These three types of food should be the most taboo, never eat!

These three types of food should be the most taboo, never eat!

With the improvement of living standards, the variety of ingredients is extremely rich, and various processed foods are also emerging.

When there are few things, I am afraid that I have no choice; when I have more things, I have made “choosing phobia”: Some things, some can eat, what is not recommended?

How to pick it?

As a nutrition expert, you often recommend healthy foods. Is there any food that you absolutely don’t eat, absolutely “taboo”?

Do you definitely eat some food?

The things, taste, and even nutrition of the entrance can be placed next, safe and hygienic, and eating is not a minimum requirement.

According to this principle, the following three types of food should never be touched.

1. Foods with unsafe security have been placed indoors for one night or longer, and there is no heat-sterilized food. The risk of microbial exceeding the standard and breeding of bacterial toxins is extremely high.

Nearly rotten, not fresh vegetables, marinated for a few days of pickled vegetables, dead shrimps and crabs, moldy nuts and food, expired small foods, etc., directly throw away the most insurance.

All the fresh ingredients in the supermarket are also recommended to give priority to the highest quality ones. Don’t choose quality foods to save money.

2, natural mushrooms containing toxins or foods that may be contaminated, unknown source of puffer fish, raw beans and bean sprouts, untreated bitter almonds, wild vegetables and wild fruits not known outside.

Even if they are delicious, how can they be nutritious?

3, foods that cause allergies Some people are allergic to nuts, a nut may be life-threatening, really can not risk eating.

Some people are allergic to mango, take a bite, their face is swollen and they have difficulty breathing, so don’t look for sin.

Others eat seafood, milk, etc., will indigestion or diarrhea, do not eat.

Sensitive, this is quite personal, knowing which type of food you are sensitive to, intolerance, and paying more attention when eating.

Which foods can you not eat?

In addition to the circumstances that may cause significant toxicity, some foods are also classified as “can not eat, do not eat.”

1, uncomfortable food after eating, whether it is the body or the mood, eating some kind of food is not comfortable, then what to eat it?

For example, some people don’t like coriander, celery, carrots, and mutton. It doesn’t matter if you don’t eat it. There are so many ingredients that can be replaced. Why do you force yourself to be unhappy?

Teacher Fan does not like to eat fat and pasta.

Whenever she eats fat or eats more pasta, she always feels that her throat and stomach are very uncomfortable.

Then don’t eat it.

There are also chicken, fish and whole grains that can be replaced, and nutrition will not be affected too much.

2, low nutritional value, eat a food that has no pleasure. A certain food has high nutritional value and is more useful to the body. Then you can consider combining it in three meals a day.

But there are some foods that don’t have any stimulating nutritional value. If you still think it’s not good, then just abandon it.

Take Fan’s own imitation.

Biscuits, potato chips, fried dough sticks, shortbread cakes, sweet drinks, etc., she does not look very much, and these foods are high in sugar, high in oil and high in salt, and do not like to eat, just do not eat.

Teacher Fan also said: I have actually eaten these foods.

When I was young, I still loved it, but gradually, the taste changed. I also knew that these things were not so good, and the interest slowly faded down. There was not much love for them.

Why not just eat foods that you like, delicious and healthy?

For example, delicious high-quality fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, milk, is there a lot of choices?

Diet restraint?

Life has no fun. In the end, diet is the freedom of everyone, no one is forcing you to eat.

Even dietitians, doctors give you advice, and can’t stop your own choices, everything is voluntary.

Some people want to be healthy and nutritious, some people have a taste for the taste, and some people have nothing to do with psychological satisfaction.

Choose high oil, high salt, high sugar or novel diet to satisfy the appetite, and also be prepared to take risks.

Occasionally, it is no problem to solve the problem occasionally, but the health headline recommendation is still to be given: healthy eating, balanced nutrition, is the way to health.In short, between the taste and health, find the balance point.

The fun of eating is actually experienced by myself.

Who said that healthy things are not good?

Son non-fish, Anzhi fish music, son is not me, I know my healthy eating music?

I hope everyone can eat well and have a good body!

Grapefruit has high nutritional taboos

Grapefruit has high nutritional taboos

Grapefruit has a high nutritional value, and it is very rich in protein, organic acids, and essential elements such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and sodium, which are incomparable to other fruits.

  Pomelo meat also contains vitamin C and insulin-like ingredients, which have effects of lowering blood sugar, lowering blood fat, weight loss, skin beauty and so on.

  Consumption often, it has adjuvant treatment effect on hypertension, diabetes, vascular sclerosis and other diseases, and it has health and beauty function for obese people.

In addition, grapefruit contains a physiologically active substance skin compound, which can reduce blood viscosity and reduce the formation of blood clots, so it has a preventive effect on cerebrovascular diseases.

  Chinese medicine believes that yuzu tastes sweet and sour, has coldness, has the effects of regulating qi and phlegm, moistening the lungs, clearing the intestines, nourishing the blood and invigorating the spleen, and is a good fruit for nourishing the lungs in winter and relieving cough after a cold.

There are also contraindications to eating grapefruit: 1.

Grapefruit cannot be taken with certain medicines.

  It was clinically found that patients with hyperlipidemia use a glass of grapefruit juice to take a piece of hypolipidemic solution instead, and the result is equivalent to a glass of water.
The blood-lipid-lowering effect of 15 tablets of the same kind of medicine may cause muscle pain and even hypertension.

  During the period of taking the antioxidant drug terfenadine, some patients may experience dizziness, palpitations, arrhythmia, etc. if they eat grapefruit or grapefruit juice, which may cause sudden death.

Drugs that have an adverse effect on grapefruit are: cyclosporine, caffeine, calcium antagonists, cisapride and so on.

Blended with a glass of grapefruit juice, the effect with the drug may last for 24 hours.

  Therefore, patients who are taking medicine, especially the elderly, it is best not to eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice.


Women taking contraceptives should not eat.

  A study in the United States shows that grapefruit has the most prominent effect on contraceptives.

  Experts say “If a woman who takes contraceptive pills consumes 1-2 grapefruits after sex, or if she takes the contraceptive pills directly with a large glass of grapefruit juice, then she may become a mother, because grapefruit obstructsIncreased women’s absorption of contraceptives.


Yuzu is cold, and those with spleen deficiency and diarrhea will have diarrhea after eating grapefruit.

  Therefore, people who are physically cold should not eat more.

Premenstrual medicated menu

Premenstrual medicated menu

The so-called menstruation refers to the automatic thickening of the endometrium, the proliferation of blood vessels, the growth and secretion of glands and the collapse of the endometrium with the occurrence of bleeding every other month.

Female friends should know how to regulate their bodies during menstruation. If they are not well-regulated, menstrual disorders may occur, such as dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, etc. In severe cases, they may even cause various diseases.

  So how do you adjust it?

As long as you understand the changes in your body every month, and follow the changes to do a good diet, you can avoid symptoms such as menstrual disturbances.

  Menstruation is generally divided into four stages, namely menstrual period, late menstrual period, intermenstrual period and premenstrual period, among which the premenstrual period (equivalent to the luteal phase of western medicine, the 16th period of menstruation?
(28 days) is a period of yang in the kidneys. The main task of this period is to greet pregnancy or prepare for menstruation.

At this time, a large number of women have depression, anxiety, breast tenderness and other discomforts.

In view of this situation, female friends should take some medicated meals for warming the kidney and yang, relieving the liver and qi, and the specific menu is as follows: ◎ 5 sparrows, sparrows and 30?
45 grams, raspberry 10?
15 grams, medlar 20?
30 grams, previously 100 grams of rice, fine salt content, light green two stems, 3 slices of ginger.

After the shreds, raspberries, and medlars are washed, add them to the casserole, fry the juice, and remove the residue.

After the sparrows are cleaned, they are fried with wine, and they are mixed with the previous rice into the medicinal sauce.

When you’re ready, add salt, scallion, and ginger.

  Commentary: This diet is tonifying the kidney yang, and those who have no symptoms of fire can take it.

  ◎ Eucommia ulmoides Eucommia ulmoides 12 grams, pork kidney 250 grams, onion 50 grams, Shao wine 25 grams, MSG, soy sauce, vinegar, starch, garlic, ginger, salt, sugar, pepper, each amount, 100 grams oil

Eucommia ulmoides simmers into 50 ml of thick juice, adds starch, wine, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, salt, and white sugar into mash. It is divided into two servings.

The pork loin is cleaned, cut into cashews, and drizzled with coriander juice.

Ginger and spring onions are cut into slices and segments.

Heat the oil, add peppercorns, cashews, shallots, ginger, garlic, stir fry quickly, drizzle another portion of tartar sauce and vinegar and stir well.

  Commentary: This diet is warm to the yang, peaceful people, yang deficiency and cold chill; yin deficiency should be taken with caution.

  As long as you understand the secrets of diet, menstruation will no longer be a nightmare, and this is the best way to love yourself.

See small moves to get to know your boss

See small moves to get to know your boss

The office workers who work for the company are not dedicated to being promoted, but what is the chance of achieving the goal? From the boss’s usual listening to your unique hand movements, you can know in advance that you will need a raise or upgradeThe success rate is a little bit. If you still want to achieve your goal, learn the tricks of different bosses first.

  1 Touch your hair or ears from time to time 2 Hold your hands 3 Hold your chin 4 Play with pens or other items Test result selection 1: Your boss is a neurotic person, a little wind in the office will make him or her nervousMore than half a day.

Because you ca n’t let go of everything, it ‘s easy to be frustrated, so as a subordinate, if you have left a bad impression on him or her, it is like a brand. If you want to stand up, please take care of the boss ‘s mood and run your own family.Feeling, the situation will improve.

  Option 2: A serious woman or man is what describes your boss.

He or she is a person who talks about things at work. He hates people who can only play tricks, so making a fart would be self-defeating.

What you need most is to show your strength and ability to deal with customers, so that the boss will appreciate you.

  Option 3: Your boss is actually easy to handle, because he or she belongs to the easy-going party, the big festival is the focus, and it is not always about the festival, so when dealing with such a boss, you do n’t have to be too serious, but he or sheWin with cleverness. If you often show a slow response, it becomes that he or she feels that you are not a general, and you are not smart enough to be recognized, and it is almost impossible to get promotion.

  Option 4: Your boss is a person who thinks highly of himself. He has self-discipline in everything and has a strong opinion. Therefore, as a subordinate, it is best not to talk back to him or her, or to make a noise on the spot.Miserable.

You have to remember to leave the face of your boss anyway. Your talents can be written or private. Only in the future will you have a good life.

Parents take care of their children’s sounds

Parents take care of their children’s sounds

Children’s vocal cords are weak and vulnerable to injury. Some children are lively and enthusiastic, hoping to use sound to attract the attention of others.

Some kind of scramble to answer the teacher’s question loudly in the classroom; shout out to the children in the game; others develop an indulgent personality, and when they are not satisfied, they often take the means of crying and yelling, practicalThese will have the consequences of hurting the vocal cords.

  Therefore, parents must be careful to protect the child’s child’s voice. Children’s high voices are timely, and the first 1/3 of the vocal cords are subject to the greatest vibration. If you often yell loudly, vocal nodules or polyps will form in this part, causing hoarseness.

In addition to shouting, children with chronic tonsillitis, hypertrophy, and chronic paranasal sinusitis, because the secretions adhere to the throat wall, children often involuntarily make “giggle” clearing voices, which will be affected over timeDamage the vocal cords.

Some hearing-impaired children develop a habit of speaking loudly, which can also damage the vocal cords.

Severe vocal cord injury in childhood may affect the development of the vocal cords, and it is not possible to recover until the child’s adolescent vocalization.

  It is very important for parents to know how to prevent children’s vocal cords from being injured, and remind their children not to yell.

The scale of the class should be raised, others should be involved, whether right or wrong, and express opinions after listening. Don’t shout and interrupt others.

This can protect the vocal cords and cultivate good manners.

Don’t let children talk for a long time.

Take a break after each speech and drink saliva.

Try to speak as little as possible in a noisy environment, so that the child does not need to yell straight to make the other person hear.

After talking for a long time, it is not suitable to eat cold drinks or boiled water immediately, and usually eat less spicy and stimulating food, especially in the child’s sound-changing period. This can avoid local stimulus of the vocal cord mucosal limbs.

When your child has a cold and cough, try to keep him from speaking as little as possible to reduce vocal cord congestion and edema caused by illness.

  Choose songs that are suitable for children to sing.

Don’t let children yell loudly, as this will not sing good songs, but will damage the vocal cords.

Actively treat ear, nose, throat, and throat diseases related to your child’s vocal cords.

If the child has a vocal nodule, the doctor does not recommend surgery and care should be taken.

Basically, when the child reaches puberty, the summary will gradually fade due to changes in the endocrine system.

White-collar newcomers nine crazy one by one_1

White-collar newcomers “nine crazy” one by one

Quite particular about human beings, cultivation, and skills, many people who are new to the workplace are full of ambition but have been hit by the head.
The following will make a one-on-one analysis of the “nine crazys of white-collar newcomers”.
  ”Crazy” symptom one: famous school and department, who is fighting!
 ◎ “Crazy” Index: ★★★★ Generally speaking, the students who are about to step into the society are full of spirits. Four years of university life has built a solid knowledge structure for them, and also created their “arrogance” from the inside out.”.
  However, society is not as simple as a school. No matter how high your education is and the background of a famous school or department, people may not buy it.
  Case: When Xiao Li University graduated, it was a good time to recruit people from a famous media in Shanghai. Look at the recruitment requirements: Bachelor degree or above, related majors, it is best to have some practical experience; Think about your own conditions: recognized by the Chinese department of a famous Shanghai universityA talented girl, the Department of Publicity Minister of the Student Union, has organized many large-scale activities, and also worked in a periodical department for nearly two years. She has also published a lot of works. She feels that this recruitment is just for her.
When she passed the initial test and went to the interview with the guts of “who would be my own”, the situation outside the test room let her take a sigh of relief: all the candidates who came to this interview with a 10: 1 interview rate were allFor those who are not idle, there are graduate students in journalism and senior journalists with very rich news works. Among these people, Xiao Li feels how ridiculous he is.
  ”Crazy” symptom two: personality independence, refusal to cooperate!
  ◎ “Crazy” Index: ★★★★ Today’s college students are well-protected and unique seedlings, and they show their youthfulness and disrespect in their behaviors, but they look out of place when they arrive in the society.
Speaking of fashion is “avant-garde” and “personal”, in fact, they are self-righteous and vulnerable.
  Case: Confident and introverted Wang can be said to be smooth before graduating from university. From kindergarten to college, he is the “top-notch” in his class. His parents have hardly been concerned about his studies. He graduated from the local university and enteredWorking for a computer company.
Xiao Wang, who has just entered the society, still believes that he is the best. When he sees the leader handing over some of the more important designs to his colleagues, he feels very unbalanced. The designs made by colleagues are alwaysDisapproving, ridiculing some of these imperfections, a look of no chance.
Over time, colleagues had a lot of opinions on him, so the boss had to ask him to seek another job.
  ”Crazy” symptom three: The more you are, the more your boss is!
  ◎ “Crazy” index: ★★★★ 企业 In the enterprise, some people are unwilling to do tricky work, and some “promising young people” always like to be more and more 俎.
This kind of enthusiasm for work should be encouraged, but when it is overdone, good things become bad things.
  Case: Xiao Zhu studied art design. After graduation, she worked as a beauty editor in a magazine.
There are not many people in the editorial department. The editor is a kind old lady with a harmonious atmosphere.
But harmonious and harmonious, the editor is a serious person, and must be personally involved in business matters.
  Xiao Zhu feels that she has no room for creation, and sometimes strives for reasons so that her ideas can be realized on the page.
Taking into account his enthusiasm for work and professional background, the editor-in-chief respects his opinions as much as possible, and Xiao Zhu’s self-confidence and sense of ownership are getting stronger.
Once the editor-in-chief met, the printing company came to send the final proof. The editor-in-chief was asked to sign and print. Xiao Zhu signed the name of the editor with a swipe.
Unexpectedly, there was still room for change in the proof.
The magazine had to be reprinted.
Xiao Zhu not only received batches, but also withheld his salary for the month.
  ”Crazy” Symptom 4: Open your heart quickly and keep your mouth open!
  ◎ “Crazy” index: ★★★★ Gossiping and gossiping, some things are as taboo as possible, such as involving the privacy of the boss, new decisions being brewed by the company, personnel transfer, etc. It is okay to communicate in private, but new peopleHe always talked openly in front of the audience, and accidentally crossed the limit.
  Case: Liang Zi was recommended by the department to the secretariat of an institution when he graduated, and naturally had more opportunities to contact the leaders.
He can also participate in some of the more important meetings, and he is more informed.
  It should be said that Liang Zi still knows the discipline that can not be leaked at important meetings, but in the envious eyes and touts of the newcomers who come with him, Liang Zi cannot hold it.
Coupled with the “inside story” of some incidents, he was very young and very opinionated, and he really did not vomit, so colleagues often heard young Liang Zi talk in the office.
Three years later, Liang Zi, who could not be reused, resigned resignedly.
  ”Mad” Symptom 5: Frequent job-hopping, three towards four!
  ◎ “Crazy” Index: There are many newcomers who have just graduated who have high self-confidence. I always feel that my current job is too genius, and I just plan to change jobs as soon as I step into the unit.
As a result, he jumped up and down, still the highest on the original hill.
  Case: On the second anniversary of graduation, Hai Tao chose the fifth job change. He smiled bitterly and said that he was a “professional job changer.”
The first job change was after he had been a teacher in a middle school for 3 months. He felt that a big guy was confined to a three-foot podium and a workbook all day and was a waste of life.Break the world.He feels that the criterion for the success of a person in modern society is whether there is money or not, whether there is power or not, and he has no background. “Power” is not to think about, then work on “money”.

He had done insurance, acted as a small food agent, and worked as a counter manager in a supermarket. Every time he changed jobs, he firmly believed that he was closer to the target. However, when he checked the bag today, he found that he was still empty-handed except for being tired.

He said that his biggest wish now is to have a stable career, even if the salary is lower.

  ”Crazy” symptom six: I am better than you!

  ◎ “Crazy” index: ★★★ After the novice enters the company, because the working environment and the nature of the work are not very clear, the boss often arranges some old employees with work experience for novice internship.

But many novices who are very confident in their professional knowledge or ability to do business feel that it is redundant.

  Case: After graduating from Wang Zhi University, he went to work as a journalist on the TV station, and the director of the department arranged for him to take him.

Lao Li is an old photographer, and people are not good at talking.

In the cooperation, Wang Zhi felt that some of Li’s so-called “photographic experiences” were too outdated.

During an interview, he took advantage of Lao Li’s late arrival and ran out by himself.

When the film came back, I felt very good, so I asked Li to give some advice.

I did not expect Lao Li to talk about ideas, and Wang Zhi must be obeyed. Since then, he no longer dares to ignore Lao Li.

  ”Mad” Symptom 7: I can speak, I can say more than I do!

  ◎ “Crazy” index: ★★★ Young people easily see things as simple and idealistic, so that they are inexplicable when they hit a wall.

  I hereby warn those newcomers: It is good to have passion, but just think about it before speaking. If you are 50% sure, then say it, the remaining 50% will use your passion and hard work to practice.

  Case: A child studying architectural design and three students in the class went to the architectural design institute for an internship.

  At the beginning of work, the leader showed them the design plan for a client and wanted to hear their thoughts.

The child and his classmates knew everything and talked endlessly. They counted the famous buildings in ancient and modern times at home and abroad, and compared them with many suggestions.

The leaders finally asked them to revise the original plan, and everyone took it with confidence.

Unexpectedly, I realized in practice that my proposal could not be realized at all, and I had to turn over the design proposal intact.

  ”Crazy” symptom eight: Disdain trivial matter, start another stove!

  ◎ “Crazy” index: ★★★ Do you understand the principle of “don’t be small and don’t be small”?

The reason why the leader does not let you do big things alone is because he is not yet sure that you still have some such strength.

Sometimes, some savvy supervisors often use a few small things to examine your work style before promoting you.

  There is a process from quantitative change to qualitative change.

  Case: Xiao Zhang is a clerk of a foreign company.

The style of this foreign company’s business is very simple, and even every page of printing paper must be used in reverse.

Once, the handyman in the office didn’t come. The director held a large pile of used printing paper and let the chapters be sorted by size for reuse.

Xiao Zhang was very upset, and the stack of paper remained on the table for a day.

When the director unhappyly took away the stack of paper and sorted it out by himself the next day, Xiaozhang felt something bad. Sure enough, when the company tailor tailored a few days later, Xiaozhang was fired.

  ”Crazy” symptom nine: avant-garde dress, taste flaunted!

  ◎ “Crazy” index: ★★★ Each unit has its own unique image. If you want to work in which unit, you must first dress up in line with the overall image of the unit, rather than blindly pursue “uniqueness.”

  Case: Li Lu is a beautiful girl with a good figure. She is very particular about her clothes and is very fashionable.

In summer, she wears bellybands, so she dare to walk in the office with plaster exposed.

Not to mention the cold wind in the office building made her whole body cold, and her colleagues’ special eyes also made her unnatural.

One week later, the company issued the “Staff Dress Code”: during working hours, it is not allowed to be exposed in order to avoid affecting the company’s image.

  Editor’s Note: Newcomers who have just taken up a job have some work experience. If they refuse to use their brains to get the job done, they want to ask someone to do the work for them. It is even harder to get ahead.

At the same time, the workplace is not a school, not a family. Some students must completely abstain from their pride and self-centeredness; they must have certain communication skills and cooperative spirit, and it is necessary to learn some etiquette and cultural knowledge, and to go down to earthstep.

Baby learns to talk to parents

Baby learns to talk to parents

[Guidance]When the baby has reached the stage of dentistry, parents have begun to work hard on the baby’s language offensive.

But not all the words can be collected by the baby alone. In the process of teaching the baby to learn to talk, parents can’t help me.

Don’t help these “busy” parents!


Too much to meet the baby’s requirements Performance: The baby pointed at the water glass, the mother immediately responded: “Baby, do you want to drink water?

Mom will get it for you.

“The baby doesn’t need to move his mouth.

Harm: The method of parents’ excessively satisfying the baby’s requirements makes the baby’s language development slow, because he does not need to speak, and the family can quickly understand his condition and meet his requirements, so the baby loses the opportunity to speak.

The correct way: When the parents find out that the baby wants to drink water from his behavior, you can give him an empty water glass. He holds the empty water glass and will try very hard to say “water” when he wants to get water.


Talk to the baby in children’s language: “dirty on the ground”, “baby, eat and eat”, “time to sleep” and so on.

Harm: Talking with reduplicated words and children’s words is a manifestation of a specific stage of the baby’s language, but some parents think that the baby can only understand these children’s words or find it interesting, and also speak to the baby in the same language, which may delay the child’s transitionTo the stage of speaking the whole story.

Correct way: When the baby says with some hands, “Mother hugs.

“Mom should give the baby a warm hug, and said,” Mum is here to hug the baby.

“Use normal communication methods to minimize the time it takes for your baby to use overlapping words or children’s words.


The best performance of repeating the baby’s mistake: the baby said “brother” as “蝈蝈”, parents repeated the baby’s wrong voice, and even next time when they encountered “brother”, the parents also said “蝈”蝈 “”.
Harm: If the parents learn the wrong best from the wrong, then the baby will get the wrong prompt, thinking that their best is right, and this wrong best may therefore be easily difficult to change.

Correct way: Don’t learn the best for your baby, but use the correct language to talk to your baby for a long time. Under the guidance of the correct voice, your baby’s best will gradually become correct.

These methods help your baby control the language easily: 1.

Patiently repeat the content of the talk, pay attention to the baby’s response; 2.

2. When talking with your baby, look into your baby’s eyes;

Speak clearly, pay attention to the softness of the tone; 4.

Use standard Mandarin with a slow and gentle tone; 5.

Ask some baby and adolescent questions and guide them to say the correct answers; 6.

Bring your baby more exposure to outside things and guide your baby to say the names of things; 7.

Praise your baby more, encourage your baby to express his or her needs in language, and make your baby feel that learning the language is a happy thing, and your baby will become motivated.

Women are hurt in love

Women are hurt in love

Women’s blindly begging for marriage is sometimes not impossible, but this eager, quick-determined marriage often has multiple hidden dangers: the so-called combination of misunderstanding and break-up due to understanding comes from such a marriage.The husband felt aggrieved and his wife was deceived.

Therefore, in order to improve the “survival rate” of a marriage, it is best for the journey of marriage to take place naturally and naturally.

  In real life, many parents are afraid of their children growing up because they are afraid of their children leaving, and many children are afraid of growing up because they are afraid of being hurt.

But growing up must experience pain. Without pain, there will be no maturity. Just as there is no suffering, there is no complete life.

  As a famous hockey player told us: “We grow up as we fall and climb.

“A girl heard this and asked me,” Can a person grow up without falling?

“” No.

“I answer her.” Instead of growing up, your legs will shrink.

“This is the price of growth: when you grow up, you have to drop the price, and when you fall down, you have pain, but the pain has trained my legs and also trained our will.

In this way, courage gives you the confidence to challenge forward, and pain can make you courage to face the challenge, and people will gradually grow up and mature in the survival challenge constructed by Qu courage and pain.

  This is the growth of self-awareness.

It needs to go through the trials of soul pain.

It ‘s like having no blindness and knowing what is light; having no broken limbs and knowing what is struggling; having no headache and knowing what is thinking; and having no heartache, you don’t know.

Where is the move.

  But this is not to say that one’s growth must seek harm.

The harm mentioned here mostly refers to a person’s attitude towards life: Before living, one must have the courage not to fear the harm, so that one can face life bravely, face the reality openly, boldly meet the challenge, and be optimistic?

“Now”, facing the injury peacefully, actively looking for a way out.

This is the art of life, which relies on human wisdom and potential.

Love is an important way for a person to discover his potential, exert his wisdom, and realize himself, but first of all is not afraid of harm.

This positive attitude is even more important than love in principle, and the experience of a young girl facing any stranger man first comes from her courage not to fear harm.

  What is the harm of love?

The general definition of injury for young girls is as follows: 1.
I love him, he doesn’t love me, so I get hurt.

I love him and he loves me, but after I “dedicate” he left me and I was hurt.

  3.I love him and he loves me, but he doesn’t marry me, so I get hurt.

  4.I love him, he loves me, but he loves another woman, so I get hurt.

  Now we come to help ourselves, let ourselves heal the scars, get out of the pain, and let the young scars become our celebration of maturity.

  Injury Psychoanalysis 1: I love him, he doesn’t love me, so I get hurt.

This is a common complaint of many young girls.

If you ask her what she loves, their answers are mostly empty: O I love his temperament and mood.

  O I love the taste he couldn’t tell.

  O I can’t say clearly, but I have never felt an electric shock to others.

  O Ever since I saw him, I can no longer forget.

  The feeling of love is confusing, but in many cases it is not love, it is just an illusion of love.

Psychologists tell us that for boys and girls who have never experienced true love, each of us has an illusion in it. It comes from a copy or image of a real person in our growth experience. That is accompanied by love.Love dreams and ideals in our hearts.

Only reality-tested illusions can become the object of true love, just like all “Cinderella” girls looking for “crystal shoes”, until they really put those shoes on their feet and danced.Dream journey.

  ”You love him, he doesn’t love you” usually have the following types: (1) What you love is not the real him but just your illusion.
  Especially for the first love girl, in most cases you do not love him but your own illusion.

The disillusionment of illusion is a good thing for your first love. It will make you fall from the sky to the ground, let you give up yourself too naive and romantic, let you understand the down-to-earth and ordinary of real life, so that you become more real and mature.
  Of course, as the active partner of love, you are bound to be hurt, but that is mostly the damage of self-esteem and not the love, because this love does not exist, it is just your own illusion.

At this time, don’t stop saying this to yourself, smell, this is not harm, this is just a dream.

I have a fate with him in the dream, we have no fate outside the dream.

OK, this relationship is over, I don’t need to be obsessed with someone who has no fate with me, and waste my time and income.

  (2) What you love is the real one, but he does not love you, because he feels that you are not the person he is looking for.

  This most likely happened between you and a mature man.

The man was very opinionated about women and was unwilling to waste time on a woman he thought was not worth loving.

Then you need to think about why the other party doesn’t love you.

Maybe you are too public, or you are too vanity and superficial.

The damage in this case is very good for you.

You need to sum up yourself, find your shortcomings and deficiencies, and make yourself more fulfilled and richer in spirit.

  (3) His rejection of you is not always your fault.

  Many times a man’s rejection of you does not signify your fault, or a man is not our only value standard.

Too many girls are influenced by the male-centered culture and are pessimistic and disappointed once they are rejected by men.

This passive way of thinking should be changed.

  Remember: once you find the crux of the problem, “you love him, he doesn’t love you” will no longer be a reason for you to humiliate yourself: it is likely that he is not good enough, it is that he is too vulgar, that he is not worthy of you, or that he is notThis blessing.

In this way, you will soon be able to walk out of the self-harm of “disease-free moaning” and turn this experience into the next experience.

  In short, everyone has the right to love, and the freedom to refuse his love.

You love him is your right, he doesn’t love you is his freedom.

Western psychologists have a famous saying: Love is a free child.

Freedom is the soil of love.

The emotion of love must not be a little bit wanton and demanding. Love can only be born on the basis of mutual love and delivery.

  In fact, if you take love as an experience, when you love him, you will definitely experience the rhythm of love. The rhythm of love is the most moving rhythm of life for each of us. Even if we find an interactive object, we love unilaterallyThe experience can also make you experience the richness and beauty of your heart, which is a beneficial experience for the success of your next love.

So good, tap the positive factors in your body, experience the richness and beauty of love, let yourself live today, live now, and live at this moment, as long as you cherish yourself, you also value others, the result of loveOnly let it be, let alone harm.

  Psychological analysis of injury 2: I love him and he loves me, but after I “dedicate” he left me, so I suffered injuries. This is the most typical injury complex of young girls. It usually starts with passionate love: twoAt first sight, people fall in love, even if they do not fall in love at first sight, so they both fall in love, until the sexual impetus ebbs, the girl still loves men in every way, but men never seem to find the passion of the past.

This may be due to the cynical of that man, or it may be because of your shallowness and paleness that he is tired.

  Especially for young boys and girls who have first love, the sexual urge is often greater than the relationship itself, so in order to win the accuracy of the relationship, the two need to deepen their understanding.

But the obstacle theory of sex and love often lies in that if there is no deep sexual contact, there will not be a deep understanding of each other; if there is sexual contact prematurely, it is easy for both parties or one party to be indifferent to the other.

  In this case, women’s indifference to men seems harmless, and men’s indifference to women constitutes harm.

Most of this comes from a woman’s traditional view of chastity, thinking that a woman’s “dedication” signifies that she has lost the most precious thing.

  If you encounter a certain type of injury, don’t prevent it from saying to yourself: This time the injury is really good. It made me understand a lot of things at once, I knew life, and I and myself.

  First of all, I love him, and my love for him is sincere. I do that thing is my willingness. “Dedication” to the man I love is not a substitute. I have truly loved in this life, and I will have no complaints.Regret; now he has changed, that ‘s his thing, he does n’t cherish me for only a momentary injury, but sooner or later he has to pay the price for his cynical life attitude; also, I finally understand through this injuryMen, men ‘s sexual desire is good and comes quickly and is full of practical colors. In the future, I must cherish myself in the relationship with men, do not easily “dedicate”, do not trust men; of course, I have to constantly enrich myself, To make myself richer and more charming, otherwise I will not keep attracting him for a long time if I meet a good man in the future.

After all, this time is very different from that of my mother and sister. Today, attractive girls abound. I must strive to develop my potential and increase my wisdom, so that I can find good men with good taste and win the love of good men.

  Psychological analysis of the injury 3: I love him, he loves me, but he does n’t marry me, so I suffer the injury. This seems to be the crux of the young girl ‘s injury: you love him, and he says you love you.But he just doesn’t want to get married and can’t make up his mind to marry you, causing you to feel deeply hurt.

  There are also two types of resistance for men with this idea: one is a cynical person who wants to maintain a long-term game relationship with you; the other may be really in love with you, but afraid to take responsibility for the marriage.

  For the above two situations, you must have a sober grasp. If you are the first person in love, it is good for him to hurt you.

You can more clearly polish his motivation to “love” you, and then re-select your relationship with him; if your lover belongs to the second type, you better reach an agreement with him on the issue of marriage, or you will get married immediately 2 Or cohabit before you get married.

But before that, you have to find out the reasons why he is unwilling to get married. Some kind of he is currently at the turning point of his career and wants to start a business first and then start a family. He is afraid of taking responsibility.There are all kinds of concerns about marriage; or he is not satisfied with you and thinks that you can only be a lover and not a wife and so on.
  In the gender relationship, in addition to the game relationship, as long as the man does not take the initiative, it means that there is a certain problem in the relationship between the two, or that the love between the two is not mature enough. In this case, the woman’s blind pursuit of marriage is not always impossible.However, this kind of eager, quick-determined marriage often has many hidden dangers: the so-called tragedy of combining due to misunderstanding and breaking up due to understanding comes from such a marriage. As a result, the husband feels aggrieved and his wife is conscious.Being deceived.
Therefore, in order to improve the “survival rate” of a marriage, it is best for the marriage journey to flow naturally.
  Here are two elements for your reference: (1) No matter how open the concept of marriage is, the relationship between the man hunter and the woman prey will not change fundamentally.

Therefore, on the issue of marriage, the procedure for a man to propose a marriage to reach a marriage finality is still quite reasonable and secure.

  (2) But this does not mean that women are completely passive waiting for men’s pursuit.

As the saying goes, things are artificial.

As a woman, you must fully show your Quebec force during the love process (of course not only the external Quebec, but more importantly your internal Quebec force), in order to produce enough temptation and attraction for men, at the same time you alsoShow your attitude to him in due course.

  What should I do?

  (1) If he is at a turning point in his career, you don’t want to prevent him from telling him this way (semi-jokingly): I know that you love me very much, but just want to reach the manager’s promotion opportunity first.

Either way, you will have a better career prospect, and we will have a better economic foundation.

  But I have to tell you that I’m not going to marry the manager or you. If you accidentally lost me because of your manager’s dream, don’t regret it.

That being said, you have to really support him and cherish his feelings for him.

  (2) If he is afraid of marriage responsibilities, you better tell him this way: I believe you love me, but are also afraid of responsibilities, and understand that the marriage is so turbulent, and sometimes I think of it.

It may be because I haven’t done well enough to give you confidence. I must work harder for our marriage career; but you are a man, you have to work harder than me, you say!

  Such a frank self-criticism, in the face of women who have been in love for many days, which man still wants to shirk responsibility?

  In short, as long as you are sure he really loves you, marriage will become a technical issue sooner or later, and even if he does not think you are suitable for a wife, you can change his impression on you through your own efforts.

  Remember: Love is a matter of two people, and marriage is a matter of two people. Therefore, it is not only a man who takes the initiative, but a woman must also take the initiative.

Sometimes a man’s indecision needs the help of a woman. If you don’t help him at this time, you blame him for your damage, and you can easily lose this relationship and even suffer true loss.

  Psychological analysis of injury 4: I love him, he loves me, but he also loves another woman, so in real life, no matter young girl or mature woman, two women fall in love with a man and become the same manIt’s not uncommon to fall in love with two women.

For men it seems to be a kind of expensive joy, and for women-women anyway-to break through and cause harm.

What should we do?

  First of all, find out if you really love him, secondly understand whether he really loves you, and then confirm whether he really loves another woman.

If all three are true, then you have to show him your attitude.

  (1) If he is very serious about you, you might as well say to him: I love you, you are very clear; you love me, you do not deny.

If we really love each other, the two will be in an absolutely mutual relationship. This relationship can tolerate friendship, but not tolerate another love.

If you really love her, I can give you freedom; if you really love me, I hope you come back to my bed.

  (2) If he evades the essence of your question, it means that he doesn’t really love you, so you can say: We are so good and continuous, I firmly believe that we have a relationship with each other, and I hope we can cherish each other.

Now you say to me that you love me and love her too, and I ca n’t understand your love, or that our understanding of love is at different levels.

I don’t have the right to force your change to do so, but I have a responsibility to cherish my feelings.

From now on I intend to withdraw, so that you have enough time to cope with another feeling.

  Remember: As long as a man falls in love with two women at the same time, it means that he has a certain affection for them. At this time, you are better not to force him to make changes or promises, because any irrational words and deeds are easyHe pushed completely to the other woman.

Now is the battle between you and another woman. If you don’t show your liking, you must try your best to win.

  Then, in the second case, if you tell him that you want to withdraw from the game, you will really withdraw, and you will no longer be connected with him.

Men usually think that you can’t do without him, and your ultimatum is just a shot, so he will entangle you and continue to tell you how he loves you.

If you have polished him in the game, you have to talk and forget, no longer give him a chance, this is responsible to yourself, but also punished by his feet on two ships.

Is such a half-hearted man worth your injury?

Whether to go or don’t go after a meal

Whether to “go” or “don’t go” after a meal

“Take a hundred steps after a meal and live to ninety-nine.
“” Live ninety-nine, don’t leave after meals. ”
“Both of these arguments make sense, but they apply to different people.
  Taking a hundred steps after a meal is suitable for people who usually have less activity, work at desk for a long time, have a fat body, or have excessive gastric acid secretion.
Do not leave after meals, which mainly refers to people with poor constitution and fragility, especially those suffering from gastric ptosis. They can neither walk after meals, but should lie supine for 10 minutes.
Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, such as high blood pressure, are also advised not to exercise after meals.
  People who are in good health take a walk after meals. It is best to take a break and walk slowly. The amount of activity varies from person to person. It is advisable not to feel tired.
  ”Walk” or “don’t leave” after a meal. “Have a hundred steps after a meal and live to ninety-nine.
“” Live ninety-nine, don’t leave after meals. ”
“Both of these arguments make sense, but they apply to different people.
  Taking a hundred steps after a meal is suitable for people who usually have less activity, work at desk for a long time, have a fat body, or have excessive gastric acid secretion.
Do not leave after meals, which mainly refers to people with poor constitution and fragility, especially those suffering from gastric ptosis. They can neither walk after meals, but should lie supine for 10 minutes.
Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, such as high blood pressure, are also advised not to exercise after meals.
  People who are in good health take a walk after a meal. It is best to take a break and walk slowly. The amount of activity should be different from person to person.