It seems that the tasks of him seem to have risk,In fact, there is no life to life.,Therefore, the warning of the Dan furnace has no episode.。

“How to do?”
He sees black cracks in Dan furnace,It seems that a very horrible crisis will come at any time.。
“Isn’t it used in this turn?。”
The past experience, he will not go out in the cave.,Hypervil,Basic energy insurance is the same。
But this time is obviously different。
“It’s really people sitting at home.,Disaster coming from the sky。”
Wu Youde’s big dripping sweat fell。
This is the essence of Yuan Shen。
“It’s hard to be the last time, the little girl who has studied the secret surgery.,She is lost by Yuan Yin,Maybe which big little。”
“Wu Youde, Wu Youside,Call you to be greedy,Next time you must find a place。”
“This time,I still want this to use it.。Hurry and find ways。”
“Yeah,The poor road is now also a person who has relying on the mountain.。Hide in the Wanxian Chamber of Commerce?”
“Fear is not,This crisis is so terrible,Wan Xian Chamber of Commerce has never disappeared,It is estimated that I will not keep me.。”
“It seems that I can only call the magic owner in my heart.,I hope to get a response。”
He called the existence behind the dark sky called the Magic。
Just this existence is too impressive.,Just ask one thing,Have lost a lot of life,He usually does not dare to contaminate the relationship with the black sky。
This is also the magic of the black sky, however, is rarely discovered.。 Because the magic knows that there is a pit in the dark sky.,Take the initiative,Most of them are harmful。
“Anyway, it can be more scary than death.?”
Wu Youde is a kind of life that is worse than life.。
He started calling for black sky,Try to contact the terrible existence。
At the same time, the feelings of the big disaster are getting stronger and more strong.。
A golden robe quietly went to Wu Yide’s Dongfu。
“It should be here。”He looked at the cave.。
NS204chapter Xinzhi Dan(Request subscription)
“Is Wu Youde Master??”The golden robe is trying to use a gentle tone to enter the Dongfu。
He joined in,Wu Youde saw that the Dan furnace has attached black smoke.。
Wu Youde is trembled,Try to cover your own breath,Did not dare to respond。

And at the same time,Approximately located in a barren mountain on the easternmost side of Qianguo,Under a dead tree。

Seemingly empty,In fact, it is distorted into the void。
Inside a dark flying boat,There are only ten figures。
“Brother Blood Wave,Competition for treasures in this universe,I have to rely on you。”The two immortals of Jueming, who are infinitely close, touted。
“rest assured,I also read the file,The true fairy of this universe,Although there are many,There are also some special methods,It’s a pity to be trapped in this cave world,Pitiful with few magic weapons,And the battle formation is also very shallow!”
“Last time,Eighteen gods of my boundless door enter together,Six three-eyed demon gods,Actually failed to completely suppress these indigenous people。”
“After all,Their realm is too low,If there is knife power、Refining sword power to the fourth realm,It’s easy to deal with ten true gods without resorting to any means。”
“If you control the three-eyed demon、Seven Lights,Even a hundred true immortals are not afraid。”The blood wave god is a skinny youth,But very relaxed attitude。
Chapter Twenty Seven Universe Tower
Blood Wave God,It’s the top five gods of Wujianmen。
On strength,He may not be as good as Lu Dongbin in the Three Realms、Nine Spirits Yuansheng etc.,But the realm is not bad。
He was born in the world,Early will‘claw’One way to the fourth level,And follow the unique wind of the world,Not far from complete mastery。

“Night,You have a way to be right?”

Listening to the night,When the snow, I stopped crying.,Zhang Da, Qi Zi Lan big eyes,I look forward to watching the night.,I can’t see the emotions just sad.。
Night and a speechless,He felt that he was played.,Obviously, I just blow it is not really sad.,This is obviously waiting for him。
Last night, said,Will help the snow becomes strong,Blowing is obviously in my heart。
As for when,Night is not clear。It’s not in a hurry.,But this time,Too big for blowing snow。
So she can only expect,I can help yourself in the night.。
Sure enough, she showed unhappy emotions.,Her baby brother,I can’t bear it in an instant.,I really want to have a way.。
“Night,Is there any way not to say it?!”
Just a poor look free,Instead, it is the blow of a threatening expression.。
But this is normal operation.,It is very clear from the small larvity to the big night.,This is really blowing snow.
Night helpless,Crazy on the snow,Can only take out a bottle of viscous
cough,Red liquid,Not white
“Night,What is this?”
Blowing snow, grabbing the night“Psychotropic agent”,Although I don’t know what this is?,But blowing snow can feel,This thing has a fatal attraction to her.。
“This is called a psychotropic agent,Can permanently increase the spiritual power of the clothing,Unfortunately the same level of medicine,If you take more,The effect will also be poor。”
After listening to the night,Blowing snow is a bright,Direct cupping。
This unknown drug,Blowing snow should be cautious。
But because this is the night.,So, there is 100% confidence in the snow.,Something is absolutely no problem。
Because of her brother,I will never take some things that are unreliable.。
“Psychotropic agent”An entrance,I feel cold in the snow.,Then I feel the mind of the mind.。
Feel like three volts,Drink a cup of ice and delicious,Multi-day mental exhaustion,Also imagined in an instant。
Because“Psychotropic agent”Increasing spiritual power,Not like“Four soul of jade”Then,Is calculated by percentage。
So in the moment of blowing snow,This bottle“Intermediate psychotropic agent”Go down,The effect is very significant。
Chapter 168 Sweeping snow
Some people give the jade of the four souls to the big snow.,I can only say this is the original.,For the things that the snow is stronger。
And 10% increase,Current protagonist,Not as good as a strong character card。
I feel that I have enhanced one-third of my own instant.“Mental strength”,Blowing snow is very wet。
Personality rapidly improved,Let the snow blowing extreme excitement。
Who can think of,She is stagnating the strength of the previous year,Actually under a bottle of pharmacy,Directly achieve breakthrough。 “Psychotropic agent”Enhanced mental strength,Not percentage calculation。
The reason why the effect will be so obvious,Just because it turned out“Mental strength”strength,Not a quite excellent reason。
Same bottle,If the dragon can be drunk,I am afraid to enhance one%,Both is quite reluctant。
I feel my strength,It’s a lot of blowing snow,The encounter of the night in these years,More curious。
More than it is superior,Will help her improve strength,Where is the younger brother?。
Blow a snow,With her current strength,If you encounter it“Eight claws”if,She must kill them alone.!
“elder sister,Don’t be too excited first,There are other good things。
If there is only a bottle of medicine,Your strength is too limited.。”
The night is proud of the face,Blowing snow is seen by him in the eyes。
Your loved ones are now so much,They are happy,Night is natural and happy。
“Oh,What else is there?,Come out!”

Looking at the sky after recovering the afternoon,Ruins that brave black smoke,The face is slightly awkward and a laughing of the soil gate and Qing Palace,Sitting on the ground,Look up。

Tomorrow, study,Angel fell over,Because of the relationship between plot changes,The angel falls into a simple schedule but at least the cracks come again.。
(This chapter is over)
NS232chapter Revolution
early morning。
The morning urban morning is generally quiet and peaceful.,But today,The air is filled with a touch of tension.。
At 4 or five o’clock in the morning,General in this time,Early students will not appear too,But today is some different。
Word venue。
The original air is not one of the streets,Slowly pass a slight shock,then,The vibration is getting bigger and bigger,Finally, it became a rumbling loud noise.,It seems that there are countless armored vehicles and ranks on the street.,next moment,The source of shakes appeared!
A row of neat driver is step by step forward,Each driver’s arm,He holds a weapon for a rooted metal strip,Flashing the metal cold in the newly born。
Unclear driver,Crazy in the streets of the school city!
This is like the generality of the army,That is like a steel flood,The urban city has set off a revolution that heard unhearded!
“In front of 20,000 driver,No one can resist this extent。”In the seventeenth school area,Wearing a white coat with a rich spring tree looking at countless driver,The mouth is coming out of the mouth,“In the case where the policeman can’t interceachry,This is my revolution!”
He is very happy。
Dustaneous channel with dark part,He quickly learned his biggest obstacles,Dark portion tissue faucet‘owlet’The leader is sent to the director to execute an emergency task,Just this day,He decided。
His ability,Soon, he learnedowletThe leader is the first new first place in the urban city.,‘Heat control’Qing Palace to Summer,I also quickly insid the purpose of the Qing Palace.,But he is not afraid。
Waiting for him to return to the urban city,Everything has been completed!There is a cold laugh in the spring tree,Power this monster,Never need to appear later!
Waiting for the rich spring tree looking at the streets in front,Suddenly,Subsequently, it comes out of a magical look.。
This is!
one、Two one moved again,Another student embarked on the street,Wear all kinds of school uniforms,The people in them don’t have the badges of the discipline,Some badges have been awarded by the college,Some, no,But everyone’s eyes are flashing a rays that are inexplicably incentive.。
“Don’t think that the policeman can do whatever you want.。”Standing before everyone,A dressed red jacket,The girl with glasses looks cold and looks forward.,In her arm,Constitution of the discipline‘shield’Sign is particularly eye-catching,“Guy disturbing the urban city,We will never let go!”
“US,Is a discipline!”
“It seems that this solid law sister also wants to imitate my line.。”On a daily station not far away,Close up of a tea red double horsetail smiling and looking at below,Behind her back,Two huge javelin bags are back and right behind her back,With her petite figure, it looks very funny.。
“but,What can’t be found this time!”Girl laughs,Containment,Direct disappeared on the rooftop。
“Don’t let these guys leave the venue!”Population,The early spring shouted,In the handspdaContinuously,And with her control,Countless usually just honestly sweeping sweeping robots suddenly stopped working in their hands.,They have been driven by the driver,Subsequently starting crazy impact,“As long as these guys are sleeping here,They have no chance to go to the urban city other places.!”
“Do you say that your means is hacker?。”Sagata holding a baseball stick see this scene,Suddenly I can’t help but laugh,“This seems to be a matter of Yumu Society.!”
“In fact, the control is as follows.。”In the early spring, I went back to Zuo Tian.,The two laugh at the same time,Subsequently moving,Replay to your battlefield。
“Means of,As soon as we attract their attention, it is fine.?”A strong water flow sprayed,Fly, a driver, random,After that, the water is actually magically turned into a circle.,Return to the thermos in the puppy in the girl,Bay was held in the bay of the bay in the pose of the princess.。
“It’s not wrong to see。”Bubo Li Bin smile,“Hurry up!”Speech,The water in the thermal cup is once again emerging down the foot of the bubble.,The two are like surfing,Speed on the ground to rush to the next。

But facing this enemy,Master Mangya just glanced at it。

Three masters,Are absolutely superior to those of the holy city masters。
Mangya merged the three strongest ways when he ruled the Daojun,The strength is the strongest among the three dominating China,This is undisputed。
But he still can’t kill the master of Hades,Among the three masters,The life-saving ability of the ruler of Minglan is still above the ruler of Mangya。
“how,Master Mangya also wants to see that Ming Daojun?!”Saw Mongya dominate,Master Minglan sneered。
“It’s not the same with the ruler of Medan?”Mangya dominates with a smile。“Better to join hands?!”
Although hostile to each other,But at the moment the goal of the two has been,It’s not that we can’t join hands。
“You are not afraid that I will kill you with that Ming Daojun!”Master Minglan is rude to Master Mangya。
“Ming Daojun,It’s nothing more than that of the heart sword emperor back then,Although the battle is extremely strong,But the full shot won’t last long—not to mention,Why didn’t I join hands and he killed you?。”Lord Mangya wanted to kill Lord Hades for many years。
However, the three dominations of Endless Territory stand together,The wind and rain dominating the special life is a good old man,The Dao League’s bluestone Taoists with dominating power have been practicing in retreat for a long time,Doesn’t get involved in various disputes at all。
The master of Mangya and the master of Medan are no one can do nothing。
Just when the two masters want to stop the dispute,When I went to meet the Ming Daojun,Two more streamers appeared。
A,A man with green long hair and a green beard,His hair、eyebrow、All beards are long。
The other is a young man with silver hair and black robe。
“Brother Feng Yu,Brother Bluestone!”Mangya dominates。
“Mount Ya、Pluto,Why are you two almost fighting again?。”Wind and rain dominate,“Mangya, you are the number one in our Yanlong realm,I don’t know how to let Miss Minglan。”
“Brother Feng Yu,You say that I am the number one strong in our Yanlong realm,But I dare not say that it is better than Qingshi brother。”Mangya’s master changed the subject,The hatred between the chaotic beasts and ancient practitioners is not clear。
“I just look at the rising star of our Dao League。”Taoist Qingshi glanced at:“I am a practitioner of the Dao League,Can’t be wronged。”
A word from Taoist Qingshi,Make Master Mangya and Master Minglan look slightly ugly。
of course,Neither of them wanted to use force to suppress the secret that might only exist.。But the necessary display of force intimidation is necessary。

I don’t believe that my good sound is saving myself.。

And don’t say that I have only seen it twice with her.,Only some of the information exposed in these words,Has already proved her background。
It should be deeply unspeakable。
Summer will not think,There is only one smart person in the world.。
He always pursues a sentence。
Everyone does something,Have your own purpose。
This sentence is very suitable for any kind of person.。
“Mr. Xia,You have more。”
Significant sound seems to be in the heart of summer,Smile,“I can guarantee you,Current,We are not at least enemy。”
Toned,Again,“About me any topic,I refuse to answer,Summer thinking is too agile,IQ is too high,I am afraid to say a word.,You can make Xia Xia to push a lot of things。”
Summer frown,“You and big summer have a hatred?
Also harmonious?
“Casually, Mr. Xia,I won’t answer.。”
Say,She simply transferred the topic,“Mr. Xia,This is like this now.,Leave and Jun Lin Shi wrist,Still departure as soon as possible,You choose。”
Summer road,“You said that Jun Lin was hit by Liuhe Mountain.,What else does he kill me?,Now it’s a good opportunity to kill him.。”
“In case this is also a bureau of Junlun.?”
Good or wonderful。
She denyed in summer.,Hopping,“I know this person.,What is the most good at,Is the layout at any time, anywhere,Correct your own factors into benefits,From a certain aspect,Mr. Jun and Mr. Xia are very similar in this regard.,You are all war,More terrible is your IQ、Judging and layout。”
Summer narrowed eyes,“What you mean……He will use our own serious injury to layout?”
“Who knows?,I am also guess.。”
This kind of good sound looks more much more,Even brush pressure on the summer。
Not due to the strength of each other。
But she also has extremely keen thinking and judgment and logical derivation.。
Think here,He said,“Miss Miss,Sansha City is your place,If you can find the fall of Jun Lin,Troublem to inform me。”
Good sound,眉 蹙 蹙,“You have to shoot him?”
“No matter what happened to him,I still want to kill him.。”
Summer does not hide your own purpose,“This is for me,It is also a chance。”

Xia Jian shook his head awkwardly,On impulse,Too one-sided,Or Wang Lin is careful,He said quickly:“I know,Not as an example“

at this time,Fang Fang opened the door and walked out,She said to Wang Lin embarrassedly:“Sorry Mr. Wang,I’m so sleepy,Mr. Xia said I went in,I didn’t even think that it was in the company,I will pay attention to this“
Fang Fang turned around after speaking。
Where is Wang Lin standing,Still remembering what Fang Fang said just now,What is this in the company,Don’t you pay attention to this problem outside,Thought of here,Wang Lin feels faintly uncomfortable。
“Hey!President Wang,Are you looking for me?“Xia Jian glanced at the dumb Wang Lin,Suddenly asked。
Wang Lin’s face turned red,said laughingly:“I have a wireless network card for your laptop,So you can go online,It doesn’t affect your work wherever you go,Something in the future,We can email whatever“
What is a wireless network card,Xia Jian’s concept of this thing is not clear,But in front of Wang Lin,He was too embarrassed to ask。
Wang Lin put a little thing in front of Xia Jian,Whispered:“This thing works well,Just plug it in if you want to go online,There are steps,You can use it yourself“
Wait for Wang Lin to leave,Xia Jian hurriedly searched the Internet for what the wireless network card was,This check,Surprised him,The times have reached this point,He is still in the original office,I think it’s time to recharge。
Immediately took out his laptop,According to the operation steps just found,Connected to the Internet in twos or twos,Xia Jian almost jumped up happily。
Does this mean that I have a mobile office?,You can work while sitting at home,If you get to Xiping Village,,Still have fun,Feel free to communicate with people in the group,Thought of here,Xia Jian hummed happily。
Happy times always pass quickly,It’s off work in a blink of an eye,Xia Jian packed up things,Put the laptop in your bag,Strode downstairs。
Fang Fang may have gone home to rest,Zhang Sangui is driving,When he saw Xia Jian,He opened the car door for Xia Jian with a smile,Get in the car,Xia Jian asked with a smile:“how are things?“
“You are not here,I have less time to go out,Have time,I went to the office on the eighth floor,Do some work within your capacity,Time passes faster“Zhang Sangui said,Started the car。
Changes in big cities,It can be said to be changing with each passing day,Xia Jian will go to Pingdu in just one or two months,But what surprised him was,Buildings seem to pop up in the weather more than a month。
Xia Jian and Zhang Sangui were chatting,In a good mood,Plus it’s during peak off hours,So the car does not drive very fast,Suddenly,A pop on the front windshield,Climbed on it alone。

Zhang Xiaoying laughed,Don’t say more,Push the door,Get off and run into the corridor。

Wang traffic does not help but smile,Did not see it,Have a portrait of her gracefulness,There is also this little girl gesture,A low head,Smile,Seat,A contract is stationary。
Raise the head again,Zhang Xiaoying’s figure has disappeared in the corridor,Wang traffic mouth angle,No wonder it will run so fast,The feelings are afraid that he will give her a house.。
Women are sure enough.,I haven’t beenlerated for so long.,It turned out to be here.。
This house,He or didn’t send it out。
Shake the shaking head,Wang traffic helpless,It seems that I can only wait for it to http://www.cunqh.cnfind a way.。
Drive back home,Come to the door,As usually, pull it out of the key,Ready to open the door,I have never thought,Steep。
There is a footsteps behind him,Inequality Wang Flow to respond,A sharp spike has been topped in his waist,At the same time, a whispering sound of the teeth is clear.:
“do not move,Dare him?,Laozi kills you a knife!”
One day’s good mood ends here!
Sharp blade passes through summer single dress,A slenderness directly to the back,Wang Flow instantly heartbeat,Understand what happened,He was taken to hold the knife.。
Although there is no self-reported house,But his voice is not familiar with it.,Don’t look back, he also knows,At this moment, take the knife.,It is the Xu Fei he is rewarding.。
No sound, I have touched his doorstep.,Ming is a revenge.,Hand-held blade,Also accounts for the opportunity,His bare hand,The situation is extremely unfavorable,A bad,Today, he had a blood splash on the spot.。
Wang flows up to rise to a good understanding,Say no panic is fake,But panic, he also has to force yourself calm down.,Strive to give yourself a line of life。
“Xu Fei?The police are full of the world to catch you?,You still dare to find the door?”Wang flow,Want to delay the time。
“Why don’t I dare??Laozi fell to this point today,Are he is you harm?,Be dead,I also have to pull your pad back。”Xu Fei bites teeth,Tone hateful。
“You feel your current fall,it’s all my fault?”Wang Liushi Road,At the same time,Fast thinking about breaking。
Xu Fei angry:“Is not it?Want you,Laozi still loubling Xu,Said in the city,Which dare not give a few more faces?
You can touch you,Laozi’s luck is not good.,Bubble, you are stirred with you.,Project opening is also inserted by you,He is also he has been smashed by you.。
Now my mom gets in.,Our company is also yellow,Everything finished,Are he because of you,Dare to say not your fault?”
“so,You come today,Yes, I am looking for me.?”Wang flows quietly answer。
“certainly,Laozi is completed in this life.,But do you don’t think about him?。”Xu Fei smiled,Said that I reached out and took the king.,Positive face。
Light of the road,Xu Fei’s expression is clearly reflected in the vision,Hanrah face,Handhered blood,Two dark circles,It is clear,The two days of East hiding Tibet,He is very gray face。
But now is spiritual,It seems that you have seen a big hatred,Pull your mouth,Fighting in the eyes:
“Tell me like this,You still want to be free?Tell you,dream!
Haven’t heard that sentence?,Murder,Debt,It’s time when you pay back.,Laozi is dead,Also pull in your pad。”
Say that the knife is moved,It seems that it is in the king’s neck。
It’s now!
Wang Liu’s eyes bright,Suddenly pass:“Then have you heard another sentence??”
Xu Feiu,Ambient:“What words?”
“Counter……Have more words!”

“It turned out that this is the truth of the South Wing Shengong.?Hands with greetings,Treat,No greeting,It is necessary to be swept away.!”

“Nanyi God,If someone is too shallow,Do you have a good face of the people of the South Wings.?”
Narrate,Blocking,Heard it,Buddha Run, this is in the scene to pick it up.!
“The way to visit the South Wings,Self-Japanese Wan Visitor Reviews。Xiqi Shenjun has no invitation, please call,It is to let this Jun know the number of gifts in Xiqi.。”
“Xiqi God is thinking than a game,Today’s Jun married,good mood,Ben Jun is accompanying!”
There is also a cave flower candle.,He doesn’t want to waste time with people.!
More than trials,The pool next to the pool is quietly reached out, and the sleeve of the sea.,Benefast。
“This is the Xiqi god of Xiqi, I don’t have the West Que.?”
Seal,Translation of the pool,Surging and easy to try。
“I have long thought of thinking about the god of Xiqi.!Niye, the god, the Buddha, the Buddha, I don’t have the West.,And it is not easy for all years to make all four gods into Xiqi,Have a chance,Let the city leader to talk to him how?”
“you sure?”Blocking leads to the pool translation。
“Oops!do not worry,I just learn to him.,Start with an inch,and,You marry today,You will feel your little gapse.!Brother, I will block this kid.!”Chailed。
“up to you。”
Seal,Agreed the proposal for the translation。
then,Waiting for Buddha Run, and the fence,Chain first out of the banquet,Directly!
“I have long heard that Xiqi gods will,Today is fortunate,In the Chinese translation of China, please!”
Pickout,The pool translation has reached the Buddha Run.。
Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
NS425chapter Unbeaten
Don’t look at the pool.,But the momentum of attack is rare,Buddha can’t,I can only take all my heart to deal with。
Chi translation intends to take Buddha to,Buddha can only leave the main hall in the direction of translation.。
“Does the pool translate a person??”Looking at the back of the two,Yun Qin asked to the ear of the fence。
Fengyuan noddress:“rest assured,Archway,The strength of the pool is not good.。Adding countless,Will not suffer from the Buddha。”
And he didn’t say it.,In fact, strictly said,Wufang Shenjun,First be a ruler,Or pool translation。
As the first goddess of the first unplanation of the central hub,To say that there is no such thing,How can the pool do not have the position of the city owner?!
Since the closure Long Yuan said nothing,Yunqin is not worried。
Van Run‘Take’go,Water banquet in the hall continues,Intend,The atmosphere retracted to the original look。
Also until the end of the banquet,The seal Yuan Yunqin two people were hung in the cave.,Chi translation and Buddha runs have not come back。
God,Fengyuan’s cave,I really don’t have a few people dare to go to the cave room.,therefore,Two people entered the cave。
Cave,A festive red,Burning red candle,Bright reach。
Sitting on the bed in the bed,Blocking Yuan only feels powerful。

Pawn,Itself is used for sacrifice。

The boss raised his hand,Heavy swing。
Those archers riding the dragon horse are obviously the core of their dragon horse camp,I saw the rows of tall dragon horses,These trained archers simultaneously pulled the iron bow in their hands,Suddenly the surrounding airflow seemed to fall into a bottomless abyss,countercurrent、reverse、disorder!
Piercing Arrow!
A group of archers use piercing arrows at the same time,Those arrows made of special materials can even absorb the wind elements in the world,Let the flying arrows gallop,Become more penetrating power。
This kind of arrow,I’m afraid that some dragon beasts’ meat scales will be shot directly through,Shield、armor、Trenches are harder to resist,I saw the sharp sound of those arrows,Runs directly through nearby houses、Fence,It can even penetrate several houses continuously……
The sword spirit dragon turns into a sword soul,Like a huge black sword monument standing in front of Zhu Minglang,I wish Minglang didn’t get hurt,But behind the house where the Hu Family Dragon Division was stationed was all worn out,One by one collapsed and shattered。
These archers are not high in cultivation,But they are well-trained like an army.,If you can use one ability together,The destructive power is also quite scary!
“Bai Qi……”
Zhu Minglang is planning to call Bai Qi,The name is already on the lips,Only then did I remember how Xiao Bai was shaping blood,At this time, I was sleeping deeply in the spiritual realm。uuLibrary
As Bingchen Bailong,Deal with these soldiers、Archers will be much simpler,The sword of the sword spirit dragon is sharper again,The speed of killing is not as fast as Bingchen Bailong’s ice dust swept directly!
“Holding his sword。”The leader of Nalongmaying immediately issued an order,Let those soldiers block the sword spirit dragon with their bodies。