Three days,Chen Geng can afford,He doesn’t worry about what Yoshifumi Tsuji will make.,So natural,Meet old friend Elliott at a banquet·Richardson’s time,Chen Geng is in a good mood:“Lord General,long time no see,You are still in spirit。”

Elliott·Lieutenant General Richardson is the Pentagon responsible for the acquisition、Deputy Minister of Technology and Logistics,In order toHMMWVSold the military vehicle to the Pentagon,Chen Geng was still Elliott who walked through the old Jotson·Richardson’s relationshipHMMWVThe sales problem of,Our relationship has been very good over the years,Can be regarded as one of Chen Geng’s main contacts in the Pentagon。
Elliott·Richardson and Chen Geng touched their glasses,Smiled:“Old friend,Now you can’t call me general。”
“Ok?”Chen Geng raised his eyebrows:“What do you mean?Did you get promoted to general?congratulations。”
“Is not,”Elliott·Richardson said with a smile:“I am now retired。”
“You retired?!”
Elliott·Richardson’s answer was far beyond Chen Geng’s expectations.,His eyes widened in surprise。
“Yes,”Elliott·Richardson explained to Chen Geng:“you know too,I’m older,The tedious work of the Pentagon is a bit too heavy for me,So after careful consideration,I applied for retirement six months ago,Finally completed the retirement process last month。”
Looking at the red light、Elliott·Richardson,Chen Geng Chen Geng shook his head secretly:This is what you said is not enough energy?
As far as Chen Geng knows,Elliott·Richardson only this year62year old,In the U.S,There is no strict retirement age,But generally65Years old66The two ages are the boundary,66Retire at age and receive full social security benefits,But for senior government officials and the United States@military、Especially for the generals of the Pentagon,let them66Retiring at the age of old makes it harder for them to accept than killing them,So we can see gray-haired generals in many Hollywood films、The speaker,This is not a movie technique,This is real in the United States。
Elliott·Richardson’s previous rank was Lieutenant General,And in the U.S.,The average retirement age of lieutenants is72.6year old,Elliott·Richardson retires at this time,It definitely exists to lower the average retirement age of American generals。
But since they chose to retire,Naturally it has been considered,Chen Geng shook his head regretfully:“Really……Lord General,I can only say respect for your decision,But this is too regrettable,You are not at the pentagon,Is a great loss to the American people。”
Chen Geng’s words are nice,Elliott·Richardson smiled very happy,He smiled and waved his hand to Chen Geng:“Fernandez,Don’t worry,Although i retired,But Royce took over my position,You can go to him if you have anything in the future。”
Elliott·Richardson’s remarks have several meanings,The core meaning is to tell Chen Geng,Even if I am Elliott·Richardson retired from the Pentagon, don’t worry,How did we work together before,Cooperation as usual in the future,I have arranged the rest for you,Still our acquaintances,So feel free to go find him。
Chen Geng naturally understands,So he nodded:“When it’s right,I went back to visit General Royce。”
Elliott·Royce in Richardson,Royce·Michael Roy,This guy used to be Elliott·Richardson’s assistant,The rank at the time was brigadier general,these years,This guy is in Elliott·A smooth journey under Richardson,in88Has been promoted to the rank of major general,In the previous year、That is1993In the year,This guy entered the promotion list of the lieutenant general。


text Chapter Two Hundred and Eighty Two Plan and move
Lu Menglin easily subdued Director Mo,Don’t wait for the other person to react,Straight back shear arm,Dragging Mr. Mo, whose face has changed from pain, onto the window sill of the elevator.。
It seems that Korea in this era has not experienced the Great Depression,Not many white-collar workers commit suicide by jumping off the building,So there is no guard rail on the windowsill,Lu Menglin opened the window as soon as he reached out,The wind is coming in。
“tell them,Apologize immediately!otherwise,I will throw him down!”Lu Menglin said lightly。
Xiao Cai was shocked,Until Lu Menglin gave another feed,She just woke up like a dream,Stammering in Korean。
Not only her,Ade and AVI’m all scared。
AhVEven if regeneration,I would never expect to use such a crude way to directly start with these Korean bitches。
To know,This is Korea!The four of them are unfamiliar,If you really get into trouble,I’m afraid it is called Tiantian,Call the land not working。
“This.This is too fierce!”AhVDumbfounded,While my heart is full of worry,More moved。
He thought he knew Lu Menglin well,Just know now,I just think too much,The acting style of the big boss behind the scenes,It’s not what he can predict。
but,one way or another,Can a friend stand up for you at this time,Stand for you,I’m so happy in my heart!
AhVSecretly made up his mind,No matter how much this incident will be,He will use all his relationships,Death save lord!
Correct!from now on,He is no longer the boss,He is the lord!AhVOnce determined,I’m not so afraid。
Just when everyone was stunned,Lu Menglin had already stuffed Mr. Mo’s big fat head into the window。
Mr. Mo was so frightened,He never dreamed,It’s just a bit of a bitch on the corridor of my company,It would be life-threatening!
then,He made a horrible grunt like a pig,In a blink of an eye, even the crotch is wet,This guy is scared to pee!
Chinese people,too frightening!

“that,Then he is not as good as Father。”Ming Shizun stammered,His mind has not fully recovered from the shock。

“you are wrong!He holds a country,Although it’s just showing off,But it can’t be underestimated。Besides, he has a deep connection with the military,Otherwise, I won’t be the chief instructor of the Iron Lion army.,Plus now the senior management is very interested in him,I hope he can control various forces in Southeast Asia。”Mingliu talks quietly。
“what?Then his power will become greater and greater,I am not convinced!”Ming Shizun hurriedly said。
He was forced to kneel on the spot by Lu Menglin,Can be described as a deep hatred,He even forged this big feud for Ming,Now Lu Menglin is in full swing,Of course he can’t sit still。
Mingliu faintly saw his son’s look flustered,Can’t help but frown,Gave his son a faint look。
He knows very well,My own son is smart and smart,Many things can be done at one point,Are born with wisdom,It’s just that I have experienced too little wind and waves since childhood,Everything goes smoothly,When encountering setbacks, it is easy to mess up。
of course,It’s also because he has a too strong father,There is this wise and almost demon Ming Liu who sits in the Ming clan,Ming Shizun will naturally think of letting his father find a way。
“Only now,Only temporarily avoid the front。Don’t mess with him。”Mingliu smiled。
“Ok。father!But this person has already formed an enmity with our Ming family,He may not be willing to be in peace with us,And the greater the power of such a person,Future dive
The higher the danger!Father must be on guard。”
“Don’t worry about these things。The stronger he is,The sooner we are from destruction!There will be arrangements for the father。”Mingliu faintly。
Ming Shizun dare not disobey his father,Just in my heart,That surnamed Lu turned out to be so terrible,What will my father do to clean him up??
Although I saved my life,,But Ming’s shame,If you don’t find this place,Why does the Ming family continue to gain a foothold among the wealthy??
Lu Menglin lived in Su’s mansion for two days,One hour a day,Use Gang Jin to absorb medicine for Su Daqiang,Keep his life energy in balance,regain health。
As Su Daqiang’s body improved significantly,The Su family’s respect for this Mr. Lu is also increasing day by day,Goodwill rise。
After all, the other party was forced to retreat even the Tangtang Ming clan.!With this patron of Su’s family,Make Su’s family feel more reliable。

“Hi boss,I come fromXXXiaohong!”

“Hi boss,I come fromXXGreen Willow!”
“Hi boss,I come fromXXXiaoying!”
With these beautiful girls introducing themselves one by one,Those smiles deliberately pleased,It made the poor children in the mountains like Liu Taosheng fully feel the unparalleled impact。
These beautiful girls,If on the street,Almost all of them are Liu Taosheng who dare not even look at them.,But in this bizarre box,They become commodities,Just spend money,I can smile at you,Drink with you,Play with you,Even if I want to go further, I just need to add money.。
Liu Taosheng’s values,Or the attitude towards women,With the arrival of these accompany ladies,And there was an irreversible shake。
“Do you like it??”Lu Menglin’s voice sounded coldly。
text Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty Six Change batch
I heard Lu Menglin’s call,Liu Taosheng was awake now,Shook his head quickly。
He even felt ashamed,Because at that moment,He almost forgot the existence of Xiaoxin,Faced with so many beauties within reach,Such a real temptation,Confused him。
Zhang Bo shook his head,Even Zhu Xiaoguang shook his head with him。

“Yu Song’s army is vulnerable,Strength is too weak。If i have ideas,Within a week,Can destroy its kingdom。”Lu Menglin said loudly。

Such a hard answer,All the people present couldn’t help but take a breath。
They all know Wu Hao is arrogant,I didn’t expect him to be so arrogant!
In front of the big figures in the core circle,He is so crazy,Openly clamoring to destroy Yu Song Kingdom,This is beyond the psychological tolerance of everyone。
When several heads of state looked at Wu Hao again,Are beginning to show deep fear。
They are not afraid of normal people,Because as long as it is a normal person,There is desire,There is demand,It means weakness,But a madman,No one knows what he can do,No way to predict,This is the scariest place。
And this is still a powerful force in his hands,And has a super-high IQ and command ability!Who is not afraid?
“Your army is really so strong?”The mysterious woman in the light curtain asked with a slightly surprised voice。
“of course!They are powerful!And under my command,Even more powerful!”Lu Menglin said solemnly。
Dare to brag in front of the big figures in the core circle,This blow,Everyone present was terrified,But there is a faint excitement。
Because this is the leader of the chaos circle,In front of people in the core circle! Not anyone can do it!
“well!The stronger your chaos circle, the better!I invite you to come to the New Year reception this time,Is to announce an important decision to you。The core circle executives discussed,Decided to unite all the forces of the plane,Decisive battle with aliens!”
After the mysterious woman said these words,All the heads of state present were shocked,Everyone’s eyes become firm。
The core circle should have stood up long ago to call on everyone!
The battle between the seven great nations,All you do is land、Population and resources,And those alien monsters,But it’s only one heart to kill and destroy,Their purpose is to kill all the human races on this plane,Then transform this land into an environment suitable for them,They are the life and death enemies of the entire human race。
Compared with the endless plane race war,The battle between Korea and Tieqin at night,It’s just a contradiction within the human race。
“Call you here this time,One more thing,Is to choose the strongest among you,Served as commander-in-chief of the Terran Coalition,He will lead the human army,Fight against an alien!And our core circle,Will provide all the resources needed for the war,Unlimited supply,Including helping you improve war technology!”
When the mysterious woman in the light curtain said these few words,The heads of state present,A majestic flame ignited in everyone’s eyes,This is hard to hide ambition and desire。
Become the commander-in-chief of the Terran Army,Not to mention this huge prestige and reputation,Alone can command the entire human army,Means gaining supreme power in the chaos circle,After this final battle is over,If the entire human army is destroyed,As long as the Terran Army wins,Drive alien monsters out of the plane,At that time, the commander of the coalition forces,He deserves to be the king of all races!

Audience in two live broadcast rooms,Have a great time,They are all annoying that the kind of person who hangs on the title of gods sway。

I was stunned on a sunny day,Year guard!She rose to the top ten,It was the first time someone gave her a new year guard,After all too expensive,Over ten thousand!
She was about to thank you excitedly,An ancient god descends。
This big player,Who doesn’t know about their platform?
I saw that he also opened a guard for a year,Sent a flying screen:“Come on,Kind of clowns don’t care!”
“Thank you!Thanks brother Hu,And Jiangnan boss。”
Fans of Sunny’s House also gave thanks,Happy for my anchor,A round of wheat,Receive two years guard,It’s pretty sunny, usually one month’s income!
Chapter Twenty Eight Dinner
Spend 10,000 yuan,Take a breath,For the former Populus,May be a very luxurious thing,But for him now,Just trivial。
To know,Just today,He made almost 4 million。
And in fact,Today’s live broadcast,He also received tens of thousands of yuan in gifts,So it doesn’t hurt to send it out。
It’s exactly this move,Make more anchors send out invitations to Hu Yang,There are even some big anchors。After all, I got two years of guarding at once,Even for some big anchors,Is also a rare harvest。
but,Hu Yang did not continue the live broadcast,I have been busy for several hours today。
“I took a look,The phone is almost dead,Today’s live broadcast ends here,Want to learn more about appraising treasures,Almost the same time tomorrow,See you!”
Hu Yang waved his hand at the phone camera,Say goodbye to everyone。
If you say it will be broadcast,Very simply,Make the audience in the live broadcast room speechless。
Until he closes the live broadcast,The number of online viewers reached more than 15,000,The attention has risen to more than two thousand three hundred。This data,Is the result he got live the next day,Can’t be said to be very powerful,But not bad。
Live streaming is a profession full of chance,Some people might get rich overnight,Boom overnight, etc.。Hu Yang’s achievement,Really nothing,It hasn’t even attracted the attention of the platform。

The annual campus basketball game coincides with the opening。

Freshmen who can play basketball are struggling to get in touch these days,Just waiting for the basketball court to win the spotlight after debut,The perfect script for opening campus basketball prince。
Telecom and machinery are still the favorites to win this year,Colleges of Computer,As Wannian Yaoji, the journalism school is not so keen on this matter.,I just want to make a cut-off when we gather a team,Even training is paddling。
Freshman’s little brother’s game,Lin Yuna, who is an elder sister of Yanyi, has no interest,But she got gossip from Li Shuqi。
“Two people on the basketball team had conflicts in the team and they fell into a ditch and broke into a hospital.,People on the news team are not ready now,I don’t know where I heard that Teacher Xiao was on the school basketball team when he was in college.,Now all boys in the School of Journalism squat at the door of Teacher Xiao’s office every day, begging him to participate in the competition。”
Lin Yoona ignores the funny cause,Really ran to watch,Li Shuqi really didn’t lie to her,The entire college of journalism,The number of boys is pitiful,Dozens of boys lined up at the door of the office,How spectacular is that scene。
Xiao Fan went to the toilet,The boys from the journalism school outside surrounded him,Collective bow:
“Teacher Xiao!please!”
Xiao Fan came back after going to the toilet,The boys bow again:“Teacher Xiao!please!”
But none of this touched the cold-blooded teacher Xiao。
Later, the boys changed to a circuitous route,For example, Teacher Xiao handed him toilet paper in time when he went to the bathroom,For example, when Teacher Xiao doesn’t have time to go to the cafeteria to eat, give him takeaway,For example, when Teacher Xiao was in class, he secretly stuffed cards and flowers on his desk,Wherever I go, I look at Teacher Xiao with a nearly pious look。
Xiao Fan can’t stand the offensive of a group of boys against him,Finally, the office director came forward to persuade him:“Xiao Xiao,You agree,The trash can in the office is full every day,I don’t know, I thought our teacher was taking bribes。”
In the end, Teacher Xiao really couldn’t stand dozens of boys taking turns to help him pass the toilet paper every day.,Can only promise。
If this continues, he feels that he has been sexually harassed。
After Teacher Xiao got on the thief ship,Sadly discovered that he can’t get off。
Because the favorites to win the championship every year, the soup is not changed,No other colleges have their days,So other colleges racked their brains on the basketball court to do something to attract fans to play for their collegecallShouting,Raise awareness。
The School of Journalism will not let the cheerleaders dance this year.,It’s time to change the method of sucking powder after jumping for several years。
Chapter nine hundred and fifty-nine bully
What they came up with was the dance of the basketball team,Dance the theme song of one of the most popular idol selection programs。

“I don’t want it。Now like this,I like very much。Occasionally a girl,Still very good。No need to be a girl。”

Lin Yuna said:“Oh,So this is ah,It turns out that our Bai Jiehai can switch between various modes at will。I really saw it。”
Baiqi said:“That is natural,Don’t you see you explain for nothing who can be like ordinary people?Don’t you have to have your own characteristics??”
Lin Yuna said:“Yes Yes Yes,Sister Bai is the most distinctive。”
At this time, White said to Lin Yun:“okay,Just sit here with you for a while,I have to go home,My mother is still waiting for me at home。”
“Can take a day off tomorrow,I am going out shopping with my mother。”
Lin Yuna said:“You don’t want to stay at home and rest and go shopping,Not too tired。”
Baiqi said:“That is,How can you be tired from shopping?Only work is tired,Shopping is equivalent to relaxing at home。”
Lin Yuna said:“Then go home quickly,Don’t let Auntie wait in a hurry。”This is when Lin Yoona suddenly thought that Bai Qi had already driven the car to their house,How do you go back then??
Lin Yuna said:“Sister Bai,How are you going back?Put the car back。”
Baiqi said:“Nothing,I went out to take a taxi,Our home is not far from here。”
Lin Yuna said:“How can that work??I’ll send you!After I send it back to you,I come back,I’m fine anyway。”
Baiqi said:“You can stop you。When I came back, I came in,You got Xiao Fan from the study room,You should stay with her。”
“I can take a taxi by myself,I am not a kid。Pack the car keys,Don’t just throw,Can’t find it,I am leaving。”
“OK then。”Lin Yuna said,“Bye bye,See you at the company the day after tomorrow。”
Baiqi said:“See you after all,I am leaving,Don’t give it away,Let’s go back。”
After Lin Yuna goes back,,The key that Bai Qi had just brought was placed in the drawer of the hallway,Then go to the study。
“Dong dong dong”Lin Yoona knocked on the door of the study,Xiao Fan’s voice from inside,“come in。”
After Lin Yuner came in, she told him:“Sister Bai is gone。He went home。”

Subsequently,Lawyer Wang and Yuner Lin completed the property transfer on the coffee table in the living room.。

Of course,It’s Lin Yuna who signed unilaterally now.,Because Qiao’s side,Qiao Zhentian already signed his own letter。
The more Lin Yuna signs,,The more I felt shocked at the general trend of Qiao’s family。
Because Lin Yoona is signing it alone now,The hands that have been signed are already a bit sour,But I looked at the pile of papers on the desk,Seems to be up to now,Only half signed。
Xiao Fan seems to see it,I walked to Lin Yuna’s side,Then said softly:“If your hands are tired,Just rest for a while,Anyway, we are not in a hurry。”
Xiao Fan’s voice fell。Qiao Shan’s voice over there also immediately sounded:“Yes indeed,Yes indeed,We are not in a hurry。”
Lin Yuner smiled at Xiao Fan,Then said:“It’s ok,I can!”
Finished,Regardless of Xiao Fan’s dissuasion,Just continue to work hard。
During Lin Yuna’s signature,Everyone said nothing more。
The only voice in the entire living room is the one written by Lin Yuner“Sha Sha Sha”The sound of writing。
Don’t know how long it took,Lin Yoona finally put a lot of money,Then stretched out his arms,Shook his arm vigorously。
Really tired。
Qiao Shan over there sees that all the documents have been signed,Also greatly relieved。
After Attorney Wang has done all the follow-up questions,Qiao Shan said to Xiao Fan:

Although Lieutenant Hanks and Captain Ken, the boss of the test team, can’t talk about friendship,But he often comes to the testing ground,Are all from the same project team,Everyone is familiar,Seeing Ken’s excited look,Thinking of Chen Geng’s hateful face,He couldn’t help but call Ken:“Hey,Ken。”

“Ok?”Captain Ken raised his eyebrows,Tell Hanks what to say quickly,I can’t wait to have a good and intimate relationship with these three babies in front of me。
“This car,”Pointing to just drive offC-130Cargo ramp、The engine hasn’t even stalled yet“hummer”,Lieutenant Hanks said:“This car is made by Fernandez,Just‘Magic claw’……”
“so what?”Without waiting for Lieutenant Hanks to finish,Captain Ken has disapproval:“I don’t care if he is produced by Ford、Chrysler is still produced by Magic Claw,Here I am,Always speak with test results。”
“……”Lieutenant Hanks was speechless。
The already impatient Captain Ken waved his hand:“Gentlemen,First test the basic data,See if there is any problem with the data given to us by Fernandez。”
What is basic data?
Is the length, width and height of the car、Engine power、Ground clearance、Approach angle、Departure angle、Maximum speed、Maximum load、Maximum driving distance of the vehicle when full of fuel,Gradeability、Ability to cross ramps laterally、Wading depth、Turning radius and even suspension stroke……
Etc., etc。
In the thick material handed over with the car,These data are actually already clear,After all, the manufacturer must test it countless times before sending it to the test.,I won’t give it until I have enough confidenceHMMVProject team to test,canHMMVThe project testing team will still retest these basic data again。
what did you say?
How can anyone be stupid enough to mess with these basic data?
If you think so, it’s wrong,For example, the first batch of prototypes sent by Ford for testing made a fake about the ability to cross the ramp laterally.,according toHMMVProject bidding instructions,Brand newHMMVMust be able to slope at40%、That is, the angle is21.8Steady forward on a steep slope。
note,This requirement is not for you to climb,Instead, let the vehicle drive laterally on this sloped road,The one climbing up is60%、That is, the slope is31Slope。
after testing,Ford’s test cars can only support at most37%、That is, the slope is20.3Driving on a ramp,But the information from Ford says that this car can be used in40%Driving sideways on the ramp,In other words,Ford has cheated on the ability to drive laterally on a ramp。
Of course this Ford car was beaten back。
of course,Don’t cancel Ford’s participation because of such a disqualificationHMMVQualifications,After being beaten back,If Ford modifies the car,Satisfied40%The requirements for lateral driving on the ramp can be,But even giants like Ford cheat on basic data,HMMVHow can the project test team give the manufacturer the data without thinking about it??
The test results came out soon……
“Captain Ken,‘hummer’Body length4.7Meter、width2.2Meter。height1.8Meter,Ground clearance410Mm,Meet and exceed standards;”