Butterfly spot medicated recipe

Butterfly spot medicated recipe

1. Eight treasures freckle porridge: 10 grams of raw coix seed, 10 grams of lotus root, 15 grams of lotus seeds, 30 grams of raw yam, 10 grams of white lentils, 15 grams of red beans, 10 jujubes, 200 grams of rice.Add the right amount of water to the previous rice, cook for 40 minutes, and cook the rice before. Cook the porridge until it is cooked, add the right amount of rock sugar, and eat a small bowl in the morning and evening. The effect of Jiufu is very good.

  2. Rehmannia steamed duck: 100 grams of raw rehmannia, 200 grams of yam, 30 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 1 white duck (about 500 grams), shallot, ginger, pepper, rice wine, clear soup, salt, monosodium glutamate, etc.When preparing, clean up the ducks, remove the bones of the whole body, apply salt, pepper, and rice wine to the inside and outside of the duck. Add the onions and ginger for about 1 hour.

Peel and dip raw yam and yam, put them in gauze bags with wolfberry, place them on the bottom of the bowl, and cut the marinated duck into 1 cm cubes.

Add the broth and steam for about 2 hours until the meat is cooked. Remove the medicine bag and serve.

  3. Magnolia officinalis: 700 grams of pork elbow, 15 grams of Magnolia officinalis, 10 grams of incense stick, 10 grams of lotus root, 10 grams of angelica, 5 grams of chuanxiong.

When making the medicine, put the medicine into a gauze bag, put it into the pot with the pork elbow, add water, boil it with the Wuhuo, skim the floating foam, and transfer the fire to the eighth maturity., Refined salt, soy sauce, MSG, etc.

When the juice is thick, the elbow is rotten, remove the medicine pack, and serve on a plate.

  4, Angelica Lily Rabbit: Angelica 15 grams, lily 50 grams, Tianqi 10 grams, rabbit meat 250 grams.

When making the lily, wash and chop the angelica, and place it into the steaming bowl with the rabbit meat, add an appropriate amount of water, simmer until it is cooked through the water and the heat, season the soup and eat the meat.

5, mulberry milk liquid: 50 grams of mulberry, 50 grams of barley kernels, 300 ml of milk.

Smash mulberry and coix seed to extract juice, mix with milk, add water and boil in a pot, season with sugar.

  6, radish and red date soup: 50 grams of carrots, 30 grams of red dates, 15 grams of Chinese wolfberry.

After washing, add an appropriate amount to the pot and cook until it is cooked.

  7, Xiaoban drink: 100 grams of soybeans, 100 grams of green beans, 100 grams of red beans.

Wash and soak until it swells, mix and mash, add an appropriate amount to the boil, and flavor and drink with sugar.

Choose winter meals and eat sauerkraut fried pork

Choose winter meals and eat sauerkraut fried pork

What’s the best meal in winter?

When choosing a meal, you still have to choose a sour and appetizing sauerkraut, with red pepper and a fried pork tenderloin, it is definitely the best choice for dinner!

Today I recommend this sauerkraut fried meat.

Sauerkraut fried meat ingredients: 100 grams of sauerkraut, 100 grams of pork tenderloin, 2 red peppers, ginger, cooking oil, cooking wine, starch, pepper, and white sugar. Method: 1. Wash the sauerkraut with water and squeeze out the water.Cut into small pieces, add pork starch after shredding pork, cooking wine and crushed pepper, mix and marinate, clean the red pepper, dice and shred ginger, and shred ginger for use; 2. Add edible oil, and heat into oilAfter the ginger is fragrant, pour into the shredded pork and stir-fry it quickly. Stir until the surface of the shredded pork changes color and remove it for future use. 3. Put another pan into the pan and add a small amount of cooking oil again.Add sauerkraut and stir-fry repeatedly, stir-fry the pork, stir-fry evenly, and add a small amount of white sugar to taste.

Sauerkraut itself contains a lot of salt, so don’t add any more salt during the frying process.

If the sauerkraut is a salty sauerkraut, you can wash it a few times when you wash it, remove the salty taste, and fry it.

Different vegetables make sauerkraut and eat differently. Sauerkraut can be an appetizer, a meal, or a seasoning to make in our diet. Generally speaking, “sauerkraut” usually refers to all the vegetables or cabbage processed.Generic term for sauerkraut.

Vegetables commonly used to make sauerkraut include Chinese cabbage, greens, turnips, and rapeseed. Because the taste of vegetables is different, the taste of sauerkraut is different.

Generally, sauerkraut made by Chinese cabbage is the most crisp and refreshing. Whether it is used for soup or directly fried with red pepper, it can maintain the refreshing color. The refreshing color of green and white is easy to make the index finger move, plus the crispyTaste is also the most popular.

Sauerkraut made from greens is relatively not as beautiful as sauerkraut made from Chinese cabbage, but the green leaves are partly piled up. Therefore, the use of sauerkraut fish will taste, and eating a lot of vegetables while eating fish will make it harder to feel tired.

The radish is suitable for direct stir-fry, and it is not very suitable for making soup. The sauerkraut made from the radish is more delicious and sweet when it is eaten as a cold dish.

Make your own sauerkraut, pickle enough time to prevent food poisoning. Winter is the best season for making sauerkraut. Many families in the north will make sauerkraut. When there is no instrument to test the chemicals produced in the marinating process, experience is often the best way to prevent food poisoningTeacher.

During the pickling process, the amount of nitrite is from less to more, and then from more to less. In this process, the nitrite content is increased 3-7 days after pickling, so inDuring this time, make sure to avoid trying sauerkraut, preferably after marinating for half a month to 20 days.

In addition, a little vitamin C can be added during the marinating process to help reduce nitrite, reduce the content of nitrite, and reduce the risk of food poisoning.

If food poisoning occurs after eating sauerkraut, the patient should be resumed as soon as possible and sent to the hospital for treatment while vomiting first aid.

Recipes for medicated diet

Recipes for medicated diet

Anorectal prolapse, also called prolapse, is the rectal mucosa.

A disease in which the anal canal, rectum and part of the sigmoid rectum are displaced and prolapsed outside the anus.

Those with tympanic membrane prolapse only are called “incomplete prolapse” or “false prolapse”; those with full-thickness rectal prolapse are called “complete prolapse” or “true prolapse”.

Those who prolapse in the anal canal are called “inner prolapse” or “inner telescope”; those who prolapse outside the anus are called “outer prolapse”.

More common in children and the elderly.

Elderly people are weak, lack of gas, or increased intra-abdominal pressure, etc., the ligaments are loose, the ability to protect the organs is reduced, organ prolapse occurs, patients with mild prolapse can relieve abdominal pressure or stay in bedReply; severe cases of prolapse all day can not return and affect normal life.

  Mung Bean Sticky Rice Pork Intestine: Mung Bean 50?
60 grams, glutinous rice 20?
Add 30 grams of pig intestine 250?
Within 300 grams, tie each other with a string, boil for 2 hours and remove, and cut into pieces to season.

With meals.

Indications for prolapse.

  Mung bean glutinous rice cooked large intestine: 50 grams each of mung bean and glutinous rice are separated into 250 grams of pig large intestine, tied separately with wire, put into a casserole, add an appropriate amount of water to boil for 2 hours, and cook after eating.

Function clear and lower coke, purging fire and dampness.

Part of the uterine or prostatic partly swollen swelling or ulceration, bleeding, accompanied by short urination, dry and dull mouth, fever; female leucorrhea increased, yellow and white with red.

  Astragalus and Atractylodes porridge: 30 grams of yellow thistle, 15 grams of atractylodes and Chaihu, add 40 grams of water for 40 minutes, remove dregs for juice, add 100 grams of rice and cook porridge.

Function Qi and spleen, Yang Yang depression.

Indications of senile insufficiency of qi, visceral droop caused by organ weakness, visceral fatigue, shortness of breath and spontaneous sweating, especially movement.

  Yellow Emperor Soup: 30 grams of Emperor Huang, 10 grams of dogwood and fry for 30 minutes with appropriate amount of water, remove residue and juice, add 100 grams of lean pork slices, cook and season.

Eat soup and meat.

Function Qi and lift, Yishen solid photos.

Indications for stagnation of inadequate viscera; symptoms of fatigue and fatigue, shortness of breath.

  Astragalus brachycarpa pig large intestine: 150 grams of pig large intestine boiled slightly with boiling water to remove the flavor of the dragon, add astragalus and 30 grams each, add an appropriate amount of water to a small fire until the intestines are cooked and seasoned.

Drink soup and intestines.

Function to nourish qi and spleen, lift and lift solid photo.

Indications for organ prolapse; symptoms see Jiujia prolapse.

  Astragalus baicalensis and red jujube pot: 200 grams of fresh astragalus bacon is splanchnic and cut into sections. It is put into a casserole with 30 grams of astragalus and 10 jujubes. Add a small amount of water and vegetable oil.

Eat soup and meat.
Function qi and nourish blood, lift.

Indications of senile organ sag; symptoms include fatigue and fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath, weak back and limbs, and pale.

The wrong habits are the most hurtful

The wrong habits are the most hurtful

Modern people have more or less “defects”, such as a bad stomach, poor adaptability, etc., but how can they not find the “cause”. As everyone knows, most of these problems are closely related to the habits of childhood.

Experts will explain to you what small health hazards are the root causes of childhood.

  Not enough sleep, short in recent years, the height of the Chinese people has been rising.

But many other people worry that they are not tall, find work, and fall in love.

In fact, in addition to nutrition, height is also affected by many factors such as heredity, disease, and sleep.

  The chief pediatrician said that sleep is a key factor affecting height, especially in early childhood, because growth hormones that promote the growth of the human body are pulsed during the day and will peak after about 2 hours of falling asleep.Hormones account for almost half of a day’s secretion and are a prime time for long.

  A follow-up study by scholars from Emory University in the United States found that babies will have a snooze situation that increases their sleep by four and a half hours per day for two consecutive days before their height increases 48 hours.

Snooze babies may increase their height by 43% for each additional sleep; this may increase by 20% for every additional hour of sleep.

Moreover, as a child, it is a critical period for the development of sleep patterns. Once the routine is fixed, it will be difficult to correct it after growing up.

Therefore, it is recommended that infants under the age of 1 sleep 16 hours a day; 1?
3-year-olds sleep 12 hours per night, two or three hours during the day; 3?
6-year-old child sleeps 10 every day?
12 hours; 9 for elementary school students?
10 hours.

  Fast meals, metabolic chaos, and gobble are all image descriptions of fast meals. People’s stay time is indeed “shrinking”.

The survey showed that 43 out of 2743 people.

31% of people take “the shortest meal a day” for only 5 minutes, and this “accelerated” eating hurts the body unknowingly.

Gastroenterologists said that many of the patients had a habit of eating fast.

Often, the esophagus is stuffed before the peristalsis occurs, which results in varying degrees of acid reflux and heartburn.

  Experts point out that eating too fast, and gradually the brain has no time to remind the initialization to receive food, the stomach is filled up at once, it is easy to cause obesity, and it will cause digestive and metabolic disorders and other diseases.

Experts recommend that you do not urge your children during meals, and do not eat faster than anyone else, and correct their inattentive eating behaviors.

According to the children’s meals, a more suitable alternative time can be specified, such as half an hour, to help them control the pace of eating, to develop good eating habits from an early age.

  Eating cold and having poor digestion A new study published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology found that the continued incidence of hot weather has increased the incidence of disease.

Swiss researchers analyzed the incidence of gastrointestinal diseases when there were 17 heat waves from 2001 to 2005, and found that the incidence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract increased by nearly 5% every day as the temperature increased, which is similar to eating on hot days.It’s too cold to get away.

Experts said that especially in childhood, it is most important to pay attention, because children’s gastrointestinal tract is relatively fragile, cold and hot adaptability is poor, excessive consumption of cold drinks or fruit stomach gastric mucosa blood vessel contraction, over time, easily lead to dysfunction.
  Experts point out that children who like to drink cold drinks generally look thin and thin and have poor resistance.

Therefore, parents are advised not to buy cold drinks as a favorite of their children. Even fruits and yogurt in the refrigerator should be recovered and left for 1 hour, and then let the children eat after the cold air has dissipated; cool things include autumn pear cream, mung beansSoups, watermelon juice, etc. should also be consumed in moderation.

  Snacks, chronic gastritis, diabetes, gastrointestinal disease, about 1 patients.

200 million, is a “big country of gastric disease”, of which chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer have multiple attacks, the incidence is 30% and 10% respectively.

Experts point out that many unhealthy eating habits are the main cause of the stomach’s frequent “noisy emotions.” Some snacks are almost every child’s favorite, but eating incorrectly and eating poorly is one of the factors leading to chronic gastritis.

  The non-profit organization “Love the Earth” pointed out in a survey that one in ten children in China consumes snacks containing additives more than three times a day, and 6% of children consume more than three bottles of drinks a day.

Therefore, experts point out that the accumulation of snacks in the body can make children feel full, they should not eat when they eat, and get hungry after snacks.

In the long run, the biological clock of three meals is disrupted, and the chances of chronic gastritis and functional dyspepsia are greatly increased after growing up.

Therefore, experts recommend that you have to choose healthy snacks. Some nutritious cereals, fruits, cheese, yogurt, etc., while instant noodles, ham sausage, jelly, instant milk tea, etc. are best not to eat.

In addition, snack time is also very important. It is best to be fixed between meals, that is, about 10 am and 3 pm, which does not affect the normal meals. It is best to put it in front of the table when you eat, and develop good habits.
  Play mat, cervical spondylosis According to statistics, the incidence of cervical spondylosis has increased significantly in recent years, and it is showing a trend of aging. At present, the smallest patient with cervical spondylosis is only 7 years old.

In fact, the cervical spine problem is not formed in a short period of time, and even longer bad habits lead to the root cause of the disease even from the baby stage.

  Now, mobile phones, tablets, and game consoles have become children’s new darlings. At family dinners, the living treasures that had been playing around have become little “low heads” of their own electronic products.
Orthopedic experts said that there must be a certain physiological curvature between the various segments of the spine to play a buffering role.

In front of the computer, people with high blood pressure are inactive, the cervical curvature of the cervical spine changes, and nerves or blood vessels in the spinal canal are stimulated, which can easily develop into cervical spondylosis.

  Related surveys also show that people who use a computer for more than 4 hours per day, 81.

Six percent of people had scoliosis of varying degrees.
Experts said that although it is not realistic for children to completely replace with mobile phones and computers, it is necessary to prevent children under 4 years of age from accessing such supplies and strictly controlling contact time (not more than half an hour a day).

When looking at a computer, mobile phone, etc., keep your eyes at an appropriate distance from the screen.

  Willfulness, high blood pressure, picking up if you do n’t agree with two words, getting furious if you do n’t want to, and getting frustrated when you encounter some setbacks . Many people are affected by emotions in life. These problems and growing environment, family education are very bigRelationship.
  Most of today’s children are only children. They were born and raised from little puppets and are self-centered. They always ignore the needs and expectations of others.

Mental Health Association professors point out that most of the personality problems after growing up are caused by improper family education.

If parents are overly doting on their children, blindly moving will make it difficult to adapt to society, and it is easier to encounter setbacks and obstacles.

At the same time, the wayward willfulness is hard to avoid.

  A psychological study by the University of Iowa found that frustration and stress can promote the secretion of the stress hormone cortisol in the body, which in the long run can lead to weight gain and increased blood pressure.

Therefore, experts recommend that parents correct their child’s willful behavior in a timely manner and let him spend more time with his peers.

Children will not be accustomed to each other. It can make him understand that self-centeredness cannot get along with others happily, and then slowly learn to compromise, give in and give up, gradually form a good social adaptability, and enhance the sense of teamwork.

Watch out-often wearing high boots can lead to swollen feet

Be wary: often wearing high boots can lead to swollen feet

The weather started to get colder, and the girls who were extra-beautiful put on all kinds of high boots.

However, wearing high boots for a long time may cause health problems.

While women are enjoying the beauty brought on by boots, some diseases have also come afterwards.

  After wearing high boots for a long time, some girls experienced mild swelling in the lower third of the calf and pain in the outer side of the lower leg, and even pain in the back of the foot. As a result, peri Achilles tendonitis, tenosynovitis, and beriberiWait.

  These representations are collectively referred to as “leather boots disease”.

  The main cause of leather boots disease is that the leather boots are too small, the boot waist is too tight, and the heel is too high, which makes the back of the foot and the blood vessels inserted at the joints squeezed and penetrates the nerves, causing the feet, constrictions and lower legs.Tissue blood circulation is poor.

At the same time, due to the poor breathability of high-top leather boots, the water emitted from the feet after walking cannot be dissipated in time, which creates a good growth and reproduction environment for anaerobic bacteria and molds, which is prone to tinea pedis and tinea pedis infection.

In addition, due to the high heels of high boots, women’s feet are unevenly stressed during wear, and long-term squeezing may also cause eye diseases such as corns.

  To avoid the harm caused by high boots, orthopedic experts believe that the height of the heel is preferably 3 cm, and the waist of high boots should not be too tight.

Underage girls should not wear high-heeled leather boots. If you must wear them, you should take off your leather boots and put on casual shoes in time to improve blood circulation in your feet.

In addition, it is not suitable to wear high boots when traveling. Washing feet with hot water before going to bed at night can eliminate foot fatigue.

Women who often wear boots or high heels, in the evening, put on light slippers, and soak their tired feet with hot water. If possible, put some angelica, safflower warming and meridian, can even soothe and relieve feetDepartment of fatigue, but also good for some gynecological diseases of women.

Usually, if you have time, you can do some simple foot massage yourself.

Why do graduate students become murderers?

Why do graduate students become murderers?

Ao Zhigang, a graduate student of the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who had a good future, was killed because his girlfriend refused to continue to associate with him.

What caused him to embark on the path of crime?

Is it a parent’s excessive petting?

Is it a complicated home environment?

Or is it the result of a combination of factors?

Our reporters deeply understood in the interview that during the growth of children, the education of sound personality cannot be ignored, and the family environment and family education methods will have an important impact on the formation of children’s personality.

  Hearing: Is he mentally ill?

  One morning in the deep winter season, the Beijing Second Intermediate People’s Court sentenced the murder of his girlfriend by Ao Aogang, a graduate school of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

On the day of the trial, the reporter came to the court early.

Pushing open the heavy gate of the criminal court, the inside was quiet, and two men and two women sat in the back row of the auditorium.

The two women lowered their heads as if sobbing, and the two men were straight, with heavy faces.

When they saw someone coming, they twisted their faces.

Instinctively, the reporter estimated that they were relatives of imitation.

  One hour left the court and neither the court staff nor the defendant’s lawyer arrived.

The sunlight of the winter day was sprinkled on the solemn national emblem through the large glass windows, and the room was quiet.

The reporter sat next to a man nearby and whispered cautiously about his relationship with the potential.

He said that he was a relative of the victim, who worked in a research institute in Beijing and was commissioned by his victim’s parents in Hubei to act as their litigation agent.

He also told reporters that the two women next to her were the defendant’s sister and cousin.

  According to the agent, the victim’s name was Zhang Hui, a native of Qianjiang, Hubei. He was a student of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences and was only 20 years old when he died.

As the eldest daughter in the family and the only child studying in Beijing, her death hit her parents.

  ”So-called, the defendant’s family has applied for a judicial appraisal for mental illness twice. What do you think?

“The reporter asked.

  ”We hope that the defendant will be severely punished according to law. His murder was intentional and premeditated!

The agent told the reporter angrily.

  Lawyers, prosecutors and judges have been in place.

The relatives who witnessed stood upright, the atmosphere was a little tense, and our personality had to be interrupted.

  There was a thumping of throbbing feet, and everyone looked up, looking up.

A thin man with his hand pointed at him was taken in by the bailiff. He was very excited, his body and his body were widely distorted, and he seemed to want to escape the bailiff on both sides.

The elder sister with red eyes on the auditorium suddenly stood up, stopped by the bailiff and sat back in place.

  After the presiding judge announced the trial, the judge read the appraisal from the Beijing Psychiatric Judicial Appraisal Committee: “The appraised person, Ao Zhigang, was born in rural Hubei. There are three compatriots, two sisters at the end of the line, and several people in the family committed suicide.

His father’s education was simple and rude.

The parents are tense in relationship all the year round, and they always have a history of repeated suicide attempts.

Although Ao is clever, has excellent academic performance, and is also loved by his family, this bad living environment and education method make use of his character development to be extremely adversely affected.

In serious life events, he is emotionally unstable and has an impulsive personality.

  ”Ao had anticipated unfavorable results before committing the crime, wrote a suicide note to his parents, mentor and friends, explained the aftermath, and was preparing to commit suicide.

His deep knowledge of criminal behavior in his confession shows that he has no obstacles to identify.

During the conflict with Zhang, the emotional response is strong and the behavior is excessive. This is consistent with this ordinary behavior pattern, and there is no obstacle caused by neuropathic symptoms.

  ”The appraiser Ao Zhigang killed his ex-girlfriend Zhang Hui for some reason on July 8, 2000. The motivation is realistic, and no identification and control obstacles caused by symptoms of psychosis should be assessed as full criminal responsibility.”This implies that someone has committed homicide!

The presiding judge asked him if he had any questions about the identification, and he was silent.

The presiding judge said: “In court, your silence means acquiescence.

Ao still said nothing.

The presiding judge initially announced that Ao Ao returned to the city detention center and adjourned.

  Seeing that Ao was taken away, her sister and cousin shouted his name, crying and chasing after them, and the bailiff stopped them.

Looking at the thin figure released by the bailiff, they squatted helplessly, whining and covering their faces and weeping . Hurry: From “Baby Badger” to the murderer November 9, 1976, Ao Zhigang was in HubeiA farmhouse fell to the ground.

As the only boy in the family, his birth delighted his parents.

  Growing up in love must be happy, but the parents’ long-term discomfort casts a shadow on this happiness.

Ao’s father was stubborn by nature and had a bad temper. He often quarreled with his wife for small matters and even fought many times.

The husband and wife have committed suicide more than once, and even failed, but they caused a great deal of shock to Ao You’s mind.

  Ao Zhigang, who grew up in such a complex environment, showed obvious two-sidedness early on. One side was hard work and good-hearted; the other side was wayward irritability, only strong, and strong emotional response when encountering setbacks.

In 1994, he was admitted to Hubei University.

When I was a freshman, I found that my girlfriend had another new relationship, her mood was abnormally low, she had suicidal thoughts, and her classmates and teachers repeatedly persuaded her to return to normal.

  In 1998, Ao Zhigang, 22, was admitted to the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Soon, Love patronized the leader’s diligent guy again. He made friends with Zhang Hui, a graduate student of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences.

However, the sweetness of love hasn’t been tasted for a long time, and what annoyed him happened: half a year later, Ao heard that Zhang Hui and a foreigner were “hot” and also found Zhang and the foreigner’s “love letter” in Zhang’s e-mail box.””.

He was so annoyed that he asked Zhang and questioned him, causing a quarrel, and Zhang became more and more alienated from him.

One day in May, he forcibly entered Zhang’s dormitory twice, once threatened with Zhang Zhang’s neck and once with suicide by cutting his wrist, but canceled to restore Zhang’s feelings.

  After a love problem, Ao Zhigang was anxious. He often called his sister at home late at night, saying he was annoying and didn’t want to live.

My sister didn’t know what was going on, and didn’t understand his distress.

Ao was very disappointed. Angrily, her sister did not answer the phone call.

  At around 5 a.m. on July 8, 2000, Ao Zhigang brought a sharp knife and a cola bottle with methyl thiphos solution into Zhang Hui’s dormitory.

He talked with Zhang for several hours, and wanted to restore the relationship between the two, but replaced it as expected.

At 10 am, Zhang didn’t want to go back to the dormitory after entering the toilet. Ao saw her and dragged her into the room.

Ao was so annoyed that he pulled out his sharp knife and stabbed his chest and abdomen.

Zhang screamed and broke away from Ao and ran to the west of the corridor. He did not run for more than a dozen steps, and then fell down. A pool of blood leaked from his back . After Ao killed, he ran to the women’s toilet on the third floor, opened the cola bottle, and drankMore than a hundred milliliters of the methylthionium solution suicide, but was rescued and did not die.

At about 2 pm, they were captured by the public security organs.

  Reflection: Give the child a “sound personality.” According to Ao’s classmates, Ao is usually a kind person. Although he is not rich, he occasionally gives out money to help those in need. He studies hard, excels, and only overcomes the ups and downs.
After the crisis with Zhang Hui’s relationship, the teacher took him to the third hospital of Peking University to see a psychiatrist. The doctor Hong Wei thought that he had a personality disorder and said that he had a tendency to violence. He suggested taking medicine early, but he did not listen.

  Ao Zhigang’s defense lawyer Liu Zhenwei told reporters: The law is fair and Ao has to pay the due price for his actions.

However, a graduate student who is very up-and-coming is aggressive because of frustration in love. In addition to feeling sorry for some people, whether it should cause more thinking in society.

We all love our children, but how do we give them a physical and healthy growth environment?

We each have a certain level of social pressure, but should we be more concerned about those who have a mental disorder under pressure?

Ao Zhigang is unfortunate. If he grows up in a harmonious and healthy family structure, if people around him can enlighten him when he knows his personality disorder, maybe this tragedy can be avoided.

  Sun Yunxiao, director of the China Youth Research Center, said that parenting styles are an important factor in the formation of a child’s personality during the child’s growth.

When children grow up with their parents, not only will they learn a lot of valuable knowledge and useful talents from their parents, but they will also learn about their shortcomings.

Therefore, it is said that the child’s temperamental defects are inherited from the parents, it is better to say that they have been gradually learned.

If the child’s father often loses his temper in front of him, and the parents are more likely to quarrel, the children growing up in this conflict-type family will have a hard time. The psychological pressure caused by family conflicts will make him timid or shrink back or attack well.Fighting, very prone to mental illness.

If this disease cannot be corrected in time, it will cause psychological disorders.Ao Zhigang’s tragedy is a lesson.

  Professor Chen Xueshi, Honorary Chairman of the Chinese Mental Health Association, said that childhood was the golden age of personality formation, and whether a person’s personality was healthy or not, at this time, he took shape.

If a person has some serious bad behavior from an early age, and this possibility is retained to an adult, a certain personality defect will be formed. Although it does not hinder his intellectual development, a person with high IQ has behavioral defects, consequences, and costs.Is very high.

Therefore, children should be provided with necessary frustration education to cultivate children’s good mental health and ability to adapt to the environment, so that children will not be discouraged by frustration, emotionally stable and happy, good at objectively analyzing the issues and problems encountered, and have solutionsProblem or conflict perseverance and ability.

At the same time, he also reminded each child’s parents that teaching is not as good as teaching, and that a harmonious and relaxed family is a good environment for children’s physical development.

The most detoxifying is glutinous rice

The most detoxifying is glutinous rice

Nowadays, many people like to mix some cereals such as rice, black rice, and barley in their diet. But, do you know their nutritional characteristics and health benefits?

Who is unfit to eat these foods?

  The most detoxified is glutinous rice and glutinous rice, also known as Jiangmi. Because of its fragrant and sticky texture, it is often made into flavor snacks, which is loved by everyone.

Glutinous rice contains nutrients such as protein, trace amounts, sugars, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B2, and a large amount of starch

  Reminder: Eating glutinous rice in winter can improve the ability to keep warm.

  Glutinous rice has the functions of tonifying qi and tonifying qi, nourishing the stomach and strengthening the spleen, solidifying antiperspirants, stopping diarrhea, aborting, detoxifying and treating sores. It can be used for cold stomach pain, gastric and duodenal ulcers, polyuria, thirstSymptoms such as sweating and pimples.

  Glutinous rice is not easy to digest and should not be eaten in excess. The elderly, children, and those with weak spleen and stomach should pay special attention.

Simple 4 ways to treat autumn diarrhea in children

Simple 4 ways to treat autumn diarrhea in children

[Guide]The main pathogen of diarrhea in children in autumn is rotavirus, and the peak annual incidence is October, November, and December.

It is sporadic or pandemic, transmitted through the feces, or can be caused by respiratory infections in the form of aerosols.

Latency 1?
3 days, more than 6?
Infants 24 months and younger than 4 years old are rare.

Sudden onset, often accompanied by fever and symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection, without obvious symptoms of infection and poisoning.

Beginning of illness 1?
Vomiting often occurred on 2 days, followed by diarrhea.

There are many stools, a lot of water, and a lot of water. The yellow water samples or egg patterns will have a small amount of mucus and no fishy odor.

Often accompanied by dehydration, acidosis and electrolyte disturbances.

Rotavirus infection may invade multiple organs and can cause neurological symptoms such as convulsions; some children show abnormal serum myocardial enzymes, suggesting myocardial involvement.

This disease is a self-limiting disease. After a few days, vomiting and vomiting will stop, diarrhea will ease, and children who do not feed will recover. The natural course is about 3?
8 days, few alternatives.

Stool microscopy occasionally has a small amount of white blood cells. 1 after infection?
A large amount of virus is excreted from the stool within 3 days, and the maximum can reach 6 days.

The treatment of acute diarrhea includes: adjusting the diet, preventing and correcting dehydration, rationally using medicine, strengthening nursing, and preventing complications.

(1) Diet therapy: Due to the increase in nutritional requirements during diarrhea, it is not appropriate to restrict malnutrition caused by excessive diet or fasting for a long time. Those who have severe vomiting can temporarily fast.
6 hours, can not help but water, viral enteritis and secondary lactase deficiency, can change beans, starch milk substitutes.

(2) Correction of water, electrolyte disorders and acid-base imbalance: According to its clinical manifestations, it is divided into mild, moderate and severe dehydration. The treatment is also divided into oral rehydration and intravenous rehydration.

(3) Drug treatment: Generally no antibiotics are required for autumn diarrhea; in vivo micro-ecological therapy helps to restore the ecological balance of the normal flora in the body. Bifidobacteria are commonly used; intestinal mucosa protective agents are commonly used with montmorillonite powder; antidiarrheal agents are avoided.Because it can inhibit gastrointestinal motility, increase bacterial reproduction and toxin absorption, it is very dangerous for infectious diarrhea.

(4) Chinese medicine treatment: for diarrhea with symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection, dialectical treatment of antiviral and digestive formulas, such as Jianer Qingjie liquid containing chrysanthemum hawthorn, forsythia, and tangerine peel are feasible for cold diarrhea.

I heard my daughter tell a story

I heard my daughter tell a story

The daughters (twins) are two years old and love to hear stories.

One day I told them a story. I used heuristics to tell them to continue the story, as follows: Story 1: Mom: There is one in the forest . Daughter: Big wolf mother: It likes to eat . Daughter: Small animals   Mom: One day, the wolf was hungry, he went to find food, and he saw one . Daughter: The little wolf assigned little animals. Mom: The big wolf wanted to eat little animals, little wolf . Daughter: putThe wolf is locked in a cage. Mom: The little wolf . Daughter: fell into the trap dug by Uncle Hunter. Mom: What about the little animal?

  Daughter: Guan Zi cage Mom: Where is the wolf?

  Daughter: In the cage Mom: What about the small animals and the wolf in the cage?

  Daughter: Mom killed it (big wolf).

  Story 2: Mom: Ming Fanfan and Mom and Dad go . Daughter: Zoo, Mom: What car do we take?

  Daughter: Bus No. 32 Mother: When I arrived at the zoo, I bought two tickets and went inside. There are . Daughter: Big Tiger Mom: Big Tiger in . Daughter: Cage Mom: Ming Fanfan saw the big tiger .   Daughter: Say Hello, Hello Mom: There are still in the cage . Daughter: Big Lion Mom: Big Lion . Daughter: Say Hello Hello Mom: Ming Fanfan said . Daughter: Hello Hello Mom: Big Tiger”Haw” screamed . Daughter: (opened in horror without talking, but very nervous) Mom: The big lion also shouted “Haw” . Daughter: (more scared) Mom: What do you do
  Daughter: Mom took it (with a camera) and let Fanfan hug.

You belong to the first class of yoga

You belong to the first class of yoga

The following constitutional tests bias yoga and Ayurvedic medicine are also cited in Japanese yogis digging deep into Mayumi ‘s yoga experience. Its main principles are based on: wind, fire, and water are important elements that give our living bodies energyIf these three are working properly in the body, we are healthy, otherwise we are susceptible to illness.

The balance of the three determines the type of our physique. The following descriptions are different for each type of physique. Please describe according to your physical condition. Which one of the physique descriptions is the most consistent with your physical condition, that is,Your physical type.

  Physical fitness test wind-like physique 1, fast and agile movements.

  2. Emotional.

  3. When you are fascinated by something, you are very focused.

  4, thinner, not easy to gain weight.

  5, constipation, abdominal distension easily.

  6, cold hands and feet.

  7, like to eat sweet, sour, spicy food.

  8, poor sleep, difficulty falling asleep.

  9. Dry skin.

  10, memory is good, but forget it quickly.

  Fire-like constitution 1, high efficiency.

  2. Punctuality.

  3, more stubborn.

  4, love to sweat.

  5. There are always things that make you very upset.

  6, straight method and thin hair, little white head, juvenile baldness.

  7, regular bowel movements, softer stools.

  8, like ice cream and other cool food.

  9, do not like spicy, dessert.

  10. Challenging.

  Water-like constitution 1, slow movement, calm personality.

  2, easy to gain weight.

  3. It doesn’t matter if you eat one less meal a day.

  4, easy nasal congestion.

  5, daily sleep should reach more than 8 hours.

  6, comprehension is slightly worse, but memory is good.

  7. Relative to winter, like summer.

  8, fair skin, delicate and shiny.

  9, good physical strength, strong staying power.

  10, eat like chewing slowly.

  Physique Interpretation Wind-like physiques are as agile as wind, but poor in stability.

  Mobility, vitality, instantaneous explosive power, and poor patience and endurance.

Perception is high, but energy is not easily concentrated.

Emotional change.

Sleep is shallow, the body is not strong enough, the body is thin, and the skin is prone to dryness.

  When practicing yoga, pay more attention to strengthening the stomach and protecting the skin. Because this type of body has a weak digestive system centered on the stomach and intestines, it is best not to eat cold drinks and raw vegetables that can make the body cold.Skin is more sensitive, pay more attention to skin care.

  Try to avoid expensive excessive exercise, do not eat cold food, do not drink cold water, and do not stay in air-conditioned rooms for a long time.

  Fire-like people consume energy like a fire and are irritable.

  Vigor, understanding, and memory, but desire, jealous upset.

Good digestion and regular bowel movements.

Medium build, strong body, soft and thin hair, some people in this kind of body are prone to lack of white head and youthful balding.

  When practicing yoga, pay more attention to the movements of the health-care endocrine system, lymph glands, and sweat glands, because the above-mentioned glands of this type of body are prone to problems, have a high probability of body odor, and the wound is easily infected with purulent.

  Pay attention to eating regularly, eat less irritating food, sour, spicy food and fried food.

  Water-like people behave and behave like slowly flowing water.

  Fair skin, soft hair, gentle personality, not easy to get angry, but it is also terrible to get angry.

Slow movement and full body.

Good memory, sleepy and easy to gain weight.

  When practicing yoga, pay more attention to the movements of the mouth, nose, and throat, because the above parts of this type of constitution are weak, sputum in cough, and easy to swell.

  Do not eat more dairy products, sweets, cold foods and greasy foods.