People talk: The Chinese wheelchair curling team staged a wonderful ice "game" on the wonderful ice

On March 10th, in the Beijing Winter Paralympic Chair Wheel Still Cell Circle, the Chinese team played steadily. After defeating the British team 6-3, they won the seven-game winning streak of this cycle. Semi -final seat. Among the six major items set up in this Winter Paralympic Games, wheelchair curling is required to cooperate with multiple players as a collective project.

The collective project of the Winter Paralympic Games is different from the collective project of the Winter Olympic Games. Wheelchair curling is a mixed registration for men and women.

For one minute on the stage, ten years of merit.

The perfect cooperation is inseparable from the hard training and difficult running in other than the opening field.

Wheelchair curling is one of the very ornamental technical projects on the Winter Paralympic Games. It is also an ice group movement with accuracy, communication ability and tactical strategy as the core. Compared with common curling exercise, wheelchair curling requires contestants to sit on a fixed wheelchair for competition, and no players brush the ice on the curling forward route to help. In addition to throwing the pot with your hands, you can also hang the top of the pot with a throwing rod.

In fact, this requirement for the control of the pot force and the techniques of route changes is higher.

For wheelchair curling athletes, there is no ice sweeping to make up for the strength of the pot too much or too small. It can only push the curling out of the players’ own arm strength and feel.

Therefore, in order to accurately control the power of the pot, a simple pot of pot is practiced tens of thousands of times to form more accurate muscle memory.

At the same time, the wheelchair of the pot player also needs to be fixed by teammates. Whether it is tactics, routes, shots, positioning, etc., take turns to invest in pots, take turns fixed wheelchairs, and each player is an indispensable and important part of the team. Countless exercises and running -in. In this Winter Paralympic Olympic Wheel Chair Curchium, as the Pyeongchang Winter Paralympic Championship, the Chinese team was not good at the division and lost to the Swedish and Canadian teams.

Facing the unfavorable start, the Chinese team quickly adjusted the status and was gently put into battle after psychological decompression. The team members performed their duties, and the ball entered the camp. It was time to make a decision, and it was time to fight … In the subsequent cycle, the Chinese team defeated Estonia and South Korea, defeated the Swiss team, and the Swiss team, and the Swiss team. The US team and Slovakia have won five consecutive games in a cycle.

A perfect leap pot on the field reflects the rapid adjustment and response of the Chinese team. On the 9th, the Chinese team ushered in the final opponent of the Pyeongchang Winter Paralympic Games Norway. At that time, the situation on the field was stuck, and the Chinese team’s fourth basement pot became the last key. Success, defeat for victory; lost, Norwegian team won 1 point. When the fourth base king Haitao did not hesitate to use the rod to steadily launch the curling, it passed through the front end of the base camp along the established route, and passed with the two standing pots. With the sound of a loud collision, the Norwegian team’s team from the Norwegian team The red curling was hit, but did not collide with any other pot.

There are only 4 yellow curling of the Chinese team in the base camp.

The Chinese team’s anti -killing reversal game, the score was rewritten to 7: 4, and once again defeated the old opponent.

The Chinese wheelchair curling team will next, the last opponent of the wheelchair curling cycle Ratvian team. I believe that the Chinese team without pressure on the game can contribute a wonderful game to the audience. (Responsible editor: Shi Yaqiao, Qu Yuan) Share let more people see it.

“Ha ha,I thought it was something big.,Even if you don’t say,I will also look at your face.,Do not worry。”

Summary in summer,Thank you。
Soon,There is only so much he can do.,Let Ziraao take care of it as much as possible。
……Shortly after,Zhourao leaves。
Summer came to Fuku store,See the black cat。
Just meet,Black cat is surrounded by him.,Be extremely happy。
And take out a four-character light,Dedicated to the summer。
Summer laughing and picking up the niche,Pulling and praise。
I finally told it very seriously.,Messages you will have to travel。
Black Cat suddenly shocked,Become extremely anxious,I beg in the summer with it.。
“You are not suitable for me,And now it has become a master of four products.,In the future, do your favorite things.,Strive for a little clear。”
Summer first touching its head,Whisper,“Encounter any trouble,Can go to Wang Yuxin,If she is not,Take you see Yan Dongfeng,If Dong Dong does not do,You go to Shencheng to find Luo.,Do not worry,There is a person I left.,You will definitely be able to grow up.。”
Black cat big eyes red,Tears,Summer in summer,Gently。
Summer can’t bear,Have a sour。
Particular is always helpless。
Back pressure on the body,I have been urged him to travel forward.。
Can’t look back,Don’t stay。
“Maybe meeting,I hope to see you again.,You have become a master of five character.。”
“喵 喵……boss,I am sending you, you can’t leave.,Look at you, look at you。”
Black cat is awkwear。
Nodded summer,Didn’t say anything more。
His front road rough,Can’t see the end,Even can’t see the future,Can only be alone。
“This other,Maybe never meet……”His heart silently admired。
Arrange all things all,No more worries。
What a far from the way?,He will go forward。
This day,Who didn’t tell,Holding a black cat,Only call Wang Yuxin to send。
Two people have a cat from the city,Always rush to the temple all the way。
He deliberately met the three 谪 谪 殿,Also with the row。
In the end, it came to the hunshan huge transmission array.。
After paying one billion yuan,Summer is about to travel。
Shanfeng bleak,Blowing two-person raise robe。
Wang Yixin rare silence,There are many words in my heart.,I don’t know how to open.。

Police silver joined hands to jointly carry out anti -fraud publicity activities

  In recent years, telecommunications network fraud crimes have shown multiple high incidences. The criminals have a lot of scams and have a strong deceptive and confusing.

In order to further strengthen the masses ‘awareness of security precautions, improve the ability of the masses to protect themselves and identify fraud, and effectively protect the masses’ "money bags". Recently, the Harbin Public Security Bureau’s Dao Litang Bureau organizes the police station in the jurisdiction of China Minsheng Bank Xingjiang Road Sub -branch to form. The propaganda team carried out various anti -fraud publicity activities.

  During the event, police and bank staff issued publicity discounts to explain common cases of telecommunications fraud and response measures to popularize anti -fraud knowledge to the masses, and actively promoted and promoted the National Anti -Fraud Center APP installation to the masses. Police and bank staff also hung banners, set up tables and chairs, explained the common sense of prevention face to face with the masses, distributed anti -fraud publicity materials, and reminded the masses to firmly guard their "money bags".

At the same time, the propaganda team exhibited anti -fraud publicity tips in the elevator room of the community, and answered questions about the questions raised by the residents of the community. Anti -fraud propaganda is non -stop. The Daoli Branch and Xingjiang Road Sub -branch have distributed more than 200 leaflets, 189 elevator advertisements, and more than 60 merchants. And it is of great significance for building a harmonious financial ecological environment and maintaining banks. The Daoli Branch and Xingjiang Road Sub -branch will take the opportunity of this publicity activity to continue to do a good job of public anti -fraud education and contribute to the establishment of a safe and healthy financial environment. (End) (Reporter Xie Peihua) +1.

Hanjiang nodded,Little girl:“Will not。”

“That’s good。”
The little girl took the chest and tasted it.。
“All right,Go to play with friends in the past。”Han Jiang took the shot on the shoulders of the little girl。
Little girl is a,Standing up and flying to the distance。
When I ran away, Han Jiang also heard the words that did not listen to it.。
“Fortunately, no one discovered,If you are seen by others, you will lose people.,If it is misunderstood by others, what can I do?。”
“Ugh,Acacing others is really difficult。”
Hanjiang’s ear is not weak,Even if the little girl deliberately lowered his voice or listened to Hanjiang.。
Han Jiang understand,Little girl sits at the beginning of his ten meters away from yourself,Little is close to it is not shy,But I am afraid that I am misunderstood.。
At this moment, Han Jiang can’t hit a railing next to it.,Once everything is so beautiful.。
From the afternoon,Bud clothes have made a meal in the school,Children will leave the buds and the Yashua left。
Going back on the road to watch the mood is in a matter of no difference。
After all, it is tired for so long.,Play a day with a team of children,Mood is still very good。
Just returning to the half road,Sight is thinking of today is her day with two people in Hanjiang.,Who knows that it turns like this?。
Rao is a star in the star, knowing the geography,Have no legacy,But still still not count this。
“what,I have to go back to Qi Ya Na.!”
In the afternoon,The buds have seen the time, suddenly, I didn’t want to pay today.,I want to make myself my meal.,Then wait for the kitchen being blown off.。
The buds are busy running back。
Just now Cheng Lixue came to the East,She and Fuhua have not seen it for a long time.,Also rushed to meet。
Now there is another Han River and watching star left.。
After the two left,Sighty star is looking forward to Hanjiang,But in the end, I still can’t say that the mouth is awkward.。
Han Jiang seems to be open,Trick:“Do you want to go to the park?”
“But I am a little tired.。”
“And I am going to turn,How long does it take?。”Hanjiang request。
Guan Xingbi agreed for it。
Mainly, she is indeed a bit tired.,But I saw Han Jiang’s initiative.,In fact, there are few less still a little expectation.。
The road to the park is not far away.,Just another evening,Many adults bring children、The old man who hangs is still a lot。
Han Jiang and Tuan Xing have a sentence every sentence.,Sightsee also likes this leisurely feeling very much.。
Wait until the sun,The street light is on,Han Jiang pulled the star to a high place in the park.。 “Look。”Han Jiang said that the sky that has not been blocked by the high-rise building.。
Star look,In addition to empty night sky,Nothing at all。
“Wait a mininute。”
Han Jiang talks after ten seconds,A huge explosion sounds on the high altitude。
Most people in the park don’t rose the head and look at the night sky.。
Then the colorful light reflects the sky,The sound of the explosion sounds,Take a whole night sky。
“How about it,This is the surprise I have prepared for you.。”

Policy "Combination Boxing" stabilizes the automotive industry chain and re -production to boost market confidence in market confidence

The Shanghai Steam Port Passing Passenger Vehicle Factory actively promotes resumption of work and re -production.(Photo confession of the respondents) Recently, Shanghai announced that it will promote the resumption of markets in stages, and it is expected to fully restore the normal production and living order in June.

With the continuous stability of the epidemic, the re -production and recovery of some companies in Shanghai began in mid -April and entered May, and the market supply side continued to improve.

In Shanghai’s heavy town, Shanghai, a group of vehicle companies, and nine top ten automotive components in the world. Shanghai and surrounding areas have become important smart car supply chain companies in the country. Xu Xiaolan, deputy minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, recently stated that it has established a "whitelist" in the fields of automobiles, integrated circuits, medical supplies, and important materials for life in the Yangtze River Delta region.

As of May 5, 187 SMEs were scheduled for "specialized new", with a re -work rate of 95%, a personnel return rate of 69%, and a capacity utilization rate of 74%.

As a fuel battery supplier, Jiexin Technology entered the second batch of "white list" in Shanghai’s resumption of production and production.

The reporter learned from the company that as of now, the company has three batches and more than 100 employees in the factory, and has made every effort to promote the resumption of work. In addition, in view of the characteristics of raw materials, accessories covering regional and multi -product types involved in fuel cells, the company adopts a new model of "transit station+pass": that is, uniformly send all raw materials and components to Jiangsu Transfer Station, and to transfer all production materials and components. And the transit station applies to Shanghai Logistics Training Certificate to realize the supply of two places. According to data released by Shanghai Customs, there are currently 126 companies in Jiading District, the major automobile industry gathering place in Shanghai, including traditional car leaders, such as SAIC Volkswagen, SAIC Group, etc., and Weilai Automobile and Xiaoma Zhixing , Reshape the "New Four Four Hua" head enterprises in the fields of new energy vehicles such as technology vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, as well as various accessories on the automotive industry chain such as ZF Group, Cosida Group, and Apo -Ford And supporting equipment enterprises. Strengthen the risk control and control of the automotive industry chain to reshape the toughness and prevent epidemic prevention and production. During the Nanjing factory of SAIC Chase, during the epidemic, the company launched the pre -planning plan for the first time, and divided the top work process into three types: the internal office of the workshop, the top of the workshop, and the staff of the staff. Council and evening conference mechanisms to track and solve various production problems, give full play to the advantages of flexible positions in the post, and ensure that the production tasks are completed.

At this stage, the factory has introduced a number of measures in three aspects: supply chain, logistics epidemic prevention, and guarantee exports to carry out production activities in an orderly manner. Behind the orderly order is the support of the policy.

According to Xin Guobin, deputy minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the supply chain coordination platform of key industrial chain supply chain coordination platforms such as automobiles, integrated circuits, and medical supplies has been completed. Focus on key areas such as the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta. The issues such as posts and logistics and transportation will focus on ensuring coordinated production of upstream and downstream enterprises. "On May 2nd, FAW Liberation implemented a ‘point -to -point’ commuting, and the Changchun base achieved a comprehensive resumption of work." Said the relevant person in charge of FAW Liberation.

In the past few days, in order to ensure the safety of personnel and production, FAW Liberation Science planned a full -scale plan for re -production and full production, and formulated 15 reinstated standardization scenarios such as transportation, nucleic acid testing, and emergency response, and clarified more than 100 epidemic prevention measures.

In Kunshan, Jiangsu, resumed work insurance for special classes was established. Through the two levels of town and town, it accelerated the re -production and re -production of enterprises. At present, the city’s 173 automotive component manufacturers have all resumed work. In Chongqing, relevant departments actively coordinate the re -production of automobile supporting enterprises outside the city, find alternative suppliers, issue logistics green pass, etc., fully guarantee supply, promote production, and stabilize the basic market for the automotive industry.

"The Shanghai epidemic should be an iconic risk event.

"The Lianlian Association pointed out that enterprises need to improve the corresponding core capabilities: supply chain strategic design, dynamic integrated supply chain planning, end -to -end supply chain data transparency and collaborative, and operation model optimization. It is still major market confidence to further restore electric vehicles. As one of the pillar industries of the national economy, the opportunity has a long automobile industry chain, has a wide range of influence, has a great role in consumption, and has a pivotal role in the national economy and social development.

Recently, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Opinions on Further Release Consumption Potential to Promote the Continuity of Consumption", of which "new energy vehicles" and "green travel" once again became the highlight of the continuous recovery of consumption. The co -director, researcher Pan and Lin, the Digital Economy and Financial Innovation Research Center of Zhejiang University, believes that the current trend of the Chinese automobile industry is the rebound of the epidemic caused by the staged shrinkage of automobile production capacity, and the poor production capacity has led to a decline in automobile sales.

"This should be a short -term problem. The automotive industry is expected to return to normal in the second half of the year. Especially smart electric vehicles will still be the vane of the upgrade of the consumer market.

"Data show that Tesla Shanghai Super Factory delivered a total of 10,000 vehicles in 2021, an increase of 235%year -on -year.

In the first quarter of this year, Tesla delivered more than 310,000 new vehicles, an increase of 68%year -on -year. Recently, Tesla said it would continue to expand production capacity in China. Market confidence is expected to recover further. In April of the Federation of Federation, the car market analysis pointed out that the current high point of domestic epidemic has passed, and the resumption of labor and resumption of production step by step, supporting the accelerated implementation of policies. CICC also pointed out that with the orderly advancement of resumption of work and re -production, the impact of the epidemic on the supply of the industrial chain is expected to alleviate. After the logistics is restored, the vehicle factory may increase the supply chain supplement inventory procurement. +Domesticization will continue to promote the mid -term growth of the industrial chain. At the same time, many industry insiders said that Chinese electric vehicles occupying more than 50%of the world’s share are major opportunities for the automotive industry. As the industrial concentration brought by automotive electrification has increased, the Chinese leading pattern similar to the mobile phone industry chain has gradually emerged, and the industrial chain integration of the global automotive market will accelerate. It is necessary to reshape confidence in supply chain from all walks of life, stabilize policy expectations, establish a stronger information sharing system, and allow Chinese cars to have a greater share in the world. (Responsible editor: Wang Zhen, Lu Yan) Share let more people see recommended reading.

Not only, the charm guidelines before entering the cave,There is also some scenes of what he looks close to the dragon.,That is the residual dragon’s power drive。Before eating,He knows that will the consequence?。But it is sharply painful.,I have always passed his life.,Never catch up with 竹。

He must become strong,Be sure to protect the strength of branches,It is no longer to make her worry『Hold』Heart。
These words can’t be made to Yan Zhi。
Yan Fengxing added another sentence:“I will accept it.,do not worry。”
目 目『dew』worry『color』,Low sound:“Long Nai is‘Not worthy’Demon,Although the dragon egg contains powerful strength,There are also strong demon,If this is discovered by others,I am afraid……”
“I know。”
裴 逢 星 冷 地 颔 颔,No half-filled retreat,I have already been like it.,Don’t panic,“I try to control,If I fail,The sister does not have to talk to me.,The right is not knowledgeable,Exemption。”
枝 怔 怔 一 一 瞬,She is going to be ignorant.,I don’t think of him, but I am not involved in him.,Laugh,Appetize him:“Will not。I recognized me in the cave.,What horror is coming here?,It’s too much to say that we are too。As for the demon,I also have a suppression of the world.,In addition, go to the fairy hall to give a bit flavor.『Medicine』;This seems to be,In addition to absorbing dragon eggs, pain needs more,There are no risks。”
裴 裴 星 手 心 心 心,He will stay here all the time,When he just eats the dragon, he will take yourself to explode.、Hurt almost,I climped this Tianxin lock.,Repeatedly recovering the branches in the heart,Talented。
枝 看 他 怔怔 怔怔,I got the handkerchief to send him.,Rope『sex』Run your hand to press his 他 他,The action is softly wiped with him,Vocal voice:“do not be afraid,fine。”
I can’t look at her.,Idea urge him to remove the line of sight,But why can’t you do it?。
She toned softly,Short number,Shui into the lake,Let Yan Xingxing have difficult,Uncontrolled to touch her wrist。
Finger song,Easily hold her blue and white。
She looked at it,But didn’t open him directly。
The cave is also……
Is it explained?,She is myself,Maybe there is such a little men and women.?
裴 星 地。
Yan Zhi blinked,Unknown:“what happened?What I hurt??”
裴 星 注 她 她 双 双,I saw myself from inside.『Confuse』Wolf,He strongly put a reason:
“……I will do it myself。”
Fall into the voice,He is loose。
竹 有 有,Hand Patty to him,Still laughing, he:“It is a self-respecting,Histeore, don’t want to make a fake『sex』Bamboo。”
Jingsheng took the Pat to smell a light and elegant fragrance.,Is the taste of branch,Animanta『chaos』,There should be mixed in your mouth.“Well”,Not many words。
Wen Yan Xiao is not gone,A few words,Xiao Yao is not a heart,Rope『sex』Come back together。
Never,Two people enter the hospital,Just look at the bedside of the house from the open window,Just hit the scene of the Branch of the Buddhist wrist。
Xiao Jo:“……”
Both people do not agree with the same situation。
What is Xiao Jie?,Wen Yan does not know,He only knows that he is scared and excited.,It is also to see the duties of the brothers and,Maintaining the flatness of the brothers;And then a little bit of this bold,Slightly surprising。
Xiao Yande spit out a breath,The line is smooth.,Surgical speed is slow:
“Be affected,Can you have this treatment??”
Warm derivation takes place to see Xiao Yao expressions,From mixed angry、sad、Delicious mood,I dare to see a short feeling of admire and embarrassment.。
and many more?To envy?
Xiao Shi is very dangerous.!
NS48chapter The forty-eighth chapter, the horror is me
Wen Yan dry cough, Break the inexplicable stalemate atmosphere inside the house。
枝 ‘s hands closed back,I heard the sound side.,In this way, the windows are warned.:“Warm brother, How can you come back so fast??”

Adhere to the first high quality of ecological protection and do a good job of legislative work

The Legislative Symposium of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau Ecological Protection Law was held in Beijing on the afternoon of the 22nd.

Li Zhanshu, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He emphasized that the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on the ecological protection of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau and the decision -making deployment of the Party Central Committee must be fully understood, and the major significance and characteristics of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau ecological protection legislation is fully understood. Effectively protect the ecological foundation of the sustainable development of the Chinese nation.

Li Zhanshu pointed out that it is necessary to promote the legislation of ecological protection of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau in accordance with the responsibility of history, responsibility to the people, and the world.

It is necessary to comprehensively systematically design the system and enhance legislation’s pertinence, applicability, and operability.

The first is to "adhere to the first ecological protection", adhere to the promotion of high -quality development in high -level protection, and achieve high -level protection in promoting high -quality development. The second is to highlight the ecological security pattern, clarify the country’s construction of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau ecological security barrier, keep the ecological security bottom line, establish a systematic control system control and ecological environment partition control system, and promote the improvement of the quality and stability of the ecological system in key ecological functional areas.

The third is to highlight ecological protection and restoration, adhere to the priority of protecting priority, prevention, and natural recovery, adhere to the governance of landscapes, forests, lakes and grass and sand ice systems, and enhance the biodiversity of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau and the authenticity and integrity of the ecosystem. The fourth is to strengthen the prevention and control of ecological risks, and establish and improve the unified climate and ecological environment monitoring and evaluation system in the field.

Fifth, scientifically promote the coordination of ecology, production, and life, and build an industrial layout that is compatible with the carrying capacity of the resource and environment, and form a lifestyle that is conducive to promoting the healthy development of ecology.

Li Zhanshu emphasized that promoting the Legislative legislation of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau, high standards and difficulty in legislation. We must strengthen organizational coordination, continue to do research and argumentation and listen to opinions, and do a good job of connecting with other laws. Shen Yueyue, deputy chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, chaired the meeting, and Ding Zhongli, deputy chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, attended. At the symposium, relevant departments and relevant responsible comrades, representatives of the National People’s Congress, and experts of relevant departments and provincial (district) made speeches.

(Responsible editor: Yang Yan, Liu Peiran) Share let more people see recommended reading.

“Row,I know grandfather.,I will tell the world new brother.。”

hang up the phone,Yunqin basically understands what the Sujia Pharmaceutical Company,I have my heart in my heart.。
Here,Soao sits in the corner bench,Holding a mobile phone, I will stay.,I have called Su Shikin.,Say a good time,Only hanging on the phone。
Back home,Su Hao is really unable to ignore this matter,I played a call to Su-father,The number of squats have fallen.,Tied。
After this day,Su family doesn’t have a person to find Su Shixin,I don’t know if it is really being scared.。
later,Yunqin knows,It’s not that the Su family is afraid.,But the next day,Sujia’s pharmaceutical factory,Just because the fund chain is really unable to turn around,Declare bankruptcy,Su Fen Su is busy processing the company after going。
The company is bankrupt.,Su Shi Xixin, the first-class hospital dean, Chen Ke,Assist the company’s thoughts,Naturally, it is not necessary.。
this matter,There is no illness and final。Chen Ke is no longer so trying to make a way to Su Shinfu,Probably know that Sujia Pharmaceutical Factory is bankruptcy,I feel that Su Shixin has not qualified to be with her.。
In short,Yunqin and Su Shixin University,Basically restored calm。Ge Yunhao, the computer system successfully entered the world 100 companies,AITElite。
Here,Already have a certain size company Ge Ming,Very open,Financial professional old master of Ge Mingjie,And the old team of Ge Mingdong is in the company,Don’t worry about what problems will occur at all。
Further relationships between Yunqin and Su Shi new two,It was found in the summer vacation in the second semester.。
As for the relationship between the two is discovered,Instead, both do two people tell relatives and friends。
Yun Qin said,She is a pressure root without her and Su Shi Xin.,To tell the family awareness。And Su Shi Xin,He felt that he was so obvious.,Coupled with Ge Yunhao knows,so,I feel that Ge Yunhao should talk to Ge family.,And the Ge family has already gone by him with Yunqin.。
The two people belong to the kind of very little friends,this matter,Just I naturally neglected.。
Graduation thesis,I have a group turn of the group to turn to Ge Yunhao.:He is very busy,Where do I think of helping them?‘Declare’this matter。
Holiday,Su Shixin and Yunqin two after packing,Go back to Dongshi together。
Gao Dad, who saw two people, was very happy.,I will pack two people in the morning.。
Because of the house of Dong City,Has been sold by Sinang,therefore,Su Shi lived in the room of Gejia Ge Yunhao。
A family is sitting with dinner together,Ge Yimang hongshen and Su Shi new mutual dishes,Eyebrows,Alert,Use the elbow to smash the Ge Yunying next to it.,Small asking:“Arit,you say,This two children are not a better relationship.?This communication between this,I always feel very familiar.?!”
and,I do not know how it is,He has a kind‘not good’What is the premonition??!
Ge Yunying, a bowl,Looking up, Yunqin two people,chuckle,Are not very familiar??!Dictionary is when you are young,She feels with him。
“It’s all looking at it.,Can you be familiar??!These two children have good relationships,You are still not happy.?”Ge Yun Yingbai, Ge Ming Road。
These two children,She is still very optimistic,Let him guess it.!
“Ha ha,Nor,That is, I always feel that I have been ignored.。”A young man’s eyes,Let Ge Ming have already put down the two people.,Be with a smile。
At this time, Ge Ming did not think of it.,Your own heart is faint‘Unknown’Premonition,After eating,Become a reality。
After a meal,Yunqin who is full of feet is getting up with Su Shi Xin,Ready to go to the community,By the way。
Ge Ming and Ge Yunying agreed,Just out of the moment,Ge Yiming’s eye of the hand of Su Shixin and Yunqin。
“Equal meeting!You come in first.。”Ge Yi Ming is not an expression of two people。
Narrate,Yunqin and Su Shi new two people turn back,Two hands holding hands,Clearable exposure is under Ge Ming’s eyepiece。
Go back to the living room,Yun Qin’s opinion, Ge Ming,“dad,You have something to find us?”
“World,Uncle is watching you grow up,I know that you are a sensible child.。some things,You grow up,Also should pay attention。”
“Such as,Some limb contact,Can,Try not to have。”Ge Yimang has a point to see Su Shixin。
Smart Su Shi Xinshun looks at the eyes,Instantly understand Ge Ming’s meaning。Immediately do not refund,Return the hand of Yunqin again。
“Ge Shu,I have forgotten to tell you and Ge Wei.,I am already together with Yunqin.,I will be responsible for Yunqin,Take care of Yunqin for a lifetime,Please allow you to allow。”Finish,Su Shixin station’s straight,As if the soldiers waiting for the trial。
“you!open,open!Who is in front of me??!”Ge Yiming stared in Su Shixin,Previous step,Directly separate two hands,And pull Yun Qin to yourself。

Financial policies in a timely and intensive field in key areas to relieve "timely rain"

  From the implementation of the reduction funds to the support of structural monetary policy tools such as re -loan loans, from the increase in the affected industry, enterprises, people and other support to support the unblocked and stable cycle of the industrial chain supply chain … Nearly In half a month, the central bank, the CBRC and other departments accelerated the policy research and judgment, and introduced targeted measures. Multi -arrows will help the real economy development, especially in key areas such as logistics, small and medium -sized and micro.

  Analysts pointed out that the current relevant policies are gradually showing, helping to stabilize the economic market, stabilize the micro -subject, and improve market expectations. However, in the face of the downward pressure on the economy, helping the real economy still needs to continue to make efforts. It is expected that there will still be more measures to be introduced for key areas, and the possibility of interest rate cuts in the second quarter still exist. Concentrated policy to boost loans to increase prices and reduce prices and lower the central bank, and the Foreign Exchange Bureau jointly issued the "Notice on Doing a Better Prevention and Control and Economic and Social Development Financial Services". The department focuses on making policies and timely and intensively. It aims to stabilize the economic market, stabilize the micro -subject, and improve market expectations.

  Financial supports entities, and the total amount of putting in the total amount is "added".

The central bank reduced the deposit reserve rate percentage of financial institutions on April 25.

On this basis, the agricultural commercial banks that do not operate across provinces and the deposit reserve rate of more than 5%are reduced by an additional percentage point. The decline in this period released a total of about 530 billion yuan in long -term funds.

At the same time, increase the support of structural monetary policy tools such as re -loan loans, make good use of supporting agricultural support loans and two carbon reduction tools, accelerate 100 billion re -loans to put in the field of transportation and logistics, and create 200 billion yuan of scientific and technological innovation. Loans and 40 billion yuan of inclusive pension re -loan are expected to drive loans to financial institutions to increase by 1 trillion yuan. Financial supports entities, and the other hand is "subtraction" that allows the entity. According to central bank data, since the beginning of this year, the People’s Bank of China has guided market interest rates to a percentage point, driving the interest rate of corporate loan in the first quarter to a percentage of%year -on -year, which is a record low since it has a statistical record. It is worth noting that the 2 -year and three -year regular deposit interest rates of ICBC, Construction Bank, and Bank of China have lowered 10 basis points a few days ago. In addition, the upper limit of the regular deposit interest rate of many banks has also lowered. "The reduction in the interest rate of multiple banks will effectively reduce the cost of bank liabilities, drive the loan interest rate and the overall financing cost of corporate comprehensive financing, and further increase the efforts of finance to the real economy.

"Researchers at the Financial Market Department of Construction Bank pointed out. At the same time, focusing on bank account services, RMB settlement, electronic banking and other fields, financial institutions have reduced the burden on small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households by reducing fees.

Ren Tao, a special researcher at the National Financial and Development Laboratory, pointed out that recently the dense introduction and support of a series of policies in the financial sector effectively alleviate the dilemma faced by various market entities. The relief of different degrees, the market vitality has been maintained, laying a solid foundation for subsequent employment and consumption consumption. "Urgent urgency" in the fields of logistics and other areas issued the "Notice on Financial Supporting Freight Logistics Insurance Shipping Work" and "Opinions on the High -quality Development of Road Insurance Industry Supporting High -quality Development" from the Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission. Jiangsu and other places have issued corresponding documents to strengthen financial support for financial support. In the past few days, focusing on industries and small and medium -sized enterprises that have a greater impact on the epidemic, financial institutions have accelerated policy deployment, and financial institutions have also increased support.

  In the context of the current frequent frequent local epidemic and the supply of production and living materials in some areas, logistics insurance supply has become the top priority of the recent policy.

Hunan Huaihua Jiahui Logistics Park has 60,000 tons of cold storage, fresh cold chain and high and low temperature distribution center. Due to the local epidemic "cold spring", the main urban area of ??Hecheng was closed. For a time, the vegetable baskets of more than 700,000 citizens were guaranteed by Jiahui Logistics Park.

  "When I was unable to do it, CCB sent the" timely rain "!" Said Wang Shuai Shuai, the person in charge of the small and micro enterprise wholesale business in Jiahui Logistics Park. The wholesale department he operated was influenced by the epidemic, and the shortage of flow funds. After learning about the situation, CCB Hunan Huaihua Hecheng Sub -branch took the initiative to come to the door and soon issued a 600,000 "good loan" loan to make the enterprise out of trouble.

  Benefiting from the policy "sending charcoal in the snow", not just logistics companies. A small and micro enterprise in Jiangsu Lianyungang Ganyu Shiqiao Food and Oil Management Institute is mainly engaged in grain acquisition, storage and sales of grain. Because the epidemic affects some of the funds back in time, the company’s 5 million yuan loan in the Bank of Communications is about to expire. According to the active coordination of corporate needs, the Bank of Communications Lianyungang Ganyu Sub -branch has actively coordinated to handle loans for loans, which effectively solves the pressure of enterprise temporary funds. The experience of these two companies is the epitome of policies to vigorously help key areas such as logistics, small and medium and micro. Multiple data show that these key areas are currently flowing in. Taking Shanghai, which is more complex in the epidemic situation, data from the Shanghai headquarters of the People’s Bank of China shows that according to incomplete statistics, banks within Shanghai under the jurisdiction of 681 anti -epidemic supplies and related logistics companies issued 31 billion yuan in loans, 80%of which are credit loans. Essence

In response to small and medium -sized enterprises, according to incomplete statistics, the Chinese banks within the jurisdiction of Shanghai in March issued a loan of 100 million yuan to small, medium and micro enterprises, small and micro enterprises, and individual industrial and commercial households, involving 43698 households in the market entity; Yuan, involved in market entities 80916.

  In the second quarter, the window period is expected to increase the industry that a series of bailout policies will effectively reduce the burden on corporate and enhance the vitality of the market. However, in the face of downward pressure on the economy, helping the real economy still needs to continue to work hard to seize the window period in the second quarter. It is expected that more measures will still be introduced for key areas.

  "This round of policy coordinates the financial support of the prevention and control of the epidemic and economic development, ensuring the smooth flow of logistics, helping small and micro, and promoting the supply chain cycle of the industrial chain.

In response to the reality of increasing economic downward pressure, high -level high -level emphasizes that policies must be advanced and timely.

"Wang Yifeng, chief analyst of the Financial Industry Institute of Everbright Securities Institute, predicts that for Xiaowei and Logistics and other industries, in addition to implementing the existing financial support policies in the early stage, it may further increase the scale of re -loan in the future and increase targeted support.

  Regarding the subsequent monetary policy, Wang Qing, chief macro analyst of Dongfang Jincheng, believes that the implementation of the reduction does not mean that the possibility of cutting interest rate cuts is closed. It is expected that the MLF interest rate in the second quarter may still be reduced by 10 basis points again.

Based on the current internal and external situations and monetary policy space, the probability of "double drop" is high, which is of great significance for the stable macroeconomic market. CITIC Securities Chief Economist also believes that the reduction is not the only measure for the steady growth of monetary policy. Some banks will increase the preparation rate from the aspects of liquidity and capital adequacy ratio at the same time. Interest rate -related policies are also in the "steady growth tool package". Hyatong Securities Chief Strategy Analyst Xun Yugen suggested that various policies such as finance and real estate must form a combination of fists to support the economy, and the policy introduction must be faster to help restore production.

(Reporter Xiang Jiaying).

even,Li Ming also deliberately stayed away from the area of the Blood God Society,His route to the Heavenly Cang Palace has to make a big circle。

For 410,000 years。
A rather remote territory‘Positive domain’,This is a world without eternity,Weaker territory。
But when Li Ming passed by, he found,The leader of this territory is not a practitioner,But the special life of a monarch。
Li Ming and this special life also played against each other,Li Ming’s secret technique at this time《Wanjie mixed cave sand》Also close to Dacheng level,Power is also extremely powerful,Are enough to sweep the Ordinary Second Path Lord,But it’s still very difficult to deal with the special life of the two path monarchs。
For 430,000 years。
Li Ming has reached a territory comparable to the prosperity of the Great Wasteland‘Feng Shuyu’。
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It also leaves a trail in the core of the eternal world‘Wind and sword’,Carved on a mountain。
Unfortunately,This mountain has long been jointly controlled by the three local sects,Outsiders want to enter—Chaos Spirit Liquid。
Li Ming’s Enlightenment,Naturally, I will not deliberately understand the eternal meaning of kendo。
In the fifty-two thousand years,Gate of Tiancang Palace,That vast and magnificent gate,There is a puppet on both sides that is comparable to the second path。
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Shouted three words,A Taoist with a breathtaking breath rushed over。
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this moment,Li Ming felt that the vows he once made began to slowly dissipate。