Take a nap in this way, a lot of diseases!

Take a nap in this way, a lot of diseases!

Appropriate supplementation during a nap will have a positive effect on your health.

But for office workers, taking a nap will take a sleep at the desk, and if you don’t pay attention, it will be bad for your health.

  Huang Xizhen, director of the China Sleep Research Association and a professor at Peking Union Medical College Hospital, told reporters that sleep at least has four major risks to health: decreased resistance + gastritis. First, after a person is asleep, the systemic basal metabolism is slowed down, and the thermoregulatory function is followed.Falling, resulting in reduced body resistance.

The pores of the whole body are in an open state. If you do not pay attention to keep warm, wake up, there will often be nasal congestion, dizziness and other symptoms.

  A lot of classic cases of sleeping hazards: This year’s 14-year-old winter and winter, due to the school after leaving junior high school, far away from home, two years of noon are spent at school.

Recently, Ms. Huang, the mother of winter and winter, found that her children had no appetite for eating, and often repeated saying that she felt stomach pain and suffocation.

Ms. Huang took the winter and winter to the hospital for examination, and she was shocked. She suffered from chronic gastritis at a young age in winter and winter.

Ms. Huang is puzzling. The eating habits of normal winter and winter are normal. The family adopts lightness, rarely eats irritating food, and there are no people suffering from stomach problems in the winter and winter elders. Why is this?

After a detailed inquiry about the usual winter and winter life routines, the doctor found that there is a habit of taking a nap in winter and winter. Every morning after lunch, I will sleep for one hour, and the sleeping position is on the desk.

The doctor pointed out that long-term “sleeping on the bed” is very likely to be the “culprit” of causing chronic gastritis in winter and winter.

  According to Director Tan Meizhen of the Health Department of Guangzhou Children’s Hospital, many primary and middle school students can only take a nap on the desk at noon due to conditions. This may help ease the fatigue of learning, but it will inflict harm on health invisibly.

The first thing that affects sleep is the digestive system.

This is because the human body needs at least one hour after lunch to empty the stomach food. After lunch, it squats on the table to take a nap, the stomach is pressed, and the burden of peristalsis is increased, which easily causes flatulence in the stomach and reducesThe ability of the stomach to digest food, thereby affecting the absorption of nutrients in the body.

“Of course, occasional sleep is not very important to human health, but in the long run, children will definitely get stomach problems, and will affect development due to malnutrition absorption.

  The arm is sour, and sleeping at the desk sometimes causes discomfort in various parts of the body.

If the end of the head is placed on the arm, the blood circulation of the arm is blocked, the nerve functional group is disturbed, and the numbness and soreness of the arm are easily caused.

  Myopia is sleeping. Eyes are deformed. Glaucoma is again. When you wake up at the desk, you will often have temporary blurred vision. This is because the eye pressure is too high when you sleep at the desk.

In the long run, it is expected that the eyeball will expand and the eye axis will grow.

  Typical case: Li Ming is a high school student who is preparing for the college entrance examination. He can only sleep in it at noon every day.

One day at noon, he felt very uncomfortable when he woke up. Slowly, this situation became more and more serious, and his vision decreased significantly.

Not long ago, Li Ming went to the hospital for examination, which made him very depressed. He suffered from glaucoma.

  ”Li Ming is a high myopia. It is a high-risk group of glaucoma. Although sleeping on the table does not directly lead to glaucoma, it can induce or aggravate glaucoma.

Chen Gang, director of the Department of Ophthalmology, the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, said.

  Lying on a table in the morning, hurts and hurts the brain. “Some people are used to lying on a table to sleep in the morning. During the sleep process, once the eye is stretched, it will cause pressure on the eyes. It takes a long time and it is easy to damage the cornea.And the retina may also cause an increase in intraocular pressure and induce eye diseases such as glaucoma.

Chen Gang said.

  Excessively tired height, sleep at the desk can not completely relax the body, certain muscle groups of the body, sweat glands, skin will still be in a state of tension, resulting in no feeling of fullness after sleeping, on the contrary may feel more tired.

Therefore, Professor Huang believes that if there is discomfort while sleeping at the desk, then you should pay attention to the way you sleep.

  Sitting and snoring to make the brain lack of oxygen, sleeping on the table, except for the bad eyes, many people will wake up and feel dizzy, why?

  ”Many people have recently asked me this question.

This is because the blood that has been fractured after lunch enters the bloodstream, and if you sleep on the table again, it is easy to cause insufficient blood supply to the brain. People are prone to dizziness, fatigue, soft legs and other discomfort.

“Zhong Zhongqin, director of the Department of Gastroenterology, Henan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, told reporters.

  In addition to sleeping at the desk, some office workers are used to sitting and fighting during the lunch break.

According to research, this does not actually eliminate fatigue.

When the human body is in a sleep state, blood circulation is slowed down and blood supply to the head is reduced.

Sitting on a nap due to body position, the blood concentration of the brain supply, so that people wake up easily lead to dizziness, vertigo, fatigue and a series of symptoms of brain discomfort, so this nap method does not meet health standards.

  Will you sleep with a spermatorrhea?

  There are many male friends who like to sleep.

This prone position sleep mode is not only easy to oppress the internal organs, but also has poor breathing and has a certain impact on the reproductive system.Especially for young people, it hurts the budget.

  First of all, long-term sleep will force the scrotum, stimulate the penis, and easily cause replacement of nocturnal emission.

The disappearing essence can lead to dizziness, back pain, fatigue, lack of concentration, and serious problems that affect normal work and life.

Young people are already sensitive to penile irritation, and should not take this sleeping position.

Also, those who are full of spermatorrhea should also beware of this sleeping position and aggravate the condition.

  In addition, the scrotum is a man’s “small refrigerator”, which needs to maintain a constant temperature to facilitate sperm production.

Taking advantage of the elevated temperature of the scrotum before going to bed, it is not easy to dissipate heat in time, so it also has a certain impact on sperm growth.

Young people who are not yet born must be especially careful.

  Put on the inflatable neck pillow, sit back on the back of the chair and sleep better. What posture is nap? Is it better to take a nap?

Specifically, the principle is not to oppress the internal organs, which is good for rest.

Experts recommend that men take a supine position or a right sleeping position so that they do not oppress the seminal vesicles or oppress the heart (the opposite position will oppress the heart), which is best for the body.

  Experts suggest that it is best to lie on a bed or on a sofa during a nap. It is not enough to prepare a inflatable neck pillow for travel.

This neck pillow has a pull ring for inflation, and also has a blowing air, which is very convenient to use.

Every time you take a nap, take out the inflatable neck pillow and put it on the air, then put it on your neck. Then you can find a chair with a backrest and sit on the back of the chair to enjoy the nap comfortably, while the cervical vertebraIt is also in the same natural and relaxed state as when lying down and sleeping.

  If you can’t buy an inflatable neck pillow, you must sleep on the table. Chen Gang suggested: “It is best to cover it with your forehead without exposing the eye to prevent pressure on the eyes and affect your eyes.”

Chen Gang also reminded that it is not too long to sleep in the morning at the table, never more than half an hour.

In addition, it is best to wear clothes when you are nap to prevent colds.

After waking up, don’t stand up immediately, stand slowly, walk a few laps, and start working again.

  In addition, the party Zhongji reminded that she should sleep again after half an hour of lunch, so as not to increase the burden on the stomach.

  Professor Huang also reminded office workers that nap time should not be too long. Generally speaking, nap can be 10 minutes to 1 hour.

Honey Health: Drinking honey in 4 cases is a waste of nutrition and is not healthy

Honey Health: Drinking honey in 4 cases is a waste of nutrition and is not healthy

Many people have the habit of drinking honey water, especially those who pay attention to health, because the nutritional value of honey water is very high.

The study found that honey contains about 35% glucose and 40% fructose, both of which can be directly absorbed by the body without undergoing digestion.

In addition, honey contains a variety of inorganic salts similar to human serum concentrations, and also contains a certain amount of vitamin B1, vitamin B2, iron, calcium, copper, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients.

Drinking honey water often has certain auxiliary effects on hepatitis, stomach disease, high blood pressure, high blood pressure, nephritis, constipation, and duodenal ulcer.

But the best health products, we also need to eat in the right way, if you make the following four mistakes, honey water is equal to white: 1, excessive consumption of honey: As mentioned earlier, the sugar of honey is veryHigh, and most of them are sugars that the body can absorb directly.

Therefore, once the consumption of honey is too much, the effect on blood sugar will be great because the absorption of sugar is too fast.

Especially for people with diabetes, drinking honey will only make blood sugar higher and higher, and there is no benefit to the condition.

The dietitian in the Explosive Nutrition Class recommends that if you want to drink honey water, try to be as rare as possible.

2, the brewing temperature is too high: honey contains a variety of biological enzymes, of which enzyme activity is also an important indicator of honey biological activity, the national standard stipulates that the qualified honey product amylase value can not be less than 8mL (1% starch solution) /(g·h).

Experiments have shown that, assuming that the water temperature of the honey is higher than 60 ° C, the rate of deactivation of the enzyme will be very fast, so it is recommended that you use a warm water of less than 55 ° C to brew honey.

This will not only melt the honey well, but also maximize the nutritional content of the honey.

3, a cup of honey water in the morning: Many people have been convinced that: drinking a cup of honey water in the morning is very healthy, because it can promote bowel movements and correct constipation.

But we still can’t ignore its high sugar properties.

When I just got out of bed, the human body is in an empty state. If it is accompanied by honey water, it will easily cause a rapid rise in blood sugar, which will cause damage to health and will affect appetite.

Once the breakfast is not eaten, it will trigger a series of adverse reactions.

4, for infants under 1 year old: The National Food and Drug Administration has issued a food safety warning for honey, reminding infants under one year of age not to eat honey.

This is because the baby is less resistant. If you accidentally eat honey contaminated with botulinum, Botox can easily breed in the baby and produce toxins, which can cause botulism in infants.

Is there an old-age smell on the body?

3 small tricks to help remove odor

Is there an old-age smell on the body?
3 small tricks to help remove odor

Many elderly people have experienced age and their taste has become heavier.

This special smell is often referred to as “the taste of the elderly.”

In life, there are often people who talk about it. Some old people have a special smell, and for this taste, the old man usually does not feel it.

Where does the old taste come from?

How to remove the taste of the elderly?

  Where does the taste of the old man come from? The skin has problems with the skin. The health effects often overlap. As we grow older, the skin of the aged becomes worse and worse, the sebum becomes thinner, and the skin becomes more dry and continuous.Reduced dander, become parasites, bacterial food, some parasites, pathogens, and will continue to multiply.

In addition, the skin oxides of the elderly will be reduced, the hormones will change, the fatty acids will be oxidized, the taste will be more unpleasant, the skin will be wrinkled and accumulated, and dirt will be more likely to occur.

  2, natural aging and aging, you can not refuse, aging, you need to pay special attention, the elderly age, body function begins to decline, such as digestive function, digestive function is weak, the mouth of the elderly, there will also smell bad smell.

  3, disease signs of disease, also need to pay more attention to the elderly, the disease may affect the body odor, for example, induced, emphysema is very common, so there will be odor.

  How to remove the taste of the elderly?

  1, in order to eliminate the taste of the elderly, we must first determine the reason for the taste.

If it is caused by age, such as skin function, metabolism slows down, it is necessary to strengthen the skin’s moisturizing skin care, especially in the winter; if it is because of chronic diseases, first of all to treat primary diseases such as uremia, improve skin diseasesThe patient’s kidney function to cure the skin disease.

  2, the elderly should strengthen personal hygiene, keep the skin dry, clean clothes.

Experts pointed out that the smell of the elderly mainly comes from the concentration of sebaceous glands such as the ear and chest underarms.

Japanese studies have also found that the taste of the elderly is most pronounced in the head and back.

Therefore, the elderly should keep these parts clean, wash their necks and ears, and change clothes frequently.

The clothes of the elderly are also very easy to deposit dead skin, and must be replaced after bathing.

For those elderly people with poor self-care ability, they need the care and help of their families and carers.

  3, diet also has a certain relationship.

The diet of the elderly should be light, eat more fruits and vegetables, and eat less meat.

Because a small amount of meat is harmful to oxidation, it aggravates the smell.

Usually you should eat vitamins and antioxidants such as ginger, garlic, nuts, soy, etc., and eat less will produce a small amount of food, such as lard and cream.