Stroke medication

Stroke medication

Stroke, also called stroke, is a common disease in the cerebrovascular system.

It is divided into two categories, one is cerebral thrombosis, and the other is intracranial hemorrhage.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the occurrence of stroke is related to the following situations: 1. Due to inappropriate living conditions, stagnation of emotions, and liver heat.

  2. Eating disorder, loss of spleen, and phlegm.

  3, physical quality is weak, exogenous wind evil.

Wind, fire, sputum, and heat interact with each other to cause a sudden onset, which is the most common direct cause of stroke.

  Therefore, from a quantitative point of view, the diet should be light, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, such as radishes, coriander, celery, Chinese cabbage, bananas, pears, etc., with cold serum heat, digestion appetizers, wide chest tonic.

Fast foods, such as chicken, lard, pepper, tobacco and alcohol.

  The use of traditional Chinese medicine drug therapy has a certain therapeutic effect on wind.

  1. Symptoms of internal phlegm fever: fainting has suffocated, the sound exits, throat phlegm, astringent language, strong tongue and greasy tongue, slippery pulses.

  Governing Law: Relieve heat and remove phlegm.

  Therapeutic side: Fritillaria porridge Fritillaria powder 15g, previous rice 50g, moderate amount of rock sugar.

Boil the porridge with regular rice and rock sugar as usual. Add the Fritillaria powder when the broth is not thick, and cook for a while with mild fire. Stop the fire when the porridge is thick, and serve warm morning and evening.

  Winter paw drink wheat winter melon seeds 30g, brown sugar amount, smashed, boiled water.

  Radish juice, white radish pound juice, 30ml each time, 3 times a day.

Or mix radish juice in the porridge.

  2. Symptoms of liver fire burning: fainting has passed, the sound of the mouth is open, the qi is high, the restlessness is disturbed, both the head is swollen and tinnitus, the top is painful and the tongue is red.

Pulse number.

  Governing Law: Qinggan Xiehuo.

  Therapeutic formula: pig gall mung bean powder pig bile 120g, mung bean powder 80g, mix and dry thoroughly, 6g per serving, 2 times a day.

  Chrysanthemum porridge before the autumn frost, pluck the chrysanthemums, dry or steam them, or dry them in the shade, then grind them for future use.

First use 100ml of the original rice, add water as usual to cook porridge, when the porridge is ready, add 10-15g of chrysanthemum powder, cook a little, then boil.

  Celery porridge 60g (chopped) fresh celery, previously 100g rice, put in casserole, add water to cook porridge as usual, take warm morning and evening.

Should be cooked and eaten, not for long.

  Sword bean tea Sword bean root 30g, add 3g black tea, decoction.

  3. Symptoms of righteousness: eyes closed, hissing and shortness of breath, short tongue and blue face, spontaneous sweating, cold hands and feet, self-contained stool, tongue quality, and weak pulse.

  Governing Law: Ziyin Yiqi Gutu.

  Therapeutic side: 15g red ginseng soup, fried.

  Ginseng soup ginseng 10g, orange peel 10g, thresh leaf 15g, sugar 150g, 30ml water.

Decoction for tea.

  Schisandra soup Schisandra 10g, perilla leaf 18g, ginseng 12g, sugar 100g, add 3000ml of water, fry to 1500ml, filter the residue and drink soup.

  Oyster wheat bran powder is divided into oyster powder, wheat bran is divided into equal portions, 3g each time, twice a day.

  4. Symptoms of kidney deficiency and collateral obstruction: short tongue, no speech, no foot pocket, or hemiplegia, or half body failure, red tongue, weak pulse.

  Governing Law: Yishen Tongluo.

  Therapeutic formula: Lycium barbarum, Lycium barbarum, 15g each, and water for tea.

  Asparagus porridge 30g Asparagus, 50g white rice, porridge to eat.

  Rehmannia porridge takes 100ml of raw rehmannia juice. Cook the previous rice first. Congee into rehmannia juice and stir well.

  Chinese wolfberry and Qiqi jujube lean meat soup 15g of Chinese wolfberry, 10g of angelica, 30g of astragalus, 10 jujubes and 100g of pig lean meat.Mix the above flavors together with soup, season with salt, and eat soup.

Shenzhen Jingyuan Yoga Club: Beibei

Shenzhen Jingyuan Yoga Club: Beibei

The undergraduate graduation committee has been in the yoga industry for four years, and has taught excellent detox yoga, slimming yoga, and meditation.

  Yoga is the exercise of the body, the control of the mind, the way of life.

Enjoy the tranquility and sacred sound of asana combined with breathing exercise and meditation deep into my heart.

I just love yoga so much!

  The undergraduate graduation committee has been in the yoga industry for four years, and has taught excellent detox yoga, slimming yoga, and meditation.

Co-authored and demonstrated “Parent-Child Yoga” and “Maternity Yoga” with the Gold Edition Publishing House.

Involved in various yoga books, such as “Whelan Yoga”, “Light on Yoga”, “The Beauty of Yoga”, “Pregnant Yoga” and so on.

  Course style: I am a more rigorous teacher. I improve each member to different degrees according to his or her own situation.

It is required that everyone’s movements should be based on standards, and in the absence of injury, unless they reach their limits and break through themselves.

While practicing yoga, improve everyone’s physical condition and make everyone more healthy.

Watch out for cesarean delivery!

Watch out for cesarean delivery!

With the increasing number of older women and some conceptual reasons, more and more women choose to have a cesarean section.

So, is there a difference between a child born by caesarean and a child born by Shun?

If so, what do parents need to pay attention to?

  Studies have shown that children born by caesarean section did not pass through the birth canal at birth and lacked the first tactile and proprioceptive experience and learning in life.

Although this lack of experience does not affect the child’s IQ, it is easy for children to have problems such as emotional sensitivity, lack of concentration, clumsiness of hands and feet.

Children born by caesarean section generally have the following questions: Question 1: Feeling unbalanced “Why are you careless?

“Yingying’s mother couldn’t help it again.

It’s no wonder that Yingying always missed the question “accidentally”. Usually, her homework is always dragging, and often she misses words in the text.

Although she worked hard, Yingying couldn’t change her “bad habits.”

Worried about her death, her mother came to the hospital with Yingying.

  After some understanding, Deputy Chief Physician Cai Xiaomei of the Department of Maternal and Child Health Care of Guangdong Province believed that Yingying had learning difficulties and had sensory integration disorders.

She said that children with learning disabilities often have varying degrees of sensory integration disorders, and the lower the level of sensory integration development, the more affected children’s learning ability is.

  The cause of this situation is that caesarean section is one of the adverse factors.

Hypertension patients undergoing normal delivery can suffer from contractions, moderate physical tension changes in the birth canal, etc., causing the fetal body, chest, abdomen, and head to be squeezed rhythmically, while cesarean delivery lacks such stimulation, soDisturbance of tactile sensation, proprioception, and vestibular balance is prone to occur, that is, “sensory integration disorder”.

  Reason: When the child is small, let the baby do more left-right roll, limp, crawl, play parent-child games such as “airplane” lift, etc., and older can train them to walk on the balance beam, swing, do spin games, etc.Give fine movements and other training.

Some children may not show problems during infancy, but by the school age, they may have problems with their learning ability.

Immediately parents should pay attention to observation, the armor gives the child proper guidance and training as soon as possible.

  Question 2: Emotional sensitivity analysis of poems and poems implanted in the abdomen, and quoted by other children, apparently timid withdrawn, even a small sound can have too strong a response, so often waking and crying.

  The short-term cesarean section makes high blood pressure lose the experience of being squeezed during childbirth, and lacks the early tactile sensation of pressure on the brain and skin, which results in many behavioral problems, mainly over-tactile defensive reactions.

  For example, babies have tactile reflexes such as suction, grip, and defense as soon as they are born. At this time, they begin to stimulate the baby’s skin with tactile stimuli, such as caring, hugging, massaging, and grasping different parts of the child. When the weather is good,Take the child out, expose the child to wind and other stimuli, or let the child pass the stimulation of hot and cold water.

Older children can lead him out for activities, playing with sand, water, swimming, walking barefoot, wiping the body with a rough towel after bathing, blowing the body with a hair dryer and breeze, brushing the body with a hair brush, and rolling the child with a towel to makeCrimp roll games, playing games with children that require physical contact, etc., can all be trained in baby’s sense of touch.

For children under 1 year old, massage is a very effective method.

Wrap the child in a bath towel and gently rub the child so that his whole body can be massaged.

  Problem 3: In the process of natural birth, the regular uterine collapse or twisted cracks are squeezed and expanded, making the alveoli more flexible in the body after birth and greatly increasing the lung development of the newborn.

From the perspective of the newborn, children born by caesarean section cannot expel 1/3 of the fetal lung fluid due to at least the birth canal squeeze, and some of them cannot breathe spontaneously after birth, which is the so-called “wet lung”, which is prone to neonatal asphyxia and lungs.Complications such as transparent film.

In addition, when the weather changes greatly, cesarean babies are also more likely to suffer from respiratory diseases than natural babies. Parents should pay attention to the situation of their children.

  Question 4: Poor coordination of children born by caesarean section There is evidence that there is no difference in intelligence between children born by caesarean section and children born naturally, but the adaptability of children born by caesarean section is worse than that of children born naturally.

  Human skin is an organ for tactile learning. It has normal defensive reflexes. Children need to recognize themselves and the environment through the skin, so that they have a normal response to the objective world.

Children born by caesarean section have a congenital tactile learning problem, and they will have manifestations during infancy. They cannot adapt to the various information that the skin contacts, such as bathing, changing clothes, changing beds, poor adaptability, or excessive protective reactions.It is emotional, crying, not sleeping well, and not sleeping well.

Children who have a C-section have not been squeezed through the birth canal, so the tactile information of the skin is poor.

After a child is born by caesarean section, this possibility can be replaced by parenting.

Coordination ability The prediction and analysis of the coordination ability of cesarean children. It was found that more than 50% of cesarean children have overreaction, are more emotional, and have symptoms such as sleep disturbances.Many children who are born by caesarean section have also found that children who have a caesarean section are less able to balance than those who have a child.

Children who have a caesarean section lack the necessary tactile and proprioceptive learning, are emotionally sensitive, are not attentive, and have clumsy hands and feet.

They often can’t sit on the bench. They are very temperamental at home. They timidly flinch when they go out. They are not generous and afraid of crowding. They like hiding behind their mother’s ass in strange environments.

In a word, “A dragon is at home and a worm is out.”

Socially, the child shows timid flinching, emotional fluctuations are large, and attention cannot be focused.

This kind of child has innate tactile defense, and the family needs to take desensitization as soon as possible to recover as soon as possible.

What is the best meat to eat in winter

What is the best meat to eat in winter

Introduction of lamb raw materials Sheep are pure herbivores, so the meat of mutton is tenderer than beef, easy to digest, high protein, low feces, contains more phospholipids, less trace content than pork and beef, less cholesterol content, it is a cold-proof supplement in winterOne of the delicious, can receive the dual effects of tonic and cold protection.

  Nutrition analysis 1.

Mutton is warm and often eaten in winter. It can increase the speed of the human body and protect against cold, but also increase digestive enzymes, protect the stomach wall, repair gastric mucosa, help the spleen and stomach digestion, and play an anti-aging effect; 2.

Mutton is rich in nutrients, which may be of great benefit to tuberculosis, bronchitis, hypertension, anemia, postpartum qi and blood deficiency, abdominal cold pain, cold and cold, malnutrition, weak waist and knees, impotence and premature ejaculation, and all colds.; And has kidney and impotence, tonic temperature and other effects, men are suitable for regular consumption.

  Relevant population The general population may consume 1.

Suitable for physically weak and cold; 2.

People with fever, toothache, sore tongue, yellow phlegm, etc. should not eat it; liver disease, hypertension, acute enteritis or other infectious diseases and fever should not be eaten.

  The therapeutic effect is sweet, hot, enters the spleen, stomach, kidney, and heart meridian; spleen and stomach is warmed by spleen and stomach, used to treat nausea caused by spleen and stomach deficiency, and the body is weak and chills;Deficiency in waist and knee caused by deficiency of cold and pain, impotence and embolism; supplement blood and warming menstruation for abdominal cold pain caused by postpartum blood deficiency and cold.

  Ancient Chinese medicine believes that mutton is a good product for helping Yuan Yang, nourishing essence and blood, treating lung deficiency, and benefiting from strain, and is an excellent warming and strengthening agent.

  Remarks on how to make mutton: 1.

Put a few holes in the radish, cook with the mutton, then remove the mutton and cook it again. The odor will be removed; 2.

Put 5 grams of mung beans per 1,000 grams of mutton. After boiling for 10 minutes, pour off water and mung beans, and the mutton smell will be removed; 3.

When cooking mutton, add 100 grams of cut sugar cane per 500 grams of mutton to remove the odor of mutton and increase the umami taste; 4.

Cut the mutton into a boiling water pot and add a little rice vinegar (500 mutton with 500 ml of water, 25 grams of vinegar). After boiling, remove the mutton and cook. The flavor will be removed.

  Identify sheep and goat meat: look at the color.

Sheep meat muscles are dark red, with thin, soft fibers and white aunts between the muscles, slightly hard and brittle.

Goat meat is lighter in color than older sheep. It has subcutaneous aunts and aunts with fractures only in the abdomen. The flesh smells bad; secondly, the wool shape is not cleaned on the meat.

Sheep meat hair bone, goat meat hair stiff; three look at the ribs.

Sheep meat ribs are narrow and short, while goat meat ribs are wide and long.

  Introduction to Beef Ingredients Beef is the second largest meat food in China, second only to pork. Beef has high protein content and low trace content, so it has a delicious taste and is loved by people.

  Nutrition analysis 1.

Beef protein protein, amino acid composition is closer to human needs than pork, can improve the body’s resistance to disease, is suitable for growth and development, and post-illness people to supplement blood loss, repair tissue, etc. Beef can warm the stomach in winterSupplements for the season; 2.

Beef has the effects of nourishing the spleen and stomach, nourishing the spleen and stomach, strengthening the bones and bones, relieving phlegm and relieving wind, quenching thirst and relieving asthma. It is suitable for those who have hidden in the middle air, shortness of breath, weakness of muscles and bones, long-term anemia and dizziness.  3.

Water buffalo can recuperate and recuperate, yellow beef can recuperate Qi, strengthen the spleen and stomach, and strengthen muscles and bones.

  Relevant population The general population may consume 1.

It is suitable for people who grow and develop, in the early stage and after the illness, who have insufficiency of shortness of breath, shortness of breath and weakness, weak muscles and bones, chronic anemia and yellow eyes.

People with infectious diseases, liver disease, or kidney disease should eat it with caution; yellow beef is a hair product, and those with sores, eczema, acne, itching should be used with caution; 3.

High cholesterol, high aunt, elderly, children, people with poor digestion should not eat more; 4.

Excessive consumption may increase the risk of colon and prostate cancer.

  Production guide 1.

Put a hawthorn, a piece of orange peel or a little tea when cooking, the beef is rotten; the stewed beef can better preserve the nutritional content


Coat the beef with a layer of mustard the night before cooking the old beef, rinse it with cold water the next day, and cook in the pot. When cooking, put some wine and vinegar. After this process, the old beef is easy to rot and the meat becomes tender.The color is delicious and the aroma is tangy.


When it comes to braised beef, it has the lowest temperature in the snow and the meat is delicious.


The fibrous tissue of beef is thicker, and the connective tissue overlaps. It should be cut transversely, and the long fibers should be cut off. It can’t be cut along the fibrous tissue, otherwise it won’t even taste and won’t rot.

  5. Beef is easy to turn black after being blown by wind.

  The therapeutic effect is sweet, flat, returning to the spleen, and stomach meridian; yak beef has the effects of nourishing the spleen and stomach, nourishing qi and blood, strengthening bones and bones, and eliminating edema.
  The elderly eat beef and cactus together, which can fight cancer and relieve pain, and improve the immune function of the body; stewed beef with red dates stew can help muscle growth and promote wound healing.

  Note 1.

The fresh beef is shiny, the red color is slightly dark, the aunt is white or light yellow, the appearance is slightly dry or air-dried film, non-sticky, good elasticity, and fresh meat taste.

Old beef is dark red and thick; tender beef is light red, firm and fine, and elastic.


Some people think that the taste is the most delicious when the beef begins to rot.

In fact, this is extremely absurd.

Although the internal maturation period after the slaughter is longer than other meats, it is fully matured before the store is set up, and it can be left at home for only three or four days. The whole meat is limited to one week.

At the same time, in order to prevent oxidation and deterioration, it should be stored in the refrigerator.


You can eat beef once a week, and you ca n’t eat too much. In addition, it is better for Aunt Niu to eat, otherwise it will increase the amount of lactic acid and unfortunate accumulation in the body.

  Introduction to fish raw materials Anchovy, also known as anchovy, is also called hitou. It is a carp and is produced throughout the country.

The fish is commonly known as coriander seed. It has delicious meat and tender meat. It is full of nutrition, contains more protein, has fewer larvae, and is fresh and not greasy. It is slightly sweet; it is a highly adaptable fish that inhabits rivers.In lakes, ponds, rivers and canals, especially in shallow lakes and ponds overgrown with grasses, catfish are produced all year round, but with 2?
April and August?
The fattest is produced in December.

The carp is flat and tall on the side, smaller in body, dark on the back, and light in color on the abdomen. The body color varies depending on the place of origin, mostly black with metallic luster, no need on the mouth, small scales, and the shape of the fin is the same as that of a carp.

The carp meat is tender and delicious, with high nutritional value, but small and numerous spines.

  Nutrition analysis 1.

Carassius auratus has high-quality and complete protein, which can be absorbed. It is a good source of protein for patients with liver and kidney disease, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. Regular food can enhance disease resistance, hepatitis, nephritis, hypertension, hypertension, chronic bronchitis, etc.Patients with disease can often take it; 2.

Anchovies have the effects of strengthening the spleen and dampness, and having an appetizing effect, promoting blood circulation and clearing collaterals, warming and lowering qi, and have a good nourishing and therapeutic effect on spleen and stomach weakness, edema, ulcers, bronchitis, hypertension, and diabetes; postpartum women stew catfishSoup, can make up the deficiency of lactation; 3.

The fish is tender and delicious. It can be used for porridge, soup, vegetables, snacks, etc.

It is especially suitable for soup. It is not only delicious and delicious, but also has a tonic effect. It is very suitable for middle-aged and elderly people and those who are weak after illness. It is also especially suitable for pregnant women.

  Relevant population The general population may consume 1.

Suitable for people with chronic nephritis edema, liver cirrhosis, ascites, and malnourished edema; suitable for pregnant women who consume postpartum milk; suitable for those who have weak spleen and stomach and who do not have a good diet; suitable for the early stage of measles or those who are unhappy with measlesConsumption; suitable for hemorrhoids bleeding, chronic chronic stasis; 2.

Do not eat more during a cold or fever.

  Food is not suitable for eating catfish with garlic, sugar, mustard, ginseng, honey, pork liver, chicken, pheasant, venison, and Chinese medicinal Ophiopogon and Magnolia.

Avoid tea before and after eating fish.

  Production guide 1.

Sturgeon stew, dry roast, steamed, stew soup, similar, but stew soup is the most common; 2.

The best diet in winter season; the best nutrition of stew soup with catfish and tofu; 3.

For example, cooking soup with Chenpi and Anchovy has the effect of dispersing cold in the middle temperature, nourishing the spleen and appetizing, beneficial stomachache, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, indigestion, weakness, etc .;

Remove the fishy smell: clean the fish and remove the scales, and pour some rice wine into the basin to remove the fishy smell and make the fish taste delicious; cut and wash the fresh fish and soak it in milk for a whileIt can remove the fishy smell and increase the umami taste. After eating the fish, when you have a taste in the mouth, chew three or five slices of tea and immediately breathe fresh.

  The therapeutic effect of catfish is sweet, flat, enter the spleen, stomach, and large intestine; it has the effects of strengthening the spleen, appetizing, nourishing qi, diuretic, passing milk, and dehumidifying.

  Remarks for cutting fish: 1.

The flesh is thin, the fiber is short, and it is easy to break. When cutting the fish, the skin should be facing down and the knife edge slanted in. It is best to cut along the fishbone and cut more cleanly. 2.

The skin of the fish has a layer of mucus that is very slippery, so it is not easy to cut. If you soak your hands in salt water for a while while cutting the fish, the cut will not slip.

What are the habits of accelerating skin aging

What are the habits of accelerating skin aging

Many girls around 20 years old must think that anti-aging, skin aging, etc. are far away from themselves. In fact, it is not true. When the skin really begins to age, it is not too late.

We must always pay attention to the anti-aging problem of the skin. There are many vices in life that will accelerate the process of skin aging.


hzh {display: none; }  1 整天愁眉苦脸,庸人自扰 这样会使皮肤细胞缺乏营养,脸上的皮肤干枯无华,出现皱纹,同时还会加深面部的“愁纹”。Smile, ten years less.

Emotional stability is very important for endocrine balance. A woman who is gentle and tolerant is very beautiful, but it is not just a psychological impression.

  2 Excessive facial expressions, often eyes, frowns, giggles, and frowning, these actions and expressions will increase the wrinkles on the face, so it is best to minimize facial movements and excessive expressions.

  3 Staying up late Staying up late is the enemy of skin care, lack of sleep, and a variety of disorders in the regulation of certain skin cells, affecting the vitality of epidermal cells.

So you have to sleep at least 8 hours a day. If you fall below this level, you need to re-evaluate your health index.

Adequate sleep is easily manifested on the skin, especially the delicate eye skin.

A sweet good feeling can eliminate the fatigue of the skin, make the regulation of skin cells in a normal state, and delay the aging of the skin.

  4 Smoking and drinking nicotine has a contraction effect on the skin and blood vessels, so smokers’ skin wrinkles arrive 10 years earlier than non-smokers, so if you are a smoker, it will look 10 years older than your peers.

Drinking alcohol will reduce the amount of oil in the skin, improve skin dehydration, and indirectly affect the normal function of the skin.

  5 Regular exposure to the sun absorbs and absorbs too much ultraviolet rays. There are many disadvantages, from light to darker and thicker skin, and heavy skin cancer, which is one of the culprits of premature skin aging.

  Because direct sunlight will directly damage the skin’s deep elastic fibers and collagen, causing skin to become loose and dull, and wrinkles appear.

Therefore, develop a good habit of using high-quality sunscreen.

6 Do not like drinking water Water is the source of life.

  Keeping your skin hydrated in time is the key to skincare.

Insufficient water intake will lead to insufficient oil secretion and skin will easily dehydrate, so you must force yourself to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water every day, but do not drink any caffeine drinks.

  7 don’t like sports this is not good.

A proper amount of exercise can promote the acceleration of blood circulation throughout the body, relax the body’s activity moderately, thereby enhancing the skin’s lubricity. It can also give the skin a lot of opportunities to sweat, keep the skin healthy and balance, and greatly reduce the chance of low skin aging.

Therefore, we must strengthen exercise.

  8 Incomplete makeup removal This is a mistake most people will make.

It is not possible to thoroughly cleanse the skin with just a facial cleanser.

You should do deep cleansing regularly to prevent dirt that is not visible to our eyes from clogging the pores and affecting the normal breathing of the skin.

  9 Don’t know your skin, do you really understand your skin with inappropriate skin care products?

Only when you really know your skin can you make the right choice.

Find a chance to do a skin test and learn more.

  10 Get close to irritating food, stay away from vitamins and hurry up the cliff!

Irritating foods, some spicy and deep-fried ones, are suitable for skin such as time bombs, fried products, and spicy foods. They will only reduce the amount of skin endocrine balance and reduce the chance of skin problems such as acne and oiliness.

  The vitamins in fruits and vegetables are very good for the skin. Moreover, fruits and vegetables are not only delicious and pleasant, but also can be made into natural masks. The effect is very good, and it is also very interesting in life.

You need to plan your diet as soon as possible.

A simple dietary formula for detoxification


A simple dietary formula for detoxification

Maybe, the various “detoxification” health methods introduced in the workshop are now attracting you to try, but I wonder if you have noticed that the inappropriate diet itself will bring a lot of burden to the body-those who cannotIs transformed into energy for the body.

  Maybe, the various “detoxification” health methods introduced in the workshop are now attracting you to try, but I wonder if you have noticed that the inappropriate diet itself will bring a lot of burden to the body-those who cannotThe energy that is converted into the part used by the body slowly accumulates and becomes waste that harms the body . If your meals, meals, and meals are not healthy enough, how can you expect effective and rapid “detox” treatment to give you without any side effects?What about physical harm?

  Here we will introduce you to the “suzu” mix that can replace your daily diet, so eating can detoxify!

  Breakfast Breakfast error!

A glass of milk + two large slices of toast + an omelette. Although a glass of milk was once considered to be a balanced and comprehensive high-quality food, dairy products produced by modern dairy work are very easy to be contaminated by hormones and antibiotics, and may cause blood fat problems.Today, more medical observations have found that excessive animal protein implantation is closely related to the high incidence of various cancers.

  A simple mixture of two large slices of toast that are easy to store and cook, can be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, which raises blood sugar quickly, but it is not easy to maintain; the refined white flour lacks VB, which causes nutritional deficiencies due to long-term consumption; refined sugar causes excessive consumption of the bodyYes, reduce immunity.

  An omelette contains high animal feces and protein. Although it is easy to prepare and full, it also adds a lot of burden to the digestive system and blood vessels, and causes a series of problems such as arteriosclerosis.

In addition, harmful Salmonella that is easily contaminated by eggs can easily remain in this cooking method.

  Comprehensive evaluation: the trace exceeded the standard, the trace and the protein severely exceeded the standard, while the vitamins, trace elements, and precipitated fibers did not meet the standard.


Fruit + Vegetable Juice + Cereal, Oatmeal + Soy Milk A piece of fruit does not consume too much body energy to digest food. It is most suitable for “cleaning” the body in the early morning.

Choose one or more of apple, pear, peach, pineapple, cherry, plum, apricot, watermelon, strawberry, etc.

Care should be taken to avoid oranges or adulterated citrus juices, as their strong acidity may be more irritating.

  A glass of vegetable juice and fruit and vegetable juice can replenish quickly, without using too much digestive energy, and can effectively help to clean up garbage in the body, detoxify, quickly turn acidic body fluids to weak bases, maintain the body’s balance and health, and easily reduce excess weight.

You can choose from a variety of ingredients, such as peeled ginger or cucumber, celery, carrots, tomatoes, etc.

  Cereal oatmeal contains a variety of complex impurities, and is extremely rich in dietary fiber. It can stably raise and maintain blood sugar levels to supply the energy needed to work throughout the morning.

  A bowl of soy milk does not contain cholesterol, while providing sufficient protein and proper dosage.

  TIPS Breakfast Detox Keywords: Semi-liquid, all fresh!

  Have you thought about this question: Why is it so easy for you to be attracted to various junk foods, but difficult to get close to the “health food” recommended by nutritionists?

Remember when you quickly “annihilated” a whole package of potato chips piece by piece?

Due to the lack of true “nutrients” for a long time, your taste cells become relatively dull, and you can no longer appreciate the unique light, natural and healthy taste of fresh ingredients without seasoning.

This is an amazing pity!

The semi-liquid breakfast we provide is light and fresh, easy to digest and nutritious.

  Lunch quote is wrong!

A plate of curry chicken rice bowl + a tomato oxtail soup A plate of curry chicken rice bowl is a fast and convenient delicious food, but the content is high, the protein and traces are too much, and the fiber is almost 0.

  A nourishing soup with a unique flavor of tomato oxtail soup. The high animal protein and high cholesterol make it attractive and delicious, but also bring about the burden of digestion and health concerns.

  Comprehensive evaluation: discrete scores, delicious and invincible, but burden your digestive system, a drowsy afternoon appears you will drag down many important tasks again!

A mixed mushroom + a plate of lettuce salad + a bowl of coarse rice, two corns or a large piece of sweet potato + a bowl of seaweed tofu soup, one mixed mushroom, seasoned with olive oil, cut into slices of water-dried mushrooms, and shreddedThe red sweet pepper and onion are mixed together, and some rice vinegar, lemon juice and black pepper are added, which is very refreshing, appetizing and clear.

  A plate of lettuce salad can use broccoli, cabbage, lettuce leaves, cucumbers, broccoli, etc., especially the germinated seeds, called black bean sprouts, which are rich in active biological enzymes and help the immune system vitality.Lots of phytochemicals; salad dressing made with garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil instead of mayonnaise, healthier and more delicious.

  A bowl of flour rice, two corns, or a large piece of sweet potato with moderate amounts of various grains as the main source of energy for the body is actually more appropriate. This balanced diet can strengthen the spleen and stomach and allow more food to be converted intoIt is more beneficial to your goal to lose weight by using qi and blood instead of the garbage deposited in the body.

  A bowl of seaweed tofu soup (soy products are a complete source of complete protein, without any cholesterol, and have plant hormones called “flavonoids”, which are great for balancing female endocrine functions; in addition to iodine, seaweedThe class also provides calcium and other beneficial minerals that may teach you unexpected, rich and easy to absorb!

) TIPS Lunch Detox Keywords: Choose fruits and vegetables of different colors!

  Phytochemicals refer to a large group of active and health-care substances contained in natural vegetables and fruits. Most of their ingredients have antioxidant properties and can help our body fight disease: it can fight cancer and anti-microbials., Antithrombotic, regulate immune function, inhibit inflammatory process, affect blood pressure, lower blood pressure, regulate blood sugar, and promote digestion.

They all have lycopene, carotenoids, lutein, lycopene, zeaxanthin, etc. There are more than 1,000 known species.

Therefore, in order to better prevent the risk of various diseases, try to choose a variety of fruits and vegetables of different colors to eat every day!

  dinner!Spicy hot pot + a pint of beer Spicy hot pot has the irritating taste that teaches you to drool, it is also difficult to give up, but it is also a food that is too “logged” on the body; too many meat choices will also increase the burden on the body.Boiled them bring additional risk of disease; over-boiled vegetables lead to exhaustion of vitamins and severely reduce the health of the body.

  A bar of beer is a quick and relaxing drink, but it is also a very complete supplement-it changes the blood sugar so much that it quickly becomes very tired after feeling excited and excited, and long-term and large supplements will bring liverExtensive damage to the nervous system.

  Comprehensive evaluation: trace amounts are very high, nutrients are wasted and tedious, and the body is heavily burdened.

Especially bad for night sleep.

A vegetable soup + a bowl of integrated cereal porridge. A vegetable soup with tomatoes, soybean sprouts, potatoes, carrots, cabbage and onions as the main ingredients. It contains multivitamins, minerals, plant cellulose, and also contains a certain amount of protein.In addition to providing sufficient nutrients and balanced nutrition for the human body, plasma, etc. can regulate the balance of blood sugar and lipids, promote excretion, and improve internal stasis.

Adding a small amount of astragalus, codonopsis and wolfberry has the effects of nourishing the spleen and replenishing qi, clearing the liver and solidifying the lungs, conditioning and nourishing, and combining its effects, it can enhance the vitality of the body, promote hematopoietic function, improve the nutritional status of the whole body, calm the spirit, and eliminate tensionImprove sleep quality.

  A bowl of comprehensive cereal porridge is made from beans and cereals of different types and colors, which provides delicious, properly converted and balanced nutrients, and is easily digested and absorbed, and can reduce laxative fat.

  TIPS Dinner Detox Keywords: Vegan protein content is just right!

  Many people worry about whether a vegan diet will lack nutrition, especially protein.

The nutritionist tells us: should the body need about 8% of total protein?
10% is the most appropriate, and most people in our society are overeating-we absorbed 11?
25% or more!

Too much protein carries risks like cardiovascular or cancer, and the acid they produce in the body causes calcium to be lost from the bones.

And plant foods, some vegetables, fruits and grains, their protein content is exactly 8?
10% is the best diet that nature has just prepared for our body.

Women’s bags under the eyes come from psychology?

Women’s bags under the eyes come from psychology?

Usually, most people, especially women, have done that peasant woman at some point in their lives. When they are as helpless as the peasant woman, they put acne on their body, or paint with dark gloomA pair of dark circles may also drop a tired and serious eye bag to express rejection.

     These blemishes may last for a week, a summer, or throughout adolescence and menopause.

     There must be many people who do not believe this and would rather follow the explanation of “endocrine disorders” and apply the ointment and skin care products to their faces in vain.

The endocrine view is not good. Wouldn’t it be better if we could see the underlying cause further.

A girl blushed. We said that she was caused by a large amount of blood flowing into the facial capillaries, and she ignored the deep reason why the girl blushed.

     Lincoln once said, “People should be responsible for their appearance by the age of forty”, which means that innate physiological factors are increasingly replaced by acquired psychological factors.

This president is too vague in his words, not 40 years old, not later than 20 years old, people should be responsible for their looks.

     The woman’s “ugly” is a covert expression of dissatisfaction with reality. A 17-year-old girl has been injured by a rash for a long time. It is neurological after a doctor’s examination. After psychological examination, she found that the cause was her mother’s life.Overly concerned about dissatisfaction.

She hated her mother for treating her as a little girl, and the mother didn’t let her do anything else her peers could do.

She couldn’t wear her favorite clothes, couldn’t go to the streets alone, and couldn’t talk to the boys on the phone.

So she used her itch to ward off her mother’s “nausea” covetousness, which is a typical case of externalizing the inner feelings.

     Similarly, the girl suffering from ulcers should actually reflect on whether she is showing somebody’s face and expressing her anger that is lingering with that dark red of acne.

Fracture ulcers are mostly fractured in introverted people, because they rarely express their emotions through the mouth, so the largest organ in the human body, the skin, “comes forward,” and uses a chug to say trouble.

     Let’s take a look at the dark circles and bags under the eyes of anyone.

These are some more coquettish women who rely on their hearts. They may seldom coquettish, but they must be good at longer.

If the eye circles and bags under the eyes are not used to tell her boyfriend “to get rid of you”, it is to say to her husband “I’m tired, don’t bother.”

     The so-called “women are the ones who please themselves”, on the other hand, women are also “ugly” when they are unhappy.

     The psychological clues used to guide beauty and beauty issues with psychological guidance are often not straight, but are randomly curved like curlers, which is difficult to see through at a glance.

A female celebrity, quite proud of her self-care skin care, had a small spot on her face after accidentally receiving a beauty salon treatment, and she was scared for a while.

After analysis, it was found that the proud female stars were not as confident as they appeared.

She didn’t know if she should continue her life like this or change her lifestyle.

At the age of Shaohua, this is a common concern of many people.

     So she came to the beauty salon she had always taken for granted.

It is not difficult to imagine the uncomfortable heart of a proud female star when she is manipulated by female care, so she let the skin bulge a few packets to show her correctness, and get a comfort: I am right, I don’t have to change anything.

     Women who love beauty should know: your mind can make your eyes open or close, and it can make sweat pores like this; your mind can control raising your hands and feet, and you can also control the skin to be tight and loose.

     The key is what you put in your mind.

Send a sincere self-suggestion to the mirror every day: “You are so cute, I love you.

“It’s a good beauty.

Healthy sleep is essential for good health

Healthy sleep is essential for good health

With the acceleration of the pace of life, long-term mental stress, and excessive stress, more and more healthy people have begun to enter the insomniac group, and the incidence of sleep disorders has a rising trend.

According to the World Health Organization for 14 countries and 15 regions 2.

A survey of 50,000 patients attending primary care found that 27% had sleep problems.

According to reports, the incidence of insomnia in the United States is as high as 32%?
50%, UK is 10%?
14%, Japan 20%, France 30%, and at the same time more than 30%, 50% of school students have problems with lack of sleep.
  People spend more than racial time in bed in their lives. Among the 7 factors that affect human life, sleep is an important one.

Adequate and good sleep, together with an optimistic attitude, a balanced diet, and appropriate exercise, are recognized by the current international community as the four health standards.

Humans are very normal to sleep. A person can only live 7 days without drinking water and only 4 days without sleeping.

The harm caused by lack of sleep is familiar to everyone: poor energy, slow response, memory loss, decreased immunity, and even premature aging of the body.

Foreign studies believe that sleep problems are often the early manifestations of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression and other diseases.

It is no exaggeration to say that a person who sleeps well is basically a healthy person; a person who doesn’t sleep well is definitely a person with health problems.

Although sleep disorders have a great impact on our quality of life, a significant number of patients have not been properly diagnosed and treated.

Sleep disorders have become a prominent problem that threatens the public in countries around the world.

  In order to awaken people’s awareness of the nature of sleep, the Global Sleep and Health Program sponsored by the International Mental Health and Neuroscience Foundation launched a global campaign in 2001.For “World Sleep Day”.

The reason why World Sleep Day is set on the first day of early spring is because the change of seasonal change and the pattern of sleep day and night are closely related to our rest.

The setting of this day is not for people from all over the world to leave work and sleep peacefully, but to draw attention to sleep and sleep quality.

Paying attention to sleep quality means paying attention to quality of life, paying attention to sleep means paying attention to health.

China Sleep Research Association officially released “World Sleep Day” in China.

  The sleep status of various groups of people has been brought forward by the “World Sleep Day” and people’s increasing attention to sleep quality.

  A hospital randomly selected 2000 people in the city3?
A 12-year-old healthy child’s sleep survey showed that the average sleep time of these children was insufficient and the incidence of sleep disorders was as high as 25.


Lack of sleep will seriously affect children’s growth and development and cognitive ability.

Although this is just a sample survey of one person in one city, the sleep conditions of children in other areas can also be seen.

Many studies have also shown that the problem of lack of sleep among adolescents in school age is obvious.

In addition, studies have shown that sleep is of great significance to the physical development of infants and young children. Infants and young children without sleep problems have better physical development than infants and young children with sleep problems.

  It is understood that the elderly account for the largest proportion of people with sleep disorders. Studies have shown that more than 90% of the elderly over the age of 60 have experienced sleep disorders.

According to a World Health Organization survey of 15 regions in 14 countries, 50%?
60% of the elderly have sleep disorders.

A large number of studies have found that the incidence of sleep disorders in the elderly increases with increasing age, which is related to both the elderly’s own disease and psychological factors, and may also be related to the increase in social attention to the sleep quality of the elderly than before; However, the incidence of sleep disorders in older people with lower education levels is lower than that in lower educated people. This may be because people with higher education levels pay more attention to their sleep quality and can also adjust by learning related health knowledgeOwn sleep; short-term, the elderly, the incidence of sleep disorders is also related to the military-related occupations they are in, workers, farmers are more prone to sleep disorders than cadres and professional and technical personnel, of course, this may also be related to workers and farmers as a wholeDecreased education.

  Studies have stated that 80% of sleep disorders are caused by psychological stress.

Speaking of stress, we have to talk about the sleeping situation of office workers.

According to the Chinese Medical Association, about 300 million adults suffer from sleep disorders such as insomnia or excessive sleep.

According to incomplete statistics, about 1/6 of the young people in the country have different degrees of insomnia, of which more women than men.

In areas where the market economy is relatively developed and the pace of work is fast, the proportion of insomnia patients is relatively large.

  Experts point out that the sleep problems of young people are becoming more and more serious, which is mainly caused by the fast pace of life, increased pressure on life, and bad life habits such as night life and drinking.
For the professional population, many related studies at home and abroad have found that the severity of sleep disorders in women is higher than that of men, but men are more prone to sleep disorders.

The British “Daily Mail” reported that women may need more sleep than men.

Women’s way of thinking belongs to the “multi-thinking” mode, which mobilizes brain cells more fully than men. Therefore, they need to sleep 20 minutes more a day than men to allow brain cells to rest.

Studies on different occupations have found that the proportion of sleep disorders among national civil servants and professional and technical personnel is lower than that of various production personnel and commercial and service personnel.

Work and life stress are the most relevant of all the factors related to sleep disorders. At the same time, it must reflect that China’s society is in a period of rapid economic growth, social competition is intensifying, and work and life pressures are increasingly becoming occupations.Sleep disorders are paramount in the population.
  Some netizens teased that occupations in modern society are the most sleepless?

Writers who “started from noon in the morning”, journalists with 24-hour breaks, actors who rushed to work day and night, nervous creative people, policemen who tracked late at night, these people all topped the top ten “insomnia” career rankings.

Many modern people have been in a “sleep burden” situation for a long time, but they don’t care. They only sleep for five or six hours a day, and they can make up for it by going to the dim sky every weekend.

The doctor told us that this approach was wrong.

  Sleeping is not as good as sleeping. Too few people get sick, so is n’t it that the more you sleep, the better?

How long should I sleep?

Studies have shown that sleep time with the lowest mortality is about 7 hours.

Sleeping six or more hours a day can damage your health and increase your risk of stroke, diabetes, and more.

If you sleep too much, fatigue will not be eliminated, and health and intelligence will be affected.

A 2009 Finnish study showed that maintaining 7?
People with 8 hours of sleep performed best in memory and behavior, while those who slept more than 9 hours at night or a total of 6 hours overlapped the test.

Many studies have shown that different ages have different needs for sleep. On average, infants and young children sleep 17 a day?
18 hours, children must guarantee 10 hours of sleep per day, teenagers need to sleep 8?
9 hours, while adults sleep for about 8 hours.

  The quality of sleep depends on the length of time and the quality of sleep.

Sleep is not as simple as closing and opening your eyes, but a complex system engineering.

People’s sleep has a certain acceleration. It first enters the slow-wave sleep period, then the fast-eye-movement sleep period, that is, “deep sleep”, and then starts repeatedly. There is about 4?
6 sleep cycles.

Only fully carried out 4?
5 stages of deep sleep can fully repair the physiological functions of the human body.

Simply prolonging sleep time does not make up for lack of sleep. On the contrary, if you lie on the bed blindly and do not get proper sleep, it is harmful to the human body.

Sleep that plays a decisive role in human health is the “deep sleep” at night. The 6-hour deep sleep is much better than the 12-hour light sleep.

The deep sleep stage is of great significance to the recovery of human strength and energy.

  In addition, research by medical experts in California found that sleeping half is more harmful to health than not sleeping.

Compared with the students who did not sleep at all, the students who were awakened at the time of the dream were worse in learning efficiency.

Therefore, we better be able to ensure that you wake up naturally. If you are woken up by an alarm clock every day, and then continuously in the “sleepwalking” state, it means that you lack sleep.

For those who wake up naturally after only six hours of sleep, as long as you feel sober and feel good, get up and rest assured.

The standard of good or bad sleep quality is not the length of sleep time, but the mental state of the next day. As long as the next day feels energetic and uncomfortable, it indicates that the sleep quality is good and the sleep is healthy.

  The results of sleep surveys released by the Chinese Sleep Research Association show that the number of sleep disorders in adults is 38.

2%, higher than the expected incidence of insomnia abroad.

After the financial crisis broke out, the proportion of insomnia in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other urban population increased by more than 20%, and the proportion of people with sleep disorders has nearly 40%.

  To ensure a healthy sleep, you should pay attention to several aspects: regular rest time; do not eat before going to bed; turn off the lights to sleep; adopt a good sleeping position, lying on its side, lying on its back, can not sleep on its stomach or half on its stomach;Insist on physical exercise; avoid the stress of life, try not to worry about your life before going to bed, at the same time keep the sleeping environment quiet, keep the bed and pillows clean and comfortable, the pillows should not be too high, do not do too much exercise before going to bed, keep the mood.
In addition, relaxing and learning to decompress yourself is an important “secret” for ensuring scientific sleep.

“Fast-paced” in modern society is inevitable. It is also a good method that we can learn to find ways to “get busy” and eliminate “fast-paced” syndrome.

We should be good at self-extrication psychologically, arrange our daily lives reasonably, be busy and not messy, and ensure that we have sufficient sleep every day.

Long walking movement, careful preparation

Long walking movement, careful preparation

Although long walking is a very safe exercise and fitness program, if you can’t grasp the exercise methods and essentials well, you can’t achieve the proper fitness effect, and may even produce a certain substitution.

Therefore, if you choose to walk for a long time, the method must be correct.

  Before going for a long walk, you need to be careful. Choose a pair of soft-soled sneakers.

Special running shoes are better, which can cushion the pressure on the soles of the feet to prevent injuries to the joints that are not moving.

  Second, wear a comfortable sportswear.

In this way, you can relax your mood and body and get out of your working life.

  Third, prepare a pot of tea.

You can add some sugar and salt properly, because tea can quench the thirst, sugar and salt can prevent excessive sweating and cause electrolyte imbalance in the body.

  Fourth, choose a suitable exercise route.

It can be park trails, school guidance, near your residence, or even commuting paths.

During exercise, the body’s oxygen consumption will increase, such as poor air, and even impurities such as exhaust gas, which will cause the exercise effect to be counterproductive.

Therefore, the long walking route should be less traffic, ventilation, and good air. The farther away from the car, the better.

  Fifth, long walking time should be appropriate.

Long walking exercise is best to choose after the sun rises every day, and 3 pm is also the best exercise time.

Long-distance walking is not the same as walking, walking or shopping, exercising at least 3 times a week, and not staying for 30 minutes at a time.

  If you walk too randomly and you can’t reach the purpose of fitness, you must do some preparatory activities before long walks, such as gently pressing muscles and ligaments, doing some squat exercises, etc., so that your heart and muscles can enter the state of exercise.

When walking, the stride should be slightly larger, with a chest, abdomen, eyes forward, and the upper body leaning forward slightly. Some of them naturally shake on both sides of the body, causing concentration, and breathing is naturally uniform.

After the long walk begins, do not stop at will until the end of the exercise.

Long walking fitness exercise should be carried out step by step, exercise intensity should be from small to large, exercise time from short to long.

Don’t forget to do some relaxing exercises after exercise.

  It is also walking. If you want to “walk out” of health, you must ensure a certain frequency, intensity and duration when exercising.

If you don’t know your athletic ability, you should choose the appropriate intensity at the beginning. If you do not feel relief from panic, palpitations, headaches, weakness, and accelerated heart rate the next day after training, you can gradually increase the intensity, otherwise, reduce the intensity.