mo looked at Xiang Chen,I don’t know if he will overthrow the strategy he can’t stick to。
“Why go to Heguo?Is it not fragrant at Chinese festivals??”
Xiang Chen held his forehead weakly,I didn’t plan to take a half step out of China,Suddenly there was news of Ding Sheng asking for help,It really caught Xiang Chen by surprise,Of course the most important thing is the pain。
“An award ceremony,Once every two years,Similar to the Olympics,All the stars will visit,Even if it’s just walking a red carpet,Also with glory。”
Speaking of fashion gossip,Yao Yao still knows a lot。
“As long as they can receive invitations,Should be mixed in the entertainment circle not bad,Only one year back,Ye Qing can receive an invitation to this celebration,Pretty awesome!Many people spend money on the red carpet position。”

and,They know that hero Lu!I also know the Beigong family and the Qin family,Are all planted in the hands of that hero Lu,And Ding is because Ding San Gongzi and hero Lu joined forces,Was spared。

but,They didn’t know that with the help of Lu Menglin, Mr. Mu,Already won the Red Willow City,Drove away City Lord Liu。
Actually these two great Ding masters,It’s the elder Ding Dian’s team,The three of them always respect Ding Dian,It’s up to him。
Ding Dian always forbears,Superb calculation,Let them lead the team out of town two days ago,I found a place to cat for a while,And then turn to the Skeleton Plain,Is to find out the human base that trades with Hu’s firm。
Although the hero Lu promised,Hand over the subsequent business to Ding,And not limited to Hongliucheng,But because of this,Instead, Ding Dian became greedy。
He guessed,Behind the hero Lu,There must be humans,And there are many human races,It might even have a spatial passage,Direct access to the human world。
That’s why Ding Dian resorted to the trick,Own family,Secretly drew Ding’s master out,Sneak Attack on the City of Steel。
He thought that the attention of the hero Lu should be focused on dealing with the remnants of the Beigong family and the Qin family.,And there is a city lord in Hongliu City,Is bound to conflict with them,How did you know that Lu Menglin engaged in a vigorous civilian·movement,Dividing up local tyrants,Abruptly scared the city lord away。
And Ding Dian pretends to be a masked person,Kill Liu City Lord Halfway,I want to grab an angry swordsman,It’s another plan of his。
The two of him heard Wei Xiaoxing’s words,Still a little dubious,Because they don’t believe,Dignified City Lord’s Mansion,Strongest,Biggest card,How could it disappear in just two days,This is really incredible。
“Don’t you believe?The one who picked you up just now is He Bu, the master of Hero Lu!Keep your dog eyes open and see clearly!Laozi is a favorite Wei Xiaoxing,If it weren’t for the Red Willow City,We can come back?”
Wei Xiaoxing is smart,Needless to say, you also know that Liu Niu’er is thinking about delaying time,So he just said nothing surprisingly,Say whatever horror。
The two in mid-air looked in the direction he was pointing,I saw He Bu。

at this time,The guests in the hotel are almost gone,Only a few boxes still have guests。

Zhao Nan stopped a waiter who was about to take the menu to order,Took the menu from her,With a face full of disgust,Just walk towards the girl。
“Speak,What to order today。”
Zhao Nan threw the order menu in front of the girl,Said。
“Better tone,I am a guest!”
The girl said,Don’t get a menu,Just tilted her head in Wu Xiaorou’s direction,Playful tone。
“no way,I have this attitude,Do you like to eat。”
Zhao Nan is not at all polite,Just a word and went back。
“Yo ha,Pretty stiff。”
The girl looked at Zhao Nan unexpectedly,Raised eyebrows,Continue:“Then yesterday’s dish,Continue with the previous one!”
“Sold out,No more,Change something else?”
Zhao Nan replied,Looking at the girl’s face,It’s getting angry again for no reason。
Girls don’t care,Pick up the menu,I just ordered two dishes,Go on:“Then these two!”
“Also sold out,Keep changing。”
Zhao Nan connects。
“Then these two。”
Girl looking up,Gently glanced at Zhao Nan,I ordered two dishes on the menu。
“No more。”

“Yoona,Yoona,what happened to you?”Just when Lin Yoona was completely absorbed in the memory,Naturally, I feel a little worried。

I want to talk about the things Lin Yoona remembered,It is also one of the rebirths in Lin Yuner’s life。
And this reincarnation is probably the only one of Xiao Fan and Lin Yun’er not facing each other.,It’s a very harmonious cycle, right?。
in fact,For Xiao Fan,He also likes such a reincarnation most。
but,Later,But things are far from being as sweet as Lin Yoona remembers now。
so,This is why Xiao Fan is at this time,One of the most important reasons that suddenly interrupted Lin Yoona’s memory。
And Lin Yoona is like walking out of a dream,After the whole person woke up,He just looked at Xiao Fan blankly。
Subsequently,After a few seconds,Just ask:“Xiao Fan,What’s wrong with me?Why did I see the two of us just now.”
“All right,All right,It’s all past,Moreover,Just now,Didn’t you tell me that we must look forward,Look towards the unknown future,Isn’t it?”Xiao Fan raised his hands and shook it towards Lin Yun’er’s shoulders。
Talking about this time,It’s really like this,People,Sometimes it’s like this,When talking about others coming,Will be all right,But once the matter comes to my head,In my heart, there is a great possibility that I will not think like this。
Rao is always shrewd like Yoona Lin, and he has never escaped such a common sense.。
but,Okay,Xiao Fan is always by her side,Because Xiao Fan will always be with her。
“I know,Xiao Fan,I should be like you said,I shouldn’t indulge in the past,But should be aligned in the direction you said,None of us think about the past,We all look to the future,To create a happy life for the two of us,Alright?”
Lin Yuner spoke to Xiao Fan word by word,Look in his eyes,Said infinitely affectionately。
And Xiao Fan seems to be affected by Lin Yoona’s emotions,Haven’t people already said it?,When one is invited to the depths,It’s easy to do things。
so,When Lin Yuna’s voice fell,,Xiao Fan didn’t answer them,But involuntarily lowered his head,I approached Lin Yoona’s face little by little。
And Lin Yoona doesn’t have the slightest feeling to be shy at this moment.,When Xiao Fan’s breath is getting closer and closer to her,She also closed her eyes involuntarily。