“Ha ha,I thought it was something big.,Even if you don’t say,I will also look at your face.,Do not worry。”

Summary in summer,Thank you。
Soon,There is only so much he can do.,Let Ziraao take care of it as much as possible。
……Shortly after,Zhourao leaves。
Summer came to Fuku store,See the black cat。
Just meet,Black cat is surrounded by him.,Be extremely happy。
And take out a four-character light,Dedicated to the summer。
Summer laughing and picking up the niche,Pulling and praise。
I finally told it very seriously.,Messages you will have to travel。
Black Cat suddenly shocked,Become extremely anxious,I beg in the summer with it.。
“You are not suitable for me,And now it has become a master of four products.,In the future, do your favorite things.,Strive for a little clear。”
Summer first touching http://www.sxdfzj.cn its head,Whisper,“Encounter any trouble,Can go to Wang Yuxin,If she is not,Take you see Yan Dongfeng,If Dong Dong does not do,You go to Shencheng to find Luo.,Do not worry,There is a person I left.,You will definitely be able to grow up.。”
Black cat big eyes red,Tears,Summer in summer,Gently。
Summer can’t bear,Have a sour。
Particular is always helpless。
Back pressure on the body,I have been urged him to travel forward.。
Can’t look back,Don’t stay。
“Maybe meeting,I hope to see you again.,You have become a master of five character.。”
“喵 喵……boss,I am sending you, you can’t leave.,Look at you, look at you。”
Black cat is awkwear。
Nodded summer,Didn’t say anything more。
His front road rough,Can’t see the end,Even can’t see the future,Can only be alone。
“This other,Maybe never meet……”His heart silently admired。
Arrange all things all,No more worries。
What a far from the way?,He will go forward。
This day,Who didn’t tell,Holding a black cat,Only call Wang Yuxin to send。
Two people have a cat from the city,Always rush to the temple all the way。
He deliberately met the three 谪 谪 殿,Also with the row。
In the end, it came to the hunshan huge transmission array.。
After paying one billion yuan,Summer is about to travel。
Shanfeng bleak,Blowing two-person raise robe。
Wang Yixin rare silence,There are many words in my heart.,I don’t know how to http://www.jdxycl.cn open.。

Hanjiang nodded,Little girl:“Will not。”

“That’s good。”
The little girl took the chest and tasted it.。
“All right,Go to play with friends in the past。”Han Jiang took the shot on the shoulders of the little girl。
Little girl is a,Standing up and flying to the distance。
When I ran away, Han Jiang also heard the words that did not listen to it.。
“Fortunately, no one discovered,If you are seen by others, you will lose people.,If it is misunderstood by others, what can I do?。”
“Ugh,Acacing others is really difficult。”
Hanjiang’s ear is not weak,Even if the little girl deliberately lowered his voice or listened to Hanjiang.。
Han Jiang understand,Little girl sits at the beginning of his ten meters away from yourself,Little is close to it is not shy,But I am afraid that I am misunderstood.。
At this moment, Han Jiang can’t hit a railing next to it.,Once everything is so beautiful.。
From the afternoon,Bud clothes have made a meal in the school,Children will http://www.sdzygb.cn leave the buds and the Yashua left。
Going back on the road to watch the mood is in a matter of no difference。
After all, it is tired for so long.,Play a day with a team of children,Mood is still very good。
Just returning to the half road,Sight is thinking of today is her day with two people in Hanjiang.,Who knows that it turns like this?。
Rao is a star in the star, knowing the geography,Have no legacy,But still still not count this。
“what,I have to go back to Qi Ya Na.!”
In the afternoon,The buds have seen the time, suddenly, I didn’t want to pay today.,I want to make myself my meal.,Then wait for the kitchen being blown off.。
The buds are busy running back。
Just now Cheng Lixue came to the East,She and Fuhua have not seen it for a long time.,Also rushed to meet。
Now there is another Han River http://www.skinfactory.cn and watching star left.。
After the two left,Sighty star is looking forward to Hanjiang,But in the end, I still can’t say that the mouth is awkward.。
Han Jiang seems to be open,Trick:“Do you want to go to the park?”
“But I am a little tired.。”
“And I am going to turn,How long does it take?。”Hanjiang request。
Guan Xingbi agreed for it。
Mainly, she is indeed a bit tired.,But I saw Han Jiang’s initiative.,In fact, there are few less still a little expectation.。
The road to the park is not far away.,Just another evening,Many adults bring children、The old man who hangs is still a lot。
Han Jiang and Tuan Xing have a sentence every sentence.,Sightsee also likes this leisurely feeling very much.。
Wait until the sun,The street light is on,Han Jiang pulled the star to a high place in the park.。
http://www.91tianjie.cn “Look。”Han Jiang said that the sky that has not been blocked by the high-rise building.。
Star look,In addition to empty night sky,Nothing at all。
“Wait a mininute。”
Han Jiang talks after ten seconds,A huge explosion sounds on the high altitude。
Most people in the park don’t rose the head and look at the night sky.。
Then the colorful light reflects the sky,The sound of the explosion sounds,Take a whole night sky。
“How about it,This is the surprise I have prepared for you.。”

Not only, the charm guidelines before entering the cave,There is also some scenes of what he looks close to the dragon.,That is the residual dragon’s power drive。Before eating,He knows that will the consequence?。But it is sharply painful.,I have always passed his life.,Never catch up with 竹。

He must become strong,Be sure to protect the strength of branches,It is no longer to make her worry『Hold』Heart。
These words can’t be made to Yan Zhi。
Yan Fengxing added another sentence:“I will http://www.hzlingce.cn accept it.,do not worry。”
目 目『dew』worry『color』,Low sound:“Long Nai is‘Not worthy’Demon,Although the dragon egg contains powerful strength,There are also strong demon,If this is discovered by others,I am afraid……”
“I know。”
裴 逢 星 冷 地 颔 颔,No half-filled retreat,I have already been like it.,Don’t panic,“I try to control,If I fail,The sister does not have to talk to me.,The right is not knowledgeable,Exemption。”
枝 怔 怔 一 一 瞬,She is going to be ignorant.,I don’t think of him, but I am not involved in him.,Laugh,Appetize him:“Will not。I recognized me in the cave.,What horror is coming here?,It’s too much to say that we are too。As for the demon,I also have a suppression of the world.,In addition, go to the fairy hall to give a bit flavor.『Medicine』;This seems to be,In addition to absorbing dragon eggs, pain needs more,There are no risks。”
裴 裴 星 手 心 心 心,He will stay here all the time,When he just eats the dragon, he will take yourself to explode.、Hurt almost,I climped this Tianxin lock.,Repeatedly recovering the branches in the heart,Talented。
枝 看 他 怔怔 怔怔,I got the handkerchief to send him.,Rope『sex』Run your hand to press his 他 他,The action is softly wiped with him,Vocal voice:“do not be afraid,fine。”
I can’t look at her.,Idea urge him to remove the line of sight,But why can’t you do it?。
She toned softly,Short number,Shui into the lake,Let Yan Xingxing have difficult,Uncontrolled to touch her wrist。
Finger song,Easily hold her blue and white。
She looked at it,But didn’t open him directly。
The cave is also……
Is it explained?,She is myself,Maybe there is such a little men and women.?
裴 星 地。
Yan Zhi blinked,Unknown:“what happened?What I hurt??”
裴 星 注 她 她 双 双,I saw myself from inside.『Confuse』Wolf,He strongly put a reason:
“……I will do it myself。”
Fall into the voice,He is loose。
竹 有 有,Hand Patty to him,Still laughing, he:“It is a self-respecting,Histeore, don’t want to make a fake『sex』Bamboo。”
Jingsheng took the Pat to smell a light and elegant fragrance.,Is the taste of branch,Animanta『chaos』,There should be mixed in your mouth.“Well”,Not many words。
Wen Yan Xiao is not gone,A few words,Xiao Yao is not a heart,Rope『sex』Come back together。
Never,Two people enter the hospital,Just look at the bedside of the house from the open window,Just hit the scene of the Branch of the Buddhist wrist。
Xiao Jo:“……”
Both people do not agree with the same situation。
What is Xiao Jie?,Wen Yan does not know,He only knows that he is scared and excited.,It is also to see the duties of the brothers and,Maintaining the flatness of the brothers;And then a little bit of this bold,Slightly surprising。
Xiao Yande spit out a breath,The line is smooth.,Surgical speed is slow:
“Be affected,Can you have this treatment??”
Warm derivation takes place to see Xiao Yao expressions,From mixed angry、sad、Delicious mood,I dare to see a short feeling of admire and embarrassment.。
and http://www.zhipin100.cn many more?To envy?
Xiao Shi is very dangerous.!
NS48chapter The forty-eighth chapter, the horror is me
Wen Yan dry cough, Break the inexplicable stalemate atmosphere inside the house。
枝 ‘s hands closed back,I heard the sound side.,In this way, the windows are warned.:“Warm brother, How can you come back so fast??”

“Row,I know grandfather.,I will tell the world new brother.。”

hang up the phone,Yunqin basically understands what the Sujia Pharmaceutical Company,I have my heart in my heart.。
Here,Soao sits in the corner bench,Holding a mobile phone, I will stay.,I have called Su Shikin.,Say a good time,Only hanging on the phone。
Back home,Su Hao is really unable to ignore this matter,I played a call to Su-father,The number of squats have fallen.,Tied。
After this day,Su family doesn’t have a person to find Su Shixin,I don’t know if it is really being scared.。
later,Yunqin knows,It’s not that the Su family is afraid.,But the next day,Sujia’s pharmaceutical factory,Just because the fund chain is really unable to turn around,Declare bankruptcy,Su Fen Su is busy processing the company after going。
The company is bankrupt.,Su Shi Xixin, the first-class hospital dean, Chen Ke,Assist the company’s thoughts,Naturally, it is not necessary.。
this matter,There is no illness and final。Chen Ke is no longer so trying to make a way to Su Shinfu,Probably know that Sujia Pharmaceutical Factory is bankruptcy,I feel that Su Shixin has not qualified to be with her.。
In short,Yunqin and Su Shixin University,Basically restored calm。Ge Yunhao, the computer system successfully entered the world 100 companies,AITElite。
Here,Already have a certain size company Ge Ming,Very open,Financial professional old master of Ge Mingjie,And the old team of Ge Mingdong is in the company,Don’t worry about what problems will occur at all。
Further relationships between Yunqin and Su Shi new two,It was found in the summer vacation in the second semester.。
As for the relationship between the two is discovered,Instead, both do two people tell relatives and friends。
Yun Qin said,She is a pressure root without her and Su Shi Xin.,To tell the family awareness。And Su Shi Xin,He felt that he was so obvious.,Coupled with Ge Yunhao knows,so,I feel that Ge Yunhao should talk to Ge family.,And the Ge family has already gone by him with Yunqin.。
The two people belong to the kind of very little friends,this matter,Just I naturally neglected.。
Graduation thesis,I have a group turn of the group to turn to Ge Yunhao.:He is very busy,Where do I think of helping them?‘Declare’this matter。
Holiday,Su Shixin and Yunqin two after packing,Go back to Dongshi together。
Gao Dad, who saw two people, was very http://www.fxccmy.cn happy.,I will pack two people in the morning.。
Because of the house of Dong City,Has been sold by Sinang,therefore,Su Shi lived in the room of Gejia Ge Yunhao。
A family is sitting with dinner together,Ge Yimang hongshen and Su Shi new mutual dishes,Eyebrows,Alert,Use the elbow to smash the Ge Yunying next to it.,Small asking:“Arit,you say,This two children are not a better relationship.?This communication between this,I always feel very familiar.?!”
and,I do not know how it is,He has a kind‘not good’What is the premonition??!
Ge Yunying, a bowl,Looking up, Yunqin two people,chuckle,Are not very familiar??!Dictionary is when you are young,She feels with him。
“It’s all looking at it.,Can you be familiar??!These two children have good relationships,You are still not happy.?”Ge Yun Yingbai, Ge Ming Road。
These http://www.fstongye.cn two children,She is still very optimistic,Let him guess it.!
“Ha ha,Nor,That is, I always feel that I have been ignored.。”A young man’s eyes,Let Ge Ming have already put down the two people.,Be with a smile。
At this time, Ge Ming did not think of it.,Your own heart is faint‘Unknown’Premonition,After eating,Become a reality。
After a meal,Yunqin who is full of feet is getting up with Su Shi Xin,Ready to go to the community,By the way。
Ge Ming and Ge Yunying agreed,Just out of the moment,Ge Yiming’s eye of the hand of Su Shixin and Yunqin。
“Equal meeting!You come in first.。”Ge Yi Ming is not an expression of two people。
Narrate,Yunqin and Su Shi new two people turn back,Two hands holding hands,Clearable exposure is under Ge Ming’s eyepiece。
Go back to the living room,Yun Qin’s opinion, Ge Ming,“dad,You http://www.nagogo.cn have something to find us?”
“World,Uncle is watching you grow up,I know that you are a sensible child.。some things,You grow up,Also should pay attention。”
“Such as,Some limb contact,Can,Try not to have。”Ge Yimang has a point to see Su Shixin。
Smart Su Shi Xinshun looks at the eyes,Instantly understand Ge Ming’s meaning。Immediately do not refund,Return the hand of Yunqin again。
“Ge Shu,I have forgotten to tell you and Ge Wei.,I am already together with Yunqin.,I will be responsible for Yunqin,Take care of Yunqin for a lifetime,Please allow you to allow。”Finish,Su Shixin station’s straight,As if the soldiers waiting for the trial。
“you!open,open!Who is in front of me??!”Ge Yiming stared in Su Shixin,Previous step,Directly separate two hands,And pull Yun Qin to yourself。

even,Li Ming also deliberately stayed away from the area of the Blood God Society,His route to the Heavenly Cang Palace has to make a big circle。

For 410,000 years。
A rather remote territory‘Positive domain’,This is a world without eternity,Weaker territory。
But when Li Ming passed by, he found,The leader of this territory is not a practitioner,But the special life of a monarch。
Li Ming and this special life also played against each other,Li Ming’s secret technique at this time《Wanjie mixed http://www.snc815.cn cave sand》Also close to Dacheng level,Power is also extremely powerful,Are enough to sweep the Ordinary Second Path Lord,But it’s still very difficult to deal with the special life of the two path monarchs。
For 430,000 years。
Li Ming has reached a territory comparable to the prosperity of the Great Wasteland‘Feng Shuyu’。
Eternal Wind,He is an eternal emperor of swordsmanship who is very famous in endless territory。
It also leaves a trail in the core of the eternal world‘Wind and sword’,Carved on a mountain。
Unfortunately,This mountain has long been jointly controlled by the three local sects,Outsiders want to enter—Chaos Spirit Liquid。
Li Ming’s Enlightenment,Naturally, I will not deliberately understand the eternal meaning of kendo。
In the fifty-two thousand years,Gate of Tiancang Palace,That vast and magnificent gate,There is a puppet on both sides that is comparable to the second path。
“The envoy of Tiancang Palace is available at,I obey the beijing god of the world,Come http://www.onebestone.cn and tell Beixiu the cause of death!”
Shouted three words,A Taoist with a breathtaking breath rushed over。
“I am Heavenly Cang Palace Yucan Daojun!”A neutral-looking Taoist came,“Respect,But he saluted Li Ming,“Fellow Taoists know who killed Beixiu’s world god?Hurry in!”
this moment,Li Ming felt that the vows he once made began to slowly dissipate。

I don’t tell him about those dirty things at home.。

“This is the bayberry of Xiao Yi,I brought a basket over.。I remember that you also like to eat Yangmei.。”
Li Shuyi looked at fresh bayberry,Laugh,“Do you remember?Once I really want to eat Yangmei,But not eating the season of Yangmei,You bought me a can of Yangmei,I am very happy at the time.。”Li Shuyi is full of memories。
Themselves,Crazy and sweet。
Gu Yi smiled:“Remember,Why don’t you remember,Not long after eating Yangmei,You left。”
He is crazy to find her three years.,pity,No drop。
She bravely decisively,Bold active,Overlared his will,She leaves the meeting,He has already collapsed。
Li Shuzhen looked at him,Think of the matter,Mood is very http://www.chadegushi.cn complicated,“Recall,sorry,I left you that year, I felt that you are a man who doesn’t work.。”
Gu Yi:“……”Is this that she left his truth that year??
“hehe……”Gu Yi was laughed。
“Liuxu,Do you feel my true heart??Do you feel my true love??There are a few years in life.?”Gu Yi looked at him,He thought of millions of reasons,I didn’t think this.。
then,Do he look like this?。
But can this still blame her??Blame himself,If it is not too self-contained in the past,Will not give her this illusion。
Li Shuyi,Speak without saying。
Yes,As a simple reason,They missed so many years。
Their youth,Her beliefs love,Just end in her hands。
The two are silent,Liuxu’s mobile phone suddenly rang,Breaking a quiet atmosphere。
NS1754chapter:You haven’t started chasing me yet.
“I took a call.。”Li Shuqi has seen it in Li http://www.niqi3688.cn Tingyuan.。
She took her mobile phone to the balcony。
Gu Yi is not idle,Reward Yangmei to wash Yangmei。
“Hey!”Li Shuyu is very cold。
“you……Out?”Li Tingby’s voice is shocked。
How did she come out?,Who is helping her?
What to hear like this,Liuxu’s heart is painful。
“so,Shouldn’t you come out??”Her voice is very cold,Quality is more penetrating。
Li Tingyuan,He doesn’t seem to understand his daughter very much.。
Other daughters are spoiled in his arms.,She is looking at cold and cold.,Very clear,Just like her mother,Very unjust。
“Bamboo,The current Li’s group is chaos,tomorrow morning,You must go to the company to deal with those shareholders.,The company’s corporate gates of the Legal Group have to be removed by them.,Those investors are too much.,Why don’t you find a door?。”
Li Shuyi knows,Li’s http://www.vodafone-csc.cn annotation,Stock price falls,The people can’t stand,Datun Lies。
This is expected.,no,It is Lu Hao’s algorometer。
“you,What you did,Is it unclear??Besides,You never treat me as your daughter。”Li Shuyi said this sentence。
She has such a wildlmonish is a picture of Dad.,Self-beginning,She hasn’t happy。

Turn around。

Zheng Yishue is white in the eyes,Refers to the light of distinguishing colors,But she still looks at the sky.。
Fireworks also lit up her face。
It seems to be aware of the eyes,She turned her to see the moment.,Continue to watch the sky,Harming on your face:“I haven’t let go of fireworks many years many years.……”
“Me too。”
Zheng Yulai is clear??Maybe it’s unclear,But he guess,Maybe it’s so clear。
This monster is not too cold.
Chapter 207 Lunar New Year’s eve
Big fireworks suitable for watch,Small fireworks is fun。
Big fireworks are too far away,There is a lack of participation。Small http://www.jlgold9999.cn fireworks are different.,Everyone can put,Then look at its bloom closely closely、Clause photo record,Get each other’s face through fireworks。
The best thing is a cylindrical‘Fire tree silver flower’,Spark spark,Seven colorful,Rush。
In Zheng Yishu,Everything is a flashing light,She will imagine its appearance,Seriously listen to those sounds,When you hear the vicinity of the circumstances or in the 槐 序,She will laugh again.。
Just think that I only bought four barrels.‘Fire tree silver flower’,I don’t know why, but put a bucket and a bucket.。
Other small fireworks have always been difficult。
Zheng Yuqing prefers a small firework that ignited the rush circle.,Average five cents,Will send colorful light,She put a quiet look at it quietly.,Waiting for the rays and put it again。
This may be the most clear http://www.syhaoda.cn fireworks.。
“So lovely。”she says。
“Fast ten o’clock。”Circumference。
“Well to sleep.。”Zheng Yuchi threw the last rotor fireworks,And look at it。
“Do you still want to play again??”There are some headaches,“Let’s put down the 槐 序 要 要 要 要 序。”
“Don’t play。”
“Nuts?”Even in the mizer, even in the murmur, it is clearly disadvantaged.,“I am a little one.!”
Fireworks,Also there is time,The yard quickly recovered dark quiet。As the gate is eating,A light in the door is also narrowed quickly and disappeared。
Good night,Zhou,Zheng Yuki took out the money to send to the sedained to those supermarkets he visited.。
槐 序 序 不 情 不 情 愿 情,He is a habit,But also agree,And did not want to Zheng Yin’s money——He hoped to ensure that he would secretly run to scan code when he was half a night.。
How much pay,He didn’t say。
When you go back to the house, the old monster is still still,One strong:“Tomorrow, let’s go back to youngers, can you still put it??I think that big fireworks are dead and expensive.,Not small fireworks,We only buy a small fireworks.……”
There is no answer,Concentrate on brewing sleep。
Next day,Lunar New Year’s eve。
Zheng Yizhen has already got up the bed.。Zhou is going to take it early,He wants to go back to catch up,New Year’s easy traffic jam,And after all, there is no big courage to Nang Ge.、Dare to go to high speed。When he got up, Zheng Yuki was already burning water.。
“Why don’t you call me??”Zhou walked to the stove。

“that time,Shenzhou experienced a catastrophe,I think you should know,It is the appearance of 蚩蚩。”

“The two people in Xuan and Dan Zhu proposed to accelerate civilization.,I also know that this will produce variables that cannot be estimated.,Obviously know the terrible tragedy,But I didn’t refuse to request。”
Fuhua nodded,Grief,“We can’t predict future……so……”
Legal discrimination,“Can’t predict that the future is right,But we can avoid。”
“The blame http://www.donghai8.cn of their two is to help me.,right?”The law is standing in the right party,The sound has improved a lot,“Since it is auxiliary,I can of course veto them.。”
“At the time,This is a bit not close,But at least these monsters will not produce。”
“then,Dan Zhu actively proposed,Be personally make up for the mistakes you committed,I can forcedize her leave.,wait me back,But I don’t have that。”
Han Jiang knows,Dangzhou mainland in 5,000 years ago because of the rapid civilization,The birth level collapsed beast is born。
Dan Zhu and Cang Xuan two initiators,Nature is obliged to solve the mistakes you made,To eliminate those collapses that were born。
Fuhua interpretation:“The messy, especially destroyed half of the South China Sea,Many people are killed。”
I know the law.:“I don’t understand why you prefer to help those http://www.jishengjiaye.cn civilians.,I don’t help me an important friend.,And save those civilians。”
“What makes me got a life of those civilians more important than my friend’s life?”
“Why don’t you let go of something else?,Come with the fastest speed to eliminate,Save my friend?”
Shanhua regret,Also regret,But still say:“I have to put all the well-being of the whole person in the first place.。”
The law is not just a horseback,Instead, look to Hanjiang,Ask:“Do you think this is right??”
Han Jiang gave the answer to the answer to the answer。
In the perspective of personal perspective,Han Jiang is really hope that Fuhua can selfish。
Priority to protect your friends,Then take the so-called all-person well-being。
But the perspective of the mankind,Y Hua is doing correct。
As the law of knowledge,The life of the land of five thousand years old is his ancestor。
Hanjiang can’t stand this side of the benefit,Going to Huhua。
Moreover,Human needs such a one can give up their own will,And guard everyone’s hero。
therefore,Han Jiang is more distressed。
deliver888Cash red envelope focus onvxPublic number to watch the popular god,smoke888Cash red envelope!
In the perspective of personal perspective,Fuhua is not a qualified friend,But he is to protect humanity。
In Hanjiang,There are other people who are stupid people.。
Valter inverse entropy,Several doctors,Close-close Ji,De Lisa,Qi Yaa。
Qi Yana is one more“Fool”,If there is no Han River appearance,Historical will repeat,She will be for most people,I don’t hesitate to save most people.。
Education Qi Yana is Ji、De Lisa,Another father who looks irresponsible,Qigger。
It is also because they also have the same faith.,So Qi Yaa became such a person。
Seeing Han Jiang did not give an answer,I know the law, I can’t wait to go to the head of Hanjiang with my fingers.。
“Why are you all kinds of fools?,For the so-called all mankind,Do they think about you??”
“When you are willing to protect civilians,They are in the days of peaceful peace,When you fail,They are painful, you don’t work.。”
“Is this kind of person still?,A little a little bit!”Knowing the law anger:“Take a bowl of rice,Put down!”
Hanjiang Road:“But you may not deny,There are a lot of stinky fish in humans.,But better talent is most groups.。”
Han Jiang recalls that when he is a task again,Rescue those civilians。
“They will give thanks after we fight.,Will send the food left when you are coming.,Will provide your own strength to the front line when you peace。”
Han Jiang hopes that Fuhua became selfish,Consider a little bit slightly,But I don’t want to make the law of the law, this kind of ideal。
The legal discussion of this topic is abandoned.,View to the scene。
The phantom disappeared in Cang Xuan and Dan Zhu,Only the crashed of the crashed。

Bingchen and Bailong are still some distance away,And Zhu Minglang has no other powerful dragon beasts to protect。

The early days of the Dragon Shepherd,It’s hard to compete with the mortal,Just give the mortal a chance,Kill the dragon rider directly over the dragon head,Escape again,It is considered the final victory。
But the higher the level,The more terrifying the Dragon Shepherd。
Several gods of the same level may not be able to win the next dragon shepherd。
There are so many http://www.hrblqsxz.cn dragons and beasts,Each one is on its own。
So in the team of Mu Longshi,You can often see that some gods and mortals are vassals。
Zhu Minglang is obviously far from reaching that level,His Bingchen Bailong is strong,There is no one person and dragon to fight alone with,But Bingchen Bailong was bypassed,After being pinned down,Zhu Minglang is no different from a half-dead person!
Du Cheng is absolutely sure。
Even if it is seen through,Now Bingchen and Bailong are too late for the Savior。
Such a short distance,I wish Minglang even if there are strong dragons,Too late to call out!
Sleeve blade slips out,One handle for each hand,Du Chengfeita,Like ghosts,He cut the left and right sleeve blades at the back of Zhu Minglang’s throat at the same time。
I saw the blade shadow like two evil moon teeth,I wish Minglang cannot retreat,More http://www.planetflower.cn evasive。

Single a rebel tissue,Is it necessary to do this topic??”

The reaction of four generations Lei Ying is also almost,Obviously they recognize『Well-organized』It is a threat,But it is not enough to let them abandon the scruples.,Composition so-called ninja coalition。
“I think you haven’t figured out the situation.,General tissue,Ability to underwent the eyes of five big fortune,Capture the seven-headed beast??
And now the goal of the organization is only the eight tail with nine.,Once they succeed,Endure……”
The word is not finished.,Night, suddenly reached out and throw a cone,Parked towards a position in the air。
Night is like a move,Not only interrupted a speech,Also let everyone presents tight nerves,The guards will be in the scene of the scene.。
“Yeah.,I am just revealing a little http://www.dongejiao.cn emotional fluctuation.,Is it found??
Water is not a month,You are really the most troublesome guy,Sure enough to solve you as soon as possible,Is the most correct practice。”
In the scene of the five shadows with its frightened eyes,Far from a place where there is a place,Suddenly there is something like black holes,Then the two movements slowly appeared in front of everyone.。
And the ice cone just shot,When the hit is on the black robe with the mask,It is like a phantom general from being penetrated from his body.,Eventually shot into the roof of the conference room。
“Wu Zhizhi,Come to the five rivals,Just like the five-generation rigid shadow just said,Eight tails and nine tails we must。
I think you probably know from Payne.,The purpose of the organization。
Be right,Collect all the end of the beast and awaken the tail,And show unlimited moon reading large illusion,Is our ultimate goal。
Ball all the power of all the power to resist,In the end, we can successfully capture eight tails and nine tails.,Or you can successfully protect the endurance,Let us wait and see。”
Originally pulled out of Yuxi Bao Pulk to do the flag,It’s ready to run.,But the second pillar of the side said it is not dry.。
After a battle with Yuxi Pub,The second pillar finally obtained『Kaleidoscope write wheel eye』the power of。
And what to do for leaves,The second pillar is also intended to discuss fairness,Although the three generations of rigging and the group have long been dead.,But this does not mean an anger of the second pillar will calm down.。
Under the hoe of Yisi Bo,The second pillar successfully passed the anger to the wooden leaves.。
Sasuke to the old feelings of wood,As early as the secret mission of the book, it disappeared。
So in the second pillar,As long as the ninja,That is the enemy of his two pillars.。
As for the five shadows present,The second pillar indicates that after he gets the truly power of the write-wheel eye.,Already completely put these slag in the eyes。
Looking at the two pillars preparing to do,Yuxi Board is also a big pit ratio。
In Yishe Bo Tong,The second pillar is now definitely floating.,Now they are in front of them,But not some of the A cat, dog,It is the shadow of five rivals.。
And those guards cannot be ignored,It is the elite in all kinds of rivo elites.,And they are full of two people,The war is completely unbalanced.。
That’s afraid of him, Zhiso,I am going to work hard.,And the second pillar is actually a positive hard steel in the five shadows.。
Purple must be rising from the back of Sasuke,Feel the pain coming,The second pillar is more hated for the leaves.。
Because this pain is bitten,Isn’t it all at all?,Mingming so much loves the village,Finally, I have to kill my own family.。
“All painful suffering,I will come back from you.!”
Purple skeleton arm swept,Instantly destroy everything we have around the meeting room,But the Ninja in the field has avoided attacks.。
Ability to appear,The most vegetable is a neat level,The force of the second pillar after obtaining the kaleidoscope,Although many,But it obviously wants to let the people,That is impossible。
Just when the second pillar intends to shoot a hand,But someone is more faster to find him.,Four generations of Lei Ying Ai Mae Lei Electric Armor,A punch will fly the Sasuke that is being parked.。
“It is your guy sneak into the cloud.,Where do you take a better?。”
Because Sasuke’s sudden shot,The scene http://www.maidikuai.cn is instantly chaotic。